Stella Dimoko Spontaneous Tuesday Post


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Spontaneous Tuesday Post

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#blogboo #whereismyboo.

Good Morning....

At Work already?February is almost here eeeh and we pray it will be different and Beautiful....

Hmmm I have not started watching the Big brother house properly but OMG,the voice of the new big brother is a put off....Like he arrived Big Brother house without his Baritone..LOL
Have you noticed it too abi na only me waka come?

Today is gonna be a very busy day so make i leave una go another post.
If you have anything for in house news,please send it in now oh.
If you have vacancy i your place of work,please send it in...Thank you.

Is Mrs R now Mrs A?hmmm not bad,woman of

Kisses to everyone..


  1. No condition is permanent. Even a new generator that is sounding like Simi  now will one day sound like Terry G.
    Good Morning Good People Of This Blog.

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  2. So yesterday evening my mum told me she disgraced her self earlier in the day. I was worried and wondered what she had done that would make her feel ashamed so I probed her.

    According to momma, she hard some bank runs to make early yesterday so she dressed up and went out feeling beautiful only for her to get to one of the banks that had mirrors and discovered that "SHE LEFT HER HAIR OPEN". In her words, " I felt like I should open the ground and enter inside"( I can't say it in my language. trust me, it was more dramatic!) " they would say; see this old woman that is doing plenty shakara".

    I looked at my mum and didn't know what to say to her. I just started laughing. Here I was thinking she had done something really disgraceful only for me to find out that the disgrace stemmed from her going out with an open hair that was beautifully made.

    I get angry sometimes when she covers her hair after I make her lovely braids. I don't know, is it just my mum or do other moms do the same?

    Chronicles of My Evenings With Mummy.

    Good morning BVs

    1. Some mum just don't feel completely dressed without their hair covered 😎

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
      This is so my Mum πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
      I can not come and use your hair to learn how to plait, you will now use scarf and cover it *lol* 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
      We just told her to cut it 😏😏😏😏
      Now she rocks low cut like Ms Onyeka

    3. Same as my mum. I'll relax her hair for her, put almost all my nice hair treatments on it only for her to carry one small scarf or cap to cover it. She'll say her customers won't buy from her if her hair is left open. I've complained and I've decided to accept her like that jare.😁

    4. Mine too,came around last week and she wanted to take a stroll,oya leave your newly made shuku opened make breeze blow your head,she said no o,that she will think its her grey hair everyone is looking at,kikikiki!!

  3. I am here to say happy Married life to You Cynthia Iyede. Ms A it's well with you ma'am.

  4. You know sometimes

    It is up to you to shine again
    It is up to you to get up on your feet
    It is up to you to try again
    It is up to you strive again
    It is up to you to dream again
    It is up to you to go again
    It is up to you to be happy again
    It is up to you to move on from the past
    It is up to you to give your best

    Excuses won't help
    Holding on the past won't help
    Blaming others won't help
    It is up to you!

    Make a decision today.

    Choose joy
    Choose happiness
    Choose strength
    Choose to smile
    Choose to win
    Choose to be in control of your happiness
    Choose to get up again
    Choose to never give up
    Choose to stand up again

  5. Hood morning everyone, have a nice day

    1. Hood morning for your neighbourhood 😎

  6. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life.
    If each one can reach one that each one can teach/help one, then a much more beautiful country Nigeria will be. Now whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, you are your sister and your brothers keeper. So show love today just because.

    I'm outtie

    1. Good morning everyone.. Love you Ryt back Mrs korkus πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

      Av a nice day err1

  7. Good morning one big and happy family, hope we all had a good night rest? so many things on my mind

    1. Pour it out and be relieved 😎

  8. If you lose everything in life but still have your faith in God intact, you have lost nothing, for you will recover all and more. Trusting God is more than what you can see. Walk by FAITH not by sight.

    Good morning lovelies 😘😘😘😘
    That biggie voice is Andrea not baritone atall

    Some Nigerians can be very funny. I saw these abbreviations somewhere and it caught my attention.
    Look at them .......

    *NAIRA* - Never Allow Igbos Rule Again

    *PHCN* - Problem Has Changed Name

    *HAUSA* - House Animals Using Seat of Authority

    *APC* - Association of Past Criminals

    *NYSC* - Now Your Struggles Continue

    *PDP* - People Deceiving People.

    *MTN* - Maintain Total Nonsense

    *ABACHA* - After Babangida Another Criminal Has Arrived

    *NEPA* - Never Expect Power Again

    *BUHARI* - Brought Unnecessary Hardship Among Reasonable Individuals.

    Don't laugh alone.......Let others laugh with you.

    Na only for Naija e de happen o.....

    *Na only for Naija you
    go see fish inside
    "MEAT PIE"..

    *Na only for Naija we
    dey count money after
    we withdraw am from
    ATM because we no
    even trust ATM

    *Na only for Naija
    PHCN dey say:-Win a
    brand new GENERATOR
    if you pay your NEPA

    *Na only for Naija
    people dey horn for
    traffic light make e
    quick change from Red
    to Green...

    *Na only for Naija
    Pharmacy dey sell Coke, Recharge Card, Chin chin, Puff puff and beer.

    Wetin you no see for
    Naija, you no fit see am
    anywhere in d world...

    *Na only for naija you go see one person dey use Bold5, X3, Ipad2 and Nokia N8 all at once while his mother dey sell groundnut
    for Junction.

    *Na only for Naija, you go see mad man dey
    control traffic, people
    wey get sense dey obey.

    *Na only for Naija, you go see native doctor dey use laptop connected with MTN modem. Maybe they are now consulting the spirits online..

    *Na only for naija u go
    see a man selling a book from street to street that says HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITHOUT STRESS. I wonder why him no read d book.

    I salute Nigerians......
    Just laugh out DAT stress jhor
    My Nigeria Your Nigeria our Nigeria My country if you. Agree share itπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  10. Stella nor be only you walker come ohh for the big brother voice,its a turn off.It doesn't sound well at all. A change should be made very fast.

    1. It doesn't command respect at all😎

  11. Congratulations to Cynthia Iyede, may your home be peaceful, fruitful and happy

    Mrs R, the Lord is your strength, I know you will come out victorious, you need to be strong for your daughter. The future is still very bright

    Good morning lovely people

    *Larry was here*

  12. It’s Tuesday Morning, get this right! Delay doesn’t mean denial! God can do a SUDDENLY MIRACLE in Your life that will shifts everything. Receive suddenly Testimonies this season in Jesus Name!

  13. Good morning beautiful people. Lets enjoy today.

    God is good and is always good to those that believed Him. Please let us all Believe in God.

    see you all. Tea mood activated

  14. God is too faithful to fail...
    Thank you Jesus!!!

  15. Stella Maris baby30 January 2018 at 08:04

    Good morning umunnem
    How was the night.

    The hustle continues

    God help us all

  16. So Kim k wan break internet with her naked pix as Jay-Z and Beyonce pix is trending,that woman is so fame hungry SMH at her

    1. As her new born baby no break internet na she gats do the do hahahahahhaa

    2. There's nothing to break again,her naked pics are so stale tiring,we've seen it all😎

    3. Just like your own naked pix online ladybug aka oblow aka ikeregbe aka koroshingle

  17. People that watched bigbrother last year and have started watching it this year HOW FAR? Have you asked yourself what you achieved from watching it last? If nothing, Then what is prompting you watch it this year?

    1. Is it ur tv, is it ur eyes, is it ur time, is it ur business?

  18. #Hi

  19. Goodmorning all, January is almost over! Wishing u a beautiful day!

    Just Krix!

    1. You say make you show face today as Stella is planning a return 😎

  20. Stella allow me be your blogboo nah, let me enjoy your euro small. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    1. Stella run oh. Elastic is the new SD

    2. You think say blog boo dey get salary 😎😎

    3. Lady Bug salary keh? Everything we both own become ours.

  21. How do people easily say "it is well" when they know a person is hurting????

    1. "It is well" to me means A Word of Encouragement

    2. That's is the most appropriate thing to say when you don't/can't understand the pain the person is going through 😎😎

    3. its a form or prayer, wishing u well, Nigerian term

    4. I disagree with you lady bug! If I don't understand I won't say it is well. It just doesn't make a lot if sense to me how people use that statement!

    5. What would you expect the person to say? Or what do you think is the most appropriate ma??

    6. It's just to empathize with the person since they can't understand the pain.

    7. Honestly, thank God someone else agrees with me. I actually feel like slapping people who say ' it is well' Very annoying something.

  22. The cold this morning in kano is not fair atall I am at work trying to see if I can sleep since kwankwaso aint coming again I want to believe there will be peace today. Big brother's voice is annoying.

    Have a nice day y'all

  23. Good morning beevees
    Stella yes oooo.he came without his baritone.
    About the person that wants IELTS materials.go to YouTube,when register they will also give you free practicing Materials called ROAD TO IELTS.

  24. Stella pls don't delete dis post.The last time I checked, ,callouts is valid on dis blog..

    Dis is directed at Mrs R(Romas). I am not shading her bcos of her predicament. I am only reminding dat dis life is not something someone can brag about..U don't know tomorrow..And most of u might think it's a faceless blog,but things we say here and how we mock people tend to turn and haunt us..
    Back to my call out. , I remember d day u called someone's child a "Bastard". U were all over d place saying that u hate single mother and kids born outside wedlock and there is no way u will support having kids outside wedlock blah blah blah bcos to u,its not right..
    I cautioned u and even asked u why u were so bitter with baby mamas(as u refer to them)..i asked if a baby mama snatched ur hubby..etc..
    U were full of hate for them but little did u know that dis life get as e be.. See how u have stylishly entered baby mamas(single mothers) association..
    U will think u are just a divorcee and not a baby mama,but I tell u, they are all d same..
    By d time u raise ur kids alone without father'ly love and care,u will learn how to respect these women raising kids alone baby mama or single mothers..

    Pls I am not a single mother or a baby mama, but I have a cousin and friends who are single mothers.. I respect them so much bcos I know how hard it is for them to raise kids alone..Sometimes u don't need to be in someone 's shoes before u feel their pains..
    Dis is a lesson to some of u running mouth her anyhow like typewritter..

    ***Chy Ozo***

    1. Now that you've released the 'Diary of Mrs R', what next?😎


    2. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Loud it, thank you for this comment. God bless you.

    3. Hmmmm

      This is quite deep
      Are you sure the comments weren't targetting morality and not the struggles single mothers go through?

      I have observed people misinterpret comnents here a lot.

      Hope it's not the case here Chy Ozo? I am not a Mrs. R fan, but she's down now, don't know if this reminder is appropriate NOW!

      My friend once drew my attention on how I call out attitude of poor pple here. He said some pple mayb interpreting it wrongly and feeling hurt.

      If you ever felt offended or misinterpreted my comments about poor pple here, this is ME saying "I AM SORRY".

      People truly never forget. And it's worse when it's a misinterpretation*

  25. Another call out is directed at dat lady that lives in Germany that met her husband here through Stella..I have forgotten her name..Can somebody remind me of her name? Stella has called her out here severally asking her to mail her that she hasn't heard from her since she went to nigeria to get married..Pls what's that her name again?

    Back to my call out again.. I remember back then(when I was on anonymous mode),dis lady was full of hate/bile for single mothers and baby mama's.. she never hid her hatred for them.. She mocked them just like Mrs Romas did..

    One Bv called her out back then,i have forgotten which of d bvs,she asked her why she was so bitter with single mothers and asked if a baby mama snatched her man?
    D level of hate she directed towards these strong women who made up their mind to keep their babies against all odds,against societal stigma, left me in shock.

    Then one day she wrote she has PCOS and undergoing treatment..Dat same bv that called her out asked her if d reason why she was bitter with single mothers was bcos she had PCOS and couldn't conceive?
    I don't know if she replied d call out or not..
    Few months later,Stella(or her) wrote that she was pregnant and getting married at d same time..
    In my mind I was like,why get pregnant first before marriage since u frown at having a child outside wedlock? U should have waited first to get married before getting preggy...

    Why i'm writing this is bcos we or Stella haven't heard from her since she said she was going to nigeria to get married..
    What if d marriage did not hold again? What if d guy was a scam who got her pregnant and abandoned her?what if d reason why she has been missing on blog is bcos d shame of being abandoned and made a baby mama couldn't allow her come back here again? What if she is now a single mom raising her kid alone? What if she never had d baby and she has been TTCing since then? What if? I know that something bitter must be keeping her out of d blog and also d so called blog husband haven't contacted Stella as well(Or has he?)

    So what's d moral of my story(call outs)??? Don't judge or mock people bcos u don't know tomorrow. Echi di ime..Take people d way u see dem..Everybody must not conform to ur moral standards.. Live and let live...Dazol!

    ***Chy Ozo ***

    1. You actually live for the blog!😎

      Going way back to posts Stella herself might have forgotten,hian!😎

    2. Well said Chy Ozo
      The bv you are talking about is Chick Felix.
      Some of these missing bvs are having it rough and so they stay away from social media. Many women who have been here over the years are now divorced but instead of saying it out like Mrs R, they keep quiet and act like nothing happened, some changed their blog ids while some stopped commenting.
      This life is somehow.

    3. The only reason I remb the bastard talk was because it came up in a group chat I belonged too! I encouraged them to adopt and it turned out naming such kids as bastards according to the (northerners in the group) and I made my stand (in the group and this blog) that I feel no kid should be called a bastard (it's all shade of wrong).

    4. People make use of the bastard word often.

    5. Anon9:19. U got d name. It's Chic Felix..Thanx alot.

    6. Crazyhornywife...I can't remember how d bastard talk came about,all I know is that she mentioned it here in one of her comments. She always said she hates baby mama's and kids born outside wedlock. So much bitterness from a mother who who went through 9 months journey.U don't mock people with their situation except u are doing it to get back at d person for insulting u first.then dat one is personal. But making a general statement that u hate certain people bcos of their mistakes and how life treated them is just mocking God.. Nobody knows tomorrow.

      I am not mocking Mrs Romas,i am just being blunt. I don't even know where I will find myself tomorrow. My case might be worse than Mrs Romas own. U never can tell.

      ***Chy Ozo***

    7. What a wawu chy ozo you take BVNs serious something that you don’t know the them just reading what they wrote and you are having hbp I am one of the old bvns here and I don’t comment much not because of monitoring spirit like you but because I usually have much to do. We are all anon in the blog we come here because we like sdk nd he style of gust take it easy you hear it is not so serious as you think. Every body has their own opinions if we all think the same the blog will not be so interesting inugo

  26. Another blessed day. You don't know what it feels like to be alive,healthy and free. God bless you all...

  27. Hope I will laugh like I laughed yesterday on SP. Where are those my fellow anons that made it lit?

  28. Good morning,proudly Gemini Stella be doing shakara with her leo.
    Yes, I think Mrs R is now ms A, the lord is your strength God got you always.
    Cynthia, our iyawo congrats to you, may God bless your new home and grant you the wisdom to run it.
    Hmm, for marriage matter I just shake my head when I hear some tales..imagine a hubby not allowing his wife to go see her mum after coming out of opo(don't know the English name) I.e the mourning days.
    Today's cold is on another level, at work already see you all on IHN.

  29. I am hopeful yes I am, hopeful for today


    1. ...Take this music and use it let it take you away, and be hopeful..hopeful and he’ll make a way, I know it ain’t easy but that’s ok just be hopeful...🎢

  30. Happy Birthday to Me...
    Lord, I Thank Thee πŸ™πŸ½

  31. Beautiful people of SDK I greet una, please someone should advice me with the type of bra I can buy that will help my ministry. I was born with breast abnormalities,one of my breast is bigger than one, the other one is so small as if I just started developing breast while the other is so big. Very noticeable that both breast are not of same size. I have gone to several hospitals,ran series of test, done scan, X-ray still nothing was detected, I don't feel pain or any discomfort from both breasts. I just got admission and my roommate are beginning to gossip me, cos they are noticing it, I need good bra that Could help make both look equal, help a sister before I will go depressed.

    1. Sorry about this,why don't you buy cup(bra cup),it's just like a foam,you can buy and fix it in the small breast side of the bra😎

    2. Be proud of them. Don't let anybody determine your life or happiness. I see no wrong in what you described above. Good percentage of men don't have equal balls and we are not bothered about it.

  32. Crazyhornywife read your Bible and it will tell you it is well in every situation.

    Remember the Shunammite Woman and Elisha. Please read 2 kings 4: 24 - 26 or if you want to know the whole story read from verse 1 then you will see it.

    It is well to all who are hurting because when you say it is not well the devil rejoices.

  33. Eka CUfflinks, abeg we don't need your yeye story. Please i beg you in the name of GOd to keep your story to yourself. YOUR STORY SUCKS

  34. Good morning y’all..: it feel so good to be wonderfully made, I have channel my energy towards making myself beautiful and happy all the time... I have got no time for hatred
    Exam started on Saturday, 2 down already 4 more to go... my eye dey for 4gpa... May God grant my wishes...
    who else is not feeling the k.brule laugh Gosh it’s so annoying, laughing like an hyena..

  35. Slap! That senator deserve what ever reaction the lawmaker gave her. How dare you order somebody to slap another woman husband. I heard over the radio that the man also gave her a dirty slap. What else? Pls someone should ask this Abuja harmattan to do dey dey li. The cold is becoming some thing else.

    1. Bubul please stop it. I am here praying the harmattan would never go. I can't even imagine the heat that is coming.

  36. I think big brother's voice is never charming, it's because they just started. You'd get used to the horrible voice.
    They should fix the mic abi speakers or whatever.
    For now the house is boring, it would pick up after the house party and eviction. They are too many in the house and it's hard to keep up with everyone.
    I just know Khloe would cause trouble, she and Nina are too jumpy.
    Teddy A, with a game plan. His facial expressions are funny especially when others are talking about themselves.

    Anyway, go get your PVC before it's too late. Check the INEC website for the nearest registration centre to you.
    No stories come 2019.

    1. You know this!

      Too many people in the house, it's hard to keep up!

      But the big brother voice is outrightly annoying. I will never get used to it. Whatever happened to the previous Biggie?

  37. Replies
    1. Happy birthday Isaacson,you've really grown on this blog from smallie to a young hustling man.

      God bless your husle!😎

    2. Happy Birthday to you Isaacbaba! You shall fullfill your days in joy and abundance in Jesus name Amen. Enjoy your day.

    3. Happy birthday!!!

    4. Happy birthday dear and God blessings upon


    5. Happy birthday IsaacBaba. More prosperity. Enjoy

    6. Happy birthday Isaac, many more years

    7. HAPPY birthday isaacbaba, may God bless your new age

  38. Not just you o Stells....Biggie's voice is very annoying eeewww!!😀😧

    1. Very annoying. I can't even what he is saying

    2. *can't hear

      Yesterday diary room was wack because of his Andrea's voice.

  39. Hello πŸ™‹
    I haven't started watching BBN. My head is damn full this period. Really wish I can just get pass some phases asap 😞

  40. Intelligenisa princess Which one be 'second school' again? bia nwa ikuwakwara salate?

    1. That girl is so dumb. I wonder how she passed common entrance.
      As a man, I won't marry a girl who is not ok intellectually at all.

  41. @yori yori, how is your 200k and above job going in your church office?

  42. Its a beautiful day.feeling soooo good.thank u Jesus
    good morning beautiful people of sdk

  43. Elastic the washer man wants to be blog boo. Oshisco. Stella run with your heels touching your head. Don't say we didn't tell you. If you know what he is saying about women in general. Just run for your dear life. He will do worst than Sexy oha soup.

  44. Good morning beautiful people of sdk

  45. Good morning my beautiful people.our landlady Stella God bless u everyday.
    pls my people where can I download this music they use for price of fame soundtrack.I love that song even though I don't understand what they are singing.

    1. Google tequila la parazon and download it or otherwise send me a mail from my profile page and I will forward it to you.

  46. Good morning bvs,I have something bothering me,I want to share it here

    So I introduced a friend of mine to my family last year December 25th,she spent her holiday in our house,so fast forward to dis year,she started talking about a man that spends on her like silly infact she calls him her sugar money monkey

    Whenever she goes out with dis man,she brings back plenty things for us,like cloths,bags infact just last week she brought back smart phones and shared it to us courtesy of her sugar daddy,I knew the man was an old man but for some reasons she refused me talking to the man or seeing his picture,infact she guards her phone like it's a treasure, anytime her phone rings and she's not close to it,u need to the way she will run to pick it up,and we will laugh and say it's the monkey that is calling her

    Fast forward to last night,she was in the kitchen preparing what to eat because she had a date with that man and left her phone on the bed,I was just sitting down and minding my business when a message popped up on her phone telling her where to meet him, Lo and behold it was my dad's phone number that was showing,she stored him as monkey p,I was stunned

    I confronted her and she denied and started forming anger,we quarrelled and almost fought and she carried her handbag and left the room,now am devastated,I can't even go for class,I don't know what to do,if I should confront my dad,my mum is late,my senior sister is abroad,am the only one here with my dad and its devastating to know that he is sleeping with my friend and spending on her heavily barely two years after my mum died,I wud have sworn that my dad wud never want to have anything to do with another woman after my mum,I thought he loved her,am really sad

    1. OMG this is messed up. Please consider sending it to SDK as a full chronicle, to get many answers...Ok.

      Very painful

    2. I can't really blame your dad,the old just needs a companion but he did it the wrong way😎

      Your friend is a bad friend!😎

    3. Cut all ties with her and report her to all your remaining friends let them shame her. If you know her relatives, report her to them. Don't be rude to your dad since he is your caretaker, he may stop taking care of you. Just explain to him that he should get someone else. That your friend is not good for him. You can tell him that she has marine spirit and visits herbalists to tie men. Tell him that she committed several abortions and sleeps around.
      Alternatively, apologise to her, tell her you realised your dad needs a woman in his life as body no be wood and that you are even happy he didn't go for someone you don't know. Become friends again with her. Arrange for some guys to strip her naked and pose on her as if they are sleeping with her and film her. Then send the videos and pictures to your dad anonymously. You can open a fake Facebook account or buy a new line and do it on WhatsApp.

  47. Goodmorning all. Grace of God is all we should seek in all our endeavours.

  48. Happy birthday IsaacBaba...may God bless your new age.

  49. In the office..... listening to Yanni again.

    Iphie Dearie,how are you doing? There's something going on with you I'm trying to figure out.So much energy and excitement.Can't be Vitamins cos I am taking that too and yet....

    About the glycolic acid peel,it's an AHA(alpha hydroxy acid) gotten from sugar so it exfoliates.Basically sloughs away dead skin cells on the epidermis. It eliminates age spots, scars, wrinkles and fine lines, smoothens and softens skin.Its strength is measured in percentages and beginners start from the lowest to higher strengths as their skin builds up tolerance. I used a 35% peel(not sure but something low level). Some users say they noticed flaking,peeling or redness after but i guess they used around 60% and above. It is even safe to use at home(after some research,of course). Mine was pretty mild and I saw results almost immediately after.I have always thought myself lucky as regards my skin because I don't scar easily and apart from period pimples,I don't have acne so my skin has always been smooth but after the peel,this smoothness is something else.So soft.I keep staring at myself in shiny surfaces. Prior I used Amlactin lotion twice a week and spa salt once a week to exfoliate but I think I will switch to glytone lotion which contains about 15% glycolic acid since my skin tolerated the peel. Please check it out.It is awesome.Doesn't lighten or bleach or tone.Just exfoliates and maintains your natural color.

    Phew! How is that for detailed?!

    1. Please where can I get it?

    2. Please did you do a diy peel or you went to a professional?
      Kindly drop the details either way, I'm very interested in this.
      My face used to be baby smooth but recently I've noticed slight discolourations and stress type rashes/bumps... don't know what to call them but the kind you see on your face after a stressful day in the sun.
      It's not visible with foundation but I want my baby face back jare.

    3. Very detailed. But you know I am inquisitive and I have more questions please. I read this in a hurry(schedules😩😩😩) Its saved in my ‘Notes’, will read again at home.

      Did you do yours at home? I think a friend and a colleague have done this but the recuperation period was too long.
      Redness and even worse breakouts was the result,maybe they went for the one of 60% percent? No?
      Please me morreeeeee!

      I love Yanni too.
      And you are right on the money Kami.. Something is definitely going on with meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I’m just laughing so hard here!!!!!
      It might be vitamins😁😁😁😁 Take vitamin E

  50. Good morning everyone

    God over everything...

  51. Stella pls post my's just a callout..I did not insult anybody.. Its just to warn those who are good at shaming and insulting people who did nothing to them..

    ***Chy Ozo***

  52. Its a new day yes it is! hello my neighbors and a big shout out to madam hashtag herself stella.
    Chi exotic baiby try to dey let somethings go u hear. dat ur comment to Mrs R wasn't it at all.I no short pple get temper but gal u be babe fa.u and dat tboss get this thing in common so make I no ever see u condemning her here again fa.

    1. Short people are very hot tempered I don't know why. Chikito too is short and hot tempered. but not short like Chi exotic. Chi exotic is very very short. The shorter the person, the hotter the temper.

    2. I kinda disagree, It didn't look like condemnation. I think chiExotic was trying to make her understand that life is a circle, never look down or shame another!!
      I love the way Ms A accepted and apologize and so did chi! .

    3. None of dem short reach lady bug oblow.If u no believe check that her other blog id wiv graduation gown,she be like full stop

    4. SDK bvs u guys will not kill somebody,hw person wan be like full stop again,chai,I don laugh tire

  53. Congrats Cynthia!
    Ms A, big hugs to you!!!

  54. Stella of I don't see my call out post here,i will post on IHN..and if u still refuse to post again,i will stop commenting on ur blog bcos of ur partiality.
    U did not delete Chi exotics callout yesterday,then why delete mine? Preferential treatment huh?
    Maybe it's time for me to take a bow from ur blog.

    ***Chy Ozo**

    1. Calm down. You don't know what happened. Don't be in a haste to conclude. She might have her reasons for not posting or something went wrong.

    2. Aunty Chy....I guess that's your call outs up there.

      It's well

      Life shouldn't be this serious...what do I know sef. 🀦🏻🀦🏻🀦🏻

    3. Why are u everywhere barking like a mad dog?? Look up πŸ‘† ur stupid, irrelevant and unnecessary call out is there, enough already,bitter aunty shoekuma

    4. Stella pls post her comment. Is long we had plenty drama on this blog.

    5. She posted it already
      What she does these days is that she delays some dangerous comments for proper examination before posting and delete if need be

    6. She posted your comments. Check up!

      Stella, abeg I did not see some of my comments o.

      Abi my eyes is paining me ni? Lol

  55. gud mornin ouse is nice to be part of dis lovely fam God bless you all

  56. This thing called marriage is so funny and crazy, even after I was so careful trying to make sure I did not fall into wrong hand, but this guy trick me and I fall with my both eyes open. I got married to him feeling and thinking I have found love, find the man that will love me, care and treat me right. You know what I was wrong, my family fall for it too cos the guy was cool, played his game well. He is not rich, but he is working, earning not so much, so Money was not what me and family saw, we saw his zeal for God not knowing he was only pretending.

    He told me he has already written our marriage off, he is no longer interested with the marriage, that people and his family are forcing him to be married to me. So funny cos he was the one putting pressure on me, my family for the wedding to hold. We got married 2016 still ttc not knowing this man purposely refuse to release inside, thank God he opened up to me just cos we had a fight, he told me to give him space, that we both cannot leave together and have children. That is why he refused going for any medical check up or to run any fertility test with me. Innocent me running test and getting depressed that another one having issues, not knowing guy man is satisfing himself out and looking at me like a foolish woman. Me that is a fine girl, educated,working and cool, am focusing on my career, business, want to take good care of myself and forget about him. He has moved on but has refused to take me back to NY family and collect him bride price, wickedness from hell, we are living in the same house like room mate, no love, sex, affection or romance but people think we are I have to kill myself when a man say you cannot force him to love you, if you cannot have children with me why should I be tie to you? I never knew he married me cos of my small changes, thet tot am the kind of babe that allows a man use my money to follow other girls,lol. Me no dey love with my money, is better I move on with my life than to give a man my money and he will rubbish me. He failed me when I first tested him, now am done with him, I will not move out of the house yet till he send me packing don't want family to blame me. I no send this marriage again, am strong now, I no want worry again, I will be fine, am moving on gradually as soon as he end it up, am already strong to start for all over. Men will never change, stupid and annoying that I fall into the wrong hand, father save me and please give me second chance to make my wrong right, amen

    1. Pls, my sister tell him to quickly go and collect the bride price he paid so that he won't be enjoying himself outside and deny you of yours. I'm not sure you really prayed before getting married to him. Marriage is more than what we see or hear, more than physical attributes.Next time pls pray hard.

  57. Isaacbaba happy birthday my guy. Enjoy God's blessings Amen.

    More young years to you Amen.

    Anon 8:20 my job is very fine and moving well. Do you care for a cup of tea since i know you dont have money. How can you make it, do you have transport fare? i can freely gift you. If you care holla me.

    I know you have started counting the ceilings in your house where you can see the map of Africa. Eayah it is well INUGO

  58. Happy married life Cynthia, joy unspeakable shall forever reign in your home in Jesus name. Mrs R the Lord is your strength. He would uphold you and comfort you. He would do a new thing in your life and you would have cause to glorify him. Good morning house.

  59. Good morning Bvs, already in the office have to leave early because the traffic now adays is something else. I dont think that is my Biggie's voice biko. Have a great day all

  60. Anon 8:38 your dad needs a companion but that your friend is just a devil's incarnate and calling your dad SUGAR MONKEY is just a very big low for her. Good for your dad, if he wants a woman to shag, he should look for a woman that is up to 50 years.

    Anyway he wants to dey suck young breast. Na him sabi.

    Better get up and go to your class. Your dad has choose his own part to walk.

  61. *Relationship Tonic*

    _*If you marry the right person, everyday is Valentine's Day.*_

    _*Marry the wrong person, everyday is Martyrs Day.*_

    _*Marry a lazy person, everyday is Labour Day.*_

    _*Marry a rich person everyday is New Year's Day*_

    _*Marry an immature person, everyday would seem like Children's Day.*_

    _*Marry a cheater or liar, everyday will become April Fool's Day.*_

    _*And if you don't get married, everyday is Independence Day!*_

    _*Marriage is the only school where you get the Certificate before you start.*_

    _*It's also a school where you will never graduate.*_

    _*It's a school without a break or a free period.*_

    _*It's a school where no one is allowed to drop out.*_

    _*It's a school you will have to attend every day of your life.*_

    _*It's a school where there is no sick leave or holidays.*_

    *It's a school founded by God:*

    _*1.On the foundation of love.*_

    _*2.The walls are made out of trust.*_

    _*3.The door made out of acceptance.*_

    _*4.The windows made out of understanding*_

    _*5.The furniture made out of blessings*_

    _*6.The roof made out of faith.*_

    *Be reminded that you are just a student not the principal.*

    _*God is the only Principal.*_

    _Even in times of storms, don't be unwise and run outside._

    _Keep in mind that, this school is the safest place to be._

    _Never go to sleep before completing your assignments for the day._

    _Never forget the C-word...Communicate._

    _Communicate with your classmate and with the Principal._

    _If you find out something in your classmate (spouse) that you do not appreciate,_

    _Remember your classmate is also just a student not a graduate,_

    _God is not finished with him/her yet._

    _So take it as a challenge and work on it together._

    _Do not forget to study the Holy Book (the main textbook of this school)._

    _Start each day with a sacred assembly and end it the same way._

    _Sometimes you will feel like not attending classes, yet you have to._

    _When tempted to quit find courage and continue._

    _Some tests and exams may be tough but remember,_

    _The Principal knows how much you can bear and yet_

    _It's a school better than any other._

    _It's one of the best schools on earth;_

    _Joy, peace and happiness accompany each lesson of the day._

    _Different subjects are offered in this school, yet love is the major subject._

    _After all the years of theorizing about it, now you have a chance to practice it._

    _To be loved is a good thing, but to love is the greatest privilege of them all._

    _Marriage is a place of love, so love your spouse._

    _More grace from God._

    _*Send this to all your married friends to encourage them, and to your unmarried friends to counsel and educate them.*_

    _*God bless you and bless your marriage.*_

  62. According to scientists, elephants are scared of bees.

  63. According to scientists, elephants are scared of bees.

    I can't log in with my blog id.

    Lady Port(The Portress)

  64. Thanks Chy Ozo for always saying the truth, BVs are too quick to forget to the point of being hypocritical. Imagine the one twlling people fight doesnt fit tjem when she just finished calling someone ugly, or calling someone out for wishing others death when she herself wished someone and her family members death. Abeg abeg

    1. You are always supporting nonsense,I feel sorry for you,you try too hard to be heard on dis blog,ur time has passed mami,give up

  65. Did you people read the story of "Pastor Raphael Obi" who sucks breast of women to deliver them. He said he sucks out diseases like cancer and other illnesses. I can't believe people go to that type of church, the end of this world is really near. The "he goat"has been arrested by Lagos state police.


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