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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

She did what?


How To Forget a Cheating Lover of 6 Years

Their is this girl I love so much... we started dating since 2011 till now. Initially she was plain to me presently she hides things from me so i was suspecting her so i noticed like 3 guys number she frequently chat up. 

I stumbled to one of the guys chat and I saw my their chat that where she sent the guy nudes and the guy said he felt like having her and so on. So I confronted her about it and she said she has nothing to explain about the issues and that its normal chat.

 This is a girl I love so much want to spend the rest of my life with her and she has never slept with anyone else apart from me coz I was the first guy to do it with her and I have been in a depressed state of mind since I confronted her. Please Stella what do I do.

*You are depressed`?My dear snap out of that mood,it isnt worth it...Soldier go soldier come,thats how love is actually!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Girls will always give sex hoping to be married by him
      He will always collect sex and want some more; no marriage ever in his mind
      game continues.

    2. Guy go back to school. This your English get as e be haba!

    3. Lol. You be original way-maker. Go and sleep

    4. When its girls doing thing the people in this blog would call it Game on or good for the guys too.
      But once it's the guys' we won't hear word again.
      People of this world shaaaaa

  2. Till i hear her side abeg #dognojustdeybarkexcept....#

    1. If its a girl you will be shouting she should dump his ass...mtchewww

  3. Oga go and make money and leave the babe alone!...
    So you expect her to be putting all her eggs in one basket?...
    When was the last time you gave her money for shopping?...
    Abeg swerve! ..
    Hungry boy!...

    1. Hahaha. You need jizez *in Nedu's voice*. I understand such things could be disheartening but I laugh when I hear guys wailing over a girl. Like seriously? For wetin na? Her thing na gold? Abeg waka go outside and see there are far better girls out there than the one you think you had.

    2. Kween Kween😁. The guy fit get money na. I think the girl has started growing up and just discovered that the guys level is low for her. The use of English na wa.

    3. If she actually gave you the reply you stated above, then my brother, please run for your life.
      Focus on your business and make more money.... I know it hurts since you genuinely love her. But you will survive.

  4. She didn't Apologize and beg. She didn't even give u any explanation.

    My guy, that girl no love u anymore. Dump her and find someone loyal or at least someone that loves u

    1. Look for someone else it not worth the stress.I know you love her.

  5. You've been dating a girl for six years or sexing a girl for six years?
    why haven't you married her?
    And "their" (sic) is this English I read there that is giving me headache already. . . In fact, if THERE is another boy dating her, maybe that one will marry her; she needs to be married.

    1. What if for some reasons, perhaps they both started off as students they're still trying to find their feet, he hasn't married her? Many factors come into play.

    2. @Rappakatakata
      You be real katakata
      Look let me inform you; if you are a student, noting is wrong with dating a girl
      But everything is wrong with having sex with her
      I dated a girl for four years through school and by God's grace no sex
      Earned her friendship and trust
      Married her after graduation (no job, nothing) and from the outset, she was ok with that prospects.

      Did he tell us that he has proposed to the girl?
      Why begin a marital journey with sex and loss of virginity?
      Will he like someone else to do that to his sister; not even a promise of marriage??
      Fornication will never be a virtue. If you lack discipline, ask God to save you and work on your salvation.

  6. You sound like a small boy.

    My friend gerrup and go get yourself another girl, or you no fine? Abi u no get mullah?


  7. This is what girls get when they are supplying sex to a horny boy without their bride price paid. It is called premarital sex, fornication, immorality, whoredom or whatever you chose to call it. It does not end well both here in this life and in eternity.

    As long as the boy is getting sex, forget about marriage, it is not in his mind. And if you have aborted for him? Case closed; you begin to disgust him.

    1. Madam abortion and sex preacher on SDK blog...
      Now I know how dumb you are...did you read the story at all?...
      I know you didn't cos you were rushing down to copy and paste your comment as usual...

    2. Thank you Queen.

    3. When people having premarital sex are getting married every day allover the globe. What is this one saying.

  8. Depressed? Awwww....

    What you saw clearly shows you that you are not the only one she is involved with.
    What are you going to do?
    Deal or no deal?
    Continue with a blind eye
    OR with your eyes open.

    If you ask me,
    This One you are depressed, you better cut off from her, heal and hope to find a 'faithful' babe
    Otherwise if you continue with her, the frustration, pain and "depression" you already feeling may turn you to a beast and you might have blood on your hands

    So here is what. just psyche yourself up that you are the latest Johnnie walker ambadssador and....just walk....away from her.
    You will be fine.

  9. guy, you made me laugh when you said you are the only that have slept with her. cos you are the first does not make you the only one.

  10. Make he no pain nah, the both of you are not married...

  11. Go and get money bruv, baba girls too many. Pls pls alaye" Double your hustle"

  12. Let her be. Once a cheat,always a cheat. Try and move on.

  13. Poster you want to spend the whole of your life with her?

    And if I may ask, what other whole life do you want to spend with her since you have spent a whole six years with her?

    Nwanne gbawa door na a serious guy ebunyego the girl uche ofepado aka.

    So kpaa akpa bu Authe.

  14. BLOGLORD the real MVBM. I clear road for you nne m πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
    Agbakpo dike Izu agbayaria ya 1 worldwide.
    Agu Nwanyi.

    Nne kee nke mega last?
    Otego afuru gi last nwanne mmadu.

    1. Odogwu nwoke!
      Nwanna International
      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ kee nke mega last.
      You just sounded like one Nwanna I know.

      Nna adim nor.
      Madu na di tired sometimes e bata e'be

      😁😁😁I hope what I wrote is readable and understandable?😁😁😁

      Mr Firmous himself!
      After you na you.πŸ™Œ
      After you again na Elastic toh sure.πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  15. B.... Do u ave to lie? Did we date for 6years or 6weeks. I knew those guyys b4 I met u and I apologised after u confronted me. And I gave u my word to cut all ties wit them which I did but bcos u ave trust issues or u needed an excuse to leave after tasting cookie u decided to com here and embarass urself. Your intentions weren't genuine and ur pride wudn't allow u admit u were wrong getting angry ova wat u were actually angry about. And u had to use my cheat in as an excuse. I'm never to proud to apologise wen I'm wrong and just so u know 'SORRY' has never choked or killed anyone. Grow up and be a better man dan holding on to bitterness from or past. It's me F..... In case u ave forgotten.

    1. Awon aiye ti wole de ooooo

    2. Stay there and be sending your nudes upandan!!!!
      You think you are doing your so called B abi?

      See you, see national disgrace.

    3. Lol. Call him out babe

    4. Hmmnnn.. .you sound like someone who apologises for apologies sake but far from repentant.
      I may be wrong but that's the vibe I get.

      "Your intentions weren't genuine and ur pride wudn't allow u admit u were wrong getting angry ova wat u were actually angry about."

      You think it's easy to erase the thoughts of your lover sharing nudes with others while in a relationship with you?
      Babe it hurts ok? He has every right to be mad whether you've "apologised" or not. He is even still hurting and You are here, angry that he is still angry.
      Aunty, if you really love(d) this guy, you'd be remorse not defensive.

      You guys should quit this relationship abeg make person hear word.

    5. I'm even concerned about your nudes you sent out. Plz don't try it again!

  16. Christmas things ooo!!! .She will come back by January. That's if she is still single.

  17. Everyone this is not true, this guy is lying I never send any nudes to anyone this is pure lie, d... Why must you lie to get people to pity you its so unfair, God knows I really suffered in the relationship you were hitting me u didn't put it up there and all the other things you did to me, I never cheated on you instead you were the one cheating on me I had to leave the relationship because I couldn't take it anymore......there are 3 sides of the story,my side, his side and the truth and it's only God that knows the truth he was there when everything happened, I have moved on and forgiven you but if you keep doing this, let God judge us accordingly.

  18. Eeyi ooo, BLOGLORD comment gi di clear ka ehihe.

  19. One thing I have come to understand about relationships is that they dump the loyal ones that truly love for them the ones wey no loyal,hard chicks, anyway take heart bro fish no dey lack for river ,go out and find another babe.E no easy but life must go on, Happy new month fellow sdkites!

  20. poster how are u n how old is she????

    Money 1st, ladies later = happy mam

    Ladies 1st, Money later= unhappy, heart broken man

  21. Lady nude,stop commenting like a bitch that you why apologise if he actually did hit you? You are starting to sound like Tonto Dike the domestic violent ambassador, pls shift. Continue disgracing yourself and be acting all tough, na you go loose when your nude pics go viral

  22. Men are not loyal. I dny believe this guy one bit


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