Stella Dimoko Monday IHN - Celebrating Love


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Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday IHN - Celebrating Love

Today we are taking out time to Celebrate love......Agape love!
Reach out to someone right now and let them know that you care about them!....
I cant reach out to you all but I need you,especially the broken ones to know that i care....


This is how Cece looked on her Wedding day which was Saturday...
Here is wishing you all the best babe..May this smile never leave your face in Jesus name ...

Happy Married life once again.



Good day Stella, I have missed your blog oh, I lost my phone and since then eh lol but the good news is that I am back now, happy new year to you. Oya use my picture as face of IHN, I hope full picture is allowed. I love you

Kisses and thanks for the love............Mwaaaaah!!!!



Good morning Stella and happy weekend to you, God bless you more for this humanitarian work you've committed yourself into.

This is my nephew of 19 months Okikiola who just resumed creche. I'm still waiting for the day he won't cry when we enter his school compound. Wishing all TTC women God's favor in this year 2018.

*LOL....Okiki looks so mischevious



Greetings to you Stella Dimoko!

It all started towards the end of last summer, with him and his business partner making an horrible business deal and the government came after them and their business (you know how it works in this Europe, the government can easily wreck one's business just with a little mistake from the business owners part).

My husband just changed even when I tried to be there for him and encouraged him not to give up. He started getting angry easily.
The business issue was in court, all him and his business partner needed to do was give a concrete and genuine explanation from their side through their lawyers but it didn't just work out for them like that. So, the government locked them out of business.

I told him that he can actually start afresh again, it's his talent and handwork, it's in him. 

Stella things never remained the same again in my home (you know how some of these Caucasian men or any man at all can easily lose their cool after losing what they have laboured for almost all their lives)he easily snapped at anyone and it was beginning to get really bad, so, I asked that we go see a doctor or a counselor, so that he could get the help he needed (psychologically). He managed to go with me once but decided not to go again.

Long story short, He suddenly asked for a divorce after we had a little argument one day. I thought he was joking but he wasn't, he kept on reminding me of it. He said he was tired and that he doesn't want me in his life anymore and that he wants to live alone. I tried to make him see lots of reasons with me why we should not walk on that path but he refused to listen and understand.

I have to accept my fate, I have a cute son to live for.. I prayed and asked the Lord to let His will be done concerning my life and all that concern me.

I have a job too, I quickly got a job even though the pay is not good enough but I just needed to get a job to help me out of boredom and having bad thoughts.

Stella Dimoko, you're free to share my story on your blog because I'm not ashamed of my truth.

I have passed through the most difficult phase which is the trauma, anger and hatred. During that period, I was able to volunteer in Caritas in the refugees department, I did few humanitarian works and helped the needy in the little way I can.

I'm not perfect and I refused to lay blames on him or call him horrible names. I mostly remember only the good side of him and that is what I'm taking with me. He's the father of my son and I want them to have a good relationship and bond with each other.

Ms. R.

I pray you find closure and healing....The show goes on Babe.
Stay happy and spend time laughing and hanging out with those who love you.This too will pass.

God bless.



Good day Stella, my name is Sadiya an ardent bv even though I don't comment, today is my birthday 29/01,i want to thank God for life and I want fellow bv's to wish me a Happy Birthday. Kisses

Have a great day!!!



Hello Stella, complements of the season to you. My name is Omoye,Stella today is my Christmas and new year as I am more than happy and grateful, I have been ttc for 3years now, and then three months ago I used the ttc prayer for 21 days to pray and I told God that by his grace I will not end this year in shame. 

Stella today I confirmed the word of God in my life, OSALOBUA has done it, I am pregnant Stella.with joy without anxiety I will carry and deliver this baby without complication in Jesus name. Amen..  For all ttc moms in the the house, I want u to know that God is never late. Please post and hide my email. Thank u.....

Blessed be the name of the LORD...



Hi Stella, 
     Good afternoon,kindly help put this up on your blog.There is an office space in a very conducive environment at Allen's very spacious,with water and almost 24hours power supply and just renovated.You only need to pack in.interested persons can reach me on 08175704677 .Thanks .



Stella, good day, don't know where this falls.just came across my diary and tend to share my experience then in school

One cool evening in my 200L at university (COEIKERE) I got a call from a girl. It was clearly a wrong number, but then it was a girl and a fine voice too. Boys eyes dey red na, wey the number just be wrong like that? No na. So babe was even calling from Ado -Ekiti sef. Hay God! And I said it was a wrong number? 

Look at me! Let us be knowing biko, I am in Unsukere. The next day babe started bugging my life with calls. Ahn ahn. My Father, my Father, are you doing bazaar for me or what? 

Jehovah Rapha, my provider who provideth for the sparrows of the air, hunter sidon for house bush meat leave forest come dey meet am? Who am I to argue with the will of God? Am I foolish? The second day babe started asking me for recharge card. 

Ahn ahn. Baba, is like it was really a wrong number o. I told babe straight up that I don’t send girls carsd as a matter of principle but she didn’t give up o. Just send anything, she kept pestering. I even gave her a lecture on how she should save herself some dignity but after my Martin Luther King Jr. speech babe still say, oya just send card.

 I just kuku relax small console myself say, is like this bush meat na real bush meat o. 200 naira investment is not too bad na. I send card. A week later was her birthday and she wanted me at her place. See VIP. Our first meeting was going to be on her birthday? But when I spoke with her on the phone and the background noise told me that there was a party and no be Ali and Simbi party my liver cut. I look my men for room, look my 3h for pocket, plot my graph see say the slope for that movement na negative, na so I kuku tell babe say boys dey my house to watch one Nigeria vs Sontin match o, and I no fit leave them.

 She vex. I console her, promise to come see her the next day which was a Sunday. I reason say she for don budget one crate of beer for my head and see me and my men de reason our next pot of beans. Baba, I gat to help my career or IKERE boys go call me real Oluku.

 The next day, a Sunday I prepared to go see her. I asked where I’d meet her she said she had a house na, I should come there. I blessed the Lord with my soul, very understanding girl, wife material emeritus. I collect my ATM card, withdraw my last 2k for account, you know in case I throway person onions for road, make we no speak “do you know who I am?” But as I reached the junction of her house she changed meeting venue to Genesis. My mind do high jump. 

Babe, is it not your house again? No, come to Genesis. So I went to Genesis, I don already reach warfront, no retreat. Babe was there with one guy sef, introduced him as her cousin. Cousin that will be escorting babe to first date in an eatery is that one worthy to be alive? 

As we sit down for table I begin reason my present and future destiny. Na then I realize say I just carry my two legs go enter armed robbers bus. But in order not to be looking like Mr. Jones I come ask them “What do you care for?” Even my heart dey judge me for that English wey I speak on top 2k wey dey my pocket. I collect Fayrouz for myself because I have sense, babe say she want chicken, take away, she is not really hungry she will eat later at home. God! 

Person dey book future tense on top my 2k o! The guy man wey I expect to use him brain in the spirit of sportsmanship tell me say, I am alright, come order for fat burger and Coke! Just see. Man’s inhumanity to man. Me that I am drinking only Fayrouz, is it due to lack of ambition? No, I did not know they have burger.

 I think after paying for everything I was with around 400 naira. I still dey use brain thank God say that babe no order for fried rice join that chicken, I for go toilet no come back. As I was drinking my Fayrouz with bitterness this girl just dey chat with her ‘cousin’ with careless abandon. I just realized I had lost that one, ADO babe don dagbo me wella, I dey form guy man from Warri-town but I enter wella. Na to mourn remain.

 Then suddenly she received a call and was directing her friends to meet her at Genesis. Father! You're just watching and not turning this girl into a pillar of salt? As these girls show ehn, you need to see their eyes! Tear reach ear, that my babe come be like their apprentice. As they were talking all I could hear was “I come chop”. I die well. At this point I know say I don lose finish, nothing remain, so I lock up. For my mind I say if these three girls just mumu say dem wan order anything for my head na civil war. Let us all just die here at once. 

Shortly, I feigned an important appointment and told them I had to leave for school. The babe just tell me “okay na, later we go talk.” In my mind I was saying, “your dad!” As I reach room see my hommies who were waiting for gist. Them think say my trap catch meat. I simply told them, “Guys, I enter better robbers bus! I left here with 2k, return with 200. Let’s just say I lost 1800.” 

Nope, she never called me again. Even if she did I wouldn’t have recognized her number. Because it didn’t take long after I left Genesis before I deleted it. Sometimes you meet a game that makes you wonder, who be the bush meat who be the hunter?


Hahahahahahahahahah so you been save the number sef?E GOOD FOR YOU
Hahahahaha abeg i no fit laugh..hunter turn bush meat na em you be so...



Please keep this anonymous.
Good day. Am a frequent visitor to your blog, though I infrequently comment.
I thought about this and  decided to send this to you, due to a disturbing trend I've noticed for some time.

First off, I know some guys are/can be, unfortunately, sexual predators and perverse. I've been neighbors with one..a guy that told me he can't spend on a lady and allow her visit him and leave without his sleeping with her. I have heard of guys that will do 'anything' to get into a woman's pant and do too at times but this doesn't justify the growing trend that has been ongoing for some time now.

This trend of calling Rape and/or Domestic abuse for every disagreement/squabble/liaison gone wrong in order to garner social sympathy, and create a social media trial, is simply said, Just Wrong, and examples abound...from the Tonto Dikes, Toke Makinwas, Mercy Aigbe and now Shola, it's become the norm.
Why is this so, I believe it's because those that do so know that Nigerians will rather act on sentiments and emotions rather than take time out to ponder on facts/evidences before issuing 'Judgement'.
It's also prevalent because our judicial system allows it. Where people can curse and slander others putting the people at risk of even losing their livelihood without fear of repercussions.

Most annoying is when you consider that a number of these accusations are actually for nothing more than cheap revenge.
Consider alsobthat this is actually a Slap to the face of those that have truly experienced Rape and Abuse with its attendant psychological and emotional trauma, the stigmatisation etc, and you will see how evil and criminal this trend is.

Also, where does responsibility come in? Personal responsibility, situational awareness and responsibility, social responsibility??
Am not holding brief for anyone, nor justifying rape nor abuse in any form but we need to understand that we have a social responsibility and the law is the law for a reason to serve justice.

Two wrongs do not make a right and the earlier both the accused and accuser both seek recourse at the law courts the better it'll be in the long run.



We will be training participants on the following:

1.  Skirting/cornices installation 

2.  Wallpaper installation 

3.  3D Wallpanel installation  

4. LED TV backlight installation 

5. How to draw up proposals and prepare elevator pitch for potential clients. 

...and a few other perks. 


You don't want miss this opportunity. 

To indicate your interest,contact  us via whatsapp on this number 08062947971.



 Stella, One of our Offices in Abuja is in need of a Secretary. Salary is 20,000. Interested Applicants should forward their CV to



This is calling for the application of suitably qualified teachers,as vacancy exist in one of the leading Montessori  schools in the heart of ADP/ogba road extension, airport road, Benin city,
Please interested applicants must have experience in handling preschoolers and lower grade classes.
Salary is very attractive and negotiable.
If interested please call this number
08025549439.0802 339 8346



Please I want to use this medium to appeal to my fellow bv's who have IELTS or TOEFL materials  to kindly give me. Please I have to manage funds and every penny matters. Please help a sister out. 
I reside in Lagos and my phone number is  08060095695.Thanks a lot






  1. What God has in store is bigger than you can imagine, more rewarding, more fulfilling. Instead of going around frustrated because of what’s not happening, turn it around, “Father, thank You for the blessings You’ve already set up. Thank You for the favor, the promotion, the healing, good breaks that You’ve already ordained to come across my path.” When you live in faith and expect God’s goodness, there are moments of favor that you’ll come in to suddenly. You didn’t see it coming. There wasn’t any sign of it. But suddenly, there's a good break, suddenly you meet the right person, suddenly the paperwork goes through. It’s one of those blessings that God has already set up.

    1. IHN came in loaded...
      Kwakwakwa@ Lawrence, you cracked me up big time.
      Three things life has taught me

      1. When you're happily married never ever mock the single ladies around.
      2. When you're blessed with children never ever mock the TTC women around.
      3. When you're rich never ever you mock the poor around you.
      Life is in cycle and believe me when I tell you what goes around comes around. For every evil statement that comes out of your mouth to destroy your fellow human you will surely pay for it in double fold.

      Ms.R sorry about your divorce. May God heal your pains.

    2. Fluffycake, you’re positive. You just uplifted my spirit. Thanks and Amen to the prayers .

    3. Beautiful Cynthia, you looked gorgeous. Cute boy, and other beautiful foihn.

      Stay strong Ms R. You tried your best, but the situation was beyond your control. It is well.

      Lol @ Lawrence' story. Lol.

      Have a lovely week people.

  2. A single person, rather an Eka Joy cannot come and say things like love, marriage and relationship without the blog idiots screaming desperation.

    Let me kuku hold my story. I am still upset that I can't watch bbn, let me not add extra

    1. There was a link posted on to watch now😎

    2. Eka rest, why are you like this? hian.

    3. Hi Cynthia. Congrats again. Make I tap anointing?

      Ladybug, where abeg?

    4. Share your story, we're listening. Don't forget we're one big family here.

    5. You are the real pepper them gang

    6. Hehehehe
      You no dey ever tire
      I weak for your matter oh

      Cynthia, you looked really ravishing
      Your cool face matches your personality

      Your hubby got himself a diamond.

    7. @Eka,I saw it on either bbnaija post or sp this morning 😎

    8. You are a very stupid vain and entitled selfish idiot. You have a gold award in attacking people over their comment irrespective of what they wrote. Now you want an ovation for yours. Clap for yourself,your boyfriend and pussy. Scallywag.

    9. Anonymous, wa wa alright las las.

      Ladybug, thanks Jare. Already streaming already. Thanks to posh baby. I have dedicated one phone to that. Full day non stop

  3. Enter your comment...Good day lovely people.

    1. Congrats Cynthia.
      The person looking for IELTS materials pls go to YouTube. There are plenty materials on YouTube.even practicing road to IELTS is enough material if you go over it again and again.thats what I used when I did mine and I passed


    *The Holy Alphabet... This is Beautiful...*

    Whoever came up with this one must have been filled with the Holy Spirit!

    *A* lthough things are not perfect,
    *B* ecause of trial or pain,
    *C* ontinue in thanksgiving
    *D* on't even think of whom to blame .

    *E* ven when the times are hard,
    *F* ierce winds are bound to blow,
    *G* od is forever able
    *H* old on to Jesus .

    *I* magine life without His love,
    *J* oy would cease to be,
    *K* eep thanking Him for all the things
    *L* ove imparts you to see.

    *M* ove out of Complaining,
    *N* o weapon that is known
    *O* n earth can yield the power
    *P* raise can do alone.

    *Q* uit worrying about the future,
    *R* edeem the time at hand,
    *S* tart every day with prayer
    *T* o 'thank' is God's command.

    *U* ntil we see Him coming,
    *V* ictorious in the sky,
    *W* e'll run the race with gratitude,
    *X* alting the Most High God.
    *Y* es, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
    *Z* ion awaits in glory...where no one is ever sad!

    The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything..

    Love and peace be with you forever, Amen.


  5. Welcome IHN. Beautiful FOIHN. 😍😍😍

    1. HML Cynthia..

      That warri guy BUSH MEAT STORY gat me LMAOOOOOOOO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Last month, during the Anonymous Rant Post,I disclosed that I was facing ''a religious crisis''...that,for one reason or the other, I've worshipped with the Deeper Life,Living Faith Church, Assemblies of God, Achievers' Church and many other churches (na mosque remain); though I was baptized a Catholic during my teenage years and was even receiving the holy communion and going for confessions.
    In the post, many BVs encouraged me to identify with a particular denomination,just as I was advised by many faithfuls on this blog to renew my faith in the Catholic church and not allow the promise of salvation,signs and wonders to lead me to a disastrous end. In fact,a particular BV revealed that she was once in my shoes until she made up her own mind...even as an anonymous BV requested for my contact, possibly to advise me...but my reply did not go through; maybe because of the inclusion of my contacts. I thank you all,members of this SDK family...
    Well, ''I want to get closer to God'' is one of my New Year resolutions.
    I've never been ashamed of talking about myself. Until their conversion,my septuagenarian parents were not role-model my religious life was agreeably shaky. Even the ''intelligent'' teacher I regarded as my mentor and many University lecturers I looked up to in my academic life believed that churches were just business ventures operated by men for a profit;a claim they eagerly backed up with Karl Marx's belief that ''religion is the opium of the masses''.
    In the course of my religious prostitution, as it were,I discovered that every church has its own doctrine: which is backed up by a particular portion of the Bible. For instance,a particular church, I believe,frowns at anything adornment: fixing of artificial hair/wearing of jewelries or make-up (just plain Jane,please);as they claim it is against God's commandment.Another religious group, criticized by many people; for their doctrines,especially on blood transfusion, which they back up with a portion of the Bible),I believe, fix artificial hair and wear the same jewelries/apply the make-ups that the other church frowns at. Some churches permit their ladies to put on trousers even to church,just
    as another church is regarded as a church that ''worships idols'' and does not have an indepth knowledge of the Bible... Every church has its own doctrine.
    However, yesterday morning,I made up my mind to return to the Catholic church and rededicate my faith in God. Unlike before,I did not confide in anyone or act confused,because it usually led to attempts to convert me by whomever I told I was facing a ''religious problem''.
    Even though I've lost touch with many things about the Catholic church,I regard my decision as a kind of self-advice and that I have nothing to lose by learning to grow my faith again.
    It occurred to me that yesterday morning that I have not only been foolish, ignorant,ungrateful or what have you,but that I have been trying to worship man or church instead of God in a gathering of brethren of like-minds.Since no religion is the perfect one,putting a stop to the religious confusion I was creating for myself by returning to the church where I was baptized,confirmed,received the holy communion and did many things as a kid seems to me a ''lesser evil''.
    Joining the youth wing of my parish won't be a bad idea,as I learnt that the CYON in the parish where I worshipped yesterday meets every third week of the month.
    With the Bulletin I bought yesterday,which contains daily devotional that would last till the following week and the contacts of the Parish priests/officials and many of the daily/weekly activities of the church,I see no reason why I should not fulfill this particular new year resolution...
    I pray that God will be with me on this.

    1. Oh my word, I thought we've escaped this this year 😎

    2. Thank God you found a resolution to the crisis.

  7. I want to say a big thank you to the angel in Benin that blessed me with the black heel shoe she put up for giveaway last week. I so much appreciate her and I love the shoe so much. Pls bvs help me say a big thank you to her.

    1. Use your id to appreciate 😎

    2. Vampire bug and Madam B, how many appreciation have you posted with your blog IDs? Goats

  8. Congratulatiooooooooooooooons Cynthia. God bless and keep your home.
    Ihn Welcome.
    Nnuku is here!

  9. It is well with you Mrs A like I said God gat you!
    Congrats to the expectant mom we will testify too in Jesus name.
    Beautiful faces and okiki is cute too

    1. Amen!Amen!Amen
      Good afternoon sis😘😘

  10. So sorry Mrs R. It's gonna be alright.

  11. Mrs R, may Almighty God console you and be your guardian angel. Im so sorry for what you going through. It's a phase and you definitely get over it soon. It's well. Please take heart. As long as there's life,there's hope. Please do not loose faith. Hugs

  12. Happy married life cece. God bless ur new home.

  13. Replies
    1. You know know oyibo,their head no dey correct,if you watch crime station you go fear oyibo,they kill their partners for money a lot,people wey dey marry them dey try.Mrs R pls look for godly 9ja man and you will be glad the oyibo left you.

    2. You know them well.

    3. Anon 15:09, you know oyinbo well!!! That's why though I'm surrounded by them, even coffee date, I no dey gree follow them do. Every single emotional upheaval must lead to divorce and they kill their partner for life insurance all the time.

  14. Congratulations Cynthia, may your marriage be a blessing.
    Mrs. R, awwww so sorry about your ordeal but all will be well.
    May you continue to draw strength to keep hope alive.
    Hugs and kisses,do not despair because there is a reason for everything.
    Funny,how life can go from 100-0 real quick.

    1. That line is so wrong "There is a reason for everything".... dont believe that.

  15. Happy married life to you Cynthia, God bless your union.

    A blessed day to all πŸ–€

  16. It is well Mrs R... God knows why it happened like this... Just be strong this too will pass AMEN

  17. Big brother did not even invite Efe to perform his hit song but invited T-Boss to co-host the show. Not cool lol

    1. Efe is booked and busy
      TTT was not at the reunion either

      Who has time to co host or do one meaningless reunion without being paid?

      Efe is busy cashing out.

    2. Why is TBoss a nightmare to Nigerians?
      I thought she didn't win? Won’t make it?

      This is unsettling ooh. Very unhealthy.

  18. Congrats Cynthia, God bless ur new home.

  19. Congrats Cynthia, God bless ur new home.

  20. Cynthia baby you are just beautiful. See your smile, lovely.

    Happy birthday to beautiful people. See how lovely una dey.

    Mrs. R. It is still well. Please enjoy yourself and stay strong. You will be fine. I am happy you did not put your husband in a bad light. God will see both of you through Amen.

    Bush meat Lawrence hahahahah ekpele oooo. So you returned with N200. Eayah what a pity. You are just funny jare. Dont mind the girl. Next time you will shine your eyes.

    Congrats to the TTC woman. God will make you deliver like the hebrew women Amen.

    Lovely day and I choose not to be sad or angry because God has me. It is just a beautiful Monday. Please let us all enjoy it.

    Enjoying my afternoon. God is good and Great.

    Will come back to read again

    1. Yori yori,,, I thought I would be able to manage the money Ni but the lady sharp pass me

      Mc pinky

  21. Pls I need useful info concerning birthing a baby in the US. Most importantly regarding visa application.pls contact me if you can help or you are an agent. Thanks

  22. Sadiya happy birthday
    May God bless you real good.

    And even though you don't comment and you still want those that comment to wish you happy birthday not fair
    Start commenting from now and wish others good on their day.

    Mrs R,it is well. God got your back.This too shall pass
    Ehugs dear

    Beautiful cythnia congratulations
    God bless your new with goodies

    1. Seconded at your 2nd paragraph.I for them not commenting but want others are comment on der birthday post.

  23. Eka Joy check here for live BBN streaming. Saw it somewhere

  24. South Africans are on fire on big brother naija facebook page. No chills menh. Naija girls and theie excessive makeup can even recognize who is who again. Msheeew

    1. As in, some look way older!

    2. Honestly I thought new housemates came in this morning

  25. congrats Cynthia, God bless your home. the hunter that was eaten by the meat, pele ooo

  26. Ihn so rich and loaded on a Monday
    Congratulations our beautiful wify,Mrs Ola, may God bless your home, may your children children's surround your tableπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    Ms. R God knows best and I pray the best will happen to you this year, be happy and take care of your son pls😘😘

    Shout out to everyone making this blog.....LIT
    We all rock😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Congratulations to the ttc momma
      More to come 2018 in Jesus name

  27. The 15th U.S President James Buchanan regularly bought slaves with his own money in order to free them.

  28. Lol! Bush meat and hunters, una well done. Una no fit hunt better meat, lol?!

  29. I'm healing well and fast, I can't and won't allowed Satan and his agent to steal my joy and happiness.

    I chose to live and be happy....

    Chi Exotic, I never mocked you, I only stated the fact.... My being divorced will not make me become "Foolish and gullible Single". I have never mocked any single female or male before because I've got lots of them as friends.
    The truth is bitter but it will remain the truth.
    Sorry if you were hurt by my comment.

    Thanks to you all once again....

    1. 😘😘 Be happy, ignore negativity and don't let anyone determine your happiness.

    2. God is with u dear...😘😘

    3. I understand that comment of yours. It's okay for these blog self acclaimed slay queens to misinterpret that comment of yours as mocking you know. You know they don't like hearing the truth and truth hurts

    4. Ignore small minds😎

    5. I already lefr a comment below for you without seeing yours. God is your strength. This too shall pass.
      That you were able to say it out here and not conceal it is appladable despite the fact we have a lot of bitter people here. This is not the end of the journey.

    6. The message has been passed and grasped
      It's not just about you, but others that are quick to say mean things to people just because they feel they've reached a certain level of comfort

      Ms R, divorce is not bad nor good so there's actually nothing there to be sad about.
      It's now time to find your inner strength and live your best life.

      If you were hurt by my comment earlier in the day, sorry.


    7. It is well Ms A.
      God gat you!

      Congrats once again Cynthia. You look gorgeous.

      Beautiful faces of IHN.... I sight uno

    8. My dear it's well with yu,just live for yourself and son...enjoy life now yu v got time again. It shall soon pass
      This life sef, we Wey never marry wan marry,the ones Wey don marry I no come understand again. God abeg o...

    9. It is well with you Ms A.

    10. never knew you were the one they were talking about till. I read Friday IHN now.
      It is well ma. Please stay strong ok. May your good deed open doors for you.
      A hug from me to you. God will console you big time.

    11. Lols Eesah I still remember your fight with Chi exotic. How you called her Pa Nduka left-over.

    12. Chi exotic, very well said.

      Mrs R, the lord is ur strength

    13. Ms A, pls ignore that bitter dwarf

    14. Life sometimes deals us heavy blows,
      It shapes us for the better.
      It is well.

  30. Beautiful Cynthia. Happy married life.
    Mrs R, God gat you.

  31. Congrats Cynthia are beautiful..God bless your new home

    Ms R it is well with you
    your husband is going through a phase and I'm 100% sure he's going to come back to you

    1. Is like you don't know Oyibos @Olori. When they walk, they walk

  32. Happy birthday to his Eminence J.O onaiyekan of Abuja. May you celebrate more birthdays. Amen

  33. Thanks Stella for all your words of love and encouragement, they have really been useful. God bless you and yours.

    So sorry Mrs R for all you're going through, may the Lord see your through this phase of life and give you a new dawn and reasons to laugh again. Please be strong. It is well.

    Shout out to y'all. God bless you always.

    1. A Happy married life to yu dearie...God's blessings

    2. Chikito you are here sprayjng love smileys for Cynthia.. Where are the kisses I gave you to deliver specially to her on her big day? Please gimme back. Lol

      Happy married life ocne again Cynthia, I wish you happiness ezigbo nwa😁😁😁

    3. @iPhone dearie *holding kisses like bowl of flowers and doing you ntoooin*

  34. Congratulations Cynthia. U are a beautiful bride. Wishing u a blissful marriage.

    That baby is so cute. Can't wait for my son to start school too.

    Fine faces of ihn.

    Mrs A, it is well with u.

    My people una doh o.

  35. This is the problem with marrying all these Whites. They wake up one day and ask for a divorce. Some will not even quarrel, they will tell they are just fed up with being married or they don't love you anymore, they fell in love with some side chick.
    Anyone married to them here should prepare their minds for a break up anytime.

    1. My dear, oyibo na no go area o! ANY freaking thing can make them divorce. They lose their job-divorce. You lose your job-divorce. They have a health challenge-divorce. You have a health challenge-divorce. Your kids are problematic-divorce. You gain weight-divorce. You lose weight-divorce... Endless reasonsπŸ˜’

  36. Beautiful Cynthia God bless ur home. Ms.R God will see u through, may u av reasons to smile again.

    Hunter that became d bushmeat ntoor na God catch u. U met someone smarter than u, just tank God u re alive to tell d story

  37. Congrats Cynthia Iyede. You are prettier than all the slay Queens who labeled you passport face years ago afterall and have better character than them. Good character always wins. Beauty of the soul over beautiful physical attributes all day everyday πŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ™ŒπŸ™‹

    1. Abegi, I also call her passport cynthia, just a friendly jab, nothing serious.

    2. Ooohh! Esah free me with all this blog slay queen gist. Wait till you see the slay queens live first. All of us are beautiful, handsome with good fashion sense in the comment section.

      Do party now you see 85% of us appearing in stock fish 'commoting'! 🀣

    3. Chikito πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,you always have ready made replies, LMAO @ appearing in stock fish

  38. Beautiful faces of in house..
    Okikiola..Amen to ur prayers and God bless u more as u grow..
    TTC testimony.. Congrats dear

  39. Mrs R, it is well with you. Be strong and keep moving. That's one of the trials of iife.

  40. Ms A chill, in life, expect the unexpected, that has been my ammo, you'll even first some of us find love again.such is life, no competition, so chill, drink n be merry! Bless u.

    1. She will not first me.

  41. I. H. N
    Today's news is loaded. Congratulations Cynthia. God bless your home.
    All these people saying 'I hardly comment, who are those that comment nah?
    Mrs R, it is well.
    Where is the second lady bug? She troll almost exactly like the real lady bug.

    May this week be productive for us all in Jesus name, Amen.

  42. Congratulations Cynthia dear
    U look beautiful

  43. Mrs R, don't even know what to say to you. So sorry, it is better he asked for a divorce than tormenting you in the marriage. He probably needs a break, time to clear his head.You guys should have considered separation first before divorce maybe it would have resolved issues.

    i wish you well, thank God for your son and keep your head up. Love shall find you again.

  44. I went to bed yesterday at 9:30pm,after what seems like a very long sleep, I felt rested. Woke up and looked at my time hoping to see it was 6am so I'll be happy I beat my alarm which was for 6:15am,but that wasn't what happened. It was 12:49am. How?? After all the long sleep?? I decided to go drink water, put on a movie to watch and after all this process, checked time and it was 12:52am. Ah ah. Is it like the time was going slow??

    Like that wasn't enough, my baby woke up and wanted water. After which we had to play till 2am that he slept back. I remembered checking the time after a very long time my baby slept and it said 2:39am. And I just concluded the universe didn't want January to end.

    I went back to sleep, can't remember the time but I woke up after my alarm. January, finish already. I'm honestly tired of you. Too long a month

    Hi everyone
    Congrats once again Cynthia

    The Lord will strengthen you again Mrs r. If you haven't started the divorce process, I would say maybe just stay separated for a while. With loosing his business and all that, he would be making drastic decisions he would regret tomorrow. Loosing what one has worked for is a lot believe me. He wouldn't be thinking straight at that point. But if you have started the process, I wish you all the best

    1. January is fast on my side oo.
      Mrs R, please take this advice. Separate so you can clear both your heads. It is well

    2. Who are you calling baby? When we are expecting another one from you😳😳 Stop hiding behind that big boy biko.

      Lol, I’m just so naughty today

  45. I love you all cause you make internet world interesting. singing 2face's song for ya all.
    🎢If to say na just meeeee, I'll be living like i dont care....🎢
    jumping to chorus
    🎢nobody's supernatural🎢

    running off b4 low ba3 runs me off.

  46. Congratulation dear Cynthia Iyede. May God bless your home, please don't be quick to take advice from blogs.

  47. going through a lot dating a nag

    ThankGod BBNAIJA has started she's on to it


    1. Ahhh Danny, don't tell me you have a gf...

    2. Danny my boy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

    3. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  48. Mrs R,may God guide all your steps.Hugs

  49. Congratulations once again Cynthia, HML, Beautiful faces of IHN, Mrs. R, it is well with you keep been strong, happy birthday Sadiya may God bless your new age, Congratulations to the TTc testimony, may God do same for all others ttcing, May those seeking for job find a good job. Good afternoon all

  50. Ever since I read that LRD where the lady said she wasnt stitched properly, it's been traumatizing. I keep imagining how she fell and the vagina tearing like cloth.
    I really shouldn't have read that post

  51. Hey my blogfam,good afternoon to you all,its Monday and I pray fora productive week for us all. Fine faces of in-house news

  52. Cythhia,God bless your marriage with lots of love and children will surround your table.

    Mrs is well.

    Lawrence,I really enjoy your story.

  53. Mrs R sorry for what happened. God is your strength. It is well.

    Congrats Cynthia Iyede, may God continue to bless your marriage.

    Beautiful faces of IHN you people are fine.

    Ugegbe m
    My Anike chop kiss 😘😘😘

  54. Congrats Cynthia dear!! No vex for me yea? πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

    @Mrs R now Ms A I almost didnt believe that that was what caused it oh. Hehehe. Something wey black man go die put? All these white men sef, na why I dey run from them. Take it easy sha. Life goes on

  55. #That awkward moment when you're in church seated next to your landlord and the pastor says, "tell your neighbour that Jesus has already paid my debt" πŸ˜‚

  56. Beautiful Cynthia!
    God bless your home.

  57. HAPPY Married Life Cynthia. All the best.
    Mrs R, trust in God.

    Olawealth Kano. Are you in Kano?

  58. Ms A saved only by His Grace. God will see you through. Please hang on still.

    1. Is the trial of the case still in court? What's the final verdict? Are there ways you can make little suggestions even from a distance, through his partners or lawyer.

    2. Are you in custody of your son? please take good care of him more.

    3. Have you considered catering as a vocation, maybe you can register at a culinary school over there.... think about it giving online recipe , I think you have a flair for cooking.

    4. Don't rush into another relationship. God's willing he might get back his groove and return to you.

    Balm of Gilead fall on you in Jesus Name.

  59. Cynthia your gap tooth reminds me of Precious Ibk. Marital bliss I wish you.
    Ms A you will be fine. Sorry.

  60. Beautiful cynthia may God bless your new home

    Mrs.A God is your strength and be happy,take care of yourself and your son.


  61. Hello People,

    Mrs R, the Lord is your strength, you are currently on the right path with your actions and thoughts.

    Live well and remember the good times.

    Congratulations Cynthia, Happy Married Life.

  62. Is this the same Mrs R attacking me on this blog ,when I spoke about married men?I hope not .

    1. And if she is?😎,abeg swerve, mtsheeeeew 😎

  63. Chi has pride ke, see the way she only responded to Mrs R and ignored everyone else like they don matter.

    1. No fam! It's not pride, they actually don't matter

      How do I respond to anonymous =ghost/nonentities?
      Or respond to that one that talks like someone that didn't get any formal education?
      A lot of us are world's apart
      Na blog join us together so make we continue to push am.


    2. Loll@ Chi. But when the 'anonymous' 'ghost' 'entities' offer you money, you will stretch out your tounge like those frogs at my grandfather's farm. You won't ignore that one abi? Those ones are not worlds apart? Sense that is like they are using it to mop floor, is that one sense?ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa


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