Stella Dimoko BUA MD Declared Wanted Over Attack On Gov Obaseki's Convoy.


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Friday, January 05, 2018

BUA MD Declared Wanted Over Attack On Gov Obaseki's Convoy.

A spokesperson to the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has released a statement saying the governor was attacked in the state.

Robin Crusoe also said the Managing Director of BUA’s Obu Cement Company, Yusuf Binji, has been declared wanted over the attack.

BUA and Dangote cement have been at loggerheads over the ownership of a mining site in Okpella, Edo State.

The state government asked that work stop on the site and on Wednesday led security officials there were two BUA staff were arrested for allegedly continuing work.

On Thursday, Mr. Crusoe quoted the police as saying that the attack on the governor was sponsored by Mr. Binji.

Read the full statement below.

The Nigeria Police have declared the Managing Director of BUA’s Obu Cement Company, Yusuf Binji, wanted over an attack on the convoy of the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki.

Also attacked were some officials of the Edo State Government who were on the convoy of the Edo State Governor.

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*This matter is getting serious did thy know it is BUA?what if someone is trying to set BUA up to make them look really bad?


  1. Replies
    1. The DEVIL in this matter is Dangote himself. Dangote is a very wicked, manipulator and a brutal businessman that has dealt with many people that has tried to do same business has himself. He either sends his competitors outside the country or make them go silent and the Govt and Nigeria corrupt system is to his advantage too. SMH

    2. Dangote na obaseki sponsor, dem wan frustrate bua. Nigeria!!!

  2. Worwor governor instead of him to do fact finding mission on why things are bad is declaring bua md wanted.

    They should try and resolve all issues. They are not helping the workers with these attitudes

    1. I honestly wondered why the govt has allowed Dangote to monopolies the cement and commodity business which is very bad for the economy. Not only is Competition good for the consumers but also good for the economy but Dangote has made it very hard for other people that tried to delves into his line of business as if Nigeria belongs to only him and bought those people that should resist him

    2. Handwork of Dangote and his gangs. Dangote is not as nice as people proclaimed him to be. He is a very heartless and brutal person and BUA should not only get dirty with him, but beat him at his own game and cut off his wings. This man was instrumental to the Vaswanis being deported from the country because they were importing rice and sugar into the country and that forced him to lower his ridiculous high price. That the Vaswanis were deported because of Tax situation was just a front. Karma will soon catch up with him and his lonely single life. And people wonder why no woman lives with him, because he is a selfish psycho

    3. @Anon 12:33 Did he f&$k & dump you?

    4. At anon 13.38. You are a senseless idiot, Perhaps you are interested to but sorry Fool, I can do better than him. Why do you think that he didn't have a wife? Because he Ain't worth it Dearie. So fuck off

  3. How come it is BUA Md they are looking for what if it is dangote people. Dangote is just pained that BUA had taken over okpella but okpella people una no try sha why not get BUA to give you good road I know light is important,but okpella road ain't good at all.

    1. At Bee10. Agree with you. Because Dangote has bought anyone that is anybody in Nigeria. I don't get the hoolahoola about Dangote being the richest man in Nigeria. Why wouldn't he? When he has monopolies the cement and other commodity business in Nigeria. Remember when his bestie Otedola delves into sugar business then behind him, he dealt so bad with Otedola that the man was closed to committing suicide. He made it very difficult for him and also turned everybody against the man. What kind of country is this Nigeria, that Govt will give too much power to one person and only that person to do a particular business? Screwed up country

    2. It’s “Delved”: past tense. Not “delves”

    3. 13.40. It was typo. Was being lazy without proof reading. but thanks though

  4. No Arrest Warrant for BUA MD says Police HQ
    The Nigeria Police Force Headquarters in Abuja has denied issuing a warrant of arrest for the Managing Director (MD) of BUA’s Obu Cement Company, Engr. Yusuf Binji.
    The Force Public Relations Office (FPRO) Jimoh Moshood who spoke in a telephone interview on Thrusday night said there was no directive to arrest Engr. Binji describing the news as mischievous and an attempt to drag the name of the Nigeria police through the mud.
    It would be recalled that the Special Adviser on Media to the Edo State Government, Crusoe Osagie, had on Thursday issued a malicious press release saying the Police has issued a warrant of arrest for the MD alleging that he (Binji) perpetuated an attack on the convoy of Governor Godwin Obaseki after his visit to Okpella. This revelation by the Police puts the Media aide's wild allegations to question.
    Meanwhile, a former aide to the Government House has revealed a plan to discredit BUA Group and disrupt its operations in the State.
    The source who pleaded anonymity said the State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has been under serious pressure to act fast on the lingering Mining dispute between BUA Group and Dangote Group. He said the arrest warrant was a charade to deceive the public and get sympathy for actions against BUA Group who has an ultra-modern USD$1.2billion dollars investment in the state.
    According to him, “You and I know the whole government coming into the dispute is planned. And the plan is to force BUA out of business or frustrate them just like others. I wouldn’t want to mention names but we know them and we know they are champions of certain companies who just seek to remain sole cement producers in the market.
    “In fact it will shock you to know that yesterday’s convoy attack was stage played just like they have faked many other things in the past that I wouldn’t want to mention. You know Obaseki is a businessman, he knows what he is doing and I can tell you, he doesn’t care if BUA has over USD$1.2billion investments in the state or not, he wants Dangote in and to do that, he must act the script perfectly.
    “So I am not surprised. He is busy calling for investors yet the ones in his state, he is fighting, what then is he encouraging in this hostile business environment he is creating for Edo state? For me, I see the action of the government in taking sides as playing the master’s script and it is bad for the business and economy of the country and also flies in the face of the Ease of doing business policy of Buhari's government“.

  5. That is Politics,money and power coming into play.

    Mc pinky


    1. At Mazi. Agree with you, He has. Ha is a Very ugly looking mean selfish guy and MUA should fight fire for fire with him. Thank God they were both Hausa


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