Stella Dimoko Doyin Okupe Provides Shocking Revelations Over Benue State Massacre


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Doyin Okupe Provides Shocking Revelations Over Benue State Massacre

A former aide to the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan, has spoken concerning the incessant attacks and killing of Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen.

Posting sterling revelations by Professor Charles Adisa of the Chinua Achebe Center for Leadership and Development, about the continued killing, kidnapping and maiming of their host communities by the herders, Okupe lamented that over 1000 people had been murdered across the country.

He blamed the Federal Government for its lukewarm attitude in handling the situation and protecting lives of innocent Nigerians.

The article reads, “For a long time, the Nigerian state has been under siege by Fulani herdsmen terrorists operating under a predictable pattern of reconnaissance, attack and withdrawal, leading to many deaths and social dislocations. Since January 2016, there has been documented deaths of approximately 1000 Nigerians from across the middle belt, the South-south, and Southeastern parts of the country from these coordinated Fulani herdsmen attacks. The Fulani herdsmen are credited with destabilizing the city of Jos, a once tourist destination.

The failure to protect the citizens is the liability of the Federal Government of Nigeria and its armed forces. Most Nigerians and international bodies do not understand the Fulani herdsmen problem and we at CACLD did not initially. We therefore dispatched a fact finding team to the Southeastern part of the country to unravel the intricacies and complexities of the Fulani terrorist group; a group rated as the fourth most dangerous by respected international conflict organizations (According to the Global Terrorism Index 2015 report).

Our fact finding team visited interviewed neighbors from the local communities living within and around the Hausa communities. Both the Northerners and the local community were very open and volunteered valuable information to our team. There seems to be a willingness and eagerness for the violence to end.

Below are our findings:

The Fulani Herdsmen terrorists do not own cattle: This is another revelation that may come as a surprise to many. Fulani herdsmen killers’ major job description is just to kill. They do not own any cattle. Most of them are employed by the cattle owners as “security men” whose job is strictly to protect the cattle. They do not however follow the cattle around, but move in separate vehicles along a defined route within the states where cattle are being reared.

The cattle are owned by more prominent Fulani leaders in the country. Most Nigerian Fulanis are no longer migratory herdsmen, but are either Emirs, Sultans, heads of parastatals, oil barons, Imams, Governors, Federal Reps, and Senators. However, they still maintain their cultural ownership of cattle.

These wealthy Nigerians increase their wealth astronomically through cattle rearing by using their not-well-off brothers from outside Nigeria to rear these cattle. Instead of investing in ranches and buying of grasses from the South, they chose the cheaper alternative of having their kinsmen, imported from outside the country, take these cattle from the north to south seasonally; using the entire Nigerian space as their ‘grass kingdom’. These cattle, in turn, destroy farms in their path, rendering farmers economically bankrupt to further enrich the wealthy Fulani “remote herders.

For clarity sake, let us present the breakdown of Fulani people in Nigeria as we deduced from our investigation.

There are about 5 million Fulani people in Nigeria making them one of the smallest ethnic groups in the country.
“Out of the 5 million Fulani people, only about 3 million of them are Nigerians. The remaining 2 million come from outside the country and are first generation immigrants.

About 60 percent of the Fulanis in Nigeria are governors, Imams, Emirs, Sultan, House of Rep members, Importers, Exporters, Ministers, Oil well owners, lecturers, Vice Chancellors, Ministers, and Senators etc. In a nutshell, the Fulani control all sectors of the northern economy. These rich Fulani’s own all the cattle being reared in Nigeria.
“The remaining 40 percent of Fulanis come from outside the country. These are the poor and peasant Fulanis. These immigrant Fulani’s are mostly in charge of the cattle owned by the Bourgeois Fulani. Because the Fulanis have the highest income per capita in the Nigerian state (Fulani’s who are Nigerians), they constantly need to import their poor brothers and sisters from outside the country to increase their population and to help with menial jobs. The Fulanis always either marry into rich families or they would marry only Fulani to maintain their pure race.

Lastly, there is a group of Fulani herdsmen who rear the cattle from the north to the south. These are at the bottom of the Fulani Herdsmen ladder. Some of them do not even know how to speak English and are so poor that they are paid just a little amount of money for their job. These herdsmen do not carry guns. They only carry arrows and machetes to help them navigate the bushes on their way down to the South.

We learned from the surrounding communities and from some of the Hausa elders about what constitutes a Fulani herdsmen attack. According to information we received, when there is a disagreement between host communities, or between herdsmen and farmers, the Fulani herdsmen who accompany the cattle will locate the nearest Fulani settlement. When they arrive, they will narrate their story.

The Fulani (Nigerian middlemen) cattle managers will notify their top Fulani Herdsmen which in this case, include governors (like El Rufai) and other top Fulani Bourgeois who own the cattle. A decision will be made about whether there should be an attack or not on the said village or host community. If an attack is sanctioned, then modalities will be mapped out and a date will be chosen for the attack. Most times, Fulani herdsmen in the military and police are notified and everyone sends a representative. Neighboring settlements sends out representatives and arms cache are opened and arms are distributed to the participants. The major participants are the 20 to 40 Fulani herdsmen whose job is to kill.

During an attack, every Fulani person in the area knows there will be an attack and all will contribute to make sure it goes on successfully. Fulanis in the higher levels of the military will ensure all commands under them stand down, and the top Fulani police officers will do the same. The road is then clear for the Fulani herdsmen to carry their attacks.
“Next time when we talk about a herdsmen attack, we must understand that the attack was not carried out by the herdsmen you see escorting cattle on the roads and bushes. These attacks are well coordinated and sometimes involves the approval of senators and influential men in Abuja.

Even our president Mohammed Buhari has a herd of cattle and hence is a Fulani herdsman, corroborating the information we received from respondents on ground. Fulani herdsmen attacks involves all Fulani ethnic members in Nigeria. Most times, these attacks happen only because “respectable men” sanction them.
From Daily Post


  1. Read through...

    Well written, but its one-sided.. Shouldn't have mentioned names too..

    Who says yorubas don't own cattle too??
    Go to osogbo, most of their traditional rulers own cattle and give to the Fulani's to rear for them.

    How did I know? On my way to ivoryC, our bus collided with their cattle, thank God it was only two of those Fulani that was present..

    Long story short, we found out those baales own some of them too..

  2. Shame on the hypocrites that continue to support this administration. A government that will build a rail line in Niger republic but build 2nd river Niger bridge on paper. Wouldn't it have made a better economic sense for Nigeria if that rail line is between Warri and Onitsha?
    You sent army to kill unarmed IPOB protesters but can't even call fulani herdsmen the terrorists they are. And deep down, u are at peace. May God judge you.

    1. Jesus! Are we not in trouble? Enhe I now understand why it took so long for the government to talk, they are involved, why do they allow non Nigerians free passage into this country? Don't we have boarders anymore?
      I keep saying I am tired of Nigeria but walahi I am worn out, they will not see I and my family members in Jesus name amen, let's just divide this country into Muslim and Christian's, I think that's better, let them stay on their own.
      So this stupid government can call the people of Biafra terrorist but this are not terrorists? I am tired ooo
      This stupid buhari says we should go into farming yet he is making it hard for the farmers, how do you frustrate another mans business for the success of yours, some just farm to feed, so they are also taking food away from their mouths? I am tired, anyone that supports this government is a devil. Dear God please answer our cry, deal with these people how you did pharaoh please

  3. I commented on a similar post that the actual owners of these cattle are the unseen financiers of the ruling party. And so it is but the affected communities have to find a way to defend themselves too BY ALL. MEANS. if it degenerates to the highest form of disorder then so be it.

  4. This article is quite revealing. Jess!

  5. O my! what did I just read.God bless you sir for revealing this vital information to the public. just like you said sir they've turned the whole of Nigeria to their 'grass Kingdom'. You will see them with their cows crossing major roads. The guts this people have, will make you understand that they have major backings from the top. 'which way naija' this is just sad.

  6. How did we arrived here as a nation?
    I believed every thing in this article because I've lived in the north for close to ten yrs now. God will rescue Nigerians from this incessant killing.

  7. And this right here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

    Fulani's are ONE and do NOT forgive. They only use the hausas for number but rule over them. All the emirs are Fulani including the one in illorin. How do you explain that? With their 3-5million population.

    1. History has it that the Fulanis defeated the Hausas in war many years ago and as such will always rule the Hausas.
      This is not the first time I am hearing about this Fulani herdsmen modus operandi and what I heard about a year ago is exactly same thing narrated above so I do not doubt this story.

  8. It is really well with this country.

  9. Hmmmmmmmm this is really deep and thought provoking.
    This has opened my eyes to many things.

    1. No wonder they refuse Biafra's request. Naija go still divide one day.
      So apt

  10. The article is full of innuendos and false claims.

    1. descendant of 1st generation immigrants to Nigeria are actually Nigerans as er our constitution.
    2. 60% of Fulanis cannot be President, Governors, Senators, VCs and House of Assembly members. 60% of 3 Million is 1.8 Million persons!!! How many political positions are available across Nigeria? Nonsense!
    3. How come there are clashes amongst the Fulanis themselves if it is a centrally controlled organisation / tribe?
    4. It is STUPIDITY to claim a "Fulani Herdsmen" attack would involve all the Fulanis in the country.

    This is just a political post by Okupe masquerading as an intelligent research, it is all hogwash.

    The stage is being set surreptitiously for calumny against the Fulanis and the result would be ethnic wahala across this nation. We shouldn't allow sentiments to drive the way we view these issues.

  11. Oh My God! Wickedness in high places. Now all the rubbish in this government and country makes sense.

  12. These cattles are not own by only Fulani elites. Ownership cut across tribes. I know a SE billionaire who's a leader in the corporate world, he has over 600 cows in care of Fulani herders in Yobe States. Ownership is by class and not tribe.

  13. Hmm mm Nigeria nawa oooo. Cattle owners by class not by tribe. .#igbochic

  14. I visited the Federal University of Technology Owerri FUTO sometime last July. There were these cattle all over the premises grassing inside the University like wild. The sight was quite awful. When I enquired who brought them inside a university premises, I was told that even the VC- can not stop them and I was speachless.


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