Stella Dimoko Omugwo Chronicles 56


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Friday, January 12, 2018

Omugwo Chronicles 56

The Omugwo Chronicles is passing by today eh..LOL

Thanks the queen of blogosphere and olofofoism

My pregnancy wasn't that eventful as I could vomit for a whole day. Fast forward to my EDD I was booked for Cs , just me and hubby but before I came out of the theatre my beloved elder sister was beside me. My mum came the following day and the enjoyment started,but it was cut short as she had to go back to work just 12 days after. 

Then i had to do everything myself as soon as my baby clocked a month na so mother inlaw show.

When I was told she was coming I was so happy that at least she will care more for my baby. She came with her 6 year old grand daugther who was small but mighty,the first 2 w√®eks I was bathing for my baby till her son asked her why she wasn't bathing for the child. 

She said I hand is paining her, I didn't say anything because nothing last forever. I became a wash woman,cook and more. 

Once its 7am and food isn't ready mama will be screaming that her stomach is peppering her because of ulcer. If it was only mama I would gladly do that and more not with standing my condition. That 6 years old made life a living hell for me in their 1 month and 3 weeks stay.

If I am about to wash my baby's clothes and ask mama to bring theirs this child will add clothes that are clean insisting I must wash them.
If I cook she will ask me why the pepper is too much.
She will ask me why didn't I cook the meat very soft.

A 6 years old grumbling while eating saying who told me to make semovita for ogbono soup and That i am suppose to make eba for ogbono and semo for egusi.

I will work from morning till night and had little or no time for myself and my baby. One day after cooking mama said she wasnt going to eat that i should make something else for her then she went to meet hubby to please come and warm the initial food she rejected, that day i flared up because i saw it as mama trying to cause trouble.

Mama who was supposed to do Omugwo for me I ended up doing Omugwo for three people. I had to tell her first son who used wisdom to tell her to go as mama was ready to spend 3 months. When she was leaving she thanked me so much for my hospitality as she was treated,like a queen so she had no bad story to tell about me in the village.

When she got home people where calling me to thank me as she looked really robust and fresh.
That is how my omugwo went queen of olofofoism,.*winks*.

*Na wah...
It wasnt that bad sha....


  1. Stella it is bad,very bad. Motherwell like this will go and slave in their daughters house but cannot help their daughter in law. If you cannot help me do t come cos I need all the rest I can get at that point. To think she even came with a child. I would have slapped that child on one of those grumbling days. Mannerless people. I'm so angry

    1. It's always annoying when Stella says it's not bad,You're saying this cos you're married to a non Nigerian

  2. Hahahahah that your six year old is really mighty "A 6 years old grumbling while eating saying who told me to make semovita for ogbono soup and That i am suppose to make eba for ogbono and semo for egusi.

    Thank God mother inlaw was happy with the way you took care of her.

    Some mother inlaws are just MONSTERS.

    You did not flog that six year old with better apipia.

    1. Am telling you. Poster u suppose give the 6year old I size of cain. Thank God mama left happy without complain.

  3. Hahahaha, that little girl really came prepared.

    1. Stupid small rat....she came to inteprete the script given to her by her grandmother. Yeye pple

  4. hahaha bet it's true na, semo is supposed to be for egusi soup whilst eba for ogbolo soup!!! what a wise 6yo

    1. Lmaoooo, and that is the way i like it too o

  5. Stella it was really bad. How can I turn around and start doing omugwo for someone that is supposed to do so for me? With my ordinary tear, I saw hell!! not to talk of someone that gave birth through cs. Nne, ibu agu!! oburum ehn, i for don pursue at least the 6yr old witch comot from my house. Ndi aruru ala!

  6. Some mother inlaw and drama sha

  7. You tried... it is well with you

  8. Which kind pikin be that wey mama carry join body, actually we have some weird MIL

  9. You have patience and tolerance. Rare traits to see in people this day. You are also strong. But next time if they can't help you let them not visit instead of giving you extra work to do.

  10. I tire for Stella saying it's not that bad,if you can't help,please stay your lane,if it were me I would have beaten that small winch tey tey,and as for my mil,i'll only tolerate her to an extent,i feel so sad for the poster not cause of anything but for the CS she had to go through to birth her child and yet still had to face this,pathetic. #tsk#


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