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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Banker Tales......

This is a Banker tales series..If you dont understand just keeping two post is related....
A Customer was overpaid and guess what happened?The Cashier showed up at the address crying and rolling on the floor...LMAO

What is a Tellers experience without customers in it?

She walked up to me, pleading that I attend to her even though she had ignored the queue. The no nonsense part of me wanted to send her to the queue but the other said to hear her out. She actually needed urgent attention, she explained she had just put to bed and was on her way back from the hospital. She asked her brother (who was standing with her by the way) to help her make the withdrawal but since it was a regular savings account, he would be considered a fraudster.

It was another unusually crowded Wednesday and I had to make a decision fast; help her before any one notices or send her to my already overwhelmed supervisor. I hastily tried to debit her the 150k she filled on the withdrawal slip, it was insufficient balance in the account. I told her, she corrected her error on a new slip while I quickly debited 100k using the old slip. She handed me the new slip, I handed her the old one for shredding with three wraps of 500naira bills. Extra 50k for the baby waiting in the taxi; I am nice like that (so I just gave out my one whole month salary as the ‘do-gooder’ I am). Meanwhile, for clarity, do-good is another name for ‘a goofson’, ‘a laggard’, ‘an ode’, and sometimes it refers to a teller like myself who loves the customer more than the bank, to tellers who do what I just did and carry on with the ‘next customer please’ song like nothing happened.

For a woman with a new born in the car, I expected her to just drop her money in the bag, say thank you and vamoose. Naaaa, she handed her brother one wrap for confirmation and counted the other two wraps herself. She can count fast sha, 1flip, 2flip, 3flip, 4flip,…..100 nods head. She was done with both while her brother was still counting. On her way out, she gave me a flyer for ‘thank you’ I was singing my next customer please song while observing all of this still nothing clicked in my brain that I just overpaid the lady by my full month salary. 

If I knew, I’d turn off my vocal chords and run after her taxi like a mad woman.

By late evening when my mates were balancing and vaulting in, I was checking my waste bin, dusting my trousers and shirt, lifting my pen, my computer, shifting my chair round an already tight cubicle wondering where my 50k mysteriously disappeared to. I even removed my shoes to check if a hundred pieces of 500naira bills hid somewhere in it.

After a few minutes of searching frantically with no hope in sight, I decided to call over my tickets for the day. I isolated all withdrawal slips, and the first thing I did luckily was to check the amount on the front of the withdrawal slips and the narration (we narrate what we paid and how we paid) behind to confirm what I paid. I checked the first, the second, third on and on and I found Mama Baby’s own. In front of the withdrawal slip was 100k, behind was 3wraps of 500 equals 150k. hmm, finally!

I reported the situation to my oga, remember, my boses are the best always. He helped me get her phone number, it was switched off, checked for her address, it was vague. ‘T’emi ba mi’! I quickly debited the lean change in my account, borrowed the balance from my colleague and paid the 50k. A 50k shortage can sack me so I was grateful for the opportunity to pay rather than report to the internal control guys.

By Thursday morning, I went to work disturbed, with eye bags my makeup refused to conceal. I was working and praying. Being nice (again) to customers incase God would reward me by sending the lady back or her brother the slow counter. Thursday passed, Friday came and passed too still no sign of the lady.

By Saturday morning, armed with the address and prayers from my mum, I was off on a recovery mission to find my 50k. I got to the address and was more confused, I shed a tear and prayed again. I had to seek God urgently, and he has to answer speedily too though I was negligent. I found a church, Mama Baby’s house address is a church. I got in, met the very judgmental stare of a holy sister. I let my tears flow and told her my story, perhaps she would pray with me. She let my tears get to her, asked me to describe the woman in question, asked me her name and told me to attend church on Sunday. Hian! 

Forget my jean, I have salvation already, what I want is my 50k.

Sunday morning, with my gown and scarf, I visited the church, asked for my new friend, she was called out to meet me, she asked me to wait outside (maybe I’m too impure to come in or so I thought). To my surprise, mama baby was walking towards me, visibly angry holding a black nylon. The church members were already coming out one after the other to check me out, like they really wanted to be sure an angel visited. I stood in awe of God.

Apparently, from Mama Baby’s story, my friend had spread the rumor (more like fact, side eyes) in less than 12 hours that she was overpaid by 50k at the bank since Wednesday and did not return it by Thursday or Friday. I believe there was some personal vendetta so rather than call Mama Baby privately, she let the church gossip be their form of communication. Mama baby is a well-respected popular spirit filled member of the church so such thieving character was unexpected, kikikikiki. I do not know how I was described or how my tearful story was told, but it made the church members want to see the cry cry aunty.

Mama Baby’s excuse for not returning the money was that someone, a former contract marketer who had left the bank before I was even employed took her fourteen thousand naira. Chai! She insisted I give her something from the 50k as settlement for her 14k. Me ke?! How? Why? After a brief argument in the church compound, I gave her 5k and wanted to give my new friend something too but she no gree, I no insist. All parties were happy, errrrmmm maybe just me.

In case you ever get overpaid in the bank or over credited by the bank, please be kind to refund it, or clarify before we tag it miracle alert and start sharing testimony. It is not a refund of all the unnecessary debits in your account, I get them too neither is it a replacement of your once lost fund in any bank. The notion that the bank pays is always at the detriment of the teller.

*Hhahahahahahaha nice one.....


  1. Miracle alerts๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
    I was once overpaid by an annoying Uba teller, I had no pity on him.

    1. And when karma comes, it will have no pity on you

  2. Eyah! You were lucky to get back the money๐Ÿ’ฐ

  3. My younger brother once used the ATM and clicked on #2,000 but the money were new notes and the machine dispensed #3,000 instead. We were busy counting until we tired and till now, they never debited him for it.

    Around 2009 as well, I got the same alert twice, but within the space of 5mins, they reversed the money and still sent me message

    *Larry was here*

  4. Me I've never been overpaid. I dunno why. It's not fair.

  5. Thank God, you found her. Everyone should please learn from this,if a cashier over pay you, please return it. Don't punish a cashier because of what any bank have done to you. Be kind to other even if they are not to you, keep spreading love even if you don't get it back, Be helpful even if you have no one to help you, do not change yourself according to others, Just remember one thing it is not between you and others it is always between you and the God.

  6. Chai! You are very lucky u got your money back. Teller job, not an easy job.

  7. If I ever spend such money, I will loose the exact amount or more than same day or less than a week later.
    It always happens to me, to over give me change, I have no choice than to return it to avoid loosing my own money.
    One time I was at the bank to withdraw the money my sister to me from abroad but Skye bank said I must open account with them o. I was angry because I didn't even have extra money to spend and the money I was to withdraw was my exact school fees.
    I grudgingly accepted to open the account with either 1k or 2k I can't remember. As the amebo that I am I gisted with the guy opening the account till I. Counted my money and left, forgetting to pay him the money for the account opening.
    I had already gone very far from the bank when I remembered, I just brushed if off and said after all na small money and he almost forced me to open the account anyways.
    I got home and forgetting that I already paid the cab man his fair when he stopped by a fuel station to buy fuel, I paid him again. That's how I lost the same money I should have given to the bank guy


  9. hmmmmm you were lucky but the baby mama spirikoko supposed know that it was wrong. Na wa.

    That is why most people find it hard to do business with Christians.

    I think first bank paid me over by N10k but i dont really know when i used the ATM when it came out newly because you have to wait for 24 hours to do reverse if your money did not come out and that was during the weekend. I can remember in Aguda.

    Anyway all the years i have been working, i never see mistaken bank alert. I think i need to pray more for it self.

    Congrats once again

  10. I like this...Honesty and integrity should form an integral part of our being. Don’t cause another person grief with your greed.

  11. I guess we work in the same bank. i can relate to all your write up. thats how i had pity on one old woman and called her from the line o. she came to pay .i forgot my 8k was still on the counting machine. i added hers n i taught she overpaid me. gave her d 8k n the wicked woman collected it. called her later in the evening but she denied it and claimed d cash was hers. since then i dont have pity on anybody again o. stay line till e reach your turn.


  13. Tellers with overage and shortage tales. Thank God she admitted admitted. And to tellers here, over samiliarity is not too good for the job.

  14. Thank God she got the money back

  15. This bankers tales poster have recieved sense. Today's story makes sense small.

  16. Why do I have a feeling that you work with diamond bank?.
    Don't even get me started with bank tales abi na bank woes...

    1. I hear your bank is the worse place to work at the moment. Please send your story(ies), maybe someone who can change things would read. Goodluck tho. No job is a smooth ride, give your best while you are still at it. Lets hope change will come.

  17. I over paid a customer with 250k and my salary is 82.549.21kobo.And I paid back within 1wk.i had to borrow from left right and centre to enable me pay back.Pls ooh there is nothing like bank money. The front teller must pay.


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