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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Wordless Post...


  1. It can only get better.

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  2. I love the idea. Stop stigmatization however, be careful. Be safe. Be wise

  3. Yes HIV is no more a death sentence.
    The main killer now is Hepatitis B and it has no cure. People are still neglecting this disease and having unprotected sex

    1. Awareness should start for Hepatitis B. That sickness is a killer. The method for evening contacting it is so easy. Mere touching of the person's sweat puts you at risk.

    2. Yes. Hepatitis is everywhere because the youths have gotten CAREFREE.

      They share tattoo needles, share earphones, share Shisha pipes. They prefer oral sex and can suck on anything. All sorts and you wonder why H is causing havoc?

      I pity this generation.

  4. Their wahala. Aren't buying that shit.

  5. This has been possible since like 10 years ago. I remember watching a very pretty Fulani lady being interviewed on one of our local stations years back. Who got HIV from her then husband(late now). He also infected the 1st wife(late too).
    She remarried a rich Muslim man from the North too who is -ve. They had 4 -ve kids together.
    I was really shocked at the level of ignorance in the country concerning HIV when I read comments on IG. What do people use their phones for, when you can't do research and educate yourself.
    We need more awareness. It's not a death sentence.

    1. See this mumu o, so people should go around marrying or having relationships with HIV+ individuals?? If you are positive your main focus should be on your medication, staying healthy, livelihood, don't involve another human being in it, especially not children.

    2. Na you be the mumu for here? So after medication what next?no sex,no life,no career?
      I hope you know your status


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