Stella Dimoko A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -8


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Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -8

Na wahhhhhhhhh..

Story of a polygamous pastor.

One day, as I was discussing with my elder brother, he warned me of visiting pastors because some of them are not genuine. He told me a story of one pastor that drove his wife out of their matrimonial home and married his deliverance candidate. 

Little did I know that I would come in contact with him? I knew Pastor Sam when he moved in to stay close to my brother’s house then. My room was close to their side of duplex so I do hear most of the conversation from my room.

The wife of Pastor Sam we all knew was the fair beautiful wife that gave birth to five boys and two girls, both of them run the deliverance prophetic ministry together in the estate.

A friend of mine lost the elder sister in a mysterious way and everybody told him to find out the cause of her death. In the process we came in contact with one guy who directed us to one prophetic church where the details of her death will be given. Na so we waka go. On getting there I told my friend I know his pastor,that he lived close to my brother’s house. Eventually, the man told my friend a lot of things happening to their family and the cause of the sister’s death. He told me I should be their member because I have gift and calling of God upon my life. 


I was still going there then once in a while for prayers because I was job hunting then. The beautiful wife will sometimes preach. I noticed that the pastor always condemned wigs, weave on, makeup, women wearing trousers. In fact, most of his message were more of holiness unto the Lord. They really painted a picture of righteousness.

One Saturday afternoon, I was sleeping, remember my room was close to their side, I heard someone screaming with names calling like husband snatcher, Ashawo, marine agent leave my husband alone. All manner of names. It was not a small thing as crowd were gathering gradually in front of their duplex.

My brother just came to me, do you remember the pastor that married his deliverance candidate? I said yes sir, that’s the man. The fair beautiful sisi went to the pastor’s church years back for deliverance when the man was at festac area. After the deliverance from marine powers, one thing led to the other, pastor started seeing another vision on top of the fine babe. She became pregnant for the pastor and all hell was let loose, church scattered, the first wife was pushed out with her four children.

From there, he relocated to another place. The first wife will always trace them to their new place and put up show that will attract crowd. And that was how they relocated to our estate and the first wife also came to give them welcome package. 

She later brought her two sons to live with them. She always disgrace the man and the husband snatcher both in church and at their home. Most time it always ends in fierce fights that will leave the house in disarray with the children crying.

 The house was always on fire anytime she pays them unwanted visits leaving the pastor in embarrassment. Did I mention that I saw the second wife with tight hugging jeans that the husband preaches against?

What happens to fear of God that will make a man of God to abandon his wife and kids for another lady? And they want to make heaven? Upon all the holiness unto the Lord messages. Only God knows who really serves Him in spirit and in truth.


  1. Replies
    1. But there was a story by a lady on this blog about how a man of God inflicted her with a disease so that he can heal her and then marry her some days back when Stella put up a post about fake pastors. Why does this story sound alike. I do not think the other woman is at fault. The pastor is the one at fault. Infact he used jazz on this second lady. She is not in her right senses. I am hearing this kind of stories to much this days of married pastors running away with another womam who came for help or starting a secret family with another woman. This ladies are not in their right senses anymore. This pastors were never pastors but babalawo hiding under Christianity hence they are able to perform miracles and change peoples destiny's. By the time the gurl gets back to her senses. It will be to late and she would have given birth for the fake pastor. The first wife is just blaming the other woman for nothing. The pastor is the devil. People need to be careful o.

    2. god of men
      No be women dey go meet them?

  2. Most of them don't practice what they preach.

  3. Na wah oh. Even pastors too

  4. Poster this your own is just amebo gist.

    1. Don't mind the poster. Gossip if the century.

  5. Hahahha Practice what you preach, pastor with Wondering Dick, Igbo people will say Akonakona...

  6. This is more like the falsity of some pastors than a polygamous story,but it will pass,lol! Dramatic first wife and jean-wearing second wife: what an epic disgrace...

  7. If I start talking about my experiences with pastors eh people will not believe. Not that I go to meet them o. They will start saying nonsense wey still be nonsense. In fact I tire to type.
    All I know is that God will take control. It's greed and the spirit of mumuness that is worrying we women. If you know your God and your stand nobody can deceive you. If I meet you as a man of God and you go towards that side I will apply what the bible says'flee from fornication'. The bible did not say run o it said flee. God will help us.

    1. Abi o my sister.
      The key word is 'flee'.
      This word is a verb.
      Meaning run in such a way that the back of your slippers is touching the back of your head.
      That is all I have to say.

  8. Is not women that take themselves to go meet them? And then listen to their brain-washing words and messages? Someone will tell you to do something that's against God's word and you will agree.because you are seeking solution...

    I know what my ears have heard these past 6 weeks as my child lays ill. But i have promised my God that my faith will remain in Him. I am not going to anybody!!!! God will hear the prayers of my heart...

  9. @anonymous 00:23, Amen. Almighty God will not put you to shame.

  10. That_yoruba_igbo_babe26 December 2017 at 19:00

    Its well


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