Stella Dimoko MR Tourism Nigeria 2017 Finalist Camp Photo Shoot


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Saturday, December 02, 2017

MR Tourism Nigeria 2017 Finalist Camp Photo Shoot

Mr Tourism Nigeria 2017 Season 7 #Tourismnomads finalist arrived camp in Lagos 7 days ago and among their camp activities was a themed Photo shoot to test the finalist Camera flexibility. 

WHAAAAAT!!! Are you ''kidney me?''

The Grand finale is slated for Sunday December 3rd at bespoke event center lekki Lagos Nigeria ,and Green Carpet starts 6pm!


  1. Stella next time please indicate viewers discretion or graphic pictures whatever especially for those of us fasting.
    I unsee what I saw now and erase them out of my mind In Jesus Name. I see only Jesus...

    1. See d last one with his small something even rubbed lipstick.

  2. Na peepee I just dey see ooo

  3. 1 looks blehhh

    2 is definitely underage, the pageant organizers should probe further.

    3 still needs to tone his abs, it looks like Agege bread that did not rise well.

    4's muscles look photo shopped, haba, they look like dyed coconuts.

    Shit dey catch 5 ni? Which kain pose be that

    6, 7& 8 look weird, especially 7. I am suspecting the dude

    9 keep face like say na Ghana Jollof them give am instead of Nigerian Jollof. Loooool

    10&11 should just go and play for Iwuanyawu National or Rangers, this modelling is not their calling

    I have no doubt that 12 is a village wrestler.

    13 has tiny winnie, winnieeeeeeee

    14, kuku off the pant nah

    15 looks like he knows he won’t win this pageant

    16 looks like one of Sango's chief priest

    17 is a Fulani Herds-man, take it to the bank

    18 is overweight, hooha!

    19 and his pink lips, like 7, he gives me funny vibes.

    1. You didn't do that! 1-19?! I raise Beyonce hand for you. I sha know they look like cavemen.

  4. #The secret of getting ahead is getting started*

  5. Seems the first was "in da mood" before the shot took place.

  6. Wooooooooow! I’m here for no 1.... wow!!!!

  7. Small dicks... Small dicks... Small dicks...

    God forbid!

  8. Hahahahha see something ooo,this is modelling for advertising Prick prick,queen where are thou?.

  9. Just passing through 😀🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
    Stella 😘

  10. 6,7,8 are fineeeeeee
    That's all I can say

  11. My brother is cute..... Love u dear!!!

  12. No 1 is Ooolalacious......Damn!!!

  13. Some carry cucumber.

    Some carry okra.


  14. All they needed was Santa hats to top off whatever this


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