Stella Dimoko Pastor Begs Court To End His Marriage Because Of Curses From Wife..


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pastor Begs Court To End His Marriage Because Of Curses From Wife..

Bernard Towoju, a Pentecostal pastor has urged an Igando Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Abosede, for allegedly using her privates to invoke curses on him.

Towoju, 53, said in his divorce petition on Monday that “I cannot continue to make love with a woman who always goes naked and swears for me with her private part”.

The petitioner accused his wife of threatening his life, adding that his wife always hit him with dangerous weapons whenever they quarreled.“I had to run away from the house.
He begged the court to dissolve the marriage that the love he once had for her had faded.

The respondent, Abosede, a fashion designer, accused her husband of calling her a witch.“He said everywhere he went for solution to his problems, they always tell him that I am behind his predicament.

“My hands are clean; I know nothing about his woes, the 46-year-old woman added.The mother of four urged the court not to grant her husband’s request for the dissolution of the marriage, saying “I still love him”.

In his judgment, the court President, Mr Akin Akinniyi, said the petitioner was adamant despite all mediation from the court and family.“Since the petitioner insisted“The court pronounced the marriage between Pastor Bernard Towoju and Mrs Abosede Towoju dissolved since the man was no longer interested in the marriage.



  1. Let the woman move on with her life, the man is yeye.

    1. Men need to be careful about the kind of women the maltreatment in the name of marriage. My husband was a cheat until I started cursing his business and the side-chicks, shebi it is the plenty money that is making you cheat abi???

      I get naked at night and cry to God... It took him a while to realise it. If a woman is faithful to you, stood by you in trying times, you should never cheat on her.

    2. Anons if your husband decides to fuck you three times dly can you satisfy him, it boils down to women not knowing if the sexual libido of their partner merge with theirs, when you marry a sexmania man you expect him to be faithful, Oriegwu, unless you want him to break ur waist

    3. @Amacastel some people take their vows seriously and it goes beyond sexual satisfaction. Keep quiet if you know nothing about it.

  2. End time PP swearing


  3. hahahahaha wonderful. So funny.

    May God heal both of you Amen. Witch and Dundee Pastor and wife

    Igando will win award this year. Their stories are all about marital issues

  4. Am tired of this Igando people, can't they just repent for once.. Why court case all the time

    Mc pinky

    1. You sound like an illiterate. Why court case in a court??? Should they be discussing bitcoin there???
      There are definitely other cases handled there but stella picks those on divorce so how is that difficult to understand???

  5. Stella Maris baby30 January 2018 at 08:09

    All this pastor's asking for divorce what happened?
    What will you preache to your congregation?
    What will you tell your kids when they grew up?

    I just tire for una matter
    No shame

    Why not take it to God in prayers

  6. The Bible says it is better to live on the rooftop than live with a quarrelsome wife. It's better heard than experienced. You wake in the morning swear, afternoon swear, midnight swear kilode? The judge made the right decision.

    1. What about a troublesome husband or is it only women that have dt character? just asking pls.

  7. End time pastor.. end time wife!

  8. It seems very serious for pastor to divorce his wife, hmmm na wa

  9. Where is the place of forgiving? That's how they will be giving devil the glory. You cannot show her understanding, love, maturity, counsel her and pray about it. Few months now, he will remarry.

  10. Good for nothing woman, swearing all the time. The man must have been enduring her rubbish for too long.

  11. Lol. We're back to Igando. I just hope they attend to other issues there apart from marriage disputes.

  12. Why should a woman swear for her husband? U ought to always pray for him.


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