Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....


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Friday, January 12, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....

This Narrative completes it............oh wow!!!


The Husband's reply to 
Monday's chronicle

My regular presence on this blog has taught me a lot of things about
life and relationships yet it is easier to give advice when you're not
the one involved..
I was shocked to read the Monday chronicle and say without a doubt I know the poster because of certain details in the story.

I won't say everything but my love for Precious is something I still
can't explain. She's all shades of evil yet I get drawn to her like
iron to magnet. Of a truth I met her on facebook a year after the loss
of my fiancee through a road accident in 2012..

We did many unthinkable things regular comm,sexting and all that.
We're from the same community and I met her in real life when she
returned for the yuletide in 2013.She's even more beautiful in real
life than in pictures. She spent three days in my house before going
home to her people.

The first taste of her anger issues was when she abandoned me because
of a misunderstanding during an outing in the new year of 2014 but
instead of settlement she packed her things. I met her at the ATM
stand withdrawing money to travel back to Lagos. I brought her home
and had a hearty talk with her. That's when she confessed about her
past life to me. Indeed I promised to help her overcome. I also
realized that she's older than me with 6 months but I belong to the
age is just a number group.

She told me she was pregnant in February and I hate abortions so I
started marriage plans and I really spent on the marriage,but she was
worth that and more because she had good business acumen despite
having only SSCE qualification. We didnt date for long and I concealed
her past from my family.

However our s3xual life was nonexistent whenever it was time for
lovemaking she was never in the mood and  with her was just like
rape. I never satisfied her. I thought I was doing right by permitting
her use of  objects and she preferred them to the real

I started having questions about myself when my own wife couldn't
allow me to kiss her or anything intimate.
Her pregnancy was lost even before our marriage so its not a matter of
trapping me with pregnancy. But it was not funny when she didnt
conceive again yet I was not bothered. In order not to put the whole
blame on her I started taking fertility enhancement drugs while she
preferred concotions than going to the hospital or meeting doctors.

I am not a saint and I still believe we would have lived peacefully if
she did not start denying me s§x and leading to my having an affair
with another lady.

She had previously attempted to leave the marriage 3 times before and
the 4th time was her final packing. Still I was pleading for her to
come back. My family summoned me to a meeting in which it was decided
that she was no longer welcome and my brother believe she charmed me
but I know myself. I disobeyed my family and visited her family many
times to make peace. i feel at times that she's not submissive because
she is older than me..

I had to give up every hope of reconcilation when her mum told me it
was no longer possible because of flimsy allegations she claimed I
said about her family:
1. That she (her mother) is diabolical
2. That they are poor
3. That they don't have anybody to fight for them
4. That they live in a rented mud house and all that..
Are the above not flimsy excuses to abandon one's marriage???
Moving on has not been easy as many things remind me of her. Few of
her pictures and personal stuff she didn't take along with her are
still with me.

All the household items we bought for the traditional marriage are
still intact and they so much reminds me of her because I don't even
know how to make use of some of them and I moved all the properties to
the city..

I allowed the business we were managing together to gradually collapse
when she left because I started suffering psychologically. I needed
help from a pychologist then because I was so much into her and she
knew it..

We live in the same community,but she can never enter #50 bike to
visit me/my family.
I needed a change of environ so I left business life and took up a
poor paying job in another town that can barely provide for me as a

I've not even saved up to take care of myself let alone to maintain a
relationship. My life is all messed up but blames won't help me,bvs.
It is advise that I need on how to totally forget about her because I
am trying my best....

The girl my wife finally used as an excuse to pack out is no longer
with me because I always tried to reconcile with my wife and not focus
on her and we finally broke up last year.

However,I'm gradually overcoming my ex wifes emotional hold on me as
we've not communicated since November last year since she didnt show
any sign of changing for the better. I no longer call her or
communicate with her since november last year because I always feel
bad each time we talk on phone.::so it was quite a shock to read our story on this blog..

Apart from thinking about her at times,I have peace living as a
bachelor now. Truly like some people advised in the comment section of
her own chronicle she is a dog in a manga,a disaster waiting to happen
and i will be asking for my own death if I welcome her back into my

Letting this off my chest has given me the closure i so much
needed. Precious I thank you for all the good and bad times we spent
together but God is the ultimate judge. I leave everything to him and
I wish you well in whatever future you face.

*So that means Precious,the ex she poured acid on and her estranged hubby are all blog visitors?wow..let me recover from the shock first please!


  1. Poster forget her, you will dey alright last last. If you happen to be my brother, honestly, I wouldn't want you to reconcile with her again

    Happy BVN members to all the 3 people, this world is a small place

    *Larry was here*

    1. What is BVN? Are we in the bank? BV = Blog Visitor. Please lose this local attitude.

    2. Annonie I took sabi..let's school u a bit..its Blog visitors Nation..heheheehe..dig that..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Annonie I too* sabi..let's school u a bit..its Blog visitors Nation..heheheehe..dig that..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Anony 16:19 lol. ITK, you just showed yourself as a JJC SDKer.

      Someone should tell her how we came about the BVN tag, i don't have energy to type story mbok πŸ˜€πŸ˜

  2. Replies
    1. Eyya you love her aww, can't you forgive her, work on seeing someone together, I promise you she will be better
      Walahi this is like one sad romantic movie

  3. Enter your comment...hope its not one person writting this chronicle

    1. Exactly my thoughts biko. The drama is too much. Soon Precious Mother go send her own and even the girl dat was also pregnant for d guy she poured acid. Mtchewwww

    2. Thank you my sister. I thought same too.

    3. Should precious mother write hers, it would be time to share popcorn, open red carpet and gather for selfie

  4. Interesting. Precious precious hmmmm.

  5. Just wow oh...This world is so small mbok. May God heal all of you.

  6. Oga poster,you are a terrible person!,..
    Instead of you to take her to a good church like SCOAN for a deliverance,you resorted in cheating!...
    See,most girls have an ogbanje spirit following them!...
    What I advise most newly married is to take their spouse for a deliverance or to settle those ogbanje spirit traditionally!...
    You didn't fight for your marriage!...

    Precious biko move on!...
    This guy no get money again so he is bad news!...
    Like I told you yesterday,go and settle your ogbanje!!...
    If not,you won't stay in a marriage and you will never have a child of your own!...

    1. I give up on you, although, I've done that long time ago 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

      *Larry was here*

    2. You say him no get money, same you say make him take her to SCOAN. no wa oo. You think say the deliverance for SCOAN no go join small money money things?

  7. SDK blog is international. Stella, you have many visitors o...that's y I don't mind the number of comments I see. Many people just read and *waka pass*. I think we need the three posters to sit on one of Stella's couches and let us all settle this case once and for all.

  8. Nice story, so una three be blog visitor? Weldone.
    I enjoyed the story, the writer is very creative.

  9. I dont even believe this triangle exists, how come this poster didnt mention the incident with the acid victim?

    1. Go and read from the genesis of the chronicles, you're missing real good

      *Larry was here*

    2. @15:15. How can we help you assuming we wanted to?

  10. You pple should forget her, u all should move on, all of una get skoin skoin for head.

  11. Precious' ex boyfriend messed up her life and she messed up your life.

    Poster it is very hard to move on when it comes to someone we love but try and move on. Time heals all wound. With time You will be fine.

    1. Disclose personal details here.
    2. use my real name
    3. talk about my affairs exactly the way they are.







    By the way, I know I am shouting...

  13. Lol. Stella u see how wide ur influence is....

  14. @''*So that means Precious,the ex she poured acid on and her estranged hubby are all blog visitors?wow..let me recover from the shock first please!''
    This is exactly the reason why I wonder the reason behind people joining issues on this blog...which is read by people all over the world.
    Poster, may God give you the wisdom and courage to overcome. It is well...

  15. The first man that wrote in confessed to fornication and bloating two ladies tummies.
    This man confessed to Adultery and accepted responsibility . ..
    Precious confessed to lesbianism and anger issues.
    None of the three is guilt-free and qualified to call the other "devil".
    Just draw a "Y" and move on all three axis and never meet again because of the bad memories.

    1. Well, there are bad memories but "love is as strong as death" (google this sentence) . . . If you truly loved precious, her mom is not the one to decide if she should return or not. She has a problem and likewise you. So the best solution is not to walk away but to stay and resolve it or resolve it and come together. Divorce is never a good option even in the case where a spouse cheated like you did; it never heals the pains, it aggravates them. If both you and precious should fast and pray and seek God together, you will be amazed at the kind of peace you both will have. Take it up as a challenge even if you do not have the mind of "coming together" for now; it is worth it, for you lives and eternal lives.

    2. Poster listen to this advise up

  16. Wow wow wow wow.... What a small world.

  17. Stella why are you shocked? When I comment that you underestimate the reach of your blog you don't post my comments. I was introduced to this blog abroad and by a non-Nigerian so when I say we should employ caution on posting some issues, I know what I'm saying.

  18. Oh my God! I still feel for Precious because I believed she need help and I hope she will find help.

  19. Na wa. It is well. Please move on.

    Prepre is a disaster in waiting. You follow men, you follow women. Abeg choose 1 Prepre.

    I think you all need deliverance. From the one eye visitor to you.

    Like Queen said, Prepre should ask God to deliver her from the marine spirit. When you do lesbianism, it is only God that will free you. Spirit of lesbianism will not allow her to follow any man and would be fighting anyone that wants to help her.

    It is well

    1. You are crazily humorous mehn.... One eyed visitor u say ?


  20. So confuse about the whole thing

  21. Guyman poster, pls,forgive your wife and take her back. I believed she has learnt her lessons that's why she's asking for reconciliation. Find a place in your heart to forgive her. Both of you can visit MFM for serious prayer and deliverance. God hates divorce even if its traditional marriage, provided the bride price was paid she's your wife in the presence of God. To err is human but to forgive is divine..
    And you too precious,you need God like never before. Draw closer to him. Rededicate your life to Jesus. Forsake your evil ways and seek genue repentance. Don't allow the devil to destroy your life via your temperamental nature. Ask Jesus to come into your soul and take away every form of anger,bitterness, unforgivingness and lesbianism spirit. Trust he can do all that for you and even more. For you to be able to enjoy your marriage you need to purge yourself with prayer,fasting and the word of God.
    Pray with psalm 51,27,121,91; daily
    It is well with you poster.

    1. Forgive who ?
      You are a bad person .
      Will you give your brother same advice ?
      Poster run far away.
      RUN away from Precious

  22. Hmmmmm.
    Don't even know what to say.
    It's well w u.

  23. This blog dey fear me oooo.

  24. Kai This wan tire me o. Precious You See yourself you need deliverance pls go for it first before anything else.

  25. Wow....this just became interesting.. I wish all parties involved well.
    No party accused the other of lying. We have heard all the necessary part of this story.
    I can't judge. May you all find peace and the happiness you seek.

  26. Very good decision. Pls dont ever go back to her alone know why shes still in your thoughts despite all these you mentioned and its not like you guys took an oath even. So???*confused* She will surely be a forgotten issue someday. May God help you guys in your future endeavours.

  27. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

    Mr. Man, I beg you, don't ever communicate with precious again. She needs to work on herself. Also, kindly go for deliverance. You need to set yourself free from her physically and spiritually.

  28. Sir starting an affair wasn't the right thing to do there's wat we call therapy, prayer and talking to ur spouses
    and she not wanting to see ur family...are they nice to her, does she have a good communication with u have lost both girlfriend n wife....the Lord is ur strength it's best u move on

  29. Wow.Wow. and wow
    In my mind, story now seems like tales by moonlight.

  30. My friend will always say "this world na pawpaw." It's indeed a small world we live in.
    Precious, i think you really need to work on yourself. How do you treat a man that loves you this much shabbily? Despite your horrendous past, he did not judge you and was willing to stay. Men like this are rare, now you lost yourself a good man because of your attitude problem.
    Precious my advice for you is to embrace Jesus and see him sort out those things you see as difficult.

  31. Precious, you need deliverance. Haba! I'm short of words.

  32. Chai.....pls go for deliverance in MFM and you'll see changes in your life,next week is their weekend deliverance.My dear this is not ordinary or better still see a psychologist


  33. I think this your Precious BV needs serious prayer and rehabilitation.

    Her problem seems to be anger. A young lady that has ruined more lives than she can repair including her own life.

  34. I thought precious was fighting to regain her marriage with you?

    Apparently from your version, it seems all that is coming from a place of jealousy and not necessarily from a place of love, nor change in character, sexual preference and all.

    Oga please just try to put the whole episode behind you and move on.

    But, but wait first! I hope you have made all effort to at least speak with her and parting ways is mutual?

    I am asking because of ACID. I cannot shout oh! Precious has got deep rooted issues, one has to be very careful.

    1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚@BlogLord, don't tell me say you sef dey fear Precious from where you dey? Hahahahahahah

      *Larry was here*

    2. Forgot including that @your last paragraph. Such person is not to be trusted anylonger. I am scared that she might want to look for a way to go hurt him after reading this. Since she already has it in mind that they might reconcile.
      Oga, watch your back sha. Relocation cant still save ya ass..theres something called stalking. Tooor

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚my dear Starry Larry,
      I de tell you so oh!
      Somebody cannot play with precious at all

    4. @bloggie *yimu* shebi she told him about acid bath and he still married Her? Na him start to find trouble. He needs help to reduce attraction to badly behaved women.

    5. @Sandy, exactly.
      She can do and undo.
      Crossing path with this kind of person will leave you watching your back always.

      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@Chiki. This is actually a case study of love is foolishly blind. He fell in love with his heart and didn't allow his head function. Now see!

  35. The three of you- Ex, Precious and the husband have to allow bitterness flow out of them and let in fresh breath of God. The husband should forgive and accept her plea for reconciliation. Precious on her part need urgent prayers and counselling.
    All of you will be fine.

  36. People are really bottling up a lot. The three of you just have to forgive each other and let For take control of yo lives.

  37. Seriously d truth is that I feel pity for three of u. May God fix it for u people.

  38. Stella the whole of Nigeria na blog video visitor plus the ones that will pretend they don’t have time for blogs lol

  39. The precious lady is a very wicked human being that can kill with remorse. All those cursing out the acid victim yesterday, u shld know that not all relationship lead to marriage.

    Poster, move on and forget about that evil being. She doesn't love u.

  40. Oga, move on and seek peace in your life, reestablish yourself financially and marry again, marriage really determines and affects people's destiny (see wasted years and lost financial opportunities). It is well with you.

    Precious, you need deliverance, use this 2018 to work on yourself, seek deliverance and psychological help for all your issues. Ex banker, try to forgive and move on, you can't change the past or so anything about it to try to focus on the future. God bless all of you.

  41. This precious need prayer before she spoiled anothet life.

  42. Precious ,ex-boyfriend and husband,should all let go of bitterness and Go to the Lord Jesus in prayer

  43. All of the 3 posters on this blog.. What a small world

  44. Poster, like I said earlier, let peace reign. Settle amicably but keep your distance. She's so unpredictable. Forget puppy love because acid is involved. Selah!

  45. 80 percents of any woman that like and enjoy sex with her boyfriend but
    after marriage she dont enjoy sex again with her husband or she only allowed
    it when ever she is in need of sex are all born witch,,that is the very way
    witches do,they act like husband after marriage,,,google her birth day and month,,

  46. poster you need to check your brain, you mean you are still in love?
    Both men in the picture just allow one ekuke messed up their lives.
    Both graduates end up with fool just because of beautiful face

  47. All those asking the guy to forgive precious and take her back are wicked.
    The girl is an agent of the devil and she doesn't even feel she should change. How can you pour acid on someone and still carry on with your life like nothing happened. She has no idea that she is self destruct.
    Man, forgive her for the lies but never let her near your house. She will surely be the death of you.
    Plus you sound so weak around this precious story like she has a spiritual hold on you....she must be too beautiful.. Don't go and die there o


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