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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Mama Nnuku's Gist Corner - The Scary Kasala

This gist continues from LAST WEEK'S HERE

Saluteeeh my people , I hope say everything dey mini jor-jor

It’s me your N0.1 mamannuku a.k.a sdk gbeborun

I am back to sama una the scary kasala wey burst wey I talk about for my previous gist

Oya make una sit back and relax make I yarn una the tooooory…

The Gist

After shina and hin wife reconcile, He made sure i suffered ,(chai) because each time shina pass by me he will always *clicktongues* and call me awon, sofoo!!! Shoboleyoke ( I no fit translate this ones oo. The thing hard) lol.. ask a Yoruba beside you biko ..

It continued like that o, and them no born me well make I talk , but In my mind I will just say oloshi (unserious person) Lmao .

I thought of a way to get back at him, but couldn’t make up anything in my head, so one fateful day I had a chance to show him pepper and trust me I mix cameroun pepper, ata gigun, and rodo so the thing go pepper am well well.. lol

This fateful day @ about 7.15pm iyawo was not around , so shina brought home a girl, I was outside he gave me this scornful look as the both of them pass by, I just ignored him , a part of me told me to call the wife on phone (lol) but fear no let me . hahhhhhahaaaha. What can I do oo? Abi make I go pack the girl shoe wey she off for domot? No that one sef no go make brain so I settled for the worst of it all . lmao

I went into our room , stood by the door and was peeping so I can do what I concluded in my mind to do, behold my fellow gbeborun , God help me catch shina that day, the girl stepped out tieing a towel around her waist , and shina followed with a bucket of water, our bathroom is at the backyard of the compound , so as two of them follow theirself , I sneaked into shina room, in my mind I was like sheybi na me this boy dey insult? wo! Him own don finish today.

 I packed the girls cloth including her bra and pant and throw it inside the big drum of water beside their door there, and I sneaked out.. hahhahha .. (May God forgive me ) chai .. After the bath na , two of them dey follow come wan come do the do, only for them to step in and the girl met the absence of her cloth ..

I guess when she searched and didn’t see it she became worried , 15 minutes later I was at our window peeping I saw the girl in iyawo’s cloth .. hahahhaha . the disappointing look on shina face says it all that they didn’t do anything .. lmao ! you think I was mean? Read to the end and see how I saved souls.

After the girl left, I came outside and went to sit three compound away from ours. I noticed shina was restless but I didn’t know why and I don’t care , my own na make iyawo come make she see pata and bra inside her drum of water, 45mins later iyawo passed by me, and went into her house, Less than 15 mins we could hear noises coming from iyawo room , shina me o se (shina I no do) fimi le (leave me alone) while she was busy rejecting shina sexual plea, something was making funny sound beside their bed, she was able to free herself from shina’s grab as she proceeded to open what was making the noise, in a polythene bag was a calabash and in it were three big frogs .. Jesu! 

She screamed to the top of her voice as the sight of what she saw frightened her .. while she was screaming and saying shina kileleyi? (shina what is this) he was trying to cover her mouth to stop her from shouting, she kept screaming and by then everyone as gathered including me .. (iffa no dey there who go dey there na) lmao

We brought out the calabash to interrogate shina and he admitted to going to see one baba that gave him one small thing like that, that he should swallow it and sleep with a girl, that he will become rich.

He said he never planned to use the thing on his wife , but he brought home a girl and her cloth disappeared , he said he didn’t have a choice but to wait for iyawo to come so he can swallow the stuff and sleep with her . but unknown to him the thing as already turned into frogs.. chineke mme oo

On hearing this iyawo picked up her bag and ran away from the house never to return, all pleading fell on deaf ears.. lol ..

Na the kasala wey burst be that ooo .. lmao

We have come to end of this gist , till I come your way next time with another tory it is bye for now

*So you ended up saving the Shina guy too!!!.....Na wah


  1. The Y-emons are so fetish. Juju to them is like drinking water, chai!

    1. I for reply you but can't let you rub me of my blessings.
      Hope you know there is somewhere in anambra where they sell human parts?
      There are bad people everywhere.

    2. Shirley what makes you think the person is igbo talk more of Anambra, you, Shirley is part of THE PROBLEM.

  2. Mama inuku I love your gist lolzzzzzzz, that girl will never know that God has saved her oh, when it not your time to die, it not your time.
    SDK justice

  3. Why do the Yorubas like charms too much?

    Please I am talking from the experiences of those I've known over the years, don't mean any offence.

  4. This your story na lie abeg no vex

  5. Hehe, mama Nnuku saving lives. Make u sha take easy make shina no show u shege o.

  6. I enjoyed reading it. At the long run u saved lives.

  7. Eleyi gidi gan..

    Mama nnuku I thought "oloshi" means ingrate.

  8. Na wa ooo


    Stella she saved the girl before she becomes pop corn

    Abeg keep the gist coming oooo

  9. Kudos mama Nnuku, I enjoyed reading your gist. Na so aproko suppose be (saving lives & not the other way round).

  10. Desussss. This men are evil.

  11. Chai nnuku lomo naa,lovr this tori wella

  12. interesting read. mama nnuku the saviour

  13. Thank God for the girl Sha.nice Tory!

  14. Eke yin dun gan oπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  15. Hahahahahaha
    Mama Nnuku, the life saver.
    I raise hand for your amebo skills.

  16. Mamanku this your gist be like fiction, hope you ain't lying.

  17. Fresh out of Shiloh😁
    It was glorious,I miss this blog mehn.mama nnuku I commit cap for you ooooo

  18. Nice read...mama nnuku from your write up u sabi speak yoruba well well.
    Chile, Oloshi means wretched fellow.

  19. Wow this was so interesting...Thank God oh, this is how some individuals have been used for money ritual.

  20. Stella abeg remove that ugly face from this story


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