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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mamannuku's Gist Corner .Madness Galore

Welcome to Mamannuku's Corner It another gist time my people, so make una sit back and relax make una enjoy am .

I call this one MADNESS GALORE

The Gist:

Back then in the days when we moved into our new compound in the united state of Bariga . after moving in, we noticed our landlord always had a stick with him we don’t know why and we didn’t ask. we fondly call him baba Debo .

The compound was a civilian barrack, we reach like 105 people inside that compound and the address was N0 8/10  lmao . some people na my neighbor sef , but I didn’t know we were neighbors, lol .. the thing gidi gan .

As jew wey we be na , we minded our business and we always stayed inside our room , after the first 3 days , was when our trouble started chai , we had a big well in the compound then and everyone is entitled to 5 buckets of water per day, if you drag more than 5 buckets baba Debo will come and lock the well .

You can have visitor but your visitors are not allowed to stay beyond 10pm, you dare not play music in your room increasing the the volume of the stereo, wetin u go say u chop bellefull? Abi wetin dey sweet you for body? oh Fada!

In little or no time we became familiar with the rules and regulations and we keep to them and avoided the man like a plague, 2 weeks after we have been there, this single lady pack into the compound also , fine tall black girl then, are room was opposite ours, the first few weeks was a good one, as people come around to visit her and even stay over in baba Debo compound . lol.

Na jjc na she doesn’t know the rule and baba Debo dey give her welcome party .

After one week was when trouble started for her , this fateful day a man had come to visit her baba Debo had seen him pass by because he was sitted outside his wife shop he followed behind to see where he was going . Hours later Baba Debo realize the man hasn’t come out so he came into the corridor and started banging on the girls door… (hahhahahhahaaaha)

Who is that? The girl asked , and Baba answered it is your landlord tell your visitor make he come dey go night don come. Lol . the girl flew out in rage and insulted the living daylight of Baba Debo as everyone as gathered and was cheering her on. There was pandemonium and it lasted for hours , but last - last the visitor no comot oo and he slept over , this one shele on Saturday night .

Early on Sunday morning we were all preparing to go to church as everyone was racing to the bathroom to do “na me go bath first” cox that compound you have to queue to baff .

The lady had gone to take her bath, when baba Debo who was brushing his teeth in front of his house , followed behind her, after the girl don comot wrapper begin baff na , na so Baba Debo stretch hand carry the girl wrapper seize am . lmao ..

The girl was shouting at the top of her voice who be that ? who carry my wrapper ? the landlord replied he was the one and this was payback for insulting him yesterday .. chai . nobody was allowed to go towards the bathroom side, to help her or offer her wrapper this lasted for over 45mins as the girl kept swearing and cursing in there . lol .

People don gather and it became a drama Sunday , so the landlord daughter came out to give him his phone that was ringing , while people were busy telling him how wicked and callous he can be, as he was receiving the call a woman sneaked passed him , and baba debo chased with his handy stick he was always holding, he hit the woman with the stick but she had already given the girl the wrapper she hid under her blouse . lol .. na so God take save that girl that day , she tied the wrapper and came out , insulting and swearing for him as she passed by amidst teary eyes . (Lmao)

After the quarrel in the morning, it was the topic of the day as everyone was discussing it, na so my antenna for gbeborun shoot up and I decided to get the correct gist , why baba Debo house was a no peace house, na one very old tenant come sama me the gist say, the compound was formally a land where mad people are cured . and Baba Debo was the one curing the mad people that na why him dey always carry kondo up and down .. hahhahaha .. Baba debo was a mad –man curer for over 15 years

After rooms where built on the land , and he rents the the place out , he still see everybody there as mad people .. hahhahahahhaa .. chineke mme ooooo ! so all of us were mad to him , not knowing say na only him dey mad the mad ..

Hahhahahhaha.. My people na so we see this one oooo! we have come to the end of this gist ..

Till I come una way next time .. it is bye for now.. Odabo!


  1. Madness GALORE keh?

    Thank God I am not mad.

    How una dey enjoy party jollof na? ....i set enjoy am here

    @Mamannuku... ..i go read your gist later in the day... Keep it up


  2. Lol m. Now, I have read it.. .This is funny.... This Na like barrack life or Nepa colony.. see different things there

    And you go see as people dey commot from one room to another dey knack each other "Akpaco "

    @Mamannuku, you get any boyfriend for the yard? Tell us na... Lol


  3. Una no ask before packing in? Hahahahaha, I swear the girl for don look for House comot fiam

  4. See me smiling all through.sweet gist.

  5. Heigawd,so this girl still dey give gists? Wawuuu.This one try small Sha.

  6. 😂 na so for face me and slap you compound
    But I was looking forward to the fetching water 5 times gist.
    That one cracks me up all the time as friends have told me similar stories.
    I don't get it : is it that if I fetch water so many times, the well will dry up or what?
    I know too many fetching reduces the volume of water in the well, but then again, one that is well and deeply dug will fill up after some time.
    The one that baffles me is the problem landlords have with visitors staying the night, or refusing their tenants to have room mates.
    Is it that the building will collapse because of too many people?
    I love your column, Mama Nnuku.
    Can't wait for the next story.

    1. Lol..the landlord of my lodge in school didn't want more than two roommates in d room and he also didn't allow visitors spend the night..his own reason was that the septic tank would get filled up quick.

    2. 😂 😂😂
      Anon, you don't mean it.
      Na their way, those off campus landlords and landladies.

  7. Had a good laugh reading this... Mad landlord indeed. Lol

  8. Stella please stop using this old woman's photo . Disgusting!
    I know you won't use it it was chikito or any other posh bv post

    1. Mamannuku means old woman,I guess that's why she's using it.

  9. Funny

    One school of thought has it that all human beings are mad....but on different category,,duration bla bla

  10. Lmao. This is funny. Very funny.

  11. This is interesting.

  12. My worst experience as a human was to be born and raised in a face me I slap you compound aka civilian barracks, I thank God for today.. I can relate with the story

  13. Hahahahahah I can so relate Kai!!!thank you for bringing back old memories Mama Nnuku


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