Stella Dimoko A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -3


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Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -3

This is the part three of a true life polygamous situation of man who had one wife but went in search of a Male child and ended up Marrying five women in the 1 and 2

The Aftermath of the okro soup poisoning incident which led to the death of Samuel, Queen told the husband oga that she will prefer to be cooking her own food and need to get her cooking utensils which oga obliged. In the course of time, she became pregnant and gave birth to a male child Victor.-handsome little boy full of life.

Angela also gave birth to a baby boy Tine when she returned back to become oga’s fifth wife. Helen already knew that their relationship was not going to be smooth and friendly again because of the way they parted. Helen turned out to be good in business which made her to acquire landed properties and cars and was richer than all the other wives.

So, having lost Angela and her children to the husband but the desire to have her own male children is still burning in her especially now she is wealthy. She confused and convinced her daughter Rita to marry herself and became a female- man.

 Meaning that she will choose a man of choice and have children for him but no dowry will be paid by the man because the children will belongs to her the mother – having children in her mother’s stead. Mind you, Rita is a trained professional in the medical field so she is not an illiterate who was pushed to accept ridiculous offer.

Rita is a beautiful lady just like her mother with natural endowment in the right places and she had a lot of suitors even from abroad but she refused to hearken to advice or turn deaf ears to her mother’s destructive suggestions.

Some said they came up with that decision because they were afraid that her mother’s wealth will be inherited by others if she marries but if she remain unmarried she will be able to control and have total access to her mother’s wealth when she passes away. Ignorance.

Helen the mother invited the elders and the husband. She told them her plan of “turning her daughter to a man”, she will not marry but stay and bear children in her mother’s stead that should be recognize as Helen’s children instead of grand children in order to inherit her properties and other portions.

On the part of Queen, after some months the handsome Victor fell ill. He was taken to different hospitals for treatment and then, one day, it was discovered that Victor could not see again. He became blind. Yes, he became blind without any explanations. All manner of names and reasons were given why he became blind but only God knew what really happened to him. Up till now, he is still a blind man but he is doing great as a lecturer because he is intelligent academically and made first class. His blindness could not stop him from achieving a lot and he’s still very handsome.

Helen told the elders that she wants Rita’s non –marital status authentic so that in the future nobody will take her rights away. Her suggestions were intriguing, mind blowing, deadly and irreversible.

Did she go ahead with it? Did she eventually have children especially male children? Did everything turn out as she and her mother planned it? 

Hmmmmmm!!!! . This singular decision they made affected so many people’s lives and destinies till today.

If only we can consider every single action we want to take and their impacts on other people’s lives and us both now and in the future. Oh! If only Oga was not too considerate and was able to refuse some demands from taking place. A lot would have been averted.

*If you have a polygamous story,either good or bad or funny and it is TRUE LIFE,please send in if you want to share with us.


  1. K


  2. Na wao...poor Victor being blind because he was born in a polygamous family. Kai, I know oga phrase would be "Had I know".

  3. Intriguing.i love this series. Plus continue.

  4. The suspense in this series is becoming annoying please! Why the short short verses?

  5. I know of someone that did this marrying a woman thing. She used to sell beside my mum those days. She had only one grown up daughter so decided to go to the village and do the rites to marry a girl.

    The girl went haywire,f**king left and right, birthing children and sending to Lagos for her "husband" to cater. I remember her telling my mum that she isn't happy with her "wife", who had just sent the 6th child and was nursing the 7th one to be sent after weaning,and I was thinking, was there and prior agreement at to the number of children she desired?

    Ignorance is really a disease, I personally prefer adoption to that trash, no be say money dey to train sef, na public school, old worn out clothes, barely getting by lifestyle, don't even know how far with them now.

  6. Hmmmmm! A weak man is not good at all. What about the continuation of the chronicle of the woman who went to the US to work for 5 months? SDK we seriously waiting for that chronicle.

  7. I come from a messed up family too.polygamy wasn't just d house is a battle field.


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