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Monday, January 08, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratiive



Good day madam korkus. I like your blog though I hardly comment. My
husband is also a bv hence the reason why i will prefer to be
anonymous even though he might decode this chronicle and maybe send
his own version..

 All ye Judginas thou should take the back seat and allow mature bvs advise me...thank you.

Now to my gist..

I am a lesbian. Yes I became a lesbian while in Lagos after my then
boyfriend broke my heart. I met him a virgin but he impregnanted me
and also got another lady pregnant. What really broke my heart is that
he told me to abort my own pregnancy while he started wedding plans
with the other lady. I found out about his treachery when i stumbled
on his wedding IV while cleaning his house. 

He's a banker and a serial womanizer but he's my first boyfriend and i really loved him.

I have temper issues so I poured acid on him and ran away. My parents
are separated and i was living with my father so I didn't want him to find
out. With the help of a friend I came to onitsha and did d&c.

 I became so frustrated that I hated men with passion. Naive me became a lesbian when a Cameroonian sister I looked up to started seducing me..

Years later my mother started putting pressures on me to marry because
I was 27 years and never thought of marriage. However I met a guy on
facebook and he started talking nonsense love. He was a good man to me
and I tried to love him too but..

When I came home in December 2013 he met me in real life and was blown
away by my beauty and started talking marriage. Even though I still
did not love him I wanted to fulfill all righteousness so that my
family will not suspect anything so I agreed and we did our Traditional marriage some months later.

He refused to do white wedding or court marriage. Though I told him of
my history and he promised to help me overcome lesbianism..
But it was not easy for me to love him.I will just pretend am with
another woman when we are making love.I was always dry. His kisses
were irritating and disgusting and I will refuse him kissing me& i never got
sexual satisfaction with him. I preferred to watch porn& masturbate&
never looked forward to sex with him. 

With time he started getting frustrated with my sexual aversions. I think the desperation for sex led to his becoming a one minute man and i will be happy when he gets through quickly and let me do my thing.
I became pregnant later but had a miscarriage after five months. I
started my TTC journey 2 years after the miscarriage.

Though he was not disturbing me for a child,my mum and his mum were always
asking me how far and I started being moody.. Somehow he met another girl
and started a relationship. when I found out I confronted him he told
me that I was the one that put cheating ideas in his head and that he
even lasts 3 rounds with the girl.

 I was mad and nearly stabbed him for that. I threatened the girl to leave my husband alone or I'll pour her acid and she became afraid and she came with her family to plead for me to leave her alone.

TTC made me to get tired of the marriage and i packed out of his house in
October 2016.
I lied to my people that he was always beating me and insulting them.
l lied so well that my people didnt even want to see him again. He
tried to reach out and make peace but my family shut him out.

I started regretting my action though but his family no longer want me
because he downloaded my life history for them. He told them that the
I told him he's impotent and that the miscarried baby belongs to another
man,that I'll so commit adultery until a family member dies since he's
dating another lady. Truth is I told him all those things in anger.

The family now know that I am a lesbian and that I poured acid on someone so
they hate me but I feel he still loves me because we speak at times.
He has even relocated to another city though but am still in the
village. Custom demands that I offer a goat to cleanse the land if we
are to reconcile so he won't die, but his people no longer want me and my
people are still angry at him because of the many lies I fabricated
against him yet am not comfortable living with my mother.

October will make it 2 years that we've been apart and I am so confused as
he's now dating another lady. We're still married traditionally
because his bride price has not been refunded to him. I will be 32 in
february but we cant reconcile without cleansing the land and that is the
problem because his family will never allow him marry me again.

I really need advice.. Shoud I try another relationship?
Should I cleanse the land by offering the goat as tradition demands?
Should I just let him marry another woman? Am confused right now..

*You are not a smart woman at all..Mscheeeew!!!!
You poured acid on someone?that is wicked!
forget this man,dont go into any new relationship...GO AND SORT YOURSELF OUT;You are sick!!!


  1. I no see house abeg. It is well with you.

    1. Please in the name of God free this guy, cus he has really tried for you, you are a problem, you have to work on yourself, you poured acid on someone? Wow you have deep rooted anger and need to know how to over come it, you can't be lying and threatening people's lives because they deny you love. Please free this guy before you kill him in future, if I were his relative, il never let him re marry you, he really loved you but if you appreciate him let him go

    2. How far with the man you poured acid on?


    You need serious deliverance since you dont want judginas. You are A DOG IN A MANGER.
    Na wa. So many people are just making this devil more popular with these atrocities.

    Madam you need serious deliverance. Even if you do the goat cleansing which is still traditional, what you need is JESUS because your heart is no longer having good thoughts about anyone close to your husband. YOU NEED JESUS.

    1. She is a sick woman.. Not even ashamed that she poured acid on another woman. You don't get sexual satisfaction from your husband and yet you still want him in marriage.

      These days, anytime something happens, a woman will say he physically abused me.. Everything is now abuse.

      Thus one's marine spirits is very strong.

      She hasn't opened up to her family that she lied oh, yet she is coming here for solution of what to do.

      And the mumu husband is still talking to her on phone.

      To the husband, leave this woman alone and don't talk with her again. Tell her to go and confess to her people and say the truth.

      I am a man.

    2. Poster, You are sick indeed!!!! Confused ke?? Pls free and allow him to marry some other person osiso.

    3. Very very sick o!!! You poured acid on a fellow human like you just because of a man??? Not like there is even a justifiable reason to do that. I leave you in Gods hand o. You need to go for counselling because you need massive help. That s the most immediate issue at hand and not working on the already dead marriage.

  3. acid!!!!!!!!! oh God

    that's terrible o. pls follow stella's advice and get help asap!!

    1. Wait.. You were not raped. U decided to open ur legs and got pregnant. Then u poured acid on ur bf because he married someone else. Did he promise u any marriage? Even if he did, does that justify ur actions? To top that, u decided to become a lesbian because some lady seduced u. DID SHE FORCE U?
      Then u get married for all the wrong reasons and treat ur man like shit despite him loving u with all ur flaws and dirty past. Do u know that it's almost impossible to find a man like that? Now, u have lied against him and turned ppl against the innocent man.
      Madam, do u not see that u have major issues? U are evil, pure and simple. U don't even sound remorseful. U are only bothered because the man has moved on and u are yet to find his replacement. I beg of u, go and seek help for ur temper and wicked heart. All these atrocities will continue to follow u because u have sown bad seeds and at ur age, u are yet to take responsibility for ur actions.
      That man will be th biggest fool to take u back or maybe he is just as evil as u because no self respecting person will come near u.

      Where are all the female BVs who always believe that their fellow married women are saints? This is what we always say. Learn to hear a case from both sides. Just because she's female, married and TTC doesn't mean she's a saint. Once someone like this opens her mouth to complain u ppl just take their side and believe their lies hook, line & sinker. Just see how she has tarnished her hubby's image.

    2. Lilly rose. I owe you airtime. Thank you for being blunt.

      Woman, you Are mad.
      Oga, if you are reading this.. RUN!

    3. Please allow that man to go before you kill him. Wicked witch.

  4. You are your own personal karma, you sound like a disaster waiting to happen, why did u tell terrible lies about ur husband?
    If he were my brother, we won't allow him take u back cos u might just stab him.
    Please be a better person.

    1. Well said blackberry! Truth is bitter. Poster you need to seek forgiveness from the guy you poured acid and also change your way's as for your husband just forget about him cos your atrocities too much.

    2. The same way Tonto Dike told Terrible Lies against her husband. Thank God she confessed as most women will live with their sins for ever. Imagine if her hubby were to be famous, so many idiots would be calling him names.Thank God special media is exposing so many sick wicked women and I love the fact that Stella never takes sides between genders, she says it the way it is.

  5. You're sick, really sick and your kind of illness can't be cured at the hospital but at the feet of Jesus Christ.

  6. There is a thin line between being blunt and being irrational. There was no need for you Stella, to call that woman sick. For what? She only exposed her secrets for help. Who doesn't have a bad past? Are we all sick? Poster, you need to get back to Jesus. Accept him into your life. That's the start. Ask the first man who you poured acid on for forgiveness. Ask your husband too for forgiveness. Even if he might not accept you back, you have Jesus. He would put your life on track. Pray against the spirit of lesbianism because you were not born one. The Lord Jesus would deliver you and give you peace.

    1. Madam anonymous repeat after me,THAT WOMAN IS SICK repeat and say it slowly again
      Mutcheeeewwww nonsense

    2. Why don't you start by asking her to confess to her family all the lies she told against her husband and reveal to them who she really is.
      Anonymous you are wicked.

    3. That woman is a psycho QED

  7. Sister you are strong ghan!. I raise hands for you. Abeg free the poor man and move on. You need to learn to loosen up. Things get to you easily. Laugh more and love yourself first. Nawa oh

  8. Just one question poster
    What do you really want ?

    When you are able to come up with a honest answer, maybe I can send in a word of advise.

    Hadey Halaba

  9. Were alaso.

    I concluded when I got to the part of u pouring acid. Demon!!!

  10. All these cascades because a woman chose to open her thighs and collect a p*nis//baby before marriage?
    Why shouldn't women learn that rushing to sex before their bride prices are paid will always end badly?

    Lady, you do not need to cleanse any land; you need to cleanse yourself and only Jesus can do it for you. Remember that an innocent baby died in this mess; the abortion.
    You do your part of this cleansing by fasting and praying and seeking God. He will do his part by settling you in a home of your own and keeping you for eternal life.

  11. You trapped him with sex and pregnancy thinking that is the surest way to be married? Will girls learn?
    Now you poured acid and aborted. And still you think it is the land that is dirty?

    1. No be small cleansing of land when it's ur heart that is supposed to be cleansed. Ur heart is filled with Bitterness. U poured acid, u almost stabbed him, u r a lesbian. Only u. U need serious deliverance. D kind demons resident in u is legion

  12. Let the Man be and refund the bride price. Even if you cleanse the land it won't resolve the matter on ground he's not happy with u nor his family.

  13. Go and humble your self and beg his family members sincerely.... then tell your family the lie you said against if possible go with one or two of your family members when you want to go and ask them for forgiveness.......
    if after this they refuse to yield then MOVE ON!!!

  14. Woww
    U are wicked..pouring acid on someone is not funny and u are not even remorse for what u did..
    Hmmm..pls leave him alone before u kill him..

  15. Very sick!!! What’s with you and acid sef. Tufiakwa

  16. Stella thank u for saying it as it is........ Poster I'm very sure it is because of ur anger issues that made it first boyfriend to marry another person even after getting u pregnant, see good character is important o, even if u r a virgin& pretty . Why did u even tell ur husband ur past history sef? U should have just forgot about it and tried ur best to love him, use KY jelly lubricate ur Vj & allow him sex biko....... Anyway that should be for ur next relationship cos this one don die, d guy would be stupid to take u back.
    And I'm sure u r not telling the full story o, u go surely hide some, like d girls u keep to come & b licking your Vj for u while starving ur husband.
    Young girls reading this chronicles should note that beauty and virginity is not enough, please be homely, submissive, keep ur temper in check.
    Poster o..... As a lesbian, y u nor give oga threesomes? Instead u dey deny am sex & blocking his joy outside! Smh

  17. Pls,go and work on your self,you have serious anger running in your vein.
    Don't reconcile with ur hubby,start your life afresh and ask God for knowledge.

  18. Sick bastard. If you can pour acid on someone, you can kill.

  19. Stella, You are too honest Jeez..lmao

  20. SO because a man impregnated you and did not marry you, you decided to become a lesbian and pour acid on your fellow human being. I'm sorry to say it you are a stupid, spoilt, entitled brat and you deserve everything that's coming your way. Don't go and repent and go for deliverance be writing chronicle up and down

  21. Cmon what is wrong with you woman, why do you want to kill that man, please leave the man alone bcos the marriage is dead already, his family don't love you no more, abeg go for help. I don't know what's wrong with some women, that's how my wife almost stabbed me last month bcos of anger, I had to run out of my own house, I realised the devil had taken over her anger so I ran for my dear life when i heard her say she will give me mark on my body that I will never forget, I think mental evaluation should be also be included as one of the requirements before marriage, mad people full this country, please go for deliverance and see a doctor too. YOU SURE NEED HELP.

  22. Poster, you need Jesus to cleanse and not goat to cleanse the land. You are not remorseful for pouring acid on your fellow being whom you profess you love. Please leave that man alone before you will kill him too. Get help fast because you need one

  23. Please cleanse urself first before cleansing the land....U need to sort urself out first pls

  24. You messed up really bad but I believe you know that already.

    Forgive yourself,let him and everything about your past that you can't change go.

    If you can i would say get some money move away to somewhere new and start life again, You have lived your life in a manner that has brought disgrace to yourself and your family and I think the best thing for you and your family is space.

    When you do start over be very careful about what you tell your new spouse about your past behaviors because they would only use it against you.
    Be wise concerning the information you let out.

    Let him go and find yourself again.


  25. Oga pls if you are reading this don't accept this woman back she is a ticking time bomb.
    Madam go and fight your demons seriously you sound posses go for deliverance give your life to Christ that's should be your priority now. Jeez

  26. You became a lesbian because of a man?

    You ain't a lesbian first of all, the main issue here isn't all of this you have written.

    The main issue is ANGER. You are angry and because of that you can't enjoy happiness even when it's offered to you on a platter...

    Go find a solution to your anger issues and stop making rash decisions.

  27. The only thing that needs cleansing is you. Let go of the hurt and surrender to Jesus.

  28. One thing I have come to realise is that relationship no get tips,na men still marry those ladies with anger issues and they are still together, if u like be beautiful, virgin,homely,kind,gwogwotigwo who no want marry you no go marry you, some men see as desperation sef,just be you,if he no fit cope with you, life goes on,river dey wide everybody go come fetch their own gallon of water,the difference na time, just work on your anger issues for your everyday living.

  29. Dear poster what kind of radarada rubbish did I just read, u poured someone acid and u threatened someone again. Leave that man alone before egbe eligwe fire u idiot. Go and continue ur lesbianism. What do u want the marriage for. Oloshi somebody like u.

  30. Lily Rose no one is supporting her. She is a wicked soul. I still say it SHE IS A DOG IN A MANGER

  31. Kai! Some women get mind o! Acid,on your fellow human being? God help you...

  32. Madam you need to work on yourself first and also define your sexuality before you go into another relationship.As for your husband I will advice you to look else where you already messed up that marriage there is no way he is going to take you back

  33. You are sick and wicked for pouring acid on someone because he refused to marry, you can as well kill.. Please forget about getting back to that man, go for deliverance and start up your life elsewhere.

  34. Just when I thought I've read it all... This blog and bvs be rocking my world. Poster, you've REAL anger issues. I never see your type before. It's well! You need professional help ASAP. Leave that "poor man" alone. You've caused him major harm. Work on yourself. Forget any yeye goat. The native doctor only wants to eat meat for this recession. Do it for YOU and no one else even if he doesn't want your back. Invite the Holy Spirit to empower you because you can't do it on your own. But first, "unheap" the many lies you heaped on the poor man. The truth will lessen your burden. "Poor man", if you're reading this, God bless you for being a good man( I'm not talking about your cheating). Do not take madam back. Move on with your individual lives but amicably. You can be friendly exs.

  35. Which one is dog in a manger? Lol

  36. Where is the man you poured acid on? Please I want to know. Did he die? Was he aware you poured him acid or you sent someone to commit the atrocity.

  37. Stupid story from a human being with a very dirty soul. My dear, I'm not asking you I'm telling you that you write like one particular angry anonymous who litters this blog humping under people's comments. Look at you throwing acid and threats of avid bath on people. Are you normal?

    Oga, if you know what's good for you better have children by the other woman. That's how some of you follow beauty and marry and complicate your lives

  38. You have the king of demons stirring darkness in your emotion and thought process. You are sick for real! Your case no be oju lasab, and if you dont

  39. You need psychological therapy, your anger issues will be the end of you, if you don't deal with it. Besides I'm confused with the one that is doing you is it the lesbianism issues, or going back to your hubby after all your lies, or the fact that he may have moved on. You sound emotionally aloof, like you care less about what happens. Get help and do you. Ps don't pour your ex hubby any acid biko.

  40. Wowww, she's really SICK. She needs no love sef cos she gat none to give.

  41. Are an evil spirit cousin?

  42. Poster if u get to read this,
    Know that I really feel for u. U can't trust anyone after the first heartbreak. So please focus on u and try deal with urself to make sure ur a better person as time progresses. Never relate ur past with the future ahead of u. You need to check and drop anything that would easily destroy your efforts to becoming valuable to yourself and the ones in your life henceforth.
    The first betrayal u have made it a foundational set back in ur life so choose to forgive both urself and the betrayer and much more delete that experience it has caused u more havoc.
    Anger without borders only makes a perfect repellant in ones life, so throw it away as often times the results are nearly irreversible or hardly reversible and that realisation could cost a lifetime baby.
    Make efforts to deal with your past and resolve, I mean face those habits and inner issues before u can progress to a smoother future else they would keep revisiting to errode ur future.
    I love u babe. Just take a deep breath and carry your cross daily.
    Please seek and keep in touch with a professional and effective counselor to help u through this journey.
    Sincerely other things will fall in place if u can deal with this.
    Don't rush things for now.

  43. I don't watch Nigerian movies because of these kinds of stories, but guess I should begin watching from now. When the bible says, the heart of man is desperately wicked, it is absolutely true. Madam, Jesus says he came for the sick, not the healthy, Please run to Jesus, he's the only one who can heal you, Please repent, the truth is, your ways are not right with God. Jesus says if you come to him, he WILL forgive you and give you rest. Let Jesus fix you first. Mrs Dimokokus is right, only she was a bit too blunt, but truth is you need to be treated by JESUS. God Bless you.


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