Stella Dimoko Little Boy Who Survived Boko Haram Attack Returns To Nigeria After Successful Surgery In Dubai + Gets Scholarship From Taleveras Foundation.


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Monday, December 04, 2017

Little Boy Who Survived Boko Haram Attack Returns To Nigeria After Successful Surgery In Dubai + Gets Scholarship From Taleveras Foundation.

A six year old victim of Boko Haram atrocity, Ali Ahmadu returned to Nigeria today, after undergoing a corrective surgery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

(UAE), to everyone’s delight he walked extremely well, looking very handsome and beaming with smiles, as he passed through the arrival section of the airport. 

Young Ahmadu was flown to Dubai on September 10 this year under the guidance of GIPLC, a non governmental organisation that coordinated appeal for help to enable the young boy walk again. Following the appeal, the Dickens Sanomi Foundation provided all outstanding medical bills, transportation, accommodation, upkeep and other services during a 90 day stay in Dubai.

An official of the foundation who received Ali Ahmadu at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Goodluck Hayi in a brief address to members of press, conveyed the foundation Chairman’s remarks stating that Dickens Sanomi foundation will be working with Ali’s Family and GIPLC to support his post surgery life as Ali settles down, he said “we will continue to provide our love and care, I am also authorized to announce that an Educational Scholarship will be provided for Ali, until he gets to University by the Taleveras Foundation”.

Mr. Hayi recalled that 3 months ago, “we all witnessed at the same airport Ali Ahmadu being taken away on a wheel chair, today to the Glory of God we are here to receive Ali Ahmadu, walking handsomely into our arms”.

He said what started as a painful Journey for Little Ali after his Boko Haram attack in Chibok, four years ago that confined him to a wheel chair, has transformed into a Journey of hope, Love and care.

“ Dickens Sanomi Foundation, is backed by the principle of Love and care, one that was practiced and preached by Late Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mr Dickens Sanomi, today we demonstrate these principles by being our neighbours keepers and teaching love by showing it,” he said.

The coordinator of GIPLC, Nuhu Kwajafah who also spoke upon arrival from Dubai said young Ali “suffered excruciating pains all over his body, brought upon him by the senseless marauders” when they invaded his village of Chibok in 2014.

He added that since that incident, the little boy never accessed any form of orthodox medication.

“ He was at the mercy of traditionalist, in highly unpredictable and perilous times. Obviously, during this period, access to education, nutrition, psychosocial tuning, water, sanitation or hygiene, was very limited, if not non-existent.

“He was immobile and fast detoriating, physically and mentally, from that period till the 1st quarter of this year, 2017, when GIPLC(Global Initiative for peace, love and care) made contact with him,” he said.

Mr. Kwajafah said GIPLC is also organizing an end of year party for orphans and vulnerable children for over 3,000 children.
“ This is our 5th Year and Ali Ahmadu will be Guest of Honour. This event has always been sponsored by Taleveras Foundation for the 5th year running,” he said.

*That smile on his face is everything..Awwwwwww!!!


  1. Aaaawww such a happy boy. I thank God for him.

    1. I sincerely wish our health care system can be as reliable as those outside our country.

      I'm happy for this boy. Grace is just upon him.

    2. Taleveras Foundation.

      Igho Sanomi big heart and always giving back

  2. Everything,yes everything..

    chim-oma a.k.a Miss Kapusu

  3. Awwwwww
    See that big smile on his face and his laughing/smiling eyes๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Awwwww sweet sweet child
    My heart just went out to him and pray he remains loved,sheltered and may he never know unbearable pain as long as he lives.
    God is faithful๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

    1. Happy for him. I wish he doesn't have to go back to the north especially Maiduguri.

  4. Very infectious smile o... ๐Ÿ˜„

  5. Awwwww cute boy!
    Abeggi mk I hear dem go cause d kasala na dem go dey treat am.orisirisi only d boy BK affect?mtcheeew

  6. OMG... That smile!! The smile of a survivor!!! I love him already... Can I hold him just for a second?

  7. Awwww... Handsome Ali. God has give you back your life. God bless GIPLC. Inbetween, Stella check out your call out to Michael Okon for stealing your friend's Master Card and eloping with a White woman. The news was carried by Gossip Mills.

  8. Awwwwwwww!!!
    Thank GOD for his life
    GOD bless the foundation that sponsored his surgery

  9. Oh God look at that Smile.why for any reason will someone wanna hurt a kid

  10. Such an handsome boy. Thank God for his life ๐Ÿ˜

  11. Such smile that got me smiling all through, reading his story. Wow

  12. Its a dark place to be in, this world. I just want to end it all. The pain and betrayal is too much. The suffering is too much. I am not as strong as I used to be anymore

    1. You have to be strong even if you have to tell your self that every minute. As clichรฉ as this sounds, when you hear other people's stories you will thank God. Be strong for yourself.

  13. Best news for me to go to sleep with

    Just happy for this kid

    God bless everyone that has helped him in one way or the other.


  14. Awwww,see the smilling he's so happy ThankGod for him...

  15. @monkeyface, it always gets condition is permanent. you are not giving yourself enough credit. you are always stronger than you have ever been.

  16. The smile is simply amazing!! Speaks a lot. Thanks to the Sanomi foundation!! God bless you guys for rescuing this destiny!!


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