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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative

Hmmmm....This is really bad!!!



Good day Stellastic Stella, 

In continuation of Blessing gist, 

The soldier husband came last weekend so Blessing
s mum and other family member came to our place to take her so she can follow them to Friday family and face them herself, before going they talked and advised her for hours to change her mind : advice like, marry him, make life miserable for him and let him divorce u later. Marry him you can learn to love him etc, after all the hours of talk.. Blessing will you now change your mind? Hmmm I dey sorry I no fit marry Friday ooh. 

See shout, see curse that was flying upandan even on the baby in her belly, her mum cried and cursed ehn.

So they took her along to the Friday family house cos he took night journey to Abuja. They all took bike cos my uncle said he wont follow them, so no car to take there. Lol instead of someone to sit behind blessing on d bike.. They slow her climb alone. On getting to Friday family house, they waited and waited and waited for hours they didn't see blessing... She escaped!
Her mum called my uncle crying.. They call call her number.. Wash! She didn't pick any. I no blame her oooo... If nah u u go gree to face Friday family? Lol

Later in the evening she called my sister to say she escaped to her other boyfriend place in Apo, the owner of her baby, that igbo guy.. Yeah she went to him. She said she went to meet the guy so he can try and raise even if it's half of the 400k plus the soldier guy have spent.. And if it's not complete she wont come home. My sister just advised her to come home with whatever amount the guy is able to raise.

Two days later, she came back with 85k, nobody could even beat her, cos she's pregnant nah, only insult and curse.. in short she need to go for spiritual cleansing for herself and her baby o the curse too much .

So her family took her to Friday house and according to what I heard, Friday's  people almost ate her raw, that's on Tuesday ooh few days to wedding day, the guy brought out his list of all the money he has been giving her right from day one, all the teller and alert etc, money was running to 500k plus, day of 50k day of 20k to blessing o aside the 200k plus he sent for wedding and the introduction money too etc. 

Blessing couldn't talk ooh everyone was shocked, even her mum... I hear there was serious fight in that place between both families, so later later Sunday went and brought police to arrest blessing, they went and locked her up that evening until his money is complete he wont release her. They rejected the 80k and rejected all the foodstuffs and cloths, bags etc they took there, according to them, it's money they gave them and not foodstuffs or etc.

My sister called Obiora the igbo guy, and he said he can't come over, before they will arrest him too that he will be looking for more money. So my brothers and sisters she slept In cell abi nah prison that day o

Next day police carried her mum too and locked her up, until they do full payment, so mum and Daughter was looking at each other in cell. The igbo guy sent another 50k the next morning. Even the Friday guy and his family went to sit in police station o plus blessing family too lol.
Obiora said he will send anoda 50k the next day that he is running upandan to get money. 

We woke up on Thursday to the news that the police and Friday forced blessing to take them to obiora house as early as 4:30am to arrest him. For what exactly? What is his offence bikonu? 

Pain me when I heard ehn

So they locked obiora up And released blessing and her mum. They say they wont release him until the money is complete... Plus he was sleeping with another man's wife since they have done introduction. 

If you hear blessing's gist about prison life ehn.. Fear go catch u.. Lol
So my people Obiora is still in prison o his people came over.. They say they will raise d money, blessing too is selling the stuffs she has bought and we are selling the bags of rice and semo too,including the soup ingredients and etc.

Holla if U are interested o they gave us one week grace. 

Ecolag box, beautiful cloth materials for the bride, etc. This gist is the hottest gist in............ Abuja 

Oh yesterday was supposed to be wedding day.. We were all there looking. I hear Friday is so heartbroken ,heard he was even crying too, obiora on the other side said he will Marry her.. Love wins lol. 

Will keep you Guys updated Biko... Don't mind my typos was rushing

*Na wah ooooooooooh.I couldnt find the fist link of this gist.please anyone who does should post in the comment section..
The Blessing lady is not smart all...
Please update us on how it is finally settled.


  1. Replies
    1. @Miss Ess,read the first story using this link below:


    2. I remember her story now, thank you aboy. Blessing sef, such risk. Only she how many men?

    3. This Obiora boy will do deal with her. Hunger go finish her when Friday finally releases him cos he will be paying debt. Why must she even marry Obiorah??? Igbo trader for that matter

    4. Why she no love Friday na?

  2. If them set trap put "gist" the thing go nab stella gidigba!

  3. When girls begin to open legs agharaghara this is the result.
    Why not close vagina till they pay your bride price; I mean the person you agree to marry pays?

  4. Laff won kill me die for here oooo😂😂😂😂😂

    1. I empathize with obiora and Friday while I marvel at blessings courage. Money cannot buy love after all. I see them being the happiest couple after this their ordeal. True Love will eventually win.

  5. Thunder fire girls when think say them fit do chop and clean mouth. This mumu blessing don jam her match. Please if you don't love a lady or a man don't collect or Promise anything.

    1. As in Ehe, her real match, that igbo guy family go show her their own pepper.Obi nwanna utu gi ekotegoro gi okwu.

  6. The girl is young that's the cause of these issues, let her not go to obiora's house and suffer

  7. Mehn, I don't know what to say.

  8. ...Ayam corn fused oo.

  9. Wow.. Blessing is a greedy girl. Why collect from the soldier when you know you don't have any intention of marrying him

  10. Abeg I no fit laugh kia na wa poverty is a bastard

  11. Lmao.....
    I have been waiting for this gist like forever!
    That blessing na mumu sha!
    will so suffer eh!
    which kind mumu love be this....
    please poster keep us updated this gist too sweet me..... "keeping up with blessing"

  12. Local champions, including the police. Annoying narrative. Mtcheww

  13. How is this the hottest gist in Abuja? Who knows these local people? Mtcheew

    This isn’t a chronicle. Stella you can post this as IHN story and make way for real problems to be solved.

  14. Blessing is very greedy why collect money when she knows she won't fulfill her part of ur deal. I empathize with Friday. He's better off without the blessing girl

  15. That Blessing's eyes will soon open. She will find out soon that money is important for love to last.....smh

  16. I just hope she doesn't regret all this at the end of the day. The major fault is from the mother, birthing many children with no source of livelihood, now forcing her into a marriage to ease her poverty. Na wah!!!

  17. Hmmm, I Pity blessing Because That igbo Guy Wont Marry Her. Even If He Wants To, His Family Wont Let Him. The scandal Is Much. With All This, sticking With The Soldier Guy Would Be Better

  18. @Stella
    No be so?
    If them set trap put "gist" im no go catch you?
    See as you dey beg like say your life depends on it?

  19. Which hottest gist? In this our Abj? We no here nada. Anyway I hope Obiora will marry her wholeheartedly and not resent her because of all the problems she has caused him. I know for sure he won't abandon his baby.

  20. Maybe they did blood convenant.

    But love without money(at least a steady source of income) is not advisable o.

    What I know?


  21. Poverty na bastard!!

    The mother has a big big part of the blame. Big!!


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