Stella Dimoko Gifty Powers Celebrates Her Mother With Words That Induce Tears...


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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gifty Powers Celebrates Her Mother With Words That Induce Tears...

Former Big Brother Nigeria housemate Gifty powers made her mom her woman crush Wednesday yesterday and bathed her with tears inducing words.....the type you only see with people who share a rare bond with their parent.....

“If I’m permitted to celebrate one special person over and over again for the rest of my life, it will be none other person but my MOM.

I remember a week after my step dad passed away, my mom was given 2 options(hand over all properties or we give my 2 step siblings to them), all my mom could say was “9months is never 9days”..
few days later my mom handed all properties to them and as little as we all were,we had to start life all over again through the scorching sun; the road was rough but hey we made it through.

This woman has laid her life for us in so many ways that till now i wonder “Why would she”, she’s been the kind of bestfriend that I’ve always wished for since as a little girl, she’s been the reason why i kept holding on strong for so many things happening life, she’s one person that has taught me that “In Life if you listen to the noise in the market,you won’t buy what you wanna buy”.
She lost my Father (my dad) when i was a year old, still lost my step dad when my step kid brother was 4years old, got abandoned by family members who saw they were not gaining(money) from us like they used too & above all these, she still held perfectly strong & said “no obstacles will hold me down, life goes on”.
In as much as I’ve been dragging + pleading with her to MARRY AGAIN but no avail, all she keep saying is “i don’t need any man in my life,my kids are enough for me”.
I can swear that in my life, i have done some horrible stuffs that I’m not proud off of which i know a mother shouldn’t forgive her child, yet without any hesitation my mom will cover me up in public no matter what and scold me behind closed doors.
Well, I don’t care if I write too much based on my Mom because it is my page and I’m proud of writing these down. My mom is my weak point,you do her wrong then you’ve gotten to me + at he end you will see the BEAST sidbelowme.

But one thing i will always say is One Love To All The Widows All Over The World, i know it’s not easy taking care of kids but trust me, if there is one thing one should be grateful for, it is LIFE.. not everyone is opportuned to Live in this Life.






  1. Replies
    1. Eya. .strong woman

      God bless our mothers


  2. Hmmmm....some family with properties sha,God keep her for u to enjoy d fruit of her labour,even if i can write this about my mum,i pray my kids write such a loving tales about me someday,God help me thru my journey in life to be the best mum to my kids,whenever i hear an encomium showered on mum's especially, i wonder where such mums came from. God make me a better and best friends to my kids

  3. So touching.. I love every single word said. Interesting write up. #strongbond#love#life#hardword# good job. GIfty.

  4. Replies
    1. Awww. Thanks Gifty. To complete this love be a good girl and raise a good home to wipe away her tears finally.

      Sounds like my friend's story, she's getting married tomorrow at 40, she's a complete lady about to make her Mummy SMILE finally. She keeps saying that apart from The Almighty God, her Mum is her Lord and Personal Saviour.
      All these luxurious and a good good hubby from neighboring town crops up?

      God is Awesome!

  5. Wow mother mother God bless all mothers...


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