Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists -Travelling Experience During Festive Period.


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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday In House Gists -Travelling Experience During Festive Period.

This time to travel must be tough for those travelling with public transport...OMG,I have heard a lot that left me wide mouthed....

Share your travel experience,especially at this time and any drama that might have followed.
...Because tomorrow is Christmas,this post will be monetised for anyone who drops a gist so hot that we cannot sit down..LOL


  1. My brother told me that Delta line that use to charge 3000-3500 for fair now charges 7500 if u carry small load just ready to pay more money. People going to east are paying nothing less than 10k #nawa4APC #NotTheChangeWeAskedFor

  2. Coming back to read stories.

    Just coming back from the market.cheii, tomatoe is quiet expensive..

  3. I was meant to travel on friday morning from ibadan. Got to one of the makeshift parks at iwo road and met a massive queue, not just that, there were no buses on ground. I look myself look people wey dey park, see luggage everywhere like say people were not planning to go home again. While I was there, 2 vehicles came; 1 space bus and another 18 seater bus. See the way people were flying in and flinging bags in to keep seat even while the vehicles were in motion. I jejely told myself this struggle ain't for me, carried my kaya, and turned back home. To get cab back home nko? Double wahala. I tried again yesterday and as I got to the park, met a konkolo car with a vacant seat left, na so I enter o. 4 passengers at the back, na so we squeeze like sardine fish till we got to our destination. I got home in one piece. Hallelujah..

  4. From Lagos 'Middle Land' to Ijebu ode. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€

    I had to stop by at Ikorodu to pick my cousin Sarah. I took a boat (is it boat abi ferry?) And stopped at the Ikorodu. No hassle! No stress. Fresh chic!๐Ÿ˜‚

    My cousin was there waiting with her laugage and she was like "Sugar, there is no need of going to mile 12or oshodi in search of ijebu ode bus. It's almost 4pm. Come let's go to "so so so" park. There is direct bus.

    I was like woah! Direct bus? My mind wasn't settled. But we 'sha' went.

    We got to the park after like 30minutes of maneuvering, clawing and stepping on toes of of people. Paid the bus fare, bought coca cola and gala and settled for the journey. We bus got filled almost immediately and the journey began.

    While my cousin was busy dispensing number, I was also busy dividing and hiding the cash we carried in every Dark part of my 'continent'๐Ÿ˜.

    The bus moved and I heard 'Crank crank crank kak kaak ka!' as if the sound of rusted iron moving isn't enough to unsettle me, the woman beside me brought out Amala๐Ÿ˜ญ Amala and gbegiri wrapped in nylon to start eating. Ayemi temi bami!!!

    Immediately we got out of Ikorodu and stepped into one tiny high way, tho smooth and well tarred, (that road is tiny mehn with lotta curves and bends).I couldn't stop praying. I had this I'll feeling... Like something is about to happen. So I packed my beautiful hair ๐Ÿ˜‰ , looked around for escape route just in case and prayed the more.

    Not up to 5 minutes we heard "kpam!" The two back tyres were behind waving at us while the iron was scratching the tarred road. See panic na. Iya amala flinged her nylon and lunged forward to open the door all the way from the back seat crushing other passengers with her weight. See fire!Tho I panic too but I was more worried about my sleeping cousin. She sleeps like a whale. If you like hit her hard she won't shake. Even when I had the chance of passing through the window broken by one brother like dat'(fine brother๐Ÿ˜Ž). I couldn't! I was busy screening, pinching, bitting, shouting SARAH!!!

    I must commend the driver. He is a good driver. The tires pulled out when we were on high speed he did not step on the brake for once. He simply maneuvered and stopped the bus.

    This is a testimony oo. I could t post this this morning because I was busy greeting awon iya was. Sarah jumped when I poured coke in her ear.

    I am yet to tell Mama. She will so freak out. I no get power abeg. We simply boarded a private car driven by one policeman. He charged us tho but it was better than being stranded On that Scarry road.

    I will be going to ogbere and Orita J4. Tomorrow. It's family tradition to visit all the Egbons. I don't want to goooood๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ญ

    Ignore any typo mbok. I am busy chewing the bombom of chicken๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Hehehe, I know that road. Very scary road, with all the many potholes.

      Well we call the boat ferry sha

    2. Hahahahahahahaha, I was imagining the scenes in my mind....

    3. Wow.
      Thank God you got home safe.
      I vote you for you.

    4. Lol@hiding cash in every dark part of continent
      This period one has to be very careful with money
      I went to lagos island yesterday and if you see the way I hid my money eh

      I wore jalabia and spanx, scattered the money all over my body

      Make anybody wey wan thief my money kuku kee me first.

    5. Hahahahahaha
      That your cousin tho. Which kain sleep be that? Lol
      Thank God you guys got home safely.

    My journey to the village for the yuletide started on 20th December by 5am and ended on 21st December by 7am. After making inquiries about the transportation fare from different registered transportation companies, against my better judgment, I opted to make use of one of the unregistered roadside transport companies. I aimed at achieving 2 things:
    1. To save the additional fare for gifts and
    2. To arrive late in the village;in order to avoid stares and plastic welcome from neighbours who would size up your luggage to judge if the year has been fair to you and spread stories,lol!
    However, my ''smartness'' backfired and I realized my foolishness with every step of the journey; I did not reckon on encountering unpleasant situations on the way...
    I was at the park at Mararaba by 5:05am, bought a ticket for Obollo Afor and waited with other commuters for more passengers. The touts would make attempt to snatch the luggage of any passenger on a bike,sometimes pulling the passenger down from the commercial motorcycle/okada. Some intending travellers were wounded in the process: the struggle by touts to claim a traveller always led to a scuffle. A daring girl slapped and bit a tout for attempting to pull her from a bike.(Maybe a fan of Chikito,lol!) The vituperations and expletives released by the girl can make a deaf person to go dumb. She had to leave for another park as a way of showing her displeasure at the touts' actions. Hawkers laid siege as passengers like me were persuaded to purchase what we may not really need; out of boredom,lol! The idea of preparing a pot of soup even crossed my mind while waiting for the bus because the wait was a long one. At last,three buses were loaded and I was compensated for being the first passenger by my not being charged for my luggage (make una clap for me na). A woman was travelling with her multitude of children and entrusted one in my care in the front seat,to avoid paying for an extra seat.The man I was sharing the front seat with claimed that the front seat will inconvenience us with the little boy in tow and asked him why he does not like children. (I imagined the stress my mum passed through in taking care of a set of twins.)The direct accusation angered him,but he quickly forgot about it after settling down for us to commence the trip. The journey was peaceful until we got to Kogi State...
    We made a stop to eat in a community after AJaokuta. In the course of our meal,we learnt of the sad incident that happened few hours back,involving a mobile policeman shooting down a man for disobeying his order not to travel on a private road. It was the topic as we journeyed on. The man I was sharing my front seat with was making one scathing comment or the other about one Nigerian forces. At Ejule, we ran into a traffic and had to pull over. Upon inquiry, we learnt that there was a robbery operation in progress. There was no oncoming vehicle and others ahead were reversing. We hard to seek safety out of the bus and joined the onlooking villagers. An ambulance with blaring siren gave us hope. I expected the driver to use his siren to scare away the robbers,like we watch in the movies, but its driver was probably not comfortable with the idea of becoming a dead man too and had to park. After some minutes,we learnt of the arrival of SARS operatives at the scene and we joined others to commence the journey. The first passenger alighted here at Ejule and thus the driver began the task of unloading and loading the luggage of passengers at each point of a passenger reaching his or her destination. The process was usually tasking because a passenger's luggage may be hidden among other luggage and the driver would have to unload...



  6. (2)Later on, the driver of my bus had to pull over in a village to transfer me to another bus. I was mad that I was deceived into believing that the bus was bound for Obollo Afor while still in Abuja. (The decision to travel to Afikpo from Obollo Afor was because it was easy the last time I travelled in August.) I joined the passengers in the new bus and we commenced one of the stormy journeys I've ever embarked on. The passengers were picking on the driver for picking passengers along the road. A violent quarrel ensued and the driver had to pull over and solicited the help of touts to beat up his passenger...
    All hell was let loose as one of the passengers was slapped by a tout and almost dragged out of the bus for a fight. They couldn't believe that a passenger was insulting their ''chairman''.
    A vocal lady was another diversion. The touts turned their attention to her. Claws and abuses were exchanged and I suspect the lady to be a disciple of the fire-for-fire people on this blog (Chikito,I hail o,lol!) because she put up a bold fight. A tout made to snatch her phone from her and she extracted and aimed a spray at his eyes,leading to his scampering off and attacking from a distance. A whimpering baby was used as a diversion as the mother pleaded for a ''cease-fire'' to calm her baby. It took the intervention of other passengers to calm the situation.We arrived a village the drivers call ''Branch''...
    and the driver stopped. He asked that I alight and join another bus to Obollo Afor. I was perplexed and asked why he was no longer driving me to Obollo Afor. He revealed that he agreed with my original driver to take me to ''Branch'' and not Obollo Afor;therefore I was now on my own. I told him that I paid for Obollo Afor and that he should pay for my transportation to Obollo Afor if he cannot take me there. He got tired of trying to explain to me that he did me a favour by bringing me to ''Branch'' and left me to my fate...
    After trying many times,there was no space in all the vehicles leaving ''Branch'' for Obollo Afor, but I was finally recued by another bus, Sunny Bright, from the ''Branch'' in Kogi State to Obollo Afor for #400. The business of stopping to unload luggage continued with every kilometre covered,but we finally arrived Obollo Afor at 7pm. At the bus park, I made inquiries on where to get a bus to Enugu. I was told that it may be difficult because of the looming fuel scarcity,but that I'll strike gold if I go to Apple Junction. I boarded a bike to Apple Junction for #100,only to realize that it was a walking distance from the park.
    I waited for a bus travelling to Enugu for more than an hour and was able to ''power'' my phone in a make-shift bar along the road.
    After a frustrating wait of over an hour, I was able to board a bus conveying groundnuts to Enugu. However,my relief was truncated because of the driver's revelation that the touts who wanted him to convey me and other passengers wanted to take the lion share of our fares. He decided that it was not a fair deal to him. Nevertheless, we boarded another bus,which the touts miraculously provided; after agree on terms with the driver.
    In the course of the journey in the new bus,there was a repeat of the verbal attacks on the driver by passengers. However, the driver, this time around, was an old gentleman who never replied any insult. The passengers accused him of turning his vehicle into a ''town service'' since they left Abuja by 2pm. He placated many of them, but would still stop to pick and drop passengers,lol! Many of the passengers wanted the driver to convey them to 9th Mile, but he claimed that it was dangerous for him to do so; because of dangerous armed robbery operations in that area. However, he had a change of mind in the course of the journey and decided to go to 9th Mile after I alighted at Enugu...

    We finally made it to Enugu and I joined a Sienna bus travelling to Abakaliki. Here,the scenario of touts harassing passengers played out like in Mararaba. It took eternity for the car to leave the tout-littered park. The ''loader'' issued me with a ticket of #500 fare to Abakaliki and then requested that I pay #1,000 for my ''load''. (My ''load'' being my rucksack and travelling bag.) It took the intervention of the very short and plump driver for him to accept the #200 gratification I offered. We drove round in search of fuel and was able to join a queue to buy at #250 per litre. We commenced the journey and ran into an armed robbery operation at the Enugu-Abakaliki expressway.
    It was a repeat of the Ejule experience, but there were no curious villagers this time. It was past 10pm. Cars were reversing and we followed suit. The hue and cry of many passengers forced the confused and effeminate driver to drive a reasonable distance to park beside the road. A hysterical man wanted him to take us back to Enugu, while a woman and other passengers wanted to be in Abakaliki. Minutes later, the confused driver allowed some passengers to inquire from an on-coming truck and we were assured that the road was now free. A shattered glass indicated the scene of the robbery as we commenced the journey that was once again cut short by a burst tyre. This was more than the passengers could take. Many of them demanded to have their fares back and accused him of driving without a spare tyre. He drew courage from me as I stayed behind when other passengers abandoned him to look for an alternative means of transportation.
    He replied in the affirmative when I asked if he had a spare time. I helped him to fix it,while the deserting passengers returned; out of the ill-luck of not getting another Abakaliki-bound vehicle.
    The chatter and complaints resumed; as the offence of the driver became that of driving 80/kph this time around. A termagant made it a point of duty to distract the driver with curses and insults for the simple crime of conveying her to Abakaliki at 12am. He refused to reply her as he counted more on my silence.
    When we arrived Spera-in-deo at 12:25am, I was faced with the option of continuing with the journey to Afikpo at #3,000 or to wait a few hours to board a vehicle for #500. Needless to say that I chose the latter option,after making use of a car charger to charge my phone.
    Despite the odd time of the night,there was a beehive of activities and I quickly made temporary friends. I toyed with the idea of eating for the first time since I started the journey,but I decided to relieve the junks of the previous hours first.
    I was shown a hidden area where I would ease myself,but I wasn't warned that others had been in my place before,so I stepped into some faeces that discouraged my intention to eat.
    I met a traveller like me who claimed to have arrived from Lagos and would be heading to Ohaozara from
    Afikpo. We spent the remaining hours with one of the roadside food
    vendors,a girl from Amasiri; who took
    special interest in me and offered many unsolicited information. My new travelling partner was smoking and drinking away his life as I offered my phone to a guy disturbing the peace of the night with music from his speakers to charge; while I rested.
    When it was 4am, many drivers resumed their journey and it was the turn of my travelling buddy and I to do the same...
    The first vehicle we went to insisted on #1,000 for a trip to Afikpo and I felt relieved,but my travelling buddy had only #700 on him for the fare. The driver refused to help him at that amount no matter his pleas. Since there was a dearth of passengers at such an early hour, I decided to make a second attempt at relieving myself of my rumbling stomach and was quite successful at this time...

  8. When I came back from relieving myself,my travelling buddy ''cornered'' me with the information that he agreed with a bus driver travelling to Port Harcourt to convey both of us to Afikpo for #1,200.
    Since the driver was in haste to get to Portharcourt,I sought the permission of the other driver to permit me to take my luggage. The latter was not happy,but the lack of passengers decided him. I joined the bus with other families who alighted at Onueke and allowed us to move on with our journey. Though we were accosted by bribe-seeking policemen mounting a roadblock, they accepted the #200 PAYPASS from the driver before we could continue.

    Arriving Afikpo at 07:05,the handle of my luggage was torn in a struggle between two old okada men. One wanted to take me home at #200, instead of #50, while another agreed on #100. I naturally accepted the latter offer,but the other okada men felt cheated and united against my preferred choice.
    He was suddenly not a member of their union and had not bought the ticket for the day. They were not happy with him and decided that I must not board the bike. I was offered the option of joining another bike,so that they can deal with the ''intruder''. The gang up was so much that I decided to step in.
    I had to prevent a fisticuff between old men by offering to pay for the #100 ticket. They refused my buying the ticket and wanted to seize the man's motorcycle for ''prosecution''. I was now on familiar grounds and decided to allow my temper to rise for the first time since I started the journey.
    I had to speak forcefully before they could accept the #100 for two tickets.
    I really felt pity for the old men earning a living with their motorcycle business and wanting to protect their interest using violent means. Moreover,the okadaman was grateful when he brought me home and I received the two tickets and the #100 we hitherto agreed on. I had spent #200,damaged my trunk in a struggle,but had saved a man from a gang up on my behalf.
    *THE END*
    *Na de work wey we de do...

    1. Uncle Reuben Abatin, I hail have my vote, Sir.

      This your epistle reach to write Nollywood script for Asaba people.

    2. Na wa oooo, what is this? Didn't even read one quarter of it. Too long abeg..... Reuben Abati na ur role model? ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

    3. This one pass Reuben Abati I swear. Wetin! You for send this epistle to nollywood make the use am as short series or movies. The film go sell well well with osuofia inside. Lol. @bhaykins I hail o

    4. The last episode was quiet hilarious.
      I vote for you.

    5. This is interesting. I'm surprised I read to the end.
      But you suffered sha, this is the reason I hate to travel at festive periods.

    6. This your story long sha, but worth ready
      I love your choice/use of words
      You've got my vote

    7. Wow!!!!
      You have my vote

    8. My eyes hurt already..... Damn I must commend you. The breakdown of every single thing. The details, mbok you try. I vote thee.

  9. Well, I traveled with God is good motors yesterday from portharcourt to Lagos and I must confess, it wasn't funny.
    So I booked for a 7:00 bus going to yaba, paid online. I woke up as early as 5am and planned to leave the house at 6am since they now have this policy of arrive at the terminal 30mins before take off. My area isn't to safe so I decided to still chill till the sky was bright enough. Left with my load and was singing hymns as I walked down the road..i am sure people in their houses would have heard my voice cos I was really loud.
    So I got to the park safely and went straight to get my ticket only to be told that I didn't pay online, Inshort that they didn't get any money from my bank. I was mad! I showed them the debit alert and the reference number given to me by Gigm themselves. That was how the drama started, from there I was told to meet the manager, that one now referred me to meet a customer care agent, I didn't know when the time clocked 8am. Finally! I was Sha given a ticket for the third bus as against second bus.i sha accepted and the journey began.
    Still somewhere in rivers state, captain said he doesn't have fuel and this was like 9am, after much shout from the travellers,we agreed to be patient while he looked for fuel, we managed to get some and the journey continued again...
    We got to warri around 12noon.i was pissed and in my mind I was like when will I now get home?.. Just somewhere after warri. The left back tyre burst and the suffering began under the scorching sun, this Oga captain said he doesn't have a spare, that was how we waited for any other God is good bus to pass, after waiting like 25mins, one came and gave us his spare, the guys in the bus helped to change it and the journey continued again.
    We got to sapele, Oga captain stopped and said his oil is leaking and that was how we stayed looking for a mechanic to help..finally! It worked again and the journey continued at this point, I advised myself to sleep which I did and when I opened my eyes, we were in Benin town,Ugbowo. I asked my fellow passenger what we are doing in benin,he said that the captain wants to return the spare tyre he borrowed and I checked my time, it was past that point I was too tired to complain, we took it as our fate. At 5pm, he was ready and the journey continued again..
    Long story short, he was driving on 80 instead of 100. Nobody complained again, all we wanted was to get to Lagos and we did eventually at 8pm which wasn't so bad. I thank God I got home safely cos even the captain doesn't see well at night according to him. God took control.

    1. Hehehehehe
      Captain doesn't see well at night? And he's a driver? That's dangerous o.

    2. Inukwa captain doesn't see well at night! Lol

      God is good don dey f*ck up these days oh
      So many people are complaining about GIG nowadays.
      And na their transport fare dey high pass oh.
      Thank God you got home safe.

    3. God is good is just doing rubbish this period, and na them charge pass flight, they are becoming useless

  10. Therefore,my fellow BVs, after reading the story above (which I apologize for dividing into four parts,due to my attempt at detailing my experience),you will realize that,apart from travelling for a period of 26 hours, I had a close shave with death. A burst tire in the middle of nowhere at 11pm and God preventing us from being robbed by armed robbers on two consecutive occasions is a testimony I will forever give...
    I can't say I acted out of ignorance: I only wanted to save transportation fare...but still ended up paying more than I would have if I had taken a direct route from Abuja to Afikpo. Awuf de run belle true true.
    But then,we learn more from a direct experience than what we are told.

  11. I hate traveling during the festive seasons cos I see it as a huge waste of money. Fuel scarcity or not, transportation is usually quite expensive during this period but the fuel scarcity has made it worse sef.

    Now I heard traveling to Enugu costs about 12k. we are still trying to convince my dad not to travel because how can one spend over 20k on transport alone (to and fro).

    BTW, I actually wonder why people travel. I've never spent my Christmas in the villa and my cousins will keep telling my siblings and I how we are 'missing'.

    My younger sis tried it once and she said that was actually her most boring Christmas ever.

    Maybe cos we are not very familiar with a lot of people sha. Nothing they do in that village interests us. We only go from time to time cos of my mum who keeps insisting we go so that we at least have people to attend our traditional wedding whenever it comes up

    1. See eh to be honest nothing interests me in the village
      Maybe because I've lived all my life here in lagos

      Cause of the phobia I've for traveling, I can stay in lagos for years without traveling
      When people say traveling is their hobby I go just dey wonder say this person well so?
      I hate traveling
      I don't like what I hate

      This one am traveling tomorrow or next sef I just wan fulfill all righteousness.
      I don pack all my bags and baggages so make I kukuma go
      Will take pills sha.

  12. One time I travelled for Christmas a couple sat beside me... While at the park the wife bought gala, drink, chin chin in short everything the hawkers carried she wanted to have a taste of it.. The bus finally moved when we got to traffic she kept asking her husband for money and funny enough she couldn't finish the things she bought.. I fell asleep and i woke up with vomit all over my body the chop chop woman vomited on me and she kept vomiting the driver had to pack for her to come down.. One lady started shouting at her that shebi she wanted to eat everything that was passing on the road and everybody started laughing..

  13. I see people travelling up and down for Xmas and I wonder if it's a must to visit their villages......

    1. It's a must o. That mostly the time all the clans in the village comes together to discuss how they can develop their community. And most trad marriage are always fixed for December. You don't wanna miss the festivals as well

    2. You sound like Ndi ala bu otu..
      People travel because they have activities o attend.Wedding and burial amongst other things.
      When you get to that stage ,you shall understand

    3. People travel to the village for so many reasons like seeing their parents who are not with them in the city,it's not bad seeing your parents once in a year!!!!!

  14. So on Wednesday, 20th of December, 2017, I got to Pleasure travels park Mararaba, Nasarawa State by 8:30am and met 3 buses filled up. I was told there was no bus available for my Makurdi and that I should wait. Pleasure travel is relatively safe and they've got good drivers, so I was determined to wait for the next available bus, I waited for hours, and still no bus was available, people kept coming and leaving the park to seek alternative means of traveling but I stayed put determined to travel with Pleasure. One other reason I wanted to travel with them was cos I didn't want to start moving my luggage around cos it was stressful, I bought lots of goodies for my nieces back home. Well, I kept waiting and tried to read a small novel I was holding. Suddenly I saw two young guys moving in a suspicious manner and then I held onto my lappy tight, one of them asked in a low tone so that people close by wouldn't hear the convo, He asked if I was traveling to Makurdi, I told him yes,and he told me that his car is parked outside the park and if I don't have much luggage I could come and follow, I immediately refused the offer (hmmmm, I imagined they were kidnappers o, so I refused the offer despite the fact I was desperate). I patiently kept waiting, still no bus in sight, I began to get frustrated and so to be sure my waiting wasn't in futility I gently asked one of the workers (oga abeg no vex, this bus go come so?) he replied saying why I dey beg am, so I said to him "I know so many people have come to inquire and you must be tired of answering them", he then reassured me that the buses will come. So I looked for where to buy fried yam and stew, then balanced ate and drank some water. After a few hours, I needed to use the convenience, mheennn, it was so dirty I couldnt' manage it o, before I carry one disease. So I looked across and saw a GTbank, I said to myself, ha afterall, I bank will Gtb so I get right to use the rest room na. Lol.
    So I entered the bank, asked security where customer service was, they directed me upstairs, I got upstairs used style queue up small and began using my eyes to scan the room so I could see the rest room tag, I finally asked the lady in front of me where the rest room was, she pointed and, yeah, I rushed there. That was how I re-leaved myself o. Lol.
    I was so happy, at least one problem solved. When I got back to the park, I waited for about 1 more hour and by 3pm, the buses truly arrived. I quickly paid and got on the bus. I arrived save in Makurdi at about 7pm. Makurdi is just 4 hours from Abuja, but I spent 11 hours in the park for my Christmas journey. wasn't funny, but Thank God for safety.

    1. If I'm in your shoe, heaven knows I would have looked for another alternative oh.

      So you waited from morning till 3pm. You try gan!

  15. @Olivia Silk, thanks, dear. Sadly, I endured the nightmarish trip only to come back home to meet a town in darkness (I posted this part of my story on my facebook profile,so check out Prince Paul Okah on facebook whenever you have the time).
    @Bhaykins, my brother, I couldn't help that o,lol! I won't blame anyone for not reading the lengthy post. (I would have introduced more humour,but I preferred detailed expression.)Nothing will ever make me undertake such a trip,I swear!

  16. If I say I don't understand Nigerians ehn, you will travel a day or 2 before Christmas and the complain of price surge.
    Then you complain of ragged buses and poor roads, where you expecting them to spruce them up for you?
    Then you are shocked by armed armrest robbers? Seriously? You are bringing business for them and you expect them to shine teeth and say no thank you.
    After spending all your money in December trying to feel among you will still come back in January complaining of 'brokeness'. Jokers!

    1. ANOn bad belle go away! Some of us make and form memories we will relish at old age with family. We are with the people that actually matter.. if you want to stay back in the city pls suit yourself but dont ever make we travellers out as dumb folk.: next year i will still travel.. kee yoursef

    2. Anon 19:07, you have a valid point dear!

    3. Anon 18:18 how is it ur business if they choose to travel in Xmas period? Did they borrow money from u? Most times they say they don't have money coz people like u who borrow without paying back as at when due.

  17. One time we were going to the village. We got to ibillo in lokoja after 4 hours and stopped inside an empty fuel station. Mumsy brought out her signature stew with rice. After eating and cleaning up we continued our journey.
    Getting to the village, we all highlighted and I started looking for my slippers. Brethren, after searching everywhere we came to a conclusion that I ate and forgot my shoe in lokoja. Up till today my parents still makes fun of me.

  18. I remember my first Christmas outside my home, I got to the park early, I met 2 passengers in the of the passengers is a woman with 3 children.i took my sit on the seat behind the driver's seat and so the wait for other passengers began.
    About 25minutes into the wait, a phone on the dash board rang aggressively like it was sent to wake me up from my nap
    A man(i later got to know he is our driver for the journey)
    Ha mama bili, se o si o
    walahi! Omobirin un yo sofu!
    O ti tun ko eru kuro ni le abi
    e se tin ba ti de,emi ni turn kan, tin ba de a rira.
    This was his conversation with his caller was from his conversation I got to know his wife parked out of the house with his children that morning.And that will be the 5th time that year.
    He made an attempt to call nd discovered he was out of airtime (mtn got their on dose of cuss nd swearing at this stage), the park messanger was sent to get airtime.
    He made the first attempt to call the wife the call didn't go through, he reported back to his colleagues another round of cusses started.
    He made an attempt to called another line (this time the mother in law)
    Driver....mama! Se ngbo mi!
    -Iya! Egbagbe kiki oooo (forget greetings)
    -Omo yin tunti kuro nile (your daughter packed out again)
    -E mo mi o! ( you know me)
    -mi o gbadun o (I am not sane)
    -e ni ko ko awon omo mi pada bee ko ile yin ma jona o (tell you daughter to bring my children or your house burns
    while all this

  19. While all these was going on, other passengers were coming in.Distinct among them was a man in suit nd a worn brief case.
    He asked for the cost of the journey, on hearing the price, na so ingrish take start o!
    Man...I cant believe this! This is outrageous! Such an exorbitant price! Nigeria!
    And other lamentations followed. When he saw that no one was ready to join, he took his sit quietly.
    The bus go filled up, we paid, the conductor gave the money to the man whose wife packed out. It was at this point I knew the man is our driver and me don discover say say na craze man!

  20. Before we left the park the Man in suit was buying all the buyables and the consumables in sight
    And our journey began! We were barely out of the park when the car race began!
    Other passengers keep cautioning the driver to drive gently, na inside voice mail the complaint dey enter o.Me I don hand over my life nd body to God already cos I knew the driver was psychologically disturbed! I know say the man no be person wey dey ok on a normal day.Some minutes into the journey, the driver got another call and he was told the wife came back to get her remaining stuff.The driver told them to hold the wife down till he come that they shoud give him an hour! (A journey that normally takes 3hours and we ve only spent about 45minutes) na so everyone shouted o (aside me).it was the was of the Man in suit that was louder and persistent, the driver at this point looked at the mirror nd marked the man's face o.
    sebi the driver was still dodging potholes before, at this stage he no send us o!the woman with 3 children asked for her children to be allowed to ease themselves, driver no wait o!, another shouting bout took place.An elderly woman begged the driver to pity the children, when we got to a petrol station, the driver parked nd open the door,with the instruction that he is giving us 2minutes to do whatever we have to do cos he is not planning on wating for anyone. Man in suit was among those who dropped, he bought suya, eggs, plantain, the plantain seller was his village pple's sent.the woman no get change, sebi e for drop plaitain collect him money, oga no gree o, the driver took his seat, kicked the bus, oga suit still never get sense to enter the bus.Till the bus started moving, na still big grammer on rights we dey hear,he ran after the bus with his briefcase in hand still the driver didn't wait despite all pleadings!
    I wont forget that journey in a hurry, F1's best driver had nothing on us on that journey. I vomiited all I had in my stomach on alighting from the bus.
    choi! Na work writers dey do o.Merry Christmas everyone

  21. My husband's bus was kuku robbed in kabba two days ago on their way to enugu...dey stole his money and phone,he had to get a new think I was supposed to go meet him up on the 27th.omo!dats d end, I no dey go again!

    @Stella Igbokei, this one una de accuse me of being Reuben Abati, I didn't introduce much humour na,lol! I didn't want it to extend into 100 parts and I trust Asaba Nollywood will like it. Thanks,dear. Maybe we'll join Mama Tee in her movies,lol!
    @Viva Ciara,lol! Thanks for reading to the end. I promise to learn how not to write epistles,lol!
    @Dimplez,thanks for the vote,lol! It's people like you who encourage me when they appreciate my diction. Nevertheless,I still apologize for the length.
    @Welcome to my World, na de work wey we de do na,lol! I no be my Oga Abati. D man na all weather: I still de learn work for where e dey,lol! I'll start writing short stories o,lol! Don't want BVs to start requesting for someone to summarize,lol!
    @Rowland my man,thanks for the vote,lol! E no easy!
    @Queen Amy,thanks o,lol! I hope you're helping Lady Bug to treat her bloodstained/puffy face? Lol! My greetings to you all.


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