Stella Dimoko Nigerian Police Responds To Singer Praiz' Allegations That He Was Harrassed By SARS


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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Nigerian Police Responds To Singer Praiz' Allegations That He Was Harrassed By SARS

Police say a man was stopped for overspeeding and as soon as they approached him,he started shouting ''SARS ooooh SARS oooooh SARS oooooo''.....LOL


  1. Lol, Sars oooo. Walahi, Praiz is a clown.

    1. Lmao!😂😂😂 Sars, saaas oooo...😂😂😂

    2. Whoever did the screenshot above is a real Amebo...Even at 1℅ ?? Hahahahaha!!


    3. "Unprovoked" I guess the NPF are used to provoking people. And u couldn't handle his singing so u took him to see your Oga whom I assume is a psychiatrist for mental evaluation.
      He was certified mentally fit and allowed to continue his journey. Kwontinue with your lies. I blame Jibril for this.

  2. thank u 4d xplanation jare..
    Praiz jst de shout up and down that everyone who knws me knw that im a peaceful guy... peaceful guy nonde enter wahala again? or being at the wrong place at the wrong time?

    1. Until you have an encounter with them you'll know the devil isn't a liar the Nigerian police is

    2. Have you encountered police in Nigeria before ????????
      I was in traffic at the oniru side,and I was the car infront of their station gate. In traffic o.
      Next thing they told me I should enter station. Do I not know it's an offence to block station gate?
      But oga I am in traffic don't have opportunity to move forward or back. Why would I intentionally block their gate. All you need do is give me a warning and explain about their gate policy.As I was parking he even said i want to hit him with my car.
      That is how in the commotion we got the number of the DPO of that station. He just said i should wait inside my car,I shouldn't come down he is coming.
      If I didn't know that DPO that's how they will carry me inside station and even say I wanted to break their legs while parking.
      If you don't know ppl in Nigeria you are almost finished in police matter.

  3. Lol! ''The police is your friend''.

  4. Police no dey ever talk truth.

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  5. Replies
    1. He he, na our Igala bros oh.

  6. He started insulting them without being provoked? In this Nigeria that we're in? Bloody liars.
    If Praiz did that, I bet you they must have given him a black eye.
    Police and false allegations = 5 & 6 so am not surprised.

  7. This their story is somehow abeg!
    How can you stop someone on high speed and the person starts to shout immediately?
    Is he a mentally deranged or high?
    Police will just be lying upandan.
    Mr Linus Mba abi na Lai Mohammed

  8. So you pull a car over and next thing the occupant begins to scream 'SARS', 'SARS'? The name Nigeria Police is simply synonymous to lies.

  9. Replies
    1. I tell you. police and lie na 5&6. Why can't the person handling this account not charge their phone @1%?

  10. Nigeria police please read again and underline your lies , thank you.

    Nigeria police the best police in the world , they can turn water to wine and people will get high on it.

  11. God help Nigerian police.....stop all this stupid lies and allegations. We are not children, no sane person would believe this rubbish statement.

  12. If anyone believes the narrative up there, then that person can be duped even by the clueless animal on earth.

    No be police again.
    I'm almost certain that all of these are lies.
    Praiz is an easygoing person.
    He wouldn't behave the way the police claimed.

    They lie against peeps who haven't done anything wrong.
    How much more someone who's complained about them.
    They should go and take several seats abeg.
    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  13. Please let us all pray never to have an encounter with Nigeria Police. The way Dem go change am for you go even shock satan.

  14. Everyone one knows this is a lie
    Police are always lieing
    I hav had encounter with them and one idiot said for him not to take me to the station. I should open breast and allow him suck breast.

  15. Police you people can lie too much. Is praize a mad man? Hmmmm police and lai mohammed, who lie pass?

  16. Police people can lie ooo, how can a police man Stop matured man and he start shouting Sars oooo Sars ooo,i bet they where begging for money and he refuse to give them that why dey stupidly took him to station, beg beg hungry police...


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