Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - Prayer Gone Wrong


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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Iya Ibeji Series - Prayer Gone Wrong

I have always been of the opinion that some things shouldn't be said in public unless directed by the spirit of God.

 For example I have a long list of friends I am praying for as regards the fruit of the womb that are not even aware of it.
On that my list include celebrities that don't know me both in naija here and abroad.

I still have single friends that are older than me that wants to get married I don't ask them how far?
I pray for them.

So iya beji where are you going with all this? Thank you for asking.

Something happened to me twice in a short period and I wonder why people don't learn to stay on their lane.

My car had been bad for a long time and now I fly bike and enter keke. Which I have no problem with whatsoever. Before I finally abandon the car, e turn me to mechanic and prayer warrior.
Before I enter express na to pray make he no stop for road.

How many times have I called my husband and I'm like the car don stop o. For so so place I don leave am find how you go do am.
But now I move about peacefully.
If the bus or keke I enter spoil no point praying na to jump to another one. Its almost bliss.

No be so I go fellowship and as one sister they raise prayer points, praying for different people then it got to my turn she said let's pray for iya beji. Let's pray for her car to be in order. That the car was meant to be driven and not parked.
Kai as they started praying ehn I just dey vex.
After our meeting I went to meet her and told her I didn't like it. That I never told her that that was an issue for me.

She was surprise and genuinely concerned. She said whenever she saw me and my kids on keke. That her hearts goes out to us and that's why she prayed for us today.
I told her it was kind of embarrassing I also told her about the cases of other people she mentioned and that she has just given us insights to their problems maybe problems they didn't want others to know about.

So I advise her next time you asked people for their prayer requests or better still just tell God to grant us our heart desires. He know where e for they pinch us.

Another embarrassing situation was after a sister visited my house and saw my torn sofa (thanks to the ibejis).
She had some challenges and she was praying for her self and then when she was through she was like lord bless this and this also and when she got to me she said bless iya beji with a new sofa. I didn't know when I screamed ehn? She sef shocked and she come change am to bless her with new this and that.
Yes I told her afterwards I didn't like it.

If you are led by the spirit to call my case that is different but don't look at a need in my life and feel the need to pray for me publicly without asking me first.

Has it happened to you or na only me dey vex for this kind issue.
Please let's discuss this without insults because its a spiritual matter.


  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    This is the kind of prayer you begin to wonder if it is genuine or a 'mock prayer'
    Whichever it is, yep! Embarrassing.

  2. Replies
    1. That was how a sister was thanking God that I didn't give birth through CS not knowing I g@ve birth through elective CS

  3. Oversabi prayer warriors lol
    Another issue wey dey vex me naw pple advertising their testimonies in front of pple asking God for the same thing. Example, having friends who are looking unto God for children and you ll now take a photo and be hastaging #motherof4 #blissfullymarried #fullfilledinmarriage etc
    I mean that's highly insensitive.

    You should never flunt what God has blessed you with.

  4. I ask people about their problems out of genuine concern and Say and encourage them to look unto God and they are always happy about it.

    1. Stop asking people about their problems if they want to share they'll come to u. U might see a single girl n feel her most worry is a husband while shes there asking God 4 a good job. That one na proper busy body.

    2. Do you know asking is also pressure. Most times I'm like sister its well.
      And if they want you to join them and pray for a particular need they will tell you.

    3. God bless you for this comment @Tessybaby.

    4. That is prying into other people's affair. Falana gbo ti e....

    5. Tessbaby You hit the nail on the head. People do that a lot. Shebi we are entering 2018, you hear things like "God will do it" yes God will do so mmany things like a change of work place, finally picking a PHD form, beginning the process of owning house, more money, good health, etc but they just assume husband is prayer point.

  5. With the way things are happening these days o, I wonder if anyone is led by the spirit again in this world.

  6. How I so much love Mrs kirk's and am just an anonymous BeeVee, keep the good work going babes, the sky is not your limit cos there is no limit to success.

  7. Really annoying like crazy. That was how someone felt the need to pray on my case...'God pls bless Aivy with the bone of her bone', after which she turned marriage counselor on my case saying that I should know that there is no perfect man out there. I just weak for the matter

    1. @ Aivy, that one is the most annoying. They will just call you, ask you one or two questions and spend like the next 30 mins advising you about marriage. Why not wait for someone to come to you with a problem first?

      Not like they have any groundbreaking or outstanding advice oh. Its just stories of how its good to marry early and how some persons in their village are single at 50, I never fail to tell them that they are my main problem not even the marriage because I have grown my faith to a point where I work on myself not to get depressed or discouraged about marriage but oversabi advisers will make sure they talk to the point where you get home and start thinking, some just feel you have no business being happy all the time when you aren't yet married or haven't shared the details of your relationship progress with them.

  8. My mum leads the pack in this.
    All she does every time during morning devotion is "dear Lord, Nkiruka is old enough to have her own children n home please send her husband" in presence of her grandchildren o... Those ones ll now be looking at me like one aunty Methuselah Kai.
    I've begged her severally to stop it but she won't.
    Now anytime the kids wants to pray, stay start by telling God to give their aunty husband.
    It's well lol. So annoying

    1. Marriage pressure by 'prayer'.
      Na wa.
      I understand mama wants to carry her grandchildren but she should take it easy with the prayer pressure lest she pushes you to the wrong spouse.

    2. Are you sure our moms aren't siblings?

  9. Some people pray nonsense.

    The Bible said "give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God"

    What business do a faulty car has with prayer.

    Where they will apply common sense that God gave them, they will not apply, instead they will start praying unnecessary prayer.

    That's how some will feel sick, instead of going to hospital to receive treatment they will refuse and start praying. They will say that their body is the temple of God and not for sickness. Sometimes I begin to wonder if they think that the doctors are agent of darkness.

    Another one that annoys me most is when they break one prayer point into ten.
    For example :
    1: Pray against every marine Kingdom disturbing your life.
    2: pray against every spiritual husband/wife.
    3: pray against every spirit that while raise from the oceans and seas against you.
    4: pray against every spiritual alter in the Marine world against you.
    5: pray against any of your family member that initiated you into the Marine Kingdom without your knowledge.
    6: pray against any one calling your name in the Marine Kingdom.
    7: pray and set yourself free from marine Kingdom.
    ... And the list goes on and on...

    Biko are all these prayer points not under the no.1 prayer point.

    Another one is/are the people that shout during prayer.

    That's how one church I attended said that at the end of every prayer we should respond "Amen Amen Fire"
    Biko what is double Amen and fire doing in my response?

    1. Omg. A thousand likes for this comment. Sometimes I'm already clueless as to what to say again coz the first prayer point would have covered it all

    2. Lmao Chike
      That amen amen fire is very conmon

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Odogwu! I feel you on a 💯 my brother.
      Your comment is on point and hilarious as well.🙌

  10. that how my mum will be praying for me to get married in open, kia ehhhhh it always makes me so sober and angry inside, I know it not to mock me or make me sad but I can so be so down ehhhhh. That I fit vex with God ehhhh. But one day her prayers will be heard and answered by God so that even me will rest.
    SDK Justice

  11. I love my mum to death. I even feel I am at times too relaxed at home that I don't look forward to "husband's house" We are not among the very rich but whatever we have we enjoy together no pressure anywhere but my mum's prayers whew!!! That's where the quarrel always starts. It's embarrassing when I feel the neighbours maybe hearing. They may think that's how I feel hence the prayer. I have told her to always ask me for prayer points but don't get me wrong the day anybody uses marriage to taunt me my mum will come for such a one. I know what she can do lol.

  12. Witnessed a scenario like this first hand... it wasn’t funny. The affected person kept on warning the prayer warrior for more than a week and even sent people to warn her.

    1. Lols @ warning the prayer warrior.
      Iya Ibeji I see you ma'am

  13. Lols @ warning the prayer warrior.
    Iya Ibeji I see you ma'am

  14. @chike Teflon. Ur comments is cracking me up. So true. Keep repeating the same prayers points in different forms

  15. I and my husband had just been married for about eight months with no pregnancy. So my neighbor came to invite me for Shiloh and told me "they will be praying for people like you today" I was too shocked to answer. Obviously she thought we were barren. Then again we both went for our neighbors son'sone year birthday party and this same woman was asked to pray and she asked God to open my womb. Needless to say I avoided any gathering where she was until we moved out.

  16. Thank God we have a baby girl now on our second wedding anniversary.


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