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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Thursday In House News

Thursday Rocks huh?
Have a good one.......................


Hello Ihn
Welcome to 2018, if you don't know who I be ask Google lol..

I say make I grace ihn with my face and pose!
Welcome to 2018.

Hello stella, have anyone told you, you are doing a wonderful job. Oya collect kisses!

Mama Nnuku you no gree eeeeh!!!...Nice one,you look so nice and the wig fits
abi na your natural hair be that?



Hello Olori Korkus,
I am BV Ummu Wealth, A silent BV and I wish to use my son's and I picture as FOIHN.
Am a neat and hardworking lady, if you need a house assistant for cleaning and errand work in Uyo and environs. Contact me on 08144400700. Thanks.



Cake Bakers/cake decorators urgently needed at Nimzy's Bakery shangotedo Ajah.
Any baker in and around ajah would be considered
Please call 0812289442. For more information.



Good day Ma'am,

I am a silent blog visitor, i reside in Port-Harcourt. Please help me post this on your blog.
An experienced marketer is needed with E-commerce knowledge at my place of work (an International hotel). Social media marketing will be an added advantage 

The person must be resident in Port-Harcourt.

Thank you  



Happy 2018. I am SDK addict, I go through your blog every second/minute of the day. I comment but on rare occasions. I am yoruba married to an Ibo man our union will be 3years by March 2018.

 I have not conceived since then we visited the clinic he was certified OK and mine was PCOS and fibroid. However, I am eight months post fibroid surgery(myectomy). I did IUI failed, timed coitus(timed s3x) countless times, taken native medicine and massage nothing positive came out. 

I have never been pregnant all my single days even before I mingled. This morning I discussed IVF he refused that he does not believe in that and both of us are not getting younger. 

I am 27 and his 43 years. Please help me out. I have been trying to convince him for the past two years. Please I need good IVF clinic around Edo, Delta and Anambra. Thank you.

I wish you baby dust..dont worry too what you have to do,relax and trust God....



Dear Stella,  

Let me start by wishing you, your family and BVS a happy new year.

Stella please I would like any blog visitor who can assist me with a decent accommodation by February or March to please contact me. My rent would elapse by 10th of March.

Presently, I live in ajah But i wouldn't want to get a house around that axis. Reason because the stress and money i spent during the yuletide was enormous.(Traffic caused by fuel scarcity). Hence, I would prefer any accommodation before VGC. 

Please, all the big men and women on this blog who have empty houses,  please assist me. My office is in VI and I don't earn much. My budget is 300k. A small room and parlour will be highly appreciated.

I can be contacted via mail: or phone number: 08151535246.



Hello Stella,
Thank you for this blog and the impact of its contents on our daily
lives. I don't know where this fits, use your discretion. And help
shield my identity. I'm so pained that I missed the Santa post
(twice), how I wished because we actually needed Santa. Well back to
my gist.

On the 1st was 22yrs of being in a relationship with an amazing
husband. February 14, will be 20yrs of being married but today the 4th
is his birthday. Marriage has truly been a school, we've survived 3
divorce, 2 separation and several breakups. Still, he is all I ever
wanted in a man. If I come again, I'd yet want our path to cross
sooner than it did. At 18, he became my boyfriend. And put me through
life, in ways I probably would never had grown into. Arranged my life,
positioned me for greatness and many more. But I faltered out of

 I still have the first love letter you sent to me. You
taught me the importance of being independent. But I saw you then as a
stingy guy, lol. It took me a long time to understand that you were
educating for the greater tomorrow. Not to be vulnerable but I still
was. My exuberance took the better of my wisdom. Sorry I didn't learn
from your rich insights, you were just too intelligently wise for your
age then. Assumingly, I thought I didn't need your type then yet I
ended up in your life. Wish I had seen reasons as clearly as I do now
then. Why you always emphasized that marriage is a partnership after a
decision to live together has been fulfilled. Now I know better.

I still wonder, what we'd have been had I not so much strayed? Why you
kept me, even after failing severally and doing everything that could
get a woman thrown out of her husbands house? You never barked, though
you didn't take it lightly either. The funny thing is, those times I
contemplated divorce, separation and did break up. It wasn't because
of anything I did wrong nor didn't do right. It was simply my fears,
of wondering what a human you are. As angry as you can get, yet you've
never for once hit me before. Maybe tomorrow, lol. Even where I've
overheard friends suggest it. I didn't blame them. I would have done
so too, in those moments. When most men would have battered their
wives. You'd always walk away, coming back a day or two later. Bv's
this man can yab person stylishly o, for Africa.

I know you have truly forgive me, for bringing us down economically
and every other wise. From a comfortably average family, to this needy
one. All through my fault. You never cease to amaze me. How you still
loved me like yesterday when we started out. I have always told you
that, if you had done just 15% of what I had caused you in this short
voyage. I would walk away and never looked back. Yes, BV's you can
insult me, I'm only human. There's a limit to what we could take. But
not this my husband. Please I am not saying he doesn't have his flaws,
abeg they are aplenty. But none could hurt, they are things everyone
could contend with.

I can't justify this writing with mere words. You deserve a better
woman, I told you so yesterday. Then you told me for the very first
time, the reason why you never wanted me out of your life. I still
don't remember saying those words to you. Since you said I did, I
realized it made a "forever" impression on you that time. I do not
deserve the peace you've given me in this 20yrs of loving me. They are
like fear, pain can not heal. I've practically lived in fear, waiting
for the day you'd ask me to finally leave. For a divorce. That, I will
bear. And only then would I truly have peace of mind. Because I
honestly live in fear. Fear of you murdering me in my sleep. Fear of
you poisoning me. Fear of all types. It still confuses me that after
everything I have done to you. You never told anyone the pain I caused
you. Not even my parents? Your good parents I might understand, they
never wanted us getting married anyways - they have their good reasons
too (different story for another day). You have lied a billion times
to keep us together, wow! Till date I can hardly look at your eyes
each time we talk. Because I always see my past in them. Well I told
my parents everything this holiday. My mum was all in tears throughout
our stay. For my dad he has refused speaking to me. He actually sent
us back, the reason we came back early. I never told you this, I was
going to anyways.

Let me ask you openly, here, because I know you'd read this here
(Stella, he's also a regular on your blog, a silent one at that). For
everytime you tell me for ever, do you mean it like "Forever"? What
happens the day you find out our daughters ain't your kids, will
forever still be us? I know you have said it's alright. But I can't
help pondering what would happen then. Even though, we've established
the boys are all yours. I'm reassuring you here the 3boys are ours.
Will we attain comfort again, as we once were as a family? I wish I
could erase the past and bring us back to where it all began to thaw.

At times, I wish you were more strict. It took me a reality check, to
realize I crumbled everything we ever had. Sorry for everything. Why
don't you just let me go? I know you'd be so surprise to read this on
SDK. And wouldn't be happy about it. But I just want to let this go,
as I celebrate you today. As you clock 43yrs. Happy birthday darling,
you are forever my hero. I love you, till death do us part.....

Note: Stella as much as I'd have loved to attach our pictures, I am
constrained by my revelations.
Thank you....

DID YOU JUST TELL HIM THE KIDS ARE NOT HIS?..Anyway,its all good ,we dont know you both but meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.damn!!!!

Oga happy brithday to you!!!











  1. So during this last Christmas, i made a comment on a particular post on a popular instagram page where I jokingly requested for someone to come and be my santa and santalize my bank account. Few minutes later, I got a notification that someone replied my comment. I quickly checked the comment and the commenter asked if I was serious about my comment and I replied in no time saying a capital YES and He requested we chat through DM. Now to my DM, he asked what I wanted the money for and I carefully gave a detailed explanation of the business I want the money for,then he asked me how much I needed Egbamiiii Haaaaaaa open cheque re ke, how much do I even tell him were the thoughts that ran through my mind, not that I didn't have a rough estimate already but fear won't let me say it cos I didn't want to sound like an opportunist. Okay I summoned courage and replied 500k. He was like are you sure? I replied yes. Then bros asked for my account details, Okay sir was all I could type. Different thoughts started running through my mind, like is this how people help just like that, abi he has another plan ni? Abi he's just a scammer ni? Quickly I ran through his IG page and did some FBI works and I discover his page is legit and he has so many information about him on his page. Awwof no go run my belle ooo, let me send him my not too functional account details to be on the safe side. Gbam I Sent him my details and in less than 10mins, I got a credit alert of 700k from himπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ I read the message over 5times and couldn't imagine that a total stranger just could do this. God bless you sir, you shall not lack etc were the words of prayer that I sent to him immediately I got the alert and bros replied enjoy the season.
    Now I was smiling, laughing, crying, dancing and singing at the same time, It was so obvious i just hit a jackpot. I said to myself why don't you just transfer the money to your other account before your village people will come and tamper with it, really! That's a good thought. Oya let me do it now, I opened GTB app on my phone and did the transfer immediately. I received the alert almost immediately on my other phone, Then I decided to go and do a lil groceries shopping since bros added 200k extra to the money, just when I was about leaving the house, I received a very hot slap on my leg and I heard mummy I want to drink water.......whoops it was my son
    Nooooooo don't tell me I have been dreaming since ooooo, haha Aye le ooo ibosi ooooo. I quickly picked my phone to confirm my money is still intact but there is no traces of such transactions.
    The painful part is I can't remember bros' name or the IG page where we met all i remember is the money.
    Pls who knows how to transfer money from dream to reality.
    Abi I should go to Gtb to go and complain ni?
    Please help.

    1. Hehehehehe
      You try well well.

    2. Kai;i was already happy for you ooooo....

      You got me mehn!!! #Kikikikiki


    3. Hahahahaha, Martins whatsup. Happy New Year dear.

    4. Nna this woman ehn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ see me speaking in tongues for this your testimony only to realise it's a joke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@Ada the dreamer.

    6. I had to scroll to the end,it was too good to be true 😁😁😎😎😎

    7. Na wah for you, look at me blowing siren (wow) till I got to the ending partπŸ˜‘ Don't worry dreams do come through

    8. Hahaha, Abeg go and complain to the bank joor. This dream gat to be real mehn. Lol.

    9. See me smiling sheepishly, you better go back to that dream.

      I believed you coz someone did same thing for my younger bro friends. Asked his followers what they wanted, only three took him a little serious, one guy asked for a customised jersey, the other girl asked for her school fees, then one greedy girl asked for a Honda car, don't know the model. He did all, when the other followers realised he wasn't scam it was late already.

      Vera look good. Change is the only constant thing. Nobody ugly na money yap man.

    10. Chai;Adadioramma this dream just has to be real biko...
      I cant believe its not true;i was already shouting here and praying for you and the giver..

      This must come to pass dear;and you would be so blessed to become the giver..
      You are in my prayers!!

      God be with us good bydway.#Cheers


    11. Ha!!!!!
      I was almost believingπŸ’“πŸ˜

    12. See how I was holding my breadth until the are not serious

    13. Lol. How did you put this together @ Adadioramma? You got me there, even when I got to the ending I was still trying to figure if it was a joke. Nne, igbaliala.. You try

    14. OMG! What kinda play is this. I read with my eyes wide open. Lmao

    15. And i was already screaming.

      Your dream shall come to reality

    16. Amen o. Out of the abundant of heart the mouth speaketh.
      Dear Lord, please remember us this year. Let us have and be a blessing to others.
      @Chi Exotic d finest...I heart you dear.
      @Promising Star...No mind me
      @Martins dear...Amen dearie, it must surely manifest
      @Sharon Aminu...Happy New Year dear, I heart you
      @Just glamour...I am now Joseph the dreamer bah, lol
      @Obianuju...Nne sorom chia
      @Cinnamon Apple...Amen, this must surely come to reality.
      @Justyswt...The bank no wan hear me out o, lol
      @LadyBug...I can understand what was going on in your mind then...hahahaha, my baby for life.
      @Becky Naka...that particular dream no gree show up again o
      @Welcome to my World...No mind me dear
      @Choice...Nnem, ife dinu onye nkpa...I sight you dear.
      @Beautiful Heart...E reach to open 4 eyes self
      @ThankGod Chinonyerem...A big Amen to that...dalu nwannem

    17. LOL... Had a good laugh reading this.
      Dreams do come true, you know.

    18. LMAOπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Ada you no gbadun. LOL! You got me!

      Happy New Year Fam. May 2018 be all we wish it to be and even better.

    19. Nma darling, same to you o. How is our baby doing?

    20. Hahahaha 😁 AdaAda
      You got me on this...LMAO 😁

    21. Baby is doing great nne. @Ada

    22. Hei God! Adadioramma you got me.

  2. First Thursday of the year.

    1. Sdk keep doing a wonderful job. May God bless you for all the free adverts you're doing to encourage small scale businesses.
      IHN came with a bang...

    2. Mama nnuku looking so lovely πŸ‘

  3. Hello People hope the day is going on well and poster who with the birthday message, you are a horrible person.

    But am sure that you know that already...I pity the man really.


    1. Very stupid narrative 😎😎😎,even making him read it on a public forum 😎

  4. Vera toh shapranpran
    You are looking Good dearie😘😘😘😘😘

    To the ttc woman, the journey is not easy but God will visit you soon. Go for the Ivf and God will bless your womb.

    Everywhere so dry.

    1. Mummy Triplet in Jesus name.4 January 2018 at 16:14

      AMEN. Thank you.

  5. OK, so I'm back in lagos and there's something I want to briefly address as it also concerns me
    Acting oblivious is going to make me look disrespectful to SDK

    The beauty business is evolving, so one has to keep up and that's just what I've been doing since 2017
    I'm looking to expand my business from just cosmetics to makeover , hair styling and all, that's what I was made for
    Please SDK, I know the original goal was to invest in someone's business so the person comes around to help another blog visitor, I still got that in mind, I never forgot so you don't have to feel some type of way. I got this mami

    I briefly got trained on hair styling/bridal late last year ,I'm starting a makeover class next week (the price is outrageous as I'm going for one of BMPRO protΓ©gΓ©)

    I want to combine all this year and not just dwell on sales of cosmetics
    I'm not really one to come here and start announcing whatever it is I do or doing to keep winning. I don't like accolades and complement so I just prefer to operate on the low
    And secondly, I'm someone that if I tell a second party about my plans, it might not work out again
    It has happened to me countless times so I think I got wiser to keep some things to myself.

    SDK, I got this and I'm also looking to turn my IG page to a business page since I'm going for expansion

    Abeg y'all should be patient with me, my hands are full now and y'all know I'm not the original Beyonce.

    1. Story teller, u ate the money and was still begging for money on santa post, shame no dey catch some people.chi exotic park well

    2. It seems we share same destiny Chy...It is me and my plan this days...once second party hears, OYO is my name. How do we tackle this? I think that problem/idea shared is half solved how come reverse is our case?

    3. Babe, Open another IG page. A corporate one.
      From there you grow your followers. Refer/tag people from your private account.
      Your private accounts always come in handy.
      You can even advertise there too. One phone can do this.

      Follow Steve Harris if you are not following him and listen to his free 18minutes class. All you need do is sign in with any not so personal email(This is what I personally do)
      He gives a major push every business person needs.

      I wish you all the best. Keep your dreams close to your chest. Results are satisfying. I wish you all the best in this 2018😘

      Adadioramma.. LMAO!! You got me. You crazy you mmoe right?

    4. Iphie nwanyioma...I honestly need this your orientation Nne. You see this year, I must be restored. Happy New year dear.

  6. Mama Nnuku don step up ooo,kudos to u,baby dust to d woman TTC,it is well with us all

    1. Mummy Triplet in Jesus name.4 January 2018 at 16:15


  7. IHN baby.. Beautiful faces of IHN..
    Happy birthday to the Oga who isn't the father of his daughters.. Madam nawa o..
    Harmattan still showing itself

    1. I am afraid for the woman, I hope she is safe? But woman, what kind of wickedness is this?

    2. The story is fake.

  8. Today is hubby's 29th birthday and baba has said no to everything on my to do list. I'm confused sef

    1. Happy birthday to him 😎😎

    2. Happy birthday to him...introduce new style.

  9. Mama Nnuku is looking good
    Happy Birthday oga

  10. Happy birthday to this oga on top...thanks for being so nice to her despite her flaws. Please forgive her ok, we are all Humans.
    Beautiful faces of IHN

    1. Forgive her you say?😎😎😎😎

    2. I'm with you on this, lady bug. Forgive her how? Why am I even feeling this woman pulled a patience ozokwor on this man? With all the divorces et al and he took her back, she still has kids that are not his? This man's eyes is not clear.

      Aka ji ya!

    3. Nne do you want him to kill her? She has realised her mistakes. I pray she turns a new leaf.

    4. Choice you no go kill me o...okwa na aka ji ya? And patience ozokwor style, that was Patience then.

  11. Mama Nnuku you are looking cool.
    Lovely pictures.

    Beautiful facesπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

    Happy birthday Oga.

    Baby dust to blog visitor TTC
    It is well

    What Again!!

    1. Ask Google 😎😎😎

  12. A room and parlour will be highly appreciated...for 300k? For that area in the Island? Even in mainland sef,you won't see for that amount.You didn't even ask for a self con. I despise greedy peeps. You have the tendency for stealing plus selfishness and self centredness.

    1. Why you come dey para now?😎😎

    2. Ahah, not fight nah. She is just saying her mind. Please mellow down, this is a new year.

    3. It is possible oo. I am staying in a very clean two bedroom flat that has two toilets, balcony, dinning area with a moderate sized kitchen at Surulere for 420k while some are even paying 370k (old tenants). I advise you keep searching and asking around. Also, pray to God about it. Best wishes.

  13. For those of you ladies that will want to commit adultery, you see how you market lands. Years after, THE DAUGHTERS ARE NOT HIS . . .and the boys???

    Those adulterous holes need concrete to seal them!

  14. mama nnuku , you are no longer mama nnuku oo cos im sure u dont know where that bag is now..looking pretty dear.......

    That birthday message hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. Vera is a fine girl...hiya hiya ooooo.

    @adadioramma,see me praising God on ur behalf,that dream must come to reality ooooo.

    1. Amen my baby...just that such sleep that produced such dream refused to come again. Hahahaha.

  16. Happy to be back

  17. A family friend of ours gave birth on the 29th of DEC last year and lost the baby on the 1st of January this year. Their first child o,dont even know how to comfort her. Lord have mercy.
    Mama nnukus bum is shooting out o,squats are paying off mehn

    1. This is sad,can't even think about it.

    2. God will console and restore what they have lost.

  18. Sometimes God puts an end to things we don’t understand. Don’t put a question mark where God put a period. Don’t keep dwelling on something that you can’t change, always thinking about it, wondering why it didn’t work out, why did the door close. If you’ll move forward, you’re going to come into a new season of joy and fulfillment like you’ve never seen.

  19. Good afternoon everyone
    Busy day it is for me

  20. Mama Nnuku u are so beautiful. Mother son u are lovely.

    Madam that is wishing her celebrating her hubby, u have a very good man as hubby fromm all u wrote up there, pls be kind to him. And happy birthday to him.

  21. #That awkward moment when you think of something brilliant, you could have said in a past conversation 😁

  22. A lot of our bvs are heartless. Yes, I mean you, you and you.

    I remember how comments here went down for a while to the extent that some of our haters mocked us. But then, Stella did the Santa post and a lot of u shamelessly crawled out. Fine and good.

    And after the Santa post, instead of y'all to remain (because after all being said and done, the number of comments on a post actually tells well on the blog. Argue with ur ancestors), a lot of you withdrew again. Shameless lots.

    Then the business cash post came up and surprisingly u shamelessly crawl out again. Meaning you actually read, u are just too big to comment.

    If you like ask me why I'm crying more than the bereaved but I actually hurt whenever those idiots mocked the blog and y'all could have done something to change that.

    I know after the business post, y'all will go back again and wait patiently for another monetized post to show yourselves.

    Personally Stella, I'd rather a regular person here gets the cash not these shameless, greedy and heartless creatures.

    They will claim they don't have mb to visit the blog, but monetized posts, they won't miss.

    I am not in ikorodu. You cannot beat me

    1. Why are you repeating stale news?😎😎😎

      Na today you know them,I already said it that after the santa post,na we we go remain 😁😎😎

    2. Hahahhahahha @ I am not in ikorodu, You cannot beat me.
      Babe have I told you I love you, I love you gan
      Iya no nonsense
      You just yawn the fact. GBAM... ......

    3. Joy, the thing is even if you talk from now till thy kingdom come, some people still wont stay/comment

      No one is entitled to certain things here, but I'm also of the opinion that the regular, consistent bv should be considered first in anything.

      Year in year out some of us are still here even out of our busy schedule . The only thing people can give SDK is their support by commenting.

      See this matter tire me
      It's almost like you're begging them to keep visiting the blog

      Make we we dey push am dey go as usual.

    4. Do you want another business money or why are you SHOUTING?

    5. Eka you are so on point.
      Stella don't do any post again on business capital abeg. They will come with their numerous fake ids and fake stories to apply. I'm sure they already have the fake blog ids and stories ready.
      Pls just pick anyone from that yesterday's own.

    6. Eka joy please stop sounding like stella giveaways are your birthright.
      I'm not in anyway supporting those that don't comment regularly or at all no, what about the popular bvs that stella have invested in what have they done with it ? let stella use her church mind to pick those she wants and find someone that will follow up to make sure the money is going to the right channels. It is when it is about money you people will come out and start telling stella to give popular bvs because that is what you are implying as along as you not popular in stella blog no help for you that is why many people come here and start kissing and licking ass just like sexy daddy until he scammed bvs here.
      I saw some people nominating those that already have a good business while some are looking for starting point we don't want to give others a chance here when it involves money that is how you see people like Eka joy justsyt or whatever coming to tell stella how to extend her act of kindness not because they care because of pure greed and yes even if i'm not chosen I pray those who need a start up capital gets the opportunity not all this greedy lots

    7. Anon stupid, did u see me request for the business money??? What I did with mine yielded more than expected. I alone know why I can't share the little success story here.

      I don't need more for now. Thanks for offering

    8. This la'sunshine has gone mad. I'm acting like it's my birthright??? Are u stupid??? Did u see me ask for it?

      Guilty conscience kill u there. If u cannot move this blog forward in ur own little way, God will understand me when I say u don't deserve anything from this blog.

      I have only given Stella a little piece of advice and only come and go bvs like yourself won't see the sense in that.

      Last last, advice or not, Stella will still have the final say.

    9. Eka you have a point about opportunists however all these faithful bvs talk isn't it too. The monies that were given to the 'popular bvs' what became of it. You were a recipient but we haven't heard anything about any business, sexy daddy was a popular bv but still scammed people here. Truth is I Dont even have a solution to it but I'm not just comfortable with that popular bvs talk. Let Stella do as she wants after all that how she has always done.

    10. Ekasorrow i'm not mad neither i'm stupid i'm giving you an answer because you asked a question, look who is talking of guilty conscience do you know the meaning of that word that you are using it in this context? Guilty of what exactly I don't expect you to notice me because I don't kiss ass I guess my comment got to you that you couldn't contain yourself you had to show your classless and uncouth self
      Whether or not i'm picked it doesn't change my love for stella or this blog I just prayed those that need the start up capital get its not all this greedy lot using populav bv ish as a cover up just like Eka sorrow and Co come and beat me i'm in my house and this is the last reply you will get from me chao.

    11. Omeh, pls there's a difference between popular bvs and faithful bvs. Stella knows what I used my business cash to do. And I discussed it with her before I was given the cash. And the very first good news that came from that investment, I shared it with her.

      It's not something I can share here cos I could never take it if the person involved is ridiculed. So don't talk like u know a whole lot about our 'cash'.

    12. If stella don't give others a chance how will she know if they are faithful or not how many faithful bvs do we have here ? cos most here are just greedy and selfish. pls tell how you have moved this blog forward? Madam omniknowest be do like this blog belong to you people becaus you are popular on a faceless blog.

    13. @Eka Joy you act as if you're being blunt but deep down you know you're mean and heartless. Are anonymous comments not made by human beings too? Do you know how many people have this your mindset and comment regularly or create emergency IDs just because they want freebies ALL the time? So many scammers among the regular commenters. If you really had a discerning spirit, you'll be able to sieve the truths from the lies. You said you've suffered poverty but obviously from your comments these days, you're too confident in your new found condition. Show people who are struggling more compassion. Being set in your ways isn't helping you. Why don't you investigate and find out many of the anonymous commenters are in dire need of help. Stop encouraging greed. I know what I'm talking about.

    14. Eka I don't support the name calling, you can state your point without insults. I have been with SDK for a long time since graduation 2007. I have been commenting as anon and never gotten anything here even shoki but I had to get an ID after following steps on google.i applied for the giveaway because I need it doesn't mean I should be disqualified because I am not a known BV. we all need assistance and we won't run away. No name calling and we are not lesser beings

    15. Some of us are lazy at commenting. Since I started following stella's blog since mercy aigbe gentry cloth disappearance, I have been reading sdk everyday since then but have never commented. Not even sure I have blog id. I love sdk but commenting???? No! Please allow people like me to read sdk in peace. Thanks. I hope I succeed in sending this one self.

  23. adadioranma, u is a case, see me saying waoh waoh like siren,i pray your dreams come true, it's well. chai

  24. Wow am honestly lost for words to really describe how I feel right now, this blog makes me feel so lucky,Nah scratch that am not lucky am blessed 😊😊..... Now I will explain why am about to go REUBEN ABATI on y'allπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚....You all remember the clearance I talked about yesterday, so that happened and I traveled to my PPA very early and got there not on time,but still did the clearance and returned back home same yesterday,am still enjoying my stay at home😁😁 and I arrived home very late and was so tired from both journey and the entire activity of the day, so I was engaged in just selling my DATA and trying to get from one place to another, so I had no time to check in on the blog to see posts till this morning when I woke up

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 God enough talking and let me just go to the point before I mess this speech up, saw yesterday's IHN about SDK asking for BVS to nominate someone or themselves for business investing or giveaway,and words fail me in trying to describe how shocked I was to see not just one or two or three persons mentioning me😡😡😡😡. My God the feeling is so shocking, who I be again? Not that I don't deserve it oh, but for the fact that several shenanigans have occurred in the past with me being roped in, or being accused as a scammer or bad guy, not that I don't get why some people won't see me in this light,its understandable, i was a beggar once here and I am not ashamed of it and some good bvs like sandy, lovemejeje, BLOGLORD, Mrs annoymous who gave me and others money that time for being themselves and Bv krix who was asked to split money for me and my guy Martin's(to these bvs, av not forgotten your help and kind gesture and don't honestly know how to pay you all back for helping me then than to continue praying for God to bless you more and make me a giver and better person like y'all😘) we all know SDK is the number one who keeps believing and blessing me with not just cash but words of advise and encouragement and even till date she still supports me with patronage for bv‎s

    1. And also some giveaways i won like Saturday jokes and the rest, then some bvs have successfully scammed others here that wheather you believe it or not shocked me like everyone here, but that is life for us right? But a time came I gave myself brain before I went for service, when I was pleading for accommodation for NYSC and BVS did thier work and attacked and criticized, but for the first time I gave myself brain and saw the good in the attacks and understood it as advice coming not out of hate but love, and cried and decided to stand on my own and forget about depending on anyone bcos that is basically all I have been doing as a human till tragedy struck my family and I was not use to fending for myself,but those words that day changed me, that night I stayed awake and told God that my story must change when I go for service, God been God brought a very lovely angel in human form who introduced me into this data biz and I saved my allowee and some other money and started it and today I can say that God has never stopped with the blessings and favour,

      So what am here to say is this, for all those who nominated me(lady bug own shocked me, I nearly faintπŸ˜…πŸ˜…) I say thanks and thanks, for picking me, God has picked you all this year for greater exploits.... I appreciate it and believe me it means more to me than the money that we all pray we get from SDK for business because it goes to show me that am doing something well and gladly learning and improving, good name is better than riches, so am happy because they say if everybody likes you then you have a serious problem ,so being picked in the same blog have been constantly accused or attacked makes me happy and grateful

      Then not to sound like a politician because we all know am an entrepreneur who is into a small scale biz and it is the dream of every businessman to grow and expand and am doing that this year by God grace, if not through this then something bigger and much more better is what God will do it, it's my new dawn... But if am picked, I fit faint ‎shaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚....but promise to appreciate it and take it into good use and start other networks or invest it all into taking this MTN into big scale and I promise not to make anyone who believes in me down and also promise to empower two others come next year in my own little way of showing gratitude and also stopping history from repeating itself... Thanks and sorry for going REUBEN ABATI ON EVERYONEπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™‎

      Sdk thanks for the advert up there as always and please send the photo soonest, thanks

    2. @Isaacbaba you're a good guy but I think other people who really need help to survive should be given a chance too. You're a known BV with proven integrity but a lot of other BVs have no helper and they need any assistance they can get too.

    3. Issacbaba you promised a giveaway last year December, where is it.

  25. shaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚....but promise to appreciate it and take it into good use and start other networks or invest it all into taking this MTN into big scale and I promise not to make anyone who believes in me down and also promise to empower two others come next year in my own little way of showing gratitude and also stopping history from repeating itself... Thanks and sorry for going REUBEN ABATI ON EVERYONEπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™‎

    Sdk thanks for the advert up there as always and please send the photo soonest, thanks

    1. Sky is your starting point dear...everyone had a past.
      It is well with you dear.

  26. Beautiful Thursday. The harmattan is good.

    Vera you are looking good. enjoy.

    The woman with the story, may God Almighty help you and happy birthday to your DH. Na wa ooo. When you are married, you are married. You should leave adultery una no dey hear words. You mean the girls are not his.... I dont really know how that happened but my prayer is that May God Almighty help you in your marriage and may your darling husband continue to see the good in you. It is well.

    Being lazy this afternoon. Let me continue going through the net to see if there is anything of interest to me.

    Love you all.

    1. Love me nwayo, you believe that story? I no believe am. Which woman will confess like this?
      Well maybe the man doesn't visit blogs or today is not actually his birthday

  27. The birthday story ....i really don't know what to say,are you for real?mama nnuku your beauty is glowing.

  28. Goodday everyone, long time no see. It was quite an eventful period for me.

    Good to be back.

  29. But madam sending out birthday wishes to her husband, are you sure you're okay?

    Why make him find out such sensitive info on public forum? You must be really sick. I have no words for you.

    I'm out

  30. Hello my lovely SDK yard go dey go.Maami Stella I haven't told u dis since dis year..I LOVE U!
    Kai lady bug I saw ur handwork on Ihn yesterday. u and xoxo mystery are d bomb.But come to think of it,wat u guys wrote was nothing but d sincere truth..invested in ur Biz and u couldn't give feedback and u expect me to invest again.NA! am sure dey used d money flex as their village pple rihanna Na.
    Stella God will increase u beyond measures IJN

  31. When people misunderstand and reject you, don’t feel miserable and depressed. It’s part of the Almighty’s plan to make you realize that you shouldn’t rely on His creation but only on the One who created you.

    I'm outtie

  32. Yes o mama nnuku nothing do you o!
    Kai bvs Una no go kii me o..immediately Stella announced giveaway yesterday all of them came out.Even ifeanyi nwa nnsuka dat disappeared since 1900 came out as if nothing happened.Kai make Una change dis Una character for dis yr o.
    See eeh Stella I nominate Isaacson thou I was among Bv DAT carried his matter for head b4 but I think he's tested and trusted.

  33. SDK rocks... That birthday message has comma

  34. Ihn welcome o..iya boys I salute u o.I pray to have ur kind of heart.
    Xoxo mystery u be case o aswear but I like ur bluntness jst like I used to like ideato b4 she vanished.Kai but u took cookie to d cleaners yesterday o..kwakwakwakwa. Ass licking no pay o..recession affect am.

    1. Ideato vanished to where? She Re branded to Lady bug. Many people had decoded her here that she is fat and lives in Ikorodu. So she disappeared Ideato and birthed Lady bug. Though she comments once in a while with Ideato

    2. Foolish anonymous,na my matter go kill, keep decoding 😎,has the decoding solved your poverty infested life?😎😎

      You all better form 'association of Lady bug decoder', because Una plenty 😎😎😎😎

  35. Eyah, Mama nnuku, I'm happy to see you like this. How is your son?

  36. Ideato vanished to where? She Re branded to Lady bug. Many people had decoded her here that she is fat and lives in Ikorodu. So she disappeared Ideato and birthed Lady bug. Though she comments once in a while with Ideato

    1. Foolish anonymous,na my matter go kill, keep decoding 😎,has the decoding solved your poverty infested life?😎😎

      You all better form 'association of Lady bug decoder', because Una plenty 😎😎😎😎

      You even had to post twice,you definitely chose 2018 to be Unfortunate!😎😎😎😎

  37. I salute that birthday man o.. I fear the poster πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ * person wey get head no get cap*

    Beautiful faces of IHN

  38. Mama Nnuku,you're beautiful. Lady whose husband is celebrating his birthday, the Lord is your muscle. Why download your family history on a blog? What do I know sef. Every mallam with him kettle. SDK, you're the best. Good afternoon lovelies.

  39. Vera looking good. ihn is here.

  40. That birthday story is scary. How do you women do it biko?

  41. Lies lies, fear woman

  42. IHN is here

    By the way woman ,you mean some of your kids are not for your husband. The way you are talking, it seems you want to leave out of guilty conscience.

    Today IHN comes with 2017 award
    The categories are

    SDK Liar liar pants of fire...the winner is Sexy Daddy
    SDK Asslicker of the year...Cookie
    SDK consistent commenter- Same girl
    SDK breakout commenter of the year...Lipstick alley
    SDK I wannabelong...Miss Aboki
    SDK Miss goody two shoes...Iphie Dearie
    SDK bold Bvs...Xp , Beds and Roses, The Queen
    SDK prophetess of the year...Emjay
    SDK best male commenter... King Eze
    SDK most sensible male commenter... Martins Aboy
    SDK Arabanco group of the year...Chike Teflon and Elastic
    SDK most bullied of 2017...KING XOXO, Eka Joy, Sexy Daddy, Beloved and Sandy Neky.
    SDK survivors of Bullies 2017...KING XOXO, Eka Joy, Beds and Roses, Iphie dearie, Sandy Neky and Chikito
    SDK tribalistic blog visitors... The Queen and boss, Chike Teflon and Don
    SDK lovable Bvs...Miss ESS, Martins Aboy and King Eze, Xp
    SDK bitches...KING XOXO , the Queen and Boss and Eka Joy
    SDK controversial Bvs...The Queen and Boss, Eka, Chikito
    SDK best female commenter...Doppelganger
    SDK one man squad...Eka Joy
    SDK best behaved...Miss ESS, KING Eze, Roseflower, Chi Exotic , Amanda Favour
    SDK badly behaved...Lady bug, Kidjo, President D'royalty
    SDK Female Dictator... Beloved (I can't comprehend how she went from a sweet girl to a complete dictator because of PA position.
    KING XOXO's favorite commenter of 2017...Elastic, Xp.
    SDK head turning confusing commenter of the year...Lovemejeje
    SDK smell a giveaway and appear ...Isaacbaba, D'royalty.


  43. Award continues

    SDK Basic commenters of 2017 (their comment was as dry as Harmattan in Katsina and they didn't wow me at all) Eesah, Just Krix, Beloved, Chike Teflon, Just swyt

    SDK loyal Bvs...Eka Joy, Iphie Dearie, Xp, King XOXO, Eesah, Bloglord, Martins Aboy, Mrs R, Same girl, Emjay, Chi Exotic.

    SDK rebranded blog visitor 2017 ...Bloglord. She transformed from a bitch to the lookalike of a bitch.

    SDK beggars of Chinchin 2017...Emjay, Cookie, Sexy Daddy.

    SDK naughtiest commenter...Pastors daughter

    SDK best missing blog visitor... NwaAmaka
    SDK most annoying blog visitors... Ideato, Lady bug, Bloglord, Lovemejeje
    SDK favorite blog visitor... Sexy Daddy. Stella loved him eer.
    SDK 'Out of point' commenter... Lovemejeje, St Frankool, Just Krix
    SDK bad mouth Bv...Quicksilver


  44. Why is there so much negativity and quarrel on this blog???


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