Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..


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Friday, January 05, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



Hello Stella,
I'm a confused 26 years old baby mama.

Everything thing started in 2008 when i met this cute Anambra business
man. He used to come to my mum's shop to buy drinks and he started
asking me out. I didn't like him then cos i was dating my first love
then,he made so many attempts for me to look his way but i was always
insulting him.

 Fast forward to 2010 when my then boyfriend travelled
out of the country,stopped all means of communications with reasons
best known to him and i started catching feelings for this man cos he
never stopped asking me out. 

I finally said yes to him in 2011 and he came to see my parents. It was on our introduction ceremony night he made love to me and broke my virginity. He came down to my village for traditional marriage and we went back to Lagos to live as man and wife.

 Back then when we were dating,the only problems we had was that
he didn't want to see me with any man regardless of who the person
was. His jealousy was out of this world and he made me stop talking to
my male friends,even the guys i grew up with. 

When we got married,it became worse. I dare not greet or talk to any unmarried man in theNcompound or the whole street. If i do,i must receive a hot slap for doing so and accused for having something with that same person.

There was this day that i went to the market(i forgot to add that our
house was close to his business place and its also close to a daily
market),and this man traced me to the market to see if i would talk to
any man on the way(not like i gave him any reason to doubt my love and
loyalty to him).

He would call to say what he wanted for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

The only food he ate more than once was stew and soup,other food must
be fresh so i was always cooking. Sadly i had one still birth and one
miscarriage as a result of both physical and emotional abuse. 

An igbo man that attended Celestial Church,he took me to Ibadan to one
celestial prophet for prayers and the stupid man said i had a
spiritual husband and i needed to be cleansed. Before i could say
anything,the man gave me water and soap to go and bathe in a river and
throw the white wrapper he gave me in the river. I did all these for
peace to reign and my ex husband warned me never to tell my parents.

 I finally ran out of his house to my parents house and downloaded
everything I've been passing through in his house. Did i add that i
hardly made my hair or wear good clothes? He would give me money to go
and put in his siblings account(they were in a private university
then) and when i ask for money to buy clothes or make my hair,we would
quarrel(he stopped me from working or coming to his shop).

Both families came together to settle us and i told them i was done
with the marriage and that was how my bride price was refunded back to
him and his people and we went our separate ways.

Fast forward to two years ago after i lost my job,i met this young man
Stanley through my street girl who happens to come from his village.
According to her,Stanley told her he was looking for a wife so she
said pics of four of her friends to him and he didn't like them until
she sent my pic and he said i was the one.

 We got talking and started off. Before i knew what was happening,i took in and he was very happy.

He came to see my parents and made his intention made to them.
Hilda(the girl that hooked us up)was the first person i told i was
pregnant and begged her not to tell anyone,because my mum would be
hurt if she happened to find out especially from outsiders that ......

The plan was that i would let my mum know after Stanley must have done the
marriage rites but before the end of the week,my male friend came to
me to ask if i was pregnant. That Hilda told a girl that told another
girl who told him that i was pregnant for their king's son. To say i
was devastated was an understatement, i called her to know why she
spread what i told her in confidence and she denied telling anyone.

 I told her she was the only one that knew apart from Stanley and that
made us stopped talking with each other. I just don't know what
happened but she called Stanley's elder brother that the person his
brother wants to marry has been married before with two kids. Wahala
started from left,right,centre and his siblings vowed that their
brother would never marry a divorcee that its against their royal kini

 I told my mum and she was sad that i got pregnant out of wedlock
but forgave me nonetheless. Out of thinking of what would be my fate,i
developed high blood pressure. My man told his people that he would
marry me with or without their consent and when they saw that he was
dead serious,they gave their consent and a date was fixed for

We did the introduction and my mum travelled down to the
village to get the marriage list. I had a still birth at 32 wks due to
complications from pre-eclampsia. The main brother-in-law to be who is
against my marriage to his younger brother is the new king(was made
king after their father.

How are you a baby mama?I dont know whether you ended the story like this or you didnt send all but i dont see this being easy for you..good luck....



Hi Stella, I'll just go straight to the point.....

My boyfriend of two years said he told his mother about me and she said he cannot marry anyone that is not Yoruba...

I love this guy and I'm sure he loves me too.

I just don't know what to do
Should I just break up with him or hope she changes her mind
Fellow bvs who have experienced such should please share

*Hmmm when a woman says her son cannot Marry you and you insist to go ahead because you love him,you have declared war in that situation and for some,they tell their stories years later and wish they had walked in the beginning...
Dont let someone come and tie your destiny becos of love ooooh....


  1. Poster two, loosen ur hold a bit or let go or hang in there.

    1. Poster one thanks for making me to imagine the end of your story.

    2. Poster two if you have a strong heart you can go ahead and marry if not take a bow

    3. Today is for DUMB IGBO GIRLS.
      Poster 2, get a trader from your side and leave the guy alone. I will never advise anyone to go to a family where they are not welcomed.

      Poster 1, 26 years in 2018 meaning you started dating when you were at least 16.
      Your greedy parents gave you out in marriage at 19 to a trader.
      No mention of school.
      What job are you actually talking about? Is it a sales girl at Alaba international?
      You didn't mention anything as being your problem but I would recommend you get some education and make your life better. You didn't come to this world for man.

  2. Poster one, send the complete gist, unless u r saying after stanley u met another guy n got pregnant.

    Have u checked ur rhesus or whatever it called? Cos of the stillbirths.

    1. When you tell these girls to close those holes between their thighs until their bride price is paid, they cuss you.
      Now who is confused??
      Who is having high BP?
      The man has scored goal and gone his way; hasn't he?
      And crowned MVP on top of that.
      The girl is the "baby mama, divorce," and of course someone will
      tag her "ashawo"
      As for the man, he is "a prince"

    2. Blackberry see ur friend ooo. When I read this comment I said to myself that blackberry should come and reply her friend as usual but I scrolled up and saw this comment under hers.kikikikiki

    3. Lol, I've seen the abortion minister o hahahahahaa

    4. I can see that Blackberry and friends love this "abortion minister" a lot.
      Hope you are practicing the message?

  3. Poster one...
    Where is the concluding part of your story?...
    You married my Anambra brother and he treated you wrongly?
    Something is not right with you!...cos my brothers don't joke with their wives and children!...
    I think you have a marine spirit and a spiritual husband!...
    See how they scattered your first marriage!...
    And if care is not taken,they will scatter this your second marriage!...
    Go and settle them if you want a good life!...

    Poster two
    You better break up with him!...
    If a yaraba mother inlaw no like you,na hell you go see for the marriage!...

    1. Abeg, how do I settle this spiritual husband. Despite my good xter,beauty, humility, good job etc. I ve been dumped by my hubby despite being pregnant and other men that came later,just fell out of love. Pls help.

  4. First narrator, your story is incomplete. Please give us the full gist.
    Second narrator, please don't push it! Walk away when you can.

  5. Poster 2: I use God name beg you LEAVE THAT MAN FOR HIS MOTHER!!!! If she changes her mind, then good.. go ahead, dont be a srubborn soldier for love, ive experienced unshakable love go sour & turned to rubbles, i couldnt believe my eyes, but one certain lesson i learnt is that PEOPLE CHANGE, he might love u scatter 2day, no doubt & hes not lying wen he says he will marry u regardless, he might even trully go ahead & marry you, then the chips will fall, then you'd see the real heat from the kitchen, u wont believe ur eyes, e go be like film trick! His mother will win, even if she dies, the siblings will never like you, see Psquare na, they dislike Lola, who knows what'd follow... theyve broken the band. So my dear, love is not enough!!!

    Poster 1: The fear of village ppl is the beginning of wisdom, theyve come in form of ur friend.

    1. Poster 2, though I’m a newly wed and may not have as much experience. In my case, it’s my dad that refused my marriage to my husband for reasons best known to him. I chose my husband against all odds because I genuinely know he’s a great man and the devil will not come between us in Jesus name, amen! But we chose love over our families (mind you, only my dad was against). In your case, the difference in tribe makes me worry, but there’s nothing prayers can do. Ask your man to be really honest with you, and you can take it up from there. I hope God touches his moms heart.

      Stella, Biko stop it if it’s a play. Which one is tying destiny again? Rme

  6. Ppster1: thanks for confusing me this new year bcos I can't comprehend your writes up and how you ended up bn a baby mama,maybe you need to shield more light in the comment section.
    Poster2: listen to let it go by passenger and borrow sense to let him go sharp sharp. Don't even waste your precious time with him.

  7. Poster 1: E go hard you oh, I see the new king forcing another woman on his brother and she will be recognized as the wife while you might remain there fighting for relevance and to stop having stillbirths.

    Decide now if out will manage the marriage or walk away because the family will dance to the tune of the king.

    Poster 2: Don't enter a family by force, you will regret eventually. See poster 1. Just detach yourself slowly till you've gotten over him. E go better.

  8. Poster 1, I didn't really get your story just like stella said maybe you didn’t send in the complete story so until then no advice for you on my end
    Poster 2, how sure are you that he truly loves you to marry you? Some guys use that line when they don't want to marry a girl. my dad (of blessed memory) said my brother will not marry his then girlfriend he did everything possible for him to marry her m dad had no choice than to accept his choice they have been married for 18 years now with three beautiful children. I would advice you don't hang in there give other guys a chance so you don't regret waiting for someone who can't put his foot down forfor you

  9. hmmmmmmm

    Poster1.....ur chronicle is just like me reading story books written and published by hungry authors.

    Poster..when mum says No... Ogbeni,,, no two way about it except God's intervention

    Mc pinky

  10. First poster:
    Having sex before marriage, apart from being a sin against God, rarely ends well.
    if only this lady has closed her legs and her vagina, she won't be confused.

    Can the second poster fight the "wars??"
    It involves a lot of fasting and prayers
    And needless to say that chastity is a pre-condition.
    When the mother begin to consult the devils, can you prevail?
    If you count the cost and are ready, then marry him. If not,
    run away.
    Talking from experience.

  11. Poster2 please leave that man it never ends nicely when a mother don't want a particular tribe.

  12. Poster 1, no advise with incomplete gist
    Poster 2, are you ready for abrakata abrakata? Uche gi diya

  13. Poster 2 i am yoruba and i am telling you dont try it. Drop her son for her and waka.

  14. Very sad!!!! leave the guy and pray for your future partner

  15. Poster 1 uncompleted story poster 2 abeg drop your feelings for that guy fast.

  16. Poster 2 abeg just forget the guy. That's how it starts


    Poster please send the part 2 of the story sorry chronicle so we can advice better.

  18. Poster 1 ,go and check your rhesus factor. Ensure to use a Tertiary/ teaching hospital for Antenatal care in your next pregnancy.

  19. #How you look and treat yourself, teaches everyone how to handle and treat you*

  20. It all depends on your MAN. He has to remain resolute.i was in the same situation but It worked out well.So many times I wished I had walked away. It was not easy but today the same woman says I'm her best daughter in law. You as the woman what ever they say remain respectful.


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