Stella Dimoko Yahoo Boys: The Wasted Brains Of The Cyber World


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Monday, November 06, 2017

Yahoo Boys: The Wasted Brains Of The Cyber World

Nigerian Yahoo Boys are some of the world’s most ingenious youths but they have chosen to cheaply and disgracefully apply their talents in shameful ways. 

The same cyber world principles of manipulating and convincing an audience to part with valuables in return for promising goods (love, wealth etc.) are exploited by the likes of both Bitcoin and Yahoo Boys etc. While the latter settles for cheap, less risky peanut money that comes with a demonising reputation, the former, through hard-work, painful research and market innovations reap the bounties and spoils of the cyber world. Same principle, different application of knowledge.

According to CNN Tech reports on bitcoin (2017), Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. There are no central bank to regulate it; it is digital and functions completely peer to peer. From genesis, the big boys of Bitcoin were all software developers from Gavin Andresen to Nick Szabo. Now, where is the difference with Yahoo Boys except the fact they lack global acceptance and make only peanuts.

To conclude, I maintain that Knowledge and a change in attitude are the transformation ingredients differentiating both subjects. If the makers of computer antivirus are the same people producing malware viruses, spreading it and reaping billions in Dollars for themselves and their economy, is that not advance yahoo yahoo? Our Yahoo Boys can do even better, if only they would work hard through researching, rebranding, innovation and marketing like their western counterparts, I bet, they might be Nigeria’s solution to diversification and forex earnings.

This message is from the Economic Marshal of Nigeria (EMON): Violating the norms of conventional economic wisdom.


  1. Na real wasted brains. Some do all night browsing sef.

  2. Replies
    1. Gat to be rich, whichever way mehn

  3. I thought there were claims that CBN knows about bitcoin and all...

    Anyways, these Yahoo boys deserve a special post. And there are grades of them....

  4. What would they call Naija politicians and government officials?...
    Yahoo yahoo is better than armed robbery and kidnapping mbok!...
    Anyone that falls for scam is a greedy fool!..

    1. Who hacked your Google account ?

  5. This reasoning is Deep...See Economic Diversification

  6. That lie joor,, yahoo ayhoo is the only youth empowerment we have in Nigeria.
    I have so many friend in it and i pray i get phone asap, a friend of my want to show me the way... I pray i scam them quickly or else i will switch to yahoo plus.
    Idon get person wey go help me do am, and na the requrement i dey look for

    1. Instead of you have think of something else to use your brainpower on.

    2. Scammer is a Leach,when it comes it will suck every drop of your blood.

  7. We call them 'wire-wire'... It's sad we rather encourage them indirectly...

    Like in my class, we know the wire wire members, whenever we have an outing or party and need money, these people foot more than half of the expenses... The buy drink for everyone and we hail them

    Even in church too, these people are encouraged

  8. What baffles me is that this Yahoo boys have like an unimaginable high IT skill.... If you must be dubious, It's simple, just invite yourself for interview (Like the story of the guy I read) but don't steal from people directly or otherwise.

    1. @Same Girl;having the I.T skills isnt the problem in Nigeria..

      Where would you explore it?? Where is the Job??

      Take for example you decide to be self-employed;how do you get the money to start up??

      My dear;i have dozens of friends who have so many I.T skills and are programmers in different Languages;and all they need is just where to explore..and No;they arent into anything "Yahoo"..

      But where is the platform?? And even when you are employed;can your salary take care of you as a man(not to talk of family)..

      My Dear,I stopped Judging anyone for their decisions in life;cos i dont know the choices they had..

      Legal or illegal;we will all be judged individually on the last day..and the way you account for your life is between you and your creator..


    2. Tell them to write professional IT exams. They'll get well paid job in Dubai
      With degree or not

  9. This writer make so much sense. See the likes of UBER and how they make money without factories or industry. I agree with him, our Yahoo Boys that can clone Bank front web page and wreck you, I reckon they can invent a software and make clean money while contributing to society. Nice one

  10. I was opportuned to meet a G guy, then we gat talking, so I asked him,"why are you doing this? Trust me this guy is made already..... He told me "Man gat's Chop" secondly in the early 90's the white came and stole our Treasures....Now is time for revenge.
    Couldn't help it but laugh.

    Don't judge, no one is perfect either,I remember going to church and one pastor told me to bring 49k for prayers, Kaiiii!!!!! And he knows I was still a Student then ooo.... What is that one?

    Our leaders nko? They steal pass ooo. Free guys bikonu.

    Judgement is for God....

    1. It still doesn't make it right.

  11. Yahoo yahoo is seen as a normal job in Enugu,most of the youths are involve in yahoo yahoo.
    Babes don't even care anymore, they marry this guys without blinking twice.
    Had loads of them back at school but their is always terrible.

  12. Anon13.55 no need to look for any requirement kuku use ur prick tey run am.yeye dy smell

  13. Yahoo is the key, Yahoo is the key, Yahoo is the master's key, niggas started with laptops and ended with dollars, Yahoo is the master's key.Oya Yahoo boys sing

  14. Cybercrime is a double egded sword. Honestly it has helped to reduce crime, vices like cultism and all their mumu fight has reduced drastically but on the other hand it has also ruined our reputation as nigerians. If you doubt this statement try doing business with international partners ,you go hear wein. The thing is The Nigerian youth populance is dangerously channeling a lot of time, manpower and brainpower to cybercrime and the funny thing is most people ,institutions including churches don't see it as crime anymore some even bless it. And for those of you saying judgment is of the lord, I wonder if you are thinking of the impact it would have on generations unborn or its effects on values like hard work, integrity and sense of responsibility.


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