Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -The Date That Never Happened.


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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Iya Ibeji Series -The Date That Never Happened.

As a student I played some guys and got played too. 

When I got into the university I was only aware of 2 private universities in Nigeria, so what that meant was that the university was the place were the Aje Butter and Aje pako finally got to meet and live in the same environment.

So on my street there was this house with strong security presence and big big cars. Curiosity got the better part of me and I asked about them and was told that one of them is a son to a Niger delta governor.

One day I was walking home one of them waved and asked to stop for a minute (their fence was short with iron bars decors, you know how benin people decorate their houses) . so I stopped (if na you nko governor pickin, I didn't even know the governors son, shey them sha relate to governor was enough for me)

Guy: Hi I have been seeing around the estate can't help but notice, you are fine
IYA BEJI: (For my mind) you are not so fine o, you look better from a distance. With all the oil money you can't work on those pimples
(The pimples on his face were huge men.) But who cares? 

IYA BEJI : Thanks, I live just down the street.
GUY: I know, so how about you and me go get a drink this evening. You know just hang out.
IYA BEJI : (For my mind) which kind soap I take bath today o, see levels.
IYA BEJI : that sounds nice

So we agreed to meet by 7pm, I got so carried away that a governors son was asking me out that I didn't see it as inappropriate for me to go to his house rather than him coming to mine to pick me.

Next was what to wear, nothing in my wardrobe seemed appropriate. So I asked my roommates and they were angry with me, this was because there was this cute medical student who have been asking me out for months, somehow he won my friends over and they have been speaking on his behalf.

They gave me strong reasons why I shouldn't go out with this "governors son" reasons like: you know they are womanizer, see their compound always filled with girls.
What if he harasses you sexually? Do you have the means to fight someone of that caliber?

Those were music to my ears. I wasn't looking at having a relationship with him, make e sha dey my profile say I went on a date with a governors son and plus I was excited as to where he would take me to. 

Na so I decked got to his gate and knocked tire. Those were not the days of GSM. Finally one of the security men came out and I explained my mission. He said they have gone out.

Then it dawned on me, he forgot about our date. This was suppose to be a life changing experience for me but it was the norm for him to ask every girl out that smiles at him.
I went home and cooked one big lie to my roommates about him being sick and stuff.

I saw him a few days later and he approached me again, toasting me and asking for a date,he didn't even remember the last one . For my mind I was like its either this guy is bipolar or..... Wait first o how are we even sure say this one sef na governors son with his big big pimples abi na errand boy wey them send follow governors son.

Anyway I declined his offer and decided to give the persistent medical student a chance.


  1. 不不不不不不不不i laff tire aswerhe stood you up iya beji不不不不

  2. Kikikiki,some guys are just sumhow.well sometimes its due to their brot-up.
    Sorry he kept u hanging

    1. "brot-up?"
      How about bottled up?
      The way you were BROUGHT-UP in English is awesome!

      This ya grama taya me o. Make you dey nak am for pidgin now?

    2. Anon 13.02, but u stupid well well shaa; u were on an ultimate search 4 misspellings / grammatical blunders,dt u jst 4got 2 realise sey na 'pidgin post' we dey, ' SO THEREFORE, every way is ryt,so long asu get d msg na..abi as u use torchlight find d wrong spelling, u no finally kno wetin she dey talk ni?? #limps outta post#

  3. That's how he ask every chick out

  4. Buhahah...i can so relate..why all these guys that think they are sleek try to talk to u, forgeting they already did...last time was at a wedding this mumu walked up and did all d normal washing..few minutes later he walked to my friend i was standing with and im thinking..what kind of nerve???
    ..only for me to step outside and he walked up to me again ..thinking iwas a diffrent person!!..thats when i knew this one done kolo oo..abi it was his lifes mission to get every bridemaids number??

    1. 不不不不不不
      This your comment eeeeh, I spilled my tea, thanks to you
      Some guys eeeeh

    2. Hehe,I can imagine this屢

  5. Some of this guys believe girls flock around them hence treat girls without respect. Good you no free the second time. All he wants is a one night stand

  6. There was one that was on my case. Never met him before in person, just phone conversation.... You know hook ups and referral nau
    He set date time and venue. I agreed. But when he didn't call earlier in the day to check if things were on track, i knew it won't happen. So i didnt contact him earlier. He called two days later, acting normal. Apparently he had forgotten. When i reminded him he said his mum passed on. See me awwwing.... okay when is burial, he said in a couple of days, gave me a date. The said date I called to check up, hear him happily laughing. I'm like 'No be person wey suppose dey burial be this?' Upon enquiry, he went back to sickly voice and said he won't be attending the burial (hian!) That he's fine. That anyway that's why he wasn't in touch that day. Few days later he called and sounded pretty giddy for someone who just lost his mum. He asked to call me back and sent a text saying he was out with friends and if I wanted to join them. I'm like 'No be person wey suppose dey mourn him mama be this? Hian!'. I declined. At that point I coded that he was probably like those guys whose late mum resurrect and die again whenever its a tenable excuse. Them plenty for lagos.

    Okay. Another couple of days, he called and said we should have a date so and so. Okay. No p, keep me posted..on the said day, i was sooo busy that I forgot about the date. Something even happened that pissed me off that day, so stress plus mood swing come join. As i reach house bathe finish lie down for bed, na it I see whatsapp message. 'I know you won't believe anything I have to say, i known I shouldn't have any excuse, but I'm really sorry for not making the date today... stories that touch' I kuku told him that i had even forgotten about the date as i had a very busy day. But in any case, i will be blocking his number from calling/texting me because he's a very unserious young man. As he was typing reply to his ancestors, i blocked.


    1. Men!! Or should I say babies.

    2. Men!! Or should I say babies.

    3. Omo, that blocking is the bomb. Unserious minded man_. Go, mba, stay na, another palava. Shio

  7. Hahahahaha

    Iya Ibeji, your case isn't different from my Cousin who called me out of the blues one day and said a Senator's Son asked her out and he just gave her 10k, all I said was text me his name. I forwarded the name to my friend that works in the bank he transferred the money from, and also my Data Analyst/Programming friend, who did some spy work for me and got out all the necessary information I needed. Turns out the guy just shares the same surname with the seating senator. In fact no connection whatsoever, because he is from a state different of the seating senator.

    When I was done getting the information, I called her not to go for the date, then gave her all the information I found out. Normally I wouldn't but, I had to, since I found out he is MARRIED...

    Ever since then she calls me Rowland FBI.

    Happy New Year Ma'am..... How far with my Casting role. Hope I still got a slot for your skits? All the best.

    1. Rowland your story is bullshit from start to finish

    2. Rooooowland oooo
      See as you spoil 'job'for 'senator son'
      Some people can lie oh!

    3. Anonymous 12:40. Is it your bullshit. Smh.

      Beautiful Sapphire..... Lol

  8. #All relationships "go" through stuff, real relationships "get" through stuff*

  9. Anonymous 13:02,weldone
    Thanks but no thanks
    I know how brought up is written
    I just decided to right it d way its pronounced.
    Dunno why u can't mind ur own business

    1. Right or write?
      U are d cause of your problem.
      That Anon will just pounce on u.

  10. He stood you up

    And few days later he "toasted" you again forgetting the first time. He is super serial.

  11. Yeah write,its normal to make mistake

    1. Hahahaha golden won't kill me, this comment would've looked like a mistake too if I hadn't read mhiz reply.

  12. Replies
    1. and u still made the mistake again.... ogaju

  13. Nope,check it very well,from d top


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