Stella Dimoko Actress Lydia Forson Shares How She Was Rejected By A Producer For A Movie Role Because Of Body Size


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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Actress Lydia Forson Shares How She Was Rejected By A Producer For A Movie Role Because Of Body Size

According to her, she did not fit into the producer's idea of a beautiful woman but her self confidence is clear from this post....Never let anyone think their definition of you is important!


  1. I like her much. One of my Ghanaian favourite.

  2. Toolz has seen a mentor!...
    Nne,being FAT is not beautiful!..
    Stop deceiving your self,the producer is right!...

    1. That's how I look at Anita Joseph that thinks she is sexy, fat is noy sexy it irritating

    2. Queen and boss + chunky classy mee can either of you create a strand of hair on a humans body that you now feel you have the right to call someone ugly or irritating because they have extra flesh.

      When you body shame people you in turn call God's creation ugly because fat people were created in God's image and likeness also.


    3. Are you fat LEP? Abi why e dey pain you like this

    4. LEP,
      Most FAT people are lazy and they eat too much!...
      Most of them in my gym are always tired to work out...
      They will come to the gym,do one or two work out,press phone,gossip and off they go...

  3. Hash tags 😊❤❤ #curvygirlsrock 😍😍😍

  4. Toolz will surely support this one. To each his own indeed. Keep rocking your body jare

  5. thats the thing with fat ppl, theyre always quick to attribute their rejection or disappointment to their bodysize, its not about all that? sexy slim ladies also get rejected, dependin on the scenario.... the producer must hv needed a slimfit for that role, not one lookn like a mother already to play a newly wed, dont take it personal.

  6. Curvy girls rock ( Toolz I site you baby girl). The preference of some men. To be slim is not a guarantee that u are beautiful abeg .
    I love her unshakable & undeterred self esteem.
    Go Lydia, you beautiful and wonderfully made. You are the masterpiece of God our creator.

  7. Replies
    1. anonymous to bahd5 December 2017 at 17:44

      Oh no nnuju, you too?? I just gained Galore back, now you're peeping out the closet... 😳

  8. Replies
    1. anonymous to bahd5 December 2017 at 17:45


  9. And all these awards, can it build you a house?.
    Be collecting awards for your generation, your mates are building empires.

  10. You didn't get a role and it was about your body???Seriously?
    Oh please!
    So people like Adesua Etomi, Beverley Naya have never been rejected for a role?The roles you did get nko?What were those about?

    This is a very beautiful woman.Only very few would say she isn't.But that is the same for every woman,every human out there.Everybody isn't going to think you are beautiful no matter your weight,height or complexion. Or is she saying she has never thought someone else was not 'all that'?Since it's not possible to fit into everybody's definition of beautiful,why then should we expect to be seen that way by everyone?

  11. So it's ur boobs n big butts that earned u the awards.?? Jisike

  12. My love for thick girls gosh, I can't even achieve erection for slim boning thing like queen and boss, it will feel I am with a fellow man. Thick guys get you erected and thrusting for long because of those fat ass shaking real sexy on your laps when hitting it from the back. Slim girls always have problems birthing infact many of them go through operation to birth their kids. Thick girls rock abeg you can argue with Nicki Minaj and mercy Johnson. Queen n boss your yansh go be like adesua slim yansh when banky head big pass.


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