Stella Dimoko Twitter Stories On Forgiving A Cheating Spouse...


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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Twitter Stories On Forgiving A Cheating Spouse...

This Story is not for you to question whether it happened or not...Read and learn a thing or two....


  1. Replies
    1. Not me. I'll never forgive a cheating woman. When your woman starts cheating. Just know that your death is near. She'll kill you.

  2. Women for give too, so no big deal.

    1. "women for give?" (sic)
      They for take also . . . at least they take in penises and babies; some they murder, others they pardon.
      Well we FORGIVE you for murdering English!

  3. Please, let's not over blow this topic.

    If a man forgives his wife, all well and good, its about damn time.

    The women have held the mantle of forgiveness for too long, it is now too heavy for us to cope.

    A lot of people forget that women just like men are Humans with emotions and flaws, we falter and rise back up.

    If we all look beyond our cultural beliefs and society's standard, we might just have a lasting union.

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  5. When women commit fornication or adultery, only God can find out!

  6. Very true but I can't.. a lady left her husband and 2kids for keke napep chairman and the guy was still going after the wife to come back.. after some months she came back to her husband but with pregnancy and the guy accepted her... he's fathering a bastard and two biological children...

  7. my best friend had an abortion (her first) for another guy, she started distancing herself away from her boy friend, bf knew something was wrong and told her to confide in him, she cried and told him what happened and the kind of guilt she feels whenever she sees him, long story short, he forgave her and no one knows except three of us, they are currently planning their wedding, moral lesson:love stays long when you don't share your plights with a third party especially one that does not share the same mentality with you guys

  8. How can you forgive a cheating spouse that got pregnant or impregnate someone? That’s too much for me. I can’t, kudos to people that can.

  9. Wow.. Just wow!!

  10. I have always cheated on my boyfriends(dated just three guys). Funny thing is even the most hardened of them(the second guy) forgave me after much para,I was honestly shook. He's someone his friends and acquaintances fear and respect a lot.
    He is still asking me to marry him till date but i ran away cos I was/still scared he wants to make it official before dealing with me. Lmao
    I always pray God make me faithful in marriage ooo. My current boo is too good to me,let me not spoil this one again.

  11. Hmm.... ...this is a rare case

  12. Ah but what's new here? Men forgive all the time. In fact from experience I can boldly say men forgive more than women. Except if it's different when it comes to Nigerian men, I don't know but men are rather very quick to forgive and cover up. They will even be saying let's pretend nothing happened, I don't want to hear this anywhere etc etc, so no news here.

  13. Those of you saying you can't forgive your wives are still single!...
    Men forgives their cheating wives..*fact!.

    1. Thank you! They forgive and ask where they are lacking sef then they try to improve. Men are very vulnerable when they are in love. #fact

  14. This is what doctor E calls Advance maturity.

    But please enough of this madness. I don't care if you distributed your pussy, place it on Olx, jumia, konga or even AliExpress while you were single.

    Whatever made you accept to be his WIFE should also caution you when those urges set in. Put a lid on that hole! You are a married woman! You bear his name, live in his house, birth his children, give him some respect mehn!.

    Let's not try to hide the truth... That home will never be the same.

  15. He's a Good man with a forgiving heart.

    These days eeh I don't look twice nor ask question. I smile and move on.
    How did 2 dark people with bowlegs have a fair baby with k-leg?
    Oh chim!
    Women. Women. Hmmmmmmm!

  16. Cheating increases your body count.


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