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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 803

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.


  1. Wow i would love to understand how that friendship lamp connectivity works no matter how far

    1. 1. I like
      2. They'd better
      3. Haha, remembering them UFOs ish.

  2. Any drink with its alcohol content less than 10%, should be considered a soft drink.
    I imagine just about everyone in Russia before 2011 were perpetually in a drunken state especially considering their history. Now we know most documents were signed while inebriated. Not like they are any better sober though.

    Happy Birthday Iphie Dearie. Hope you had a blast. Sorry it's coming late.

  3. I am interested in the last pic's offer. It's my specialty.

    I have successfully protected my room from mosquitoes,rats and all types of rodents invasion...for many years now.

    Also I was the special consultant for combating Aso Rock and White House rodents invasion.

    I have done many more....My work speaks for me.

    Thank you as I await my alert of $187k


  4. Any vacancy @no3? Hehehehehe.
    I reject that friendship lamp abeeg. Monitoring spirit every where. Who friendship EPP self? Am team one man mopol,I ain't got time to friend around...

  5. I want that lamp.... I neeeeeeed that lamp.... anyone knows where it's sold? So beautiful and heart warming

  6. 1:All fun and games until one of them turns it on at 3 am nonstop.
    3: US government work very hard to protect the public!.

  7. #You find your true self, by letting go of who you think you're supposed to be*

  8. I could see only one fact, watagwan?

  9. Love that lamp, how about a lovers lamp.😍😍
    Fact 2. The Russians don't joke with alcohol
    Fact 3. Hmmm so these PPOs do they protect the earth from extraterrestials or protect the planet from space debris, asteroids and the likes, chances are that if the aliens get here first they are more technologically advanced than us, to have figured how to get here in light years, and would easily annihilate humans n take over earth. That's if they haven't been here already, some people have given accounts of being abducted by aliens. Is today iphies bday? Happy bday dearie😚

  10. Ehn! Aliens ke? I thought they only exist in sci-fi movies. Somebody educate me please.

  11. Sisi figure 8, we are yet to discover all that's out There in the universe, we are even yet to explore our own galaxy in its fullest. We know next to nothing about a lot, although our advancement in space technology has increased tremendously in the past century, with us landing on the moon, and even planning the MArs project, come 2020. Anyways chances are we are not alone in the universe, new discoveries of planets that can even suppprt life, and there has been hidden discoveries by NASA, space pilots n all, about UFOs and others phenomena. Let's just say, for now we are light years away from wherever life may exist, we may never know, depending on who gets to who first. You can watch natgeo


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