Stella Dimoko Actress Liz Anjorin Talks About Becoming A Muslim ....Parts 1--4


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Actress Liz Anjorin Talks About Becoming A Muslim ....Parts 1--4

WOW...This woman is deep.
I dont know why she is chronicling her life online for us to read but I do hope that she finds closure from whatever  is hurting her.....


  1. Lizzy just write a book titled
    Unbecoming a Muslim/life of a single child.
    If I hear you converted because of your mum....

    1. Seriously πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Good she hid behind the scenes from us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Rip to your mom. May our parents eat the fruit of their labor.

  2. I din't even bother reading it.

  3. Good for her. Whatever rock ur boat mehn.

  4. Ok, what should we do with this chronicle??

  5. Please come up with a cogent reasons for converting and not this story.

  6. It is well but did anyone asked you for this story??

  7. Please let her shut it. She had an experience, she's left the church. let her move on.
    Same person might have had a sour experience with Nollywood, did she leave?
    When it comes to the church, everyone wants to sow a bad seed.
    Who says some Muslims haven't had a fair share from their Imams. Or even traditionalists from native doctors. Did they leave? What's the essence of her post? For more Christians to leave or for her followers to start condemning pastors or priests?
    They dealt wrongly with you, you left, what's the point of referring to it this new year?
    Well, except this is a movie script.

    1. We have to call out some churches for what they are...
      The fastest way to convert people is by leading with example.

  8. So because your Mama family that are Muslim helped you to bury your mother who is also their sister, you now decide to convert to Muslim. Where were they when you people were homeless? I guess you were never a true Christian. In fact going to church every day does not mean the church have to carry the burden of one's burial.
    There are many group in the church, it is better to identify with a particular group, e.g. CWO, CMO, choir, CBIU, CBM, CYON etc.
    it is now your group members that will help rally around when the need arises. Don't just be a Sunday Sunday medicine. And also try and join village union wherever you are. And don't forget to pay your monthly dues. I dont understand the reason why people are buried in cemetery in Nigeria when everyone has a village. I thought cemetery are only for strangers.

  9. The sooner you all learn to read and digest well, the better. The message is simple and clear, her mother's corpse was rejected by pastors and those that helped her bury her mum and all other rites was a Muslim or Muslims as the case may be.
    So clearly she Joined because they helped her in time of need and didn't reject her mum despite not been a Muslim initially.

  10. A whole lot of people really dont know that our attitude has a lot to do with soul winning.
    RIP to your mom. Wish those pastors could see your write up and ask God for forgiveness.

  11. Most people forget that winning souls for christ is best done through how we treat the people who need us at one time or the other.
    Be a Christian or a Muslim let us learn to treat each other with kindness so that people can see God in us and not religion.


  12. Lizzy baby like like! U do well,the next story I wan read Na how I make your money as I sure say no be for acting. Abeg spill o as me set wan make serious money this 2018

  13. I fear for this woman story. .chaii.#igbochic

  14. she can fool her fans, but she can't deceive those who know her.Eletu,Sunday Ighoho and other rich miscreant's girlfriend.She converted to Islam because of her sugar daddy, enjoy the money he is giving you and don't try to cause division by bad mouthing one religion in favour of the other.So because some churches, in a particular area rejected your mother's corpse,we don't have their own side of the story or their reasons you suddenly concluded that christianity is evil and should be abandoned.By the way since she converted has christians come knocking on her door, or church pastors complained that they are loosing members

  15. Where were the Imams when you were homeless on the street? The church took you in, why didn't you sleep in the mosque all those times? Ungrateful somebody... You allow one bad experience override all the good ones memories, be true to yourself madam story teller.

  16. Many people have different religious experience. That is why attitude is important - kindness to people when they need us most is sometimes the only message they'll understand. It is important to be completely involved in what you believe and not just on the surface. Sleeping in church premises does not make you a Christian. I am sure the lady was never baptized or committed to the Christ in the church, so the church was right to say she was not their member but they missed an opportunity to show the love of Christ which welcomes everyone and use that as an opportunity to draw them in fully. At times it is important to allow the spirit of the law to have sway of the letters.


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