Stella Dimoko Atiku Abubakar's Son Reportedly Abducts Son As Court Awards Wife Custody Of Kids


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Atiku Abubakar's Son Reportedly Abducts Son As Court Awards Wife Custody Of Kids

There was drama at the Tinubu Magistrate’s Court yesterday afternoon following the disappearance of Aamir Atiku, the seven-year-old son of Aminu Atiku and his ex-wife, Unmi Fatima Bolori.

The boy’s mother claimed that Aminu, son of former Vice President Abubakar Atiku, snatched Aamir and drove off with him. The alleged incident occurred at 1:59pm, minutes after Aminu lost custody of his daughter Ameera Atiku, 9, and Aamir 7, to Bolori.

Chief Magistrate Ayeye granted Bolori full custody of the children after Aminu failed to file a response to her application for child custody. The court also ordered Aminu to pay Bolori N250, 000 monthly for the upkeep of the children, beginning from this month. It also ordered Aminu to carry out medical insurance on the children among others.

Bolori also sought an order restraining Aminu from taking the kids “outside the shores of Nigeria for any purpose whatsoever” without her consent.

At the resumed hearing of the matter yesterday, neither Aminu nor his legal team was present to announce appearance. When Aminu and his legal team eventually arrived at the courtroom at around 1pm, the proceedings were practically over.

According The Nation, he was observed laughing and playing with both kids in the courtroom. At about 1:45pm, he consulted with his lawyers and walked out of the courtroom.

According to Bolori’s counsel Okoh, Aminu “snatched” his son from the mum, locked him in his car before driving off”.

Okoh said last night that Aminu had refused to hand over his son to her client. She said his mother was worried because they were due to catch a flight to her Abuja home today.
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  1. Why kidnap the son and his wants to be president of Nigeria jokers

    1. Aunty, it is Atiku's son that kidnapped his son not Atiku

    2. mummy did you read the article?

      Atiku abubakar not Aminu Atiku is running for presidency.

      Aminus divorce is his buisness NOT his fathers

    3. Did you ever think that the comment wasn't complete? No you want to correct like I didn't read well smh!

      *his dad* before the both of you will cry on top my comment

  2. Shuo...dis guy loved his children o but due process must be followed.

  3. This guy has already remarried. Can he not leave this lady and let her raise her kids in peace. These kids are still young and need motherly care. You or your wife can't do that like the mother.
    The court has granted you visitations during holidays, why not abide.If the kids choose they can still come live with you after the age of 18.
    It seems he is purposely doing these things to punish the woman. She left you and you married another. Let her be.

  4. They will always disobey court order in Nigeria and nobody will do anything about it.

  5. This can only happen in nigeria,imagine the effrontery unto say na them get power.RUBBISH
    Shinny Boss

  6. Trying to go against court order again. Hianest! This guy must be sick in d head. His dad that is seeking for our votes in d nearest future should better call him to order.

  7. Some people feel the they above the law. Anyways I blame the corrupt judiciary system

  8. Hmm, it shows Atiku didn't teach his son to abide by the law.

  9. Hausa girls are becoming very smart! Please fight for your children. Don’t let any step mother raise them. A lot of children are left traumatized.

  10. It is not love for the kids! This man is wicked, he is doing this to hurt and punish this woman. Wicked heart of a muslim!!!

  11. Hmmm,why am i not surprised!
    This man should stop misbehaving and give the child back to his mother.
    I hope the court enforces their judgement on him.
    Looks like the son is more important to him than the daughter.
    What a world!

  12. Why didn't he snatch the daughter shmmmmmmmm
    Africa men with male child mentality

  13. What nonsense is this? Is this how Atiku’s children behave? What will then happen if the man becomes president of this country? These ones will become untouchables that no one can call to order.


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