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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Emergency room Series : The Mixologists

The way people mix drugs like its a cocktail is quite funny.

A guy in his mid twenties was brought in to the ER by his friends. He was having acute urinary Retention. He told us that he was having problems peeing and hadn't peed in two days. He looked like he was in so much pain and was weak. His abdomen was distended and he couldn't walk straight.

We quickly put him on the couch and told his friends to excuse us. We told him we had to pass a tube into his penis to bring the urine out and it was the only way to reduce the pain. He quickly agreed. When I brought the catheter out, he shouted and asked how the pointed and long tube will enter his penis. I told him not to worry because I would lubricate it. I don't think he felt much pain as I passed the tube because he didn't shout or anything. I guess the pain from having a full bladder was more than the pain of passing the tube. As soon as the tube got to the bladder the urine came gushing out. It was a little over 1 liter, which was above the normal limit a bladder can hold urine.

After the bladder was emptied. He felt so relieved. He was asked if it had happened before and he said no. We asked if he used any drug recently. He said he took 500mg of tramadol two nights before. We were shocked. Although I know a lot of young men abuse tramadol, I had never heard of such a high dose. We then put up iv fluids to dilute the blood and possibly flush the drug effects from his body. 

When asked why he did such a dangerous thing. He was reluctant to talk and later said he takes tramadol to improve his sexual prowess. He said he usually takes about 200-300mg but took 500mg and cough syrup to impress his babe.

 He claimed the drug makes him sustain an erection for a very long time and not climax so he could keep going on many rounds for long hours. I simply smiled and shook his hand. He asked why. I asked if he knew that his heart could have stopped and he would have died because he took an overdose . He didn't believe and said his other friends in school take it to get high and during exams too because it won't let them sleep.

He didn't know the side effects of tramadol were agitation, nervousness, anxiety, seizures (convulsions), skin rash, dizziness, spinning sensation, hallucinations, fever, fast heart rate, overactive reflexes, weak pulse, difficulty and breathing, urinary retention and fainting. 

The person would start from a small dose and would have to keep increasing it to get a higher effect. If the person stops suddenly or doesn't take it for a while the person would start having withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, sleep terrors, breathing difficulties, chest pain, fast heart beat and hallucination (a feeling where you start to see ghosts and things that aren't there, lol) . Most of them end up in psychiatric hospitals. A lot of the patients in the psychiatric hospitals are young men and women who are victims of drug abuse.

Anyway, we lectured the guy and his friends in the best way we could. We knew it won't be easy for him to stop suddenly so we registered him for a session with the psychiatrist. I hope he comes out clean soon. 

I'm sure we know one or two people who are drug abusers. It is our duty to protect them and ensure we don't lose them to the deadly hands of mental illness. I know some mix codeine, morphine and paracetamol or promethazine, diazepam and pentazocine or tramadol and codeine . It's just crazy and dangerous and a lot of people do it because they think it's cool and because of the euphoric effect it has on them. 

This effects won't last for long. That's why we hear of news of drug addicts looking very unkempt and some die suddenly. Take late Micheal Jackson for example. Let's be wise. If you have a friend in this category, assist the person to seek help fast because you know about his/her drug problem. if anything bad happens to the person, you indirectly caused it since you did nothing. 

Have a great day.


  1. He was just lucky by the whiskers. I pray he adhere to the doctor's advice.

  2. He was just lucky by the whiskers. Hopefully he adheres to the doctor's advice.

  3. Wao. This is so scary. i know someone that abuse Tramadol n had a seizure. like epileptic seizure, saliva was gushing out of his mouth n he finally pass out. When he gained consciousness he was wondering why people were steering at him. He could not remember the seizure. He was telling people he only had malaria, nothing else. It was when he was questioned in an enclose place he admitted to has been taken tramol and he is trying to stop. That the side effect he experience from trying to keep away from it is frequent fainting. He had to idea he has seizures b4 fainting.

  4. Hian let me quickly send this link to someone

  5. Me and my guys are guilty of this.

  6. I took 1 prescribed tramadol after surgery, am sure I saw all the ghost from my village, lol d doc had to change it immediately. I wonder how people keep up to this drugs, I pray they get all the help they need and accept it.

  7. "We then put up iv fluids to dilute the blood and possibly flush the drug effects from his body" you guys must have a full container loaded with IV fluids.

    Are IV fluids all the same or different?

    I hear the new thing now is drinking paper gum and sniffing petrol to get high..

    Get scared reading stuff like this, I fear for the younger generations.

    1. lool. I'm sure the nurse knows the iv fluids put up, he/she doesn't like to be specific incase the patient is a bv. I'm sure it is 'normal saline' they put up. I know because I'm a sickler because they use normal saline to dilute my blood during bone crisis so my blood won't be so thick and flow better.

    2. The funny thing is tgese drug addicts willnever agree that they are addicts.

  8. Cynthia I hope you read this. To think my friend uses tramadol for weight loss. According to her it doesn't make her hungry. I've expressed my fears to her but her dramatic weight loss is more important to her than her general health. My dear there are worse things in life than being fat.


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