Stella Dimoko Emergency Room Series: Malaria When Preggy


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Emergency Room Series: Malaria When Preggy

There's always a limit to what the body can take before it gives in. 

A woman in her mid thirties was brought to the ER. She was rushed in by her colleagues from her work place. She was said to have slumped and passed out at work and started bleeding from her vagina. she had been vomiting before passing out. She was in the mid stage of her pregnancy, about 4 months.

On admission, she had somehow gained consciousness. Her pulse was fast and her blood pressure was a bit low. She was so worried about her baby and kept asking if her baby was fine. 

We quickly passed IV fluids to rehydrate her and replace the fluids lost. She had medications to stop the vaginal bleeding. Her blood sample was taken to check her blood level along with tests for malaria, electrolyte count and others. The doctor was more concerned about the malaria test result. 

The gynaecologist came around and used a Doppler fetoscope to check for the fetal heart beat but wasn't getting any heart beat. She was immediately wheeled to the ultrasound room to check the condition and activity of the baby. 

The malaria test came out to be +++, which was severe for someone who is pregnant. As she got to the scan room, she was assisted to stand from the wheel chair and lay down on the scan couch. As she got up, the bleeding increased. 

We suddenly heard a thud. Gbam!. 

The baby dropped on the floor. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. 

The patient screamed. I froze. There was so much blood everywhere. She was quickly put back on the wheelchair. The doctor quickly grabbed the foetus. I think he was trying to resuscitate the child or look for signs of life. I just stood there, staring at the baby with my heart pounding. The child was already pale, blue and with wrinkled skin which meant the child would have been dead for at least a day or two in her tummy. 

Right there in the scan room, we got the instruments for evacuation and asked for her consent, she was crying so much. She would lose more blood if the placenta and other fetal materials are not removed on time. She had the tissues removed and she was cleaned up and taken to the recovery room where she had two bags of blood. She also had pain medications and antibiotics. I stayed back to console her. We can only empathize and not sympathize. 

She was inconsolable. Her colleagues at the office sat with her on the bed. They were quite many and increased in number after office hours. I've not seen a lady cry that much. She asked God why He took her joy away. I learnt she hasn't had a child in her 10 year marriage. She must have been a very friendly and jovial person as there were a lot of people coming to see her. 

Usually we dont allow visitors into the recovery room but we allowed them to sympathize with her. We were told her husband was out of town.

Malaria in pregnancy is a very dangerous condition. If you have malaria while pregnant, you and your baby have an increased risk of developing serious complications, such as: premature birth – birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy, low birth weight, restricted growth of the baby in the womb, stillbirth, miscarriage or worse the death of the mother. 

It is important for pregnant women to avoid getting exposed to mosquitoes. Clean environment and drainage, use of mosquito net, regular malaria treatment are ways to avoid complications that arise from malaria. You should safeguard your health and that of your unborn child.

*OMG OMG::...this is so so sad but How come she didnt know that she had Malaria before t got so bad?Are there signs to look out for?can you tell us?


  1. this is so sad...
    Shinny Boss

    1. Malaria in Pregnancy is really a bastard. Especially when the mother isn't aware. I'm sure the woman would be seeing symptom and ignoring it or maybe confusing it with pregnancy symptoms. Maybe the nature of her job didn't allow her to go for regular check up. Maybe her genotype was AA because they have severe malaria easily. I pray God replaces the child soon

    2. Yeah. So true Anon. Most pregnant women mistake the symptoms.

      This is so sad.

    3. My mouth literally dropped to the floor. Feel so sorry for her. She should have been getting regular visits to the Dr

  2. Oh no this is so sad. God will bless her with another bundle of Joy.

  3. Stella, maybe she was talking over the counter medication and not been to see a doctor for proper treatment.
    What a sad story so touching.

  4. Jesus Christ!! this is chilling!! was she not going for antenatal? the malaria would've been detected. my goodness.. I sympathize with her.

  5. I cried seriously after reading this...Its unfortunate.May God give her triple reasons to smile again..#TRIPLETSLOADING#GODWILLDOITAGAIN#GODISABLE#GODALONE#

  6. Oh no!💔💔😩🤦‍♀️ May God console her and give her another in no time.

  7. This is so sad. But most people don't take malaria serious.

  8. Painful. Drs will tell u point blank. No malaria drug for pregnancy. That will mk u extra careful

    1. Hello Anonymous, there are malaria medications that are safe for use in pregnancy.

  9. This is so painful. Nurses dey try sha, na orishirshi unable dey see.

  10. This is sad. May God console her.

  11. Hmmm this is so sad may she be comforted Chai me that had malaria twice during pregnancy Lord I am grateful


  12. This is sad! After ten years of searching and the result ends up not only heart breaking but gory.
    I don't know her but I kno God will strengthen her and give her double for her loss.

  13. OMGoodness
    Malaria is very bad.
    Signs to look out for are:weakness,tiredness,feeling feverish with high body temperature,vomiting.

    A colleague once lost her foetus at 6months, she kept saying Jesus will heal her without going for ante-natal.
    May God console and double her joy in Jesus name

  14. Precix Books and Cakes11 January 2018 at 12:51

    This is so sad. I think she probably refused any medication due to fear. I see no reason why someone will stay that long or even for a month or two without treating malaria most especially here in nigeria. For instance I for one was afraid of taking any medication (except vitamins ) due to fear of it affecting my baby. I know better now. Some of the medications are safe

  15. So sad..malaria in pregnancy is deadly.Father thank You o.I had my 4kids with no story o.
    Ify nwansukka good to see u are coming back to ur active self small small.

  16. It's really a pity.
    God please save all expectant mothers from such heartache...amen.

  17. Kai,I can imagine the pain!!!!!!
    She might have been to busy with work and everyday life to notice how sick she feels!

  18. Oh dear! This is heartbreaking. May the Lord heal her and give her double for her loss.

  19. Jesus.
    Please just like Stella asked,answer the question. I visited my family last weekend,and I was exposed to mosquitoe bites. I have no symptoms of malaria o! Am I suppose to do something about the bites?

  20. ooooo Lord of mercy . i feel so sad for her. Jesus pls give her a double testimony .

  21. The common signs of malaria in Pregnancy are : Throwing up or feeling like you're going to. Headache. Diarrhea. Being very tired (fatigue)
    Body aches. Yellow skin (jaundice) from losing red blood cells. Kidney failure and seizures in severe cases. Most of these symptoms are similar to pregnancy symptoms and must not be confused as it. Its important to do malaria test and treatment every 5 weeks in Pregnancy. Asides that one needs to maintain an hygienic environment and others stated above. The use of mosquito nets are important too.


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