Stella Dimoko A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha


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Thursday, January 04, 2018

A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

The story of a mother that abandoned her husband and children to pursue her dreams.

Adaugo was a pretty damsel, a beauty to behold, every man’s dream wife, ambitious and stubborn. She was attracted to Michael who fell in love with her and they got married. 

Adaugo,was not a house wife material. A woman who can be tied down,or depend on a man. She wanted her own freedom and money while Michael felt that he could take good care of the family, provide for their needs without the help of Adaugo financially.

Adaugo, after birthing the third child insisted that she was done with child bearing and wanted to establish her own business. Michael would not hear any of such. ''You are a mother and wife. You have to nurse your children to certain age grade before you can think of what to do. Moreover, I’m capable of taking care of you and the children''....,those were the constant words she heard from Michael anytime she came up with ''I want to start something of my own''.

Along the line, she got pregnant for her fourth child and she was not happy about it because she saw it as distraction to her achieving her plans. When the last child, a baby girl turned nine months old, Adaugo absconded from her home. It was later, news got to them that she had travelled to Europe to hustle for her future.

Getting to Europe, she met Akin, a young medical doctor and they both got married. He was able to put her through nursing school as a qualified nurse. Although, she told Akin she had a daughter but she didn’t disclose that she is married with four kids. The marriage produced two children.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, when all efforts to track Adaugo down failed, Michael decided to marry a widow that had a son called Nduka who was ten years old. 

Remember that Adaugo abandoned a nine month baby girl Jessica before travelling to Europe.

 They all lived together with their step mother and father. As Jessica became a teen she turned out to be replica of her mother, a pretty girl that would never pass unnoticed. She was loved by many and pampered by her father.

Jessica became pregnant and when confronted to know who was responsible for her condition, it was discovered it was Nduka, the step mother’s son.

By now, Adaugo had become a rich woman and was able to buy some properties in Nigeria through the help of her younger brother whom she sent money to. Eventually, she returned to Naija with her family, with time her Europe husband got to know that she was and still married to one Michael.

Michael got to know the whereabouts of Adaugo and traced her to her home. He confronted and claimed that the children she gave births to in Europe belonged to him because the dowry was never returned back to him and the marriage not dissolved legally. Drama ensued between Michael and Akin over who ownership of Adaugo , her children and wealth.

Adaugo on her part was trying to make peace with her abandoned children and especially for the fact they hardly recognized her. A lot of drama was going on and much attention was shifted from Jessica who decided to abort her pregnancy. 

Nduka took her to a doctor for the procedure and in the process she lost her life.

The family was torn apart over the death of Jessica. The father and the step mum, Adaugo and the step mum, Akin and Michael were not left out in the battle that ensued...

NB: The first daughter of Adaugo narrated this story to me. Know what you want in a man or a woman. Find out if the man / woman have the same dream and vision with you before plunging into that marriage. If your dreams are not compatible let it go and find your match.


  1. This is sad and heartbreaking.

  2. Complicated story, her first husband will win this because dowry was never returned and marriage was not dissolved properly before she absconded. Her brother too aided this as she was still sending money through him and he never helped her by giving her good advice.

    1. Please be informed that the customary practice of claiming another's child because of the mere fact that dowry was paid on the mother by the 'claimant' has repeatedly been held by the courts of law to be repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience so the first husband is only making noise and is not going to win this.

    2. So because dowry was not repaid he now wants to claim the children she had in Europe for another man,see nonsense talk

      Let me ask you if the children she had in Europe were deformed medically or terrorist will help come and claim them πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

      Abeg that claiming of children is just nonsense talk,he should ask for her people to return the bride price and dissolve the marriage, the I don't think traditional marriage is legal without court marriage so it's his loss.


    3. Traditional marriage is legal without 'court marriage' and has it's own mode of dissolution. However , as a already stated above, a mere non return of dowry does not prevent the dissolution of a marriage where all other facts are obvious that the parties no longer accepted to live and / or took steps to make it obvious that they are no more a married couple...

      Finally, a partner is legally accepted and having died ( and thus releasing yhe other party of the bound of marriage) where he/she has not been heard of in 7years

      Meanwhile,Madam no do well. Even if she had to go out to the world, she shouldve reached out to her kids, contacted them ,developed a relationship with them and made sure they enjoyed her of her comfort in material things too

  3. Nice story, nice lesson
    but you are not a natural story teller.

  4. When women hear "marriage", their brains stops working.
    All these talks about "vision, compatibility, goals" don't count
    All they want at that time is marriage

    Same when men see "sexy lady", all they crave is sex and they forget all these.

    Each person must work on oneself to curtail these weaknesses.

  5. Husband's should stop thinking cause they are financially ok that their wives should sit at home and be a full time housewife...not all women are cut out to be full house don't truncate someone's dreams cause you are the head of the house.
    Adaugo did wrong in not communicating with her children over the years.
    Adaugo's first husband should stop being greedy, if she came back to naija a poor woman , would he have laid claim to her?

  6. The first husband should have allowed her to pursue her career. He caused all this. Its not every woman that wants to be at home bearing children up and down. If he had allowed her, she would not have gone. I know its hard for men but they should understand that women have visions too. Your wife complained to you how she wanted to work yet you decided to get her pregnant every year.

    Meanwhile the first husband though, struggling for children that are not his. He couldn't even lay a good foundation for Jessica.


  7. Why is the first husband trying to claim another man's children? What does hope to benefit from that at the long run? He also wants adaugo's wealth...Greedy man!

  8. God bless you xoxo mystery,not every woman likes to be kept at-home and be fed like turkey, I'm tired and depressed, hubby salary is not even enough, I can even start a business with 50k, but he's always saying no money .i feel like running away, but I pity the kids. I pray the start up capital post favor me .

  9. This is total nonsense. The woman was impatient. While a woman may have ambition to do this or do that, don't abandon your primary role. you may at the end have all the wealth and success in material things but you have sinned and failed in the eyes of God. The cause of many problems we have in the world today is as a result of things we consider "little" or insignificant that later turn out to be gigantic demons we cannot surmount.

  10. No body can have it all... that is why people make sacrifices.

    1. Yes you can. Logic planning compromise and most importantly,the Grace of God

  11. Adaugo o, hottest being. They will be alright last last.
    May Jessica's soul RIP.


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