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Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

 This is the true life story of man who desired a wonderful home with just one wife but ended up with five wives......

Yes five wives that lived under the same roof with him and the children. Could it be coincidence, ordained by man or God? Would it have been prevented? You can imagine the drama.

He was a good man with a large that want things and people around him to succeed and be relevant in life. Chief or Oga as he was fondly called by people was an influential man who believe so much in education and hard work.

After the early demise of his parents, he decided to start up his own family by getting married to this beautiful yellow sisi by the name Elizabeth. The first child that God blessed them with was a boy then followed by plenty girls. This didn’t go down well with Oga because he wanted sons and not plenty daughters. Who will take care of his wealth and other business ventures? Meanwhile, Elizabeth the first wife brought in a maid Queen to help her take care of the plenty children. This very girl was so young and beautiful- ebony black beauty, oga could not resist the temptation and before you will say jack she became pregnant.

Trouble started and Elizabeth insisted that Queen must leave but oga had a different opinion. No way, my seed must not be sent out. In fact, I am getting married to her. That was how wife number two entered. She carried her pregnancy to full term and surprisingly, it was another girl instead of a boy. Then came the second and third and all were girls.

Na him, oga enter market to search for wife number three. Eventually, he got one. She was quite endowed back and front, tall, huge and beautiful. Helen gave birth and it was another girl. Hmmmmmm!!!!! What is going on?

In the process, the younger brother of Oga was searching for a wife and oga opted to help him get a good wife. He got one and packaged her to the brother. Ha!!!! No way, I can’t marry this woman, why? She’s too ugly. Do you want my children to resemble junior gorilla? Na him oga said my money and expenses paid on top of this woman head cannot go to waste. I can convert you to be my wife, will you marry me? Yes and that was how marriage with the wife number four commenced. Pat room’s was given to her.

Pat conceived and gave birth to a baby boy. Hmmmmm!! Now, you are talking. When the third wife, Helen could not bear more children she decided to marry herself a wife. Yes, you heard me well. A woman paying dowry on the head of another woman then give the bride to the husband to be bearing children from the husband but the children will belongs to her.

She got a young girl and promised her wonderful future with the marriage proposal to have children on her behalf from her husband which she accepted. She was handed over to Oga for his pleasure and to make sure she conceive and bear male children. Angela conceived and gave birth to a baby girl but it did not go down well with her supposed “husband woman” who wanted a baby to be able to take her root in the family especially when she couldn’t bear children again. Along the line she sent her packing but took the daughter from her.

Oga, decided to do the needful. He returned the bride price paid by his third wife to her and re-married Angela then brought her back home. Her own room was equally given to her.

The genesis of untold sorrow, affliction, witch hunting, competition, envy, rivalry, strife and acrimony, divulging into diabolical means have just started and you won’t imagine what went down.

This is the true life narrative of a BV growing up......TO BE CONTINUED

You can send in any polygamous story you have.


  1. Oh My Goodness!๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    It's going to be a hell of a struggle for the numerous seeds and wives.
    Waiting for the whole story.
    Dear BV think outside d box as much as u can.

  2. Man-made.
    Sometimes we fight topical wars without being wise to dig the roots and address it from there.

    His first wife had a son then girls, and his next statement goes "who will take care of my businesses".

    Showing that a girl child cannot run a business.
    That stupid belief that women are good for nothing but giving birth and toiling in the kitchen.

    The backward-thinking man will die and leave a village of Babalรกwo addicts.
    Even a man I know who had 3 wives and perfectly settled (each has her own duplex and all the children were sent abroad for College) them before his death, still had some hitch not to talk of this one.

    Iberibe แป dแป‹ แปฅzแป ole?

    1. Lol๐Ÿ˜ @ your last line. Polygamy is not good at all

    2. Ise!!!


    3. So true, Amanda. It never ends well, never.

      Iphie ooo hahahaa number 4 got me.

    4. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜, iphie this shows you are Onye egwureegwu when you were younger like me. Bwahahahah

    5. Your last line cracked me up!

  3. Hmmm...... Polygamous home is not a good thing to experience....

    THank you Dad for not giving my mum this kind of stress.

    You are a rare gem


  4. Is this for real?...
    Obviously,Oga's sperm can't father a male child!..

  5. I guess the man isn't educated enough to know a woman, possess only the X chromosome. If you want a boy drop your Y chromosome. Please men stop giving women headache for having just female children.

    1. God bless you

      You sabbi BIOLOGY


  6. Fuji house of commotion is child's play compared to this.
    I remember when I was small, my parents took me along when they visited one of my mom's rich uncles. This man rich die! His house in the villa? A freaking mansion! So many rooms, corridors, opulence and nauseating decadence yet no single laughter or smiles/ happiness in that house. It was Christmas, 2nd wife had a new born and omugwo was going on, the whole family was around yet everywhere was silent as a pin. He was one unhappy man and kept complaining to my parents how he made a grave mistake taking a second wife.
    I drank my freshly pressed fruit juice (poured into one of those big heavy vintage glasses) and wondered when we will be going home.
    All that money yet no joy.
    God that advocated for monogamy is not foolish. It's rare to see a happy polygamous family.

    1. Fuji house of commotion came to my mind as I was reading this too... Though I think this tale is fictional.

    2. That's why even the Bible states ( though not exactly like this) that the most intelligent man is still foolish before God, for He is all knowing but trust men to do what pleases them

  7. His first wife gave him a boy and he wasn’t satisfied, if only he knew he was the one responsible for producing female children. Polygamy is dangerous. The women might pretend they love and accepts each other, deep down they don’t. The husband always have his favourite.

    I like this new chronicle.

  8. Abeg come and finish your Stori ooo..

  9. Are you kidding me? Please give us the full gist.

  10. So lazy to read..
    I have Stories to share but larer.

  11. I pity the man o. He's nearer to his grave,lol


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