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Monday, December 18, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

Hmmmmm it has happened ooooh.....


Dear Stella,
Kindly hide my name and email address,
It is with heavy hearts and tears shed for may days that i mustered up boldness and courage to write and inform you that it has happened....

Yes ooh it has happened ooh.
I met this guy 2 years ago and he claimed he is divorced and has a son he is living with, a little boy of 7 years.

I was not too OK with that but i just decided to give it a try,i tried to know why he got divorced,and i wasn't ready to take any lies that its the woman's fault cos he is not perfect,

God knows i prayed for him to reconnect with his wife again so that i can leave him,we had our ups and downs yet we were inseparable,he was sooo contagious,he proposed and i declined telling him he needs to go back to this woman,to cut the long story shot, after 2 years i found out he has 4 kids with this same EX-wife, and she was still living with him...

I know some people will be like how come you never knew, well i was living a carrier woman life,from the office to the house stuffs like that.i preferred having him around when i didn't go to work,so i never wanted to visit him because i was engrossed with my job..

He confessed last week that he found out that i was so sincere and i loved him against all odds,but once i agree to marry him he will buy me a house and make me his (SECOND WIFE)..


I bottled up the shock from the confession for some minutes ooh till i couldn't help it i screamed out heeeeeey! cos i turned down 2 suitors because of this lover turned animal..

Stella, i cried for 2days nonstop,no food no water i feel ill,was admitted and was told i have high BP, just in a space of 2 days this guy made me develop high bp ooh.the DR asked if i had anything bordering me ranging from love-life,marriage ,neighbours etc i was just saying NO,little did they know that i was fried a delicious lie,...

Well i know people will curse me out ooh but no problem because i used to comment as anonymous and i curse people very well infact i treat peoples fuck with comments as anonymous,please treat my own fellows.

I just had to send this because someone else could be victim,if i as a person upon my smartness,i was fooled this way,then anyone else can be fooled.ladies please KYC in banking means know your customer,so in the case address verification and confirmation is necessary in any relationship and friendship,


  1. Replies
    1. Aswear! What does she mean by she has never visited and prefers him coming to her own house when shes free??? Not even once?? Anako udi akuko a? Mscheeeeew

    2. You can never outshine a master in the game.

    3. Linda allow me borrow space.

      Hmm poster I wish I can give you a very big hug right now.

      Darling it is well. Please dont beat yourself too much for this. I was once in your situation (though in my case I visited almost every week. In fact I made his place my second home sef) and when the revelation of already married came, I thought the pain will never go. Oh I cried, I yelled and I felt terrible but within all those emotions, I knelt down and thanked the Lord. I asked for forgiveness for myself and him and guess what the Lord took control. He healed the pain with time and I'm in a better place now. I don't even remember or feel any slight pain. I advice you to do same and the Lord will see you through.

      Also please try and cut all communications with him. You can do this dear.

    4. Linda why are u like this nothing good comes out from u grow old cargo.

    5. Story for the gods. So in 2 years u never went to his house? You were just living in dential. You know quite alright what u were getting ursef into. Go and be second wife jare.. don’t disturb us with ur yeye lies.

    6. Wait!!!I'm disappointed in the comments had a failed relationship so the world has to end abi?he deceived himself,not u.I wonder where this "I must marry" mentality came from to Nigeria.move on na.get another guy and try again.because two suitors came to u and u rejected doesn't mean u will not get a better suitor than all of them put on ur mind don't carry weight that is becos of a foolish over grown baby u went and got high bp and when u are old instead of enjoying ur grand children they will be buying u drugs???Shane on u woman.abeg stand up and do something with ur life

  2. That means the guy is very rich to propose buying you a house... You are a thief so deal with the heartbreak... You rejected the other men because they are not so rich, now you are looking for pity party😁😁😁😁😁Girl bye

    1. Sorry enh, no one is too busy to check Facebook, sure you would have seen his family pictures there. You better be happy he told you or else you would have been with him for even longer years
      Dear queen Amy u have been trying to call you but the phone number you put up has been switched off all day

    2. Poster,sorry ooh. Chai,some men are worst than the devil himself when its comes to deceit and lies.
      Don't kill yourself over a nobody
      Dust yourself up and move on with your life.o.k. shit happens,no be today yansh dey back now.
      Just go on your kneel and ask God for grace to carry on with your life. It is well with you.
      Its phase,this too shall pass.

  3. What kind of contradicting story is this,first u were praying for him to reconcile with his wife, so that you can leave, now u are crying
    Abeg next!!

    1. A very contradictory story; you were praying for him to reconcile with his wife and yet you turned down two suitors. Did you just type how smart a person you are?😏

    2. asin ehn! she declined his proposal , yet turned down two other suitors. yimu! in ur mind, u re smart abi? for 2years u didn't visit him and u said u didn't know he was married? Girl that was ur sugar daddy you were hoping to marry you buh he broke ur heart simple.

    3. Thank you! The whole chronicle sounds so foolish. No wonder she's an anonymous cusser.
      CAREER not Carrier.
      BOTHERING not Bordering!!
      Career woman that cant write good english is that one career woman? Of course that's why you can be fooled so easily. Ntooin! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  4. God that I begged not to make me date a lying married man or make me pass through a condition that sleeping with a married man is the solution should pls not let it happen, God has saved me twice from lying married men, before we could go further I knew, and second my friend of 6years,never knew he married secretly, see love Kia ehhhh I love you Jesus something was still not right, latest we kissed, till now I still feel like vomiting when I rem that kiss ewo, knowing I kissed a married man kia I always feels neausea everytime I remember, how I knew was just God cos even people at his work place don't even know he married, I even talk to his dad, mum, siblings, people at his work place etc, so you can imagine the shock I was in, to even be his friend again makes me feel somehow, esp when I rem those lies

  5. Sorry!
    Nurse ur wounds, you'll be fine.
    Some men have more than one houses.
    Some wives are abroad!
    Some have many rooms, they can enter another room n give u midnight call or go sit in d car n call u, those ones can deceive full time n u won't know unless love dey shak you.
    U for agree first, after buying d house, sell it n disappear, yeye man.
    One of my girl even married d guy, got a house, car n hair shop then divorced him by force after two months! Stating she was deceived, babe is balling, for those who are strong hearted that's how to play, not to be dating broke ass married men n crying 'I didn't know he was married'. Rubbish.

  6. Poster only you one
    Rejected his proposal.
    Rejected two suitors
    Rejected 2nd wife position and house.
    Only you one still get high BP on top the man head.

    Nne jisiebe ike.
    Career woman.

  7. Oh dear, I sincerely feel for you.
    When it comes to the issues of the heart, I can't help but sympathise with the one who's hurt.
    Mistakes sometimes are inevitable especially in a case where the other is equally as smart in a dirty way.

    I'd advise you take this holiday period to reflect on all that has happened.
    Accept your part in this mess. You were carried away and he seized the opportunity and played his perfect card. And to think one deceptive fellow wanted to tey this rubbish with my girl this year but she was smart enough to fish him out before falling head over heels.

    Forgive him and erase every reminder of him. Not forgiving him only holds you down as his slave, so let go and mean it.

    Reposition yourself and be ready to give love a chance.

    True love shall locate you but be ready by not carrying baggage from your past into it.

    All the best

  8. Using career woman as an excuse,career my ass but u sure made out time to fornicate be only heeeeey na haaaaa.......when u close ur eyes to greed u will see clearly beyond deceit nd liess...

    1. prick and toto must get time oh, hian...

    2. Thanks # Anonymous 15:19 and 15:52 for making me laugh out loud

      You two are wicked. Lol.

  9. "Carrier (sic) woman?"
    I thought you had a CAREER but I did not know that you were a carrier
    Are you carrying HIV/AIDS?

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 na that one funny me pass. She's bordering around a carrier

  10. Sweety, don't worry u will heal.
    And don't blame yourself too much, you can't beat some men to their game no matter how thorough u r.
    Something almost same happened to someone I know. She is a banker too. But she is over it now and married.
    Take each day as it comes, pray for healing, forgive him by saying so, until ur heart forgives him.
    This season try to mingle, socialize.
    Thank God u weren't infected w a deadly disease or pregnant.

  11. Move on...give ur life to Christ and forget him.

  12. You developed hypertension because you were probably giving this man sex while dating him.
    If you did not have sex with him, you will move on easier.
    If you were having sex and "praying", you were merely deceiving yourself.

  13. I am not gonna curse you out. It has happened, all you need to do is to pick yourself up and move on.I know it's easier said than done but you will be fine. Smart people get dumped and used sometimes so don't blame yourself much.

  14. It's well dear, Am not applauding you neither will I condemn you. nobody holy pass, brace yourself up and move on. you didn't marry him and you want to kill yourself, what if you had already married him? you will just take rat poison and die I guess... please encourage yourself and let go. #shithappens

  15. This one doesn't mean she's not smart abeg,even if she visit d man,if he wan hide,he go hide mbok,i stayed with my baby daddy then while pregnant and didn't notice anything, one stupid thing i did one time was when his uncle came around and i was busy cooking in d kitchen,he ask me to enter d room cos he doesn't want his uncle to know dt a lady is pregnant for him without proper introduction and lock me up for good 2hours,maybe if i have disobeyed and enter d sitting room to greet d uncle,i would have know all d hidden lies,men can over pretend whether u monitor them or not

  16. Now they will dish it out to you hot, sorry in advance.

  17. So you dated a man for two years and never visited him at home?Even if it was a long distance relationship.pele oh

  18. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚the comments though...Ok o Madam Banker...sorry yu hear... It's either yu accept him as a second wife OR run as far as your legs could carry yu. But for yu to have BP that means yu already love this man. Don't worry,as a "carrier" woman...plenty other suitors will come inugoπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

  19. How can you possibly date a man for TWO YEARS without ever visiting him?? Is it even possible? You never spoke to or met his family, friends or child? If u had really inquired about how/why he got divorced, u would have found out he wasn't divorced in the first place. So who did u inquire from?
    Why didn't u look for the 'ex wife' to ask her?
    You say u prayed for him to reconcile with his wife, yet u were in love with him so teeeeyyy u rejected other suitors?? *scratches head*
    lol madam, u are a walking contradiction. And stop fooling yourself, U aren't smart one bit. No smart, grown woman will do all these mumu things.
    Receive sense, move on and turn on your brain next time. The man didn't play You; Your dumbness betrayed u. Either that, or u are a big liar!

    1. Very dumb thing claiming smart. Mscheeww! Two years you dont know his house

  20. Maybe your calling is to be a second wife...

    Who knows 🀷🏽‍♂️

    This is what happens when the Heart is lording it over the Head...

  21. This story is a guy(name start with D)I just met and he kept on telling about his igbo ex girlfriend who he spent a fortune on,has a Seven age old son and another(maybe four)I had to borrow leg and run(because I sense lies

  22. My dear you are not smart anything. you are still very naive, thank God you did not even get pregnant for the idiot.
    I have met a married man before who swore to me he had no wife and kids. I asked him this questions over and over always denied it. So I started my investigations.
    I noticed he didn't pick calls at night, first sign of married man. You cant reach them at some hours. Secondly he didn't want me visiting, always said he felt more comfy in my place cos his mother and siblings lived with him, knew it was lies.
    So I searched and searched him on facebook, lindelln, google all sorts. One of the google pics noticed a wedding band on the name. Used his company name to find his faCEbook as he doesn't use his name for facebook. Low and behold he was married with 3kids I just kept my cool. said nothing........
    I even had another guy I was chiking, in which he saw WhatsApp messages from me and the guy. I just told him he has no right to check my phone. Me that knows whatsup, but I needed him to settle me wella before I move on. for his lies......
    I must chop him before moving on. I was travelling, made sure he bought my ticket, spending money etc. When I came back he noticed a change in me, I still said nothing. I just ghosted him completely.
    Then he started chasing me around, what did he do. I said you are married with 3kids. Said he is going through a divorce but didn't want to tell me till it was final. I should give him time. uncle I am 28yrs, where is the time. Go settle with your wife.
    Poster I also have a very busy job. I am an accountant with PWC that mostly work weekends. in few weeks I knew the signs this guy was married.
    He still calls me once in a while, I don't even pick. Iv moved on dating someone better.
    2yrs and you didn't do FBI. Nawa.......... took me few weeks. Stupid lying married men everywhere, women need to be smart.

  23. U preferred him coming or he never really gave u d chance to visit? We know these things o,lol

  24. The heart is not so smart. I'm so sorry dear. Just use the holiday period and do a thorough reflection. Count your losses and move on. It takes meeting pple like this for you to appreciate the right ones when they come. Learn the lessons and move on. You will hurt but you will get better.

  25. Na wa are big scum but u fuck up sha.....the deed is done don't worry u will heal

  26. You were praying for them to reconcile, ok, they have reconciled. Useless girls everywhere.
    This is how one Shoneye Adenike, ugly, bleached out girl, wearing mask in the name of makeup will end up in pain and misery. While my cousin was abroad suffering and taking care of her kids, this useless girl was busy sleeping with her husband, working hard and persuading him to marry her as a second wife. Adenike pain and misery will be your portion if you ever step those your bleached tiny feet into that woman's house again. Your enemies will take over your marital home, while your matrimonial pillow will be soaked in your tears if you don't stop. The man was just suffering from 'conji' that was why an ugly idiot like you could hook him. He has gone back to his wife, keep off, he is not a muslim, he cant marry two wives, Go look for a muslim like you. The wife of the other man you are also dating is already on your case. Don't let long throat destroy you.


  28. "carrier" woman indeed! You are a big hypocrite, you were praying for him to reconnect with his wife yet you were inseparable, you turned down two suitors and finally heart broken. You better don't marry him because if his wife ever finds out she will deal with you either the godly way or the juju way. Polygamy ain't a child's play, move your sorry self on.

  29. "carrier" woman indeed! You are a big hypocrite! You were praying for him to reconnect with his wife yet you were inseparable, you turned down two suitors and finally heart broken. You better don't marry him because if his wife ever finds out she will deal with you either the godly way or the juju way. Polygamy ain't a child's play, move your sorry self on except you think you deserve less. A man that is not faithful to number 1 is a bad news. If you end up as a second wife, expect the are not better than the first wife.

  30. Poster,you landed in hospital because he discovered he had a wife. Omo,you fall my hand. Wipe your tears,brace up and play along with him. He must compensate you for all the trauma he caused you. Tell him your ready now. Collect all the collectables and teach him lesson of a life time. Wipe your tears and act smart. That man jam the wrong person

  31. You will be fine. Just pray to God for forgiveness and healing. Time heals all wounds they say. I don't understand if those guys don't have the fear of God or something. They have mastered these lying games and will even believe they are not doing anything wrong. This is what they do especially in London.They will accost women on the road and pretend either to be divorced or separated and some even go as far as pretending to livr with their friends once you ask to know where they live. They are always in a hurry talking about marriage 2 weeks after meeting you thinking that is the best way for a woman to open her legs. Rubbish. Once they realise you are not going to give them the cookie they on to the next one.
    My strategy with them is that I will just pretend that I saw them with "madam"if the man is not married he will be shocked but most time they start stuttering and say that the situation is so complicated. That the woman is bad or other rubbish.
    All of this just to get into a woman pants.
    Very sad indeed.
    Take heart poster. You will be OK.

  32. You must be naive not to have known the signs which were glaringly there, you just happened to overlook them. Take heart and take your no medications.

  33. Take heart and take ur BP medications.

  34. Where do you all meet such men. A married man can’t see me and lie to me that he isn’t married.... and he’ll think I won’t eventually know??

    And secondly what kind of boyfriend will always be comfy visiting and staying at my place
    That’s a huge red flag and turn off for me.

    Poster count your loss and move on ok.

  35. @ poster, you rejected two suitors while praying for him to reconcile with his estranged wife*quite ironical*

  36. Chikito that was very mean of you. Haba! And I love you like no other on this blog. So I am not a hater.
    What's happening to you these days? You usually give wise and encouraging advice but you sound so harsh these days. Poster made mistakes but she still needs sympathy and encouragement not bashing. We all make foolish mistakes and we learn.

    Let us abide in a spirit of love. It's christmas!


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