Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo Season 96


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Sunday, December 24, 2017

International/London Tatafo Season 96

I greet una oh!

Tatafo is delighted to bring you another edition of the aporokos going on in town. Today I will be maintaining my lane as a Londoner. As Plenty things dey happen here my people.

Today na double barrel story but i only have time to gist one oh...ah!!!

As I was minding my business, information got to me that a lady somewhere in London may soon lose her home to a strange woman if care is not taken.

Her story..

This woman lives in North London with her husband and kids, and she is desperately begging another woman to please marry her husband for the sake of papers. Yes, you read it right. We were told that the couple have been living in the UK for about 6 years, but her husband is the only one who doesn't have his legal papers yet.

The gist is that the wife and kids got into the UK before him and they've been able to stabilize in the system. However, the husband who joined later is finding it hard to secure a leave to remain. So because his wife is not able to help using her status, she decided to seek for a British Nigerian to help her husband.

It's been revealed that this wife found a British Nigerian through a mutual friend, she found a popular lady who runs a shop somehwere in east London. And the wife has promised to pay her to help her husband. But a lot of people are objecting it, they think this could destroy her marriage because the lady whom they want 'arranged marriage' with is single, and they think she may in future snatch the man for real.


Ironically, the British born lady is also sceptical for fear of the unknown.. as she doesn't want to be wrongly labelled within the Nigerian community afterwards. She's willing to accept the money offered to her for the deal, but she still thinks that something may go terribly wrong in the future.

Who should be more worried? The wife or the other lady? And does it sound right that a woman is begging another woman to come and marry her husband, knowing the risks involved?


All the man wants is to naturalize, and this seems to be the only opportunity left for him to explore. Risky or nah?

**On to the next gist**

Meanwhile there's another hot news brewing in the city of London. It's been titled "The clash of the TITANS".


Full details of the situation coming soon.

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Tatafo Will be back
Catch ya!

*Snatch wetin?well its a risk she has to take...I know of someone here is is whispered to be a serial wife becos of pali and i dunno how she does it but she invested the proceeds well...

If she does not trust her man then she should not do it cos the man might get his papers and still walk away.
All na risk!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  2. Xmas count down God bless Nigeria

  3. I dont understand why couldn't the wife help the husband since she has her papers? Can someone explain please????

    1. maybe she also did arranged marriage and hasnt divorced yet, so she cant do for her hibby

    2. Oh there are so many reasons the wife maybe unable to do it. Like the Anony said above, one possible reason. Or her papers may be conditional whereby she has to wait several years before she can include her spouse. Like Stella rightly said, all na risk jawe. TataAfo I know d second gist Leme say my own.

      It's Abike vs Dorcas aka esu of London. Also known as Abuke oshin. I'm really interested in d story cos that Dorcas girl has proven to be a real devil. Omg shes so mean and arrogant. To think she's so ugly and shapeless beats me.

      She tried to humiliate Abike on her live chat, forgetting that people love Abike so much and not her. The few she thinks are following her did so cos of Abike. That's why I was angry when you brought folashades gist here to support Dorcas. Dorcas is a jealous bitch, shade and Abike are more beautiful and well mannered than the idiot. That's why shade said she likes Abike n can forgive her but not Dorcas. Dorcas wanted to ruin shade. She disgraced the poor girl that even Abike had to step back. AJ team supported this devil even though they knew she was going extreme. But cos she now wants to spite Abike she decided to drop shades matter cos no one will support her again.

      Dorcas see your life last night. You looked like a disabled frog with ur overly made up face, yet still ugly as fuck. So apart from ex Omo ewe nobody could turn up for yr dinner?Lolz. You can't win Abike. If only u know what the public thinks of u. You can brag about anything but you're still miserable and empty. That's why you lock yourself up in the dark. Lying about having sex all the time when we know you're manless. I personally know Nas and the situation of things. We laugh hard at u. Look at how relaxed Abike and her friends were last night while u were busy throwing shades at her. Even ewe team preferred Abikes natural outing to ur staged one. You have low self esteem, your mother did a terrible job. Now I see what Esabod has been saying about how ur mother is a bad one. Never knew a day like this would come that I'll say Esabod is right. Dorcas leave Abike alone or else you'll be thoroughly disgraced. Your track record is so bad. Face your real life and stop the social media fallacy. Tataafo I hope u bring the full story. Dorcas esu of London has bitten more than she can chew. Abike will finish you. AJ team will bury you alive. Your disgrace started when your nakedness was exposed on Facebook. One corner breast and shapeless body. Makeup is always scary on you Madame filter till I fine. Omo ofo.

    3. Ekiokwu. Lobatan. Dorkasi see ur life? D one dat ticked me off is when she will be forcing herself on bollyray online ,doing fone sex. Oloshi omo

    4. My own question is. Is it a must? Na by force to stay abroad? Running here n there, up n down just b stay abroad is it really worth it? I dont just get it. So much a woman is going to sought a wife for her own husband just for papers. Una dey try o.

      Anon with d epistle Abike must be an angel. Bia Tatafo I am tired of this names. Abike, Jagaban, esabod etc etc. Who b be sef

  4. Nigerians have suffered sha, done this and that in many countries'. Trump is there mocking us, God heal our land. Give us God fearing leaders and bless naija.

  5. Stellzz, I think it's time to cancel this London Tatafo segment. It has run it course (exactly 3 years. Or is 2?) the stories are stale, boring and always involving Estabod. Why? We need a more refreshing and interesting Tatafo reporter, please.

  6. I hear about these rubbish Abike, Esabod etc stories and I am so disappointed that such gutter gists excite some Nigerians in the UK. Smh

  7. What kind of stale gist is this? Abeg no be by force. I thought I've left all these gutter women and their yeye live videos on fb, only to come and be facing it here.


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