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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

Hmmm this is sad!!!



Good day Stella,thanks for this platform that has impacted in the lives of many.may God almighty keep blessing you.i comment sometimes as anonymous. Please help me post this in your chronicles

Am name Gloria,26 years old i have been in an off and on relationship i have known this guy for close to 11 years now.

He Is someone i love so much but we always have issues because he loves nude photos and when i refuse to show him,he stops talking to me and he will avoid me.this is something he is also doing so i decided to start showing him the nude since its a distance relationship and we havent had sex,even after showing him this nude he still avoid me for a period of time and come back when he feel like.

The present issue is that we settled three months ago and he started saying he thinks he is ready to settle down and he may end with me the way things are going.he said we will get married before i go for my youth service which is this 2018.

He started asking for nudes so i told him that i cant continue Showing him so he reduced the way he calls me.the one that surprised me more is that when i told him i was in Onitsha he took me to a hotel and told me he house is filled up with his siblings 

We kissed,he sucked my breast,when it got to the time he should have s§x with me,he stood up and said he cant do it that he is in a covenant with God for four(4) month now and he left me that was the last time i saw him when i call him he does not pick my calls anymore,if i whatapp him, he will read and ignore it.

I am worried and confused i know he will still come again but i need your advice on what to do when he comes back.

*At your age you are very naive!!!
This man will not marry you...I hope you know that if your nude photos have your face you are in deep shit?this might eventually lead to blackmail.
I dont know why he stopped or why he has not contacted you after the sucking process but pray he has forgotten you and does not come back......pray he has vanished fro your life and be careful...DO NOT SEND YOUR NUDE PHOTOS TO ANY MAN!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank God he even stopped now pack your load out of this relationship

    2. that ur common sense that looks like jamb score(183),,this year the Lord will make it look like NYSC call up number 356846

      Mc pinky

    3. Lol @ suck your breast

    4. Prolly she stinks below, but honestly the guy is not someone a good lady should end up with. I'll never request nude photos from a lady I cherish.

    5. This poster is retarded. What kind of stupid love will make you send nudes? Dobt be surprised if you find those pictures on internet. You are too dumb. Did he send you any of his nudes with his face showing? You need some slaps😠😠😠

  2. 26? and you are behaving like this? Better thank God he stood up and left. Begin to pray that he hasn't used your breast for ritual$! If he comes back don't respond to him o, he has no intention of marrying you....painful but true.

    1. Is your pussy smelly? Do you have ajagara otu? I am at loss why he stopped half way? Your story is incomplete. I have never heard of a man get to head bridge (since you went to Onitsha) and not get into Otu Onitsha. Madam confess

  3. OMG. What will we not read here. So upon all the preaching, shout, cries of not sharing nudes you did not see or hear. Were you blind or deaf when they said it is wrong sharing nude.

    May God punish that stupid boyfriend of yours. See how low esteem pushed you to do foolish things. You were 15 years when you started dating that boy. We need to flog your parents who allowed you to get spoilt at that age.

    Gloria you are nicomp. You have been sharing nude with this idiot for the past years and still has the got to tell you he is not interested again.

    My dear, you better treat this guy fuck up. If you know how to deal with him, deal with him seriously.

    1. Calm down, Nne. Let me perch here.

      Poster, may your eyes be opened this new year, in Jesus' name. You better say a resounding amen. One question, I hope you had no face on those pics? If you do, you may have just entered deep shit.

      Stop sending nudes, you ladies will not hear!

      See, no need for too much advice now. It's too early. Go to previous chronicles (especially early last year's) where your elder sisters posted similar chronicles, you'll see what you're looking for there.

      It is well with you.

  4. Sidechic alert!
    The guy is not into u emotionally n sexually.
    My dear, wait for the one who won't stress u

    1. At 26 no common sense and you want to marry? Shame on you.
      Biko hapu di mmadu aka... Leave someone's husband alone. He is MARRIED with kids. Investigate and come back.

  5. Princess Scheherazade4 January 2018 at 15:11

    You people will not learn!
    After you come here to cry foul...

    This is a new year, better acquire wisdom.

    No man who loves you will put you in a potentially dangerous situation. If you send your nudes to him and you eventually break up, what happens?
    What if he loses his phone or takes it to a repairer and someone else leaks the photos?
    Please use your head!

    Meanwhile if he had even an ounce of respect and love for you, he'd always be in touch.

    Parents, please bring up your children to know their value. Lots of low self esteem children (especially females ) running around the place nowadays.

  6. 11 years, no marriage. House filled with his "siblings" after 11 years with you don't know his house? Pele, he is a married man...

  7. Poster at 26 you are still letting a man toss you around. Forget about him asap like Stella said pray he doesn't remember you again and pray he didn't keep those nudes. I almost fell a victim with my ex I didn't send him nudes but one day we were on a video call and I was about to sleep so I was a bit unclad not knowing he screenshot some parts of the video after a while things got messy and we broke up then he resorted to blackmailing me with those pix he sent them to my mail and threatened to send them to bloggers at first I was broke buy later on I summoned courage and found my strength in God bcos obviously there as nothing I could do and I needed t hide the fact that I was scared of his threats bit God took control I blocked all means of communication with him it's 2 yrs now and he called recently to apologize for the threats and all that he asked I unblock him and keep him as a frnd, hell no! once beaten twice shy

  8. Sometimes i really don't blame the men that say ladies have fish brain. This is a typical example. How old did you say you are again?
    Your prayer point for 2018 should be for resetting of brain only. When your brain has been reset, every other thing will fall in place.

  9. You are in a relationship with yourself, forget him and move on. Pls stop giving out your nudes o

  10. A man that has not paid your bride price has not right to see you nude; be it photo or in person.

  11. At 26,you should be wiser.
    Sending him nudes will not make him marry you, pls stop.
    Taking you to an hotel is a bad signal,I don't think he is into you..
    Forget him and move on with your life dear a better man will find you soon.

  12. Okay
    Who is whining now and who is "winning?"
    You gave him breasts to suck; are you his mother, is he a baby?
    He is "in covenant with God", which god?
    Because the God almighty, that inspired the Holy Bible says flee fornication
    He did not say just for "four months"; did he?
    And if he has "been in covenant with that his god for four months", assuming it too be true
    It means that before that four months he has been scattering ladies between the thighs aghara aghara
    And if you think that this man will marry you, you are fooling around
    And even if, he will still love to be seeing nudes of ladies and scattering
    Stay away

  13. This man is happily married and he might be a ritualist
    Pray he has not used your nude pics for ritual and God should reset your brain . draw closer to God this year to show you the way and send you your own husband


  14. 26 year old suckling
    Who gave away her Glory
    And became nude and ashamed
    all because of vain marriage thoughts
    You cast your peals to swine
    Be afraid for what remains is
    For him to turn around and rend you
    Your pieces will be left scattered
    On the broad way that leads to destruction
    On which you thread
    Better retrace you steps
    To the narrow way of life

  15. 26 year old that reasons like a toddler

  16. Maybe your vagina was smelling badly.. posted are you ugly?? You sound dumb

    1. Isn't the dumb and ugly one the one that write "posted" instead of 'poster"
      Are you sure you read before you 'posted?'

  17. Kai....This poster is so naive. Y would anyone in her right senses, send her nude photo to a man that is not married to you. I pity some girls shaa. Nne, pls receive sense and pray he never contacts you again. That man is MARRIED.

    Now to my gist....Hubby and I had a serious misunderstanding because he wanted his mistress (2nd wife to be) to attend his younger sisters wedding. When I found out his mind was made up, I had to take every courage in me to succumb.

    She came a day to the wedding and was bundled to a friends house ( her first disappointment) cos my inlaws rejected her. D d day, she respected herself and hid in a corner because village women were ready to pounce on her if she tries anything.

    As for me, I was Initially hurt, but when I saw God was using other people to fight for me, my heart began to feel at ease. After all the mouth she made to people, after bragging that she was coming to show me that she was in charge, shame catch her by force. Hubby nko, women, men, siblings and even his friends openly rebuked him for his actions. The lady in question is a single mum and way older than me.

    A family meeting was held, and hubby was asked to state his reasons for wanting a 2nd wife, all he could say was that, I had d habit of suspecting and accusing him of cheating even before he started, that he decided to cheat and take it to the next level ( marriage).

    He was told that his reasons were flimsy. An uncle told him that, it's only a woman in love that acts the way I did as she wouldn't like to share her man.

    After every every, hubby was just begging for forgiveness. Shame no gree madam step leg for our compound till I left for Lagos.

    Some women have guts shaa!

    1. Madam still cahnge your ways , men are deceptive o, he might tell u he has changed, do the right things so he doesnt go looking for another lady.

    2. Na wa oh. You are courageous and God fought for you.
      As my blood dey hot when disrespected, normal me will probably walk out on the marriage or ignore them. I hate being disrespected.

  18. That guy ran for his life after perceiving the odour from down there.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Nothing turns off a guy than a stinking cunt. Iyanma

  19. The only advise I have for you is this, never you share your nude with any man.
    It is your life, live it the way you want.

  20. You are really naive, poster. And you need to work on your self esteem and place more value on yourself. As for the man, forget him. He is no good and doesnt really care abt u. Dobt date anyone until u love and value yourself, den and only den can u tell dem how to treat u.

  21. Please forget that guy, he is a time waster. Stop sending your nude pictures to him. Block his number fast

  22. He kissed you and sucked you breast, he didn't run, wen it's now time to her sex, he have excuses and ran away and has never called you again since then..... My sister, you vijayjay is smelling.

  23. Never send nudes to any person albeit the love wey dey shack you. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

  24. At your age you still don't have sense I feel like cussing you but that won't help your case you better block that guy and stop sending your nudes to men foolish girl with stinky low self esteem and don't accept him when he comes back and I bet you he will never marry you that is if he's not already married. Mumu raise to power 100

  25. You are very stupid o. You should block him and never talk to him again. You don't even value yourself. Desperate local girl

  26. Mummy Triplet in Jesus name.4 January 2018 at 16:08

    My dear wise up.

  27. Your something was smelling and haba Aunts @26 you still behave like 10,well that man is married with kids,and trust one of his friends that he has shown your nude is coming for his own sucking of Bobby since you are mother looking for whom to breastfed better run to jesus and learn to close your legs and plenty brain fall on you nne kodibazie

  28. I'm not bothered about your off and on distribution of nudes though. I'm more concerned that at 26 you still don't know what's good for you. A guy stops talking to you when you don't send nudes and you don't see any reason to cut him off. He promised to marry you before your youth service and then all types of common sense left your body at the mention of the magic word "marriage".He has a covenant with God concerning sex but the covenant wasn't active when he was asking for nudes. Aunty please this is 2018,you can't be starting this year confused about someone that doesn't have sense like this so.

    1. I won't insult u poster cos we have all made mistakes in the past when we were younger but not at 26, I will advice u henceforth be wise, a man that loves u can never ask for nudes, even if he does if u refuse if he loves u he willl stay, secondly go and clean up, u were dirty down there that was why guy man took off and claimed born again status sharp, be wise men hate cheap girls.

  29. Abeg Stella relax!! No be nyansh. Holy holy

  30. All I can tell you is that the guy is married.
    Shut him out of your life.

  31. Pls this guy will not marry and why is it that you are sending nude photo to a guy. Pls don't go back to that guy even if he comes back. Work on yourself and your guy will locate you

  32. He said with the way things are going, he might end up with you...chai!! Your self esteem is not actually have self esteem at all.

  33. Firstly u are supposedly 26 ? and u a graduate ? .....Babe u don't behave like some1 who is 26 or has been to the University advice is u run when I say run I mean u literary run from him cos he is toxic and obviously using u and no 2 stop sending any man even your husband nudes

  34. The guy is married. The only reason he did not gbensh you was because you were stinking down there.

  35. At this age, you should know there are some set of males you shouldn't associate with. Infact, most times the kind of people you move with show the kind of person you are.

    At 26, you're with a guy who still asks for nudes..are you both 15?

    I hope you've gone to check the chronicles I asked you to check? You better do. Whilst you're at it, may you receive fresh sense for this new year.

  36. Ability to know when to say capital NO Is very vital. Understanding that your own happiness does not come from man then you will learn not allow a being like you determine your way of life. Ask God for wisdom because you need it. Forget about him and focus your effort on valuable things that will impact you positively

  37. Receive E-slap! Nne you're not naive but plain stupid! Ijikwa uche gi? What will i not read on sdk? Forget that man, ask God to forgive your stupidity and move on. Never send nudes to any man and don't ever give into what you're not ready for in the name of pleasing a man.

  38. The guy is married with kids, he won't marry you, please stop sharing your nude pictures they blackmail you with it . Please stay very far away from this guy.

  39. Stop sending nude pictures fool !
    Mumu girl.

  40. Hes a married man leave him! U deserve better n value yourself.. When a women become vulnérable to a man. they toast u around like a coin.. Besides you 26 even older women cant behave like u

  41. Never let a man know how much you love by doing that u make yourself very vulnerable, keep loving yourself, one day there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

  42. This must be a joke to get a reaction from people but If it is not then boi....
    First of all, let’s all try to be sensitive as this woman must be besides herself. However, I hope that Grace is able to pick herself up, pray for self confidence and move forward with her life.
    You can’t cry over spilt milk but you have the power to shape your today and tomorrow so cut yourself off and try again. And if any negative/s should come as a result of your past mistakes (I.E. the nude pics etc): then deal with it as you see fit at that time.

    I really do wish you well and hope God gives you the strength to move on. Xx

  43. Close your legs!! Stop sending nudes...

  44. What Covenant did he say he's having with God? Does God encourage immortality or did God said in His word (THE BIBLE) that you should defile your body before Marriage? No, God hates immorality. Don't defile your body anymore because your body is the Temple of God! Ask God for forgiveness of sin, so He can redirect your foot steps you take and have a New relationship in Christ Jesus!!! I pray for God's mercy upon your life today! It shall be well with you if you're ready to have a life in Christ Jesus, you will have a better Life

  45. ...and while at it, visit a gynaecologist to treat the infection u have down 'below'.

    Also, block that guy from WhatsApp and calls, if possible, change your number so he can't contact u again.

    Go for your NYSC and before that, learn to love yourself and build up your self esteem, who knows, u might meet your Mr.Right there.

    As long as u still in communication with this werey guy, u will never meet a better man cos all your thoughts have been fogged by him already.

    Leave him, let him go, change your number, love yourself, be closer to God and see how God will send your man this year.

  46. Why are you all assuming she has an infection? What if he's the one with an infection and God saved her by making him change his mind suddenly? Also I don't know why most people here think the marriage is the be all. The guy won't marry you, the guy won't marry you.... It's not about that. Even if he proposes to her, she should reject him because he's a confirmed counterfeit. The ring is not the prize ladies. Poster heed the warnings you have received here. Learn to love and respect yourself first.

  47. Why d emphasis around her age though? The gal needs advice, clearly she thinks she's in love, and her brain is in lock down.

    Give her some sensible advice without all the bitter jabs.

    Now lady, have u considered the possibility that this guy has some serious sexual dysfunction?

    Consider changing your number so he cant contact u again. Even if he gets angry he cant do much with your pictures since he cant find you.

    Stal real far from that nutter!


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