Stella Dimoko Up And Coming Actress Inem Peter Says She Does Have Wealth To Flash On The Social Media Except Her Curves...


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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Up And Coming Actress Inem Peter Says She Does Have Wealth To Flash On The Social Media Except Her Curves...

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Inem Peter knows her onions when it comes to doing her job. And beyond her job, the Akwa Ibom State-born Computer Science graduate also knows how to attract attention and she does this with some damning gusto on social media.

In spite of her outward disposition, the curvy actress talked about s§x for movie role in Nollywood amidst others. 

Can you remember who gave you your first opportunity in the industry?

I really can’t remember and I don’t want to make a mistake by mentioning the wrong name, I don’t want to get in trouble.

Would you say acting has been financially rewarding for you?

Not really, the pay is not really there but then I’m into acting because of my passion for it and not for the financial benefit. The people making it big in the industry are the A-list actors who get paid millions of naira for a job. For upcoming actors like myself, I would say acting is not financially rewarding, I have other things I do.

To what extent will you go to get a movie role?

All I do to get roles is to keep connections with people. I call constantly to ask if there is a job for me and all, I just push. I go through the right process; I’m not willing to compromise.

Have you ever been propositioned by a director for s§x in exchange for a role?

Yes, it has happened a couple of times, but not anymore. I remembered about three years ago when I newly came into the industry, I had people that come to me telling me they had roles for me and I had to do ‘this and that’ before getting the role but I turned them down. It’s a thing of choice, if you like it, you do it and if you don’t you turn them down, and nobody will kill you for it. However, situations like this happen everywhere and not just in our industry.

You are in the habit of flaunting your curves on social media, what is the motive behind this?

The pictures I post on social media are not intentional, trust me. Whenever I post a picture, I don’t do it for any ulterior motive. My curves have been there for a long time, how come people are only just noticing it? Social media is a platform for showing off, people come on social media to flaunt money, cars, big houses and all. I don’t have money to show off so I just flaunt my curves (laughs). That’s the idea behind the whole thing, everyone shows off what they have.

Can you date an actor?

If love is involved I think I can consider it but financially I don’t think I would want to date an actor, because they don’t really make much. As much as I can date an actor, I can’t marry one because of the nature of our job. Raising a family will be challenging because we both have to work.

Does that mean love is not as important as money in a relationship?

Love is never enough to make a relationship or marriage work. Money must be available for things to go smoothly, although I’m not saying money is everything and of course love is needed.

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*Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!...With these kind of photos you will not go far in Nollywood but your market go sell.


  1. @Inem means Sweet

    She is sweet indeed

    @Ini Edo ....yiu have seen your "trainee "


    1. anonymous to bahd2 December 2017 at 19:14

      Galore see you salivating at the prospect of her swinging both ways! 😉 I still think you're brave for coming out the closet those few months ago, but are you now reformed?

    2. Lol.. @bahd.. .ayam Now reformed ooo... To God be the Glory

      i don't lick ass again...i only "identify " those that are still licking ass and also getting married.. Bisexual thing


    3. Showing off your curves to sell market, yea????......
      No worry very soon hustle go pay.

      She's a fine girl 😘💋

  2. I like her honesty for saying they approach her for sex in exchange for a job!...
    Others would deny!...

    1. Shes not honest such a liar! How can she not remember who help her into nollywood?? Big lie! How long has she being in nollywood that she cant remember the person? I don't even know her

  3. Who is this one? Never even see her in a movie, IG actress

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. These girls that flaunt their backside like Destiny Etiko,see how Kmj went to marry calm Ifunanya after fucking Destiny,men go just fuck una go, no responsible man will take u serious or wife u, keep flaunting.

  6. When you have no talent to flaunt..u gotta flaunt what u got..the hustle is real

  7. She's very honest

  8. She's pretty and curvy but how come she can't remember who brought her into Nollywood. It's okayyyy

    1. Exactly my thought.. So ungrateful

  9. Ikebe of Life!

    Ikebe SUPER!!

    Hit her from the BACK!

    Make her shout for MORE!


  10. Fire quenching butts.

  11. I'd love to fuck her. I know she will taste sweet. Her honesty turns me on.

  12. I'd love to fuck her. I know she will taste sweet. Her honesty turns me on. My prick don dey raise oh! Please Inem, come and save a soul oh!!!

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  15. She honest love her


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