Stella Dimoko Libya Returnee Says They Drank Fuel And Urine To Survive


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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Libya Returnee Says They Drank Fuel And Urine To Survive

Some of the freed Nigerian slaves in Libya have said that their fellow countrymen were part of the slave trade cartel.

They described the Nigerians involved in the slave business as more wicked than the Libyans and other participants.

A recent CNN reports revealed the auctions of Africans, including Nigerians, in Libya.

The shocking report has since generated global outcry and condemnation.

President Muhammadu Buhari had ordered the evacuation of Nigerians stranded in Libya following the scandal.

Recounting their ordeal, some of the returnees said they also sold by Nigerians.

"Nigerians and Libyans are doing the business like they are one big happy family," Harrison Okotie, 32, who lived in Libya for three years until his repatriation, told Punch.

Another returnee, Sunday Anyaegbunam, who hails from Edo state, said they were sold twice by Nigerians during their nine-day journey through the desert.

According to Anyaegbunam, he left Nigeria along with his wife in April 2017.

He said their Nigerian "burger" (trafficker) sold them to a set of Libyan traffickers at Agadez, Niger, where they were subsequently sold to another Nigerian who took them to Sabha, Libya.

They were separated into different cells when they got to Sabha.

He recalled, "We were made to contact our families on the phone and I had to ensure the payment of N400,000 for my release and N300,000 for my wife.

"The Nigerians selling people in Libya are more wicked than many of the Arabs. I have never seen people so heartless as the Nigerians who bought and sold me.

"There are many of them in Agadez and Sabha, who are making so much money from selling their own people. But there are other West Africans doing the business too.

"When you approach them and say, 'please, my brother, help me', they would tell you, 'no brother in the jungle.”

Esosa Osas, another Nigerian who was in Libya for six months, said she also confirmed that Nigerians were selling other Nigerians in Libya.

"You dare not talk to them, else they would beat you and lock you up.

"I noticed that the connection houses were also controlled by Nigerian women," she said.

Kelvin Sunday, 21, who was in Libya for seven months, also recounted how they survived in the desert by drinking their own urine.

Sunday said he gathered N965,000 to get to Libya with the help of family and friends.

"We were in the desert for three days without food or water...we were drinking our urine to survive. It got to a point that when there was no more urine to drink, we started to drink fuel," he said.

pulseng report.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not underestimating the situation but I believe there are some exaggerations by some of those people. I'm not buying some of their stories

    2. Where dem see filling station for desert? Cant come n be wasting my pity on nonsense. Mteeeeeeeew.

    3. Mumus. Who send them. Na only UBA get problems abi. Long throats caused this one so no sorry. Welcome back to Nigeria where bad as e bad, we drink pure water not urine.
      To think that more people will still commence their own journey tonight, mtcheeew

  2. Replies
    1. This is not hustle, it is misinformation and greed mixed in one pot
      That money he wrote there is 1 million naira
      it can start a small scale business in Nigeria
      But they were misinformed that going to Libya then Europe means instant wealth in millions of Euros
      In the end it all ends in crimes and prostitution when they get to Europe and discover that it wasn't like they thought
      This generation of Nigerians have been thought the celebrity culture; make a lot of money, spend and
      display wealth on social media and "slay". This is wrong.

  3. wetin carry them go there?greed and ungratefilness to God!you could raise almost a million to go to Europe by road thru such hard and bizarre conditions,why can't they use it to start business here in Nigeria.btw cos of the way they get there,and desperation to make it fast,most of them resort to crime and misdemenours in the receiving country.who knows the Libyans,Europeans and all just got tired of them creating nuisance in their space!....for as far as I remember govt and other bodies have been preaching to discourage this Europe by road journey,but some pple made up their minds never to listen.well,maybe now it will end.
    #sipping my juice and rme#bird wey call rain na him rain go first beat.
    drops mic#

  4. I hope people watching and listening to this horrible stories will know not to embark on these deadly trips!!!

    1. Iphie it's just unfortunate that some Nigerians will read and watch as you have rightly said but will still embark on this dehumanizing journey thinking this ones that came back are weaklings and they can survive. Even as bad as our country is with tha 950000 that man will have come up with something and probably have made reasonable gain.

    2. if only will listen. if you are going to europe and you haveca visa to go by air, pls dont risk it. This is terrible.

    3. Thats if they will hear.

    4. For where???
      They will never listen...
      Just give some of them 5 months,they will go back

    5. Unfortunately, they will still go that route hoping their case will be different.

  5. You had over nine hundred thousands naira and all you could think of was to travel illegally through the dessert to Libya?
    Are you saying there was or is no other profitable things you could put your hard earned money into here in Nigeria?
    What are you guys thinking before embarking on such journey or don't you know that Libya is a failed state with no government at the center?
    No sorry for any of you. I hope others that are planning such journey learn from this. I hope you all agreed now that Nigeria is a beautiful place.

  6. Jesus Christ na waoo,ThankGod say Una come back alive ooo..

  7. Hmmmm after all this tales, someone will still embark on that same route to Europe. They never learn.

  8. Mumu people N965k, money he and his family could have used to start up a business.
    The funny part is when you advice them they don't hear samsam..

    Go to immigration office in Benin and see them full everywhere like pure water wanting to jet out of the country.

    The boys go to Libya while the girls go to Italo.

    I hope they don learn their lesson that is if there is any lesson for them to learn


  9. N965k to get to Libya. Perhaps you could have something else with that money back here.

  10. Nine hundred and fifty thousand could have started a business. It's so sad that they had to suffer like this but it's an eye opener for some people that want to enter Europe by fire by force.

  11. I don't see this ending anytime soon. So many people are getting ready to go, some are on their way to Libya, some are getting ready to enter the rubber boats. I wish the Italian authority will deport them from the detention center in Italy. My fellow edo people smh

  12. How can an Anyaegbunam hail from Edo? My friend was to be sold by a pastor. Some how the journey flopped but he ate their 100k. When asked for the money pastor said "ask me again ifyou dont want to llive." Thank God he is doing well for himself somewhere in Europe.


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