Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

Story of a white woman that got entangled in a polygamous web.

Martins was sent abroad by his elder brother to go and study medicine at Oxford University. In the course, of studying, he met and fell in love with Anita an Irish lady who was also a student in the same school. She later gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, a replica of his father. 

They got married in the registry.

On completing his course, he came back to Nigeria as a medical doctor. He never disclosed to any one including his elder brother that he had fathered a son while studying abroad. Fortunately for him, he was assisted by his brother to establish a standard hospital and he was doing great as a gynaecologist. Many expectant mothers always had testimonies to share after undergoing medical treatment in his hospital.

With time, he became popular and his hospital expanded with other professionals coming in. He later got married to Lilian and trained her as a qualified midwife to assist him in the medical line.

Lilian had seven children for him, five boys and two girls. Some became medical doctors, engineer, and other professionals. Life was good to him and his family, wealth kept coming in with other good things of life.

One wonderful day, Martins and his wife welcomed unexpected visitors. Who are they? Anita and her son Johnny. Martins was so excited and happy on seeing his long lost son and wife.

Johnny told his father that he stumbled on his thesis when he was making a search as medical student and was struck by the name. He asked his mother for clarifications, made some enquiry and they decided to visit him in Nigeria.

He introduced them to his family and how they came into his life at his younger age. ''You never mentioned you had a son to me'' Lilian asked him. 

''That was my past and my past remains in the past '' was his reply. Everyone in the neighbourhood came out to greet them. Anita was all over Martins, trying to revive the love they once shared and Martins was ready to dish it to the fullest. 

Lilian and her children especially the first and the second son were thinking that they had a few months to endure them but Anita was not ready to go back... Martins bought a car for his biracial son, bought a lot of things for him and his mother,and introduced him to his kins men as his first son.

After a period of seven months and they were not ready to go, the battles started. Lilian and her sons were not ready to share their father’s properties with a foreigner and her son. Lilian beat up Anita one day when she kissed martins in her presence. She complained that Anita have been sleeping with her husband since she arrived.

They threatened Johnny to return back to his base. Martins on his part did not want them to go back again. He said he is not ready to separate from them again. The drama was no longer funny and Martins invited his kinsmen to talk to Lilian and her children.

Anita told Martins to return back abroad with them but Martins wanted them to stay here in Nigeria while Lilian and her sons did not want them to spend one more night. The children hated their father for recognising Johnny as his first son and accepting them back into his life. 

The happiness they once shared was no longer there.

It is very important to spill your past with your spouse than avoiding it because one day it will bounce back to your face and you cannot run away from it.


  1. Enter your comment...which kain half story be this?

  2. The children should thank their God it's only one son, some cases like this u see the man having numerous children from different women. Moreover, the man married the woman legally not like she was a baby mama.

    The man should just write his will now, get the boy n his mama their own apartment and seek for way to settle this issue, else, he will die soon.

  3. But why did the martins abandon Anita and her abroad?

  4. These are nice stories but the narrators are making is sound mechanical.

  5. I so much love this segment on SDK

  6. I thought as much

  7. He should have told Lilian from the onset. Men sha!if na woman do that one now...

  8. Half baked story
    Poster concluding part pls....

  9. Na wa for your SDK. Why do you always leave me on the road in this kind of story.

    Please writers. We love your story. Try and complete the story next time

    What happened next.

    Did Anita go back to Abroad. So many what jor

  10. What kind of story is this? Mtchew

  11. Lots of unanswered question.
    Jonny will always be the first child.

  12. Shuuu
    Where is the bombom of the story?

  13. That was how a neighbour's marriage packed up last year. They were married for 30years. The couple attended the wedding ceremony of the wife's youngest sister taking place in Enugu. The man was surprised when his wife was invited to sit on the high table as 'mother of the bride'. His mother in-law was late but in attendance were his wife's elder sisters. He heard from people that his wife was actually the mother of the bride! That was how marriage ended. From the venue he drove directly to PH and packed his wife out. She hasn't come back from June to date.

  14. Abeg come complete ur story, which kind half gist b dis.

  15. Same thing happened to a close family friend but luckily he told his wife about the white woman and kids he had while schooling abroad. When the biracial kids came to Nigeria to meet their dad, they were well received with a warm welcome. This is all the man's fault, he should have told his naija wife from the get go. Men!


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