Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha..


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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha..

The story of Agunna that married three wives. 

Agunna Ezeugo was the first child of his parents. He was a business man who was into selling of stock fish- okporoko. At the age of twenty seven he decided it was time for him to be married. He picked obiageli as his wife, who bore three children for him – two boys and a girl.

He loved  obiageli but his weakness was women, he loved them so much. He later got married to Ngozika, who also delivered five boys for him. He had two concubines that frequented his matrimonial home at will even in the presence of his wives and kids. One of the concubines had a child for him.

At the age of fifty eight, he fell in love with Mary,a younger girl of eighteen years old,. Mary was the apple of his eyes, he could do and undo anything just to make her happy.

Mary and Ngozika were always in constant logger heads. They never liked each other one bit. Most occasions, there will be fights between the two, Ngozika and Mary, Agunna will always beat up Ngozika. He never scolded Mary for disrespecting her senior.

One day, Ngozika was beaten up by Agunna for exchanging words with Mary. Later, she went to her parents’ house to complain to her brothers. They came in company of soldiers and dealt with Agunna and his beloved wife. They were admitted in the hospital. On getting back home, he told her to leave but family members intervened and she was asked to bring goat and yams to appease the husband and told her on no account should she report her husband to her people again.

Agunna was appeased but his love for Ngozika for bringing shame to him and his beloved younger wife – Mary declined more than before. He also decided to forgive because of her children but hated her with passion. To the extent that all could notice the hatred even on her children.

Mary, on her part was always mounting pressure on her husband for so many things. I want new wrapper today, I want Suzuki to ease stress of boarding buses. All these demands, Agunna was ready to meet but she was never satisfied with what he did for her, she wanted more.

 This desire to outshine her mates and look attractive all the time made her to start sleeping around which graduated to bringing in men secretly to their home anytime Agunna travelled for his business.

She was caught in the act one day by Agunna. Out of shame she abandoned her three month old baby and ran to Warri. Agunna, was ready to forgive her but she refused to come back. Her baby was taken to her mother to nurture but she later died.

Meanwhile, when Mary left, the first concubine Theresa that gave birth for Agunna was now agitating to move in with her son fully as a legal wife. Ngozika could not take it. She opposed it with everything in her. Obiageli, the first wife told them to let peace reign but Ngozika refused to listen. After much troubles, family meeting was called to settle the matter. Eventually, Theresa moved in with them.

But there was cold war. As usual, fight ensued one morning over who will travel to Lagos with Agunna. Although, Agunna told them he preferred Theresa to go with him but Ngozika refused to accept that, her reason is that it was her turn to travel with him and demanded that she be the person to travel with Agunna.

As the argument was heating up, Theresa told Ngozika that she was not loved by Agunna so, he cannot allow her to go with him, out of anger, Ngozika carried the pot of the boiling water on fire and poured the content on Theresa. She cried out in pain for help and when Agunna rushed out to know what was going on, he slipped and fall. Both of them were rushed to the hospital.

Agunna survived but was bed ridden till he died, Theresa’s left eye and part of her body was disfigured because Ngozika poured the hot boiling water on her face. 

 Ngozika ran for her life abandoning her sons. In the end, obigaeli remained the true wife who was there for him in his time of need.

Polygamy is not something to desire and it’s not enjoyable.


  1. Getting really annoyed reading these stories.

    Shebi he died, when he get there on the gate of hell and heaven, he should be flogged with hot kobokob laced with camerounian pepper.

    Foolish man that is a doggy. He could not enjoy his life. Everyday problem.

    One wife is a problem talkless of 3 and with concubines.

    They will all be marrying more wives, they cannot find out how King David and King Solomon sustained theirs.

  2. I hope the men are reading this, flee from polygamy it never ends well

    1. When it concerns the two P's, listening is far from it. You just leave them and watch them make their mistakes.

    2. @Shiny boss
      Hope too the ladies who open vagina agharaghara are reading it. Was it goats that the man was sleeping with; were they not women who knew he was married? The one that brought men into the house, was she a man?

  3. The foolish man met his match.

  4. Na waoo what a painful tragedy..

  5. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Self control keeps one from troubles.

  6. Polygamy leads to early grave

  7. The only way polygamy can work is if the women have their own homes in their own compounds far enough from each other. Which man in his right mind is going to put three women under the same roof and expect peace. Interestingly, children born into polygamy do not tend to want to do the same, I wonder why...

  8. I must say that I'm not just feeling polygamy chronicle,I think it should be canceled.I hate reading it,only read few when it just started

    1. As in ehn.... E be like tales by moon light

  9. Na wao...controlling of dick is beginning of wisdom.


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