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Monday, January 29, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Dear Stella, Compliments of the season to you and all BV's

Stella please, I would like BV's to pray/help me stand in the gap to make a major decision regarding a business idea, after all two heads are better than one right? and who better to seek council from than my blog family.

My story goes thus:- I have a somewhat okay career, that led me to a full time job, however when I fell pregnant, I lost the job and had no business to fall back too, things were pretty tight but I thank God for his mercies, now my baby has started school, and I want to go back to rebranding my career, I also want to have a business on the side, so life kicks don't knock me down as hard as before hence my request.

My Dad was a career man and rose to a good position in his field before he finally retired. While my mum was a business woman who went into different business, e.g provisions, gas refill, baking/ catering, supplies amongst others, however she never really stayed or grew the businesses, because she kept saying my dad wasn't supportive of her n all.

My mum once told me that when she took a shop from a Plaza owner, she never sold anything, when the rent was due and she went to renew the rent with the landlady, the lady felt sorry for her and told her that when complex owners collect money from the banks, they need to service the loans quickly n to avoid delays, its better they have fresh tenants that they can increase the rent for, so the do Jazz/ Juju, bury stuff under the ground to make their business fail, so the pack out n new tenants come in.

My mum stated that this reason was why she was never keen on rushing to rent a shop again.

So bearing this in mind, I saw a nice newly built plaza, in a good location, and my major reason for getting it is to sell whole sale provisions, but there is a lady that is already selling provisions in shop 8, which is a Corner shop.

Secondly shop 3&4 are available but they are middle shops, and I was also thinking of opening a viewing center, but it will be in the middle of the complex as shops 1&2 have been taken for bakery use.

I was thinking of asking the lady if she could take 2&3 and let me have 1 which is a corner piece at the side as it will be ideal for the viewing center.

My third option is to take a shop upstairs and continue with my business center, which was the side business I was doing before I left it to go work full time, it was located at a fuel station then.

BV's kindly help me decide;
1. Am I being paranoid over my mum's revelations, do such still exist?
2. Will I be a victim of competition jazz if I decide to open similar business in the same plaza? Or is the sky big enough for us all?
3.Is the viewing center a better business option and can it be successful in a middle space?
4. Or should I just jejely carry myself upstairs and face my business center?

Kindly advise and thank you all in advance, your advise is important to me.


  1. Different problems for different people. Poster, your mind has been compromised about jazz and needs to be free first. You have not even open a business but the fear of competition (unseen) is already pulling you down. While I'm ruling out that such "powers" exist, I'm here to encourage you that the power of God is even greater.

    Forget about all the negative things that happened to your mum and focus on your own unique life, for if you Keep dwindling on those things you were fed with, your success could be hampered.

    I wish you all the best.

  2. Poster the sky is big enough for you all. Everyone is selling or doing the same thing. Dont let that stop you.

    To question 2 Juju still works. My friend that opened a big shop to sell cold room stuff was forced to close it after spending millions on that place to get things ready. Landlord wants new tenants and so put juju there, so that they will not last up to one year there.

    When she told me, i told my Pastor, we went there and saw what they did there. It was just too much. Juju works but if you have God Almighty you can conquer them.

    Before you go out to meet her, pray that God give you the wisdom to talk to her so that she can accept and if she does, before you put anything, get your Pastor to come and pray for you. It is well

    1. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars29 January 2018 at 16:58

      @ Chike, just because it has not happened to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

      I know cases where this has happened. Not hear say. But first hand information.

  3. Na wa o. Juju everywhere. Well, you are right for deciding to hustle and not depend on a man. Face your business center...

    1. What is a viewing centre?...I don't understand what that is

  4. Poster is either your mum don't want to do anything or the owner of the Plaza don't need her in her Plaza again. That juju story is not true.

    When I was selling ladies jeans at Mandilas, the Plaza I stayed in has 200 hundred shops and like 150 shops sell ladies jeans . So it doesn't matter how many people that are selling the same thing with you. What matters is for you to have what people need and also attend to your customers very well. The way you relate with your customers will determine how many customers you will have. Just be in a good position that customers can locate you easily.
    Say your prayer once you open your shop and allow God to take the wheel..

    1. That is mandillas. Everyone knows that place is what it is for

      But for a plaza, it's better not to sell the same thing another is selling close to you. In lagos, most of the agents or landlords ask you what you want to sell in the plazas and if someone is selling the same thing as you on the same lane you want, they will ask you to take another shop in another lane or another floor

      Even some shops that are not in plazas, agent will ask what you want to do to be sure no one is selling same thing close by to avoid unnecessary competition and problems.

    2. Hehehehe! My Ugebe has spoken!!
      Chike the die hard ğŸ˜Ž

    3. Fab Mum
      The sky is big enough to contain everybody. Do you know how many shops that are in a Plaza? So you expect all the different occupants to sell different things?
      That shop I stayed in we were three people selling the same thing. Some other shops among that 150, each has up to five people inside one shop selling the same thing. Importers for that matter.
      So it's not about the number of people selling the same thing, it is all about packaging. Also, competition is good in business. It will help you to create more business strategies that will help you get more customers. It is like survival of the fittest.

      Poster biko rent the shop if it is in a good site and do your business. Don't get discouraged by the person that has already opened a provision shop. Package your shop well. Don't envy the person that has already started when you open your own because na that one dey lead to juju.

      Ugegbe m

    4. Ugegbe m, I get wetin I wan gist you before wey I forget,but I don remember now. Lol
      Come make I go gist you 👫😀😀

  5. Don't open provision shop where there's already one. It doesn't make good business sense. And any shop owner would be right to be mad at u for coming to "steal" her customers

  6. Just face your business center and forger about juju, before you start pray and fast and on the last day of your fasting, go to the shop and pray and anoint it. Have faith that God has answered your pray. Start your business with a positive mindset.

  7. If the provision store is one the same floor with the store you want, then please don't sell provision there. Unless you take it to another floor. Or another lane of that floor.

    Unless the plaza is a place where everyone sells at a wholesale price. That way, a lot of retailers troop in and out like balogun or trade fair

  8. Are a Christian? If yes ask the Holy spirit for direction, you won't get the desired answer you want here.

  9. Okay so this one Na chronicle too. Poster pray, Fast and bind your dream will come through

    1. Stop being senseless...if it's that her husband threw her out you will be jumping up and down.Twerp...

    2. Stop being senseless...if it's that her husband threw her out you will be jumping up and down.Twerp...

  10. Poster, to avoid unhealthy competition, why don't you venture into different business like the business center since someone is selling provisions there. Most importantly, why don't you commit your ideas to God's hands , let him direct you. my opinion though.

  11. You all telling her to look for another place or do only the viewing center, let me ask all of you

    What if she find another place with no one selling provisions there and start her business and another person come and start selling provisions there too


    What if she start only the viewing center and another person start the viewing center in that same Plaza, will you advise her to pack out and look for another Plaza that no one else is doing the same business with her?

    I'm not understanding some of you ooo..

  12. Plz, don't ask the woman for her shop! Her answer maybe NO which will hurt ur ego and also make her feel bad about u cos she saw shop3 and 4 b4 choosing corner shop.

  13. I don't understand the OP. You want to go and meet a shop owner to tell her to move her shop because you want corner piece? That if she doesn't move, you will start selling provisions with her on the same floor? Be like say you be trouble maker.

    Why are you so covetous? You sound like the kind of person that will go for Juju so that another person will not succeed.

  14. Please choose another business if someone else is selling what you had in mind. In the area of juju... Yes oo, it happened to me, 5 good years nothing to show for it, after stocking my shop with 200_300 thousands and in 3 months later I won't be able to account for even 20k and shop has gone down, until prophecy came last year November while shop is to expire by December that any goods that get in to that shop is not mine and lots more, the remedy is for me to go on 7days dry fasting which is to take place in the church premises. My husband did not allow me to go back there. He looked for another shop for me, 3 shops came out we prayed and fasted before God choosed the right one for us.. I will be 2 months there in few days time and I can tell you that every week now I restock my shop weekly with different distributor and supplier coming around without excuses of no money. Just ensure you pray very well before payment is made and there are still few good shops..

  15. Nigerian's are so dumb. Look poster business is not for everyone, as it seems you don't know that no matter what, every business must face competition. Juju this or that!!!!


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