Stella Dimoko Senate Gives IG 14 Days To Arrest Killer Herdsmen....


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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Senate Gives IG 14 Days To Arrest Killer Herdsmen....

The Senate at an extended plenary on Tuesday debated the killings by Fulani herdsmen in Benue State and other parts of Nigeria.

The lawmakers said their resolutions, which were later conveyed to President Muhammadu Buhari by the leadership of the National Assembly, were “wake-up call” to the President and the Federal Government who “must” take urgent action on the crisis before it escalates.

They also resolved that the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, “must” within 14 days arrest the herdsmen suspected to have killed over 70 persons in Benue State recently.

The debate followed the consideration and adoption of the report by the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Review of Security Infrastructure of Nigeria, after an investigative visit to Benue last weekend.

During the debate on the matter, which lasted about six hours, members of the Senate also spoke on restructuring of the country’s governance structure, state police and the “cattle colonies” being proposed by the Federal Government.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, in his closing remarks after the debate, asked the Federal Government to take timely and drastic steps to end the crisis.

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  1. Senate I don dey hear on wispers small small. After all these herdsmen are not spirits.

  2. What kind of a country do we live in? What times are we living in? Cattle colonies in 2018? So, these herdsmen are now more important than other Nigerians combined. Thank goodness elections are around the corner. Buhari does not mean well for us. He is only concerned about the well being of his people.

  3. Yimu!
    Herds terrorist that have relocated to other areas.

  4. Good move from the senate unlike someone who is begging the governor of Benue state to accommodate the herdsmen. Mtchewwww, yeye dey smell.

  5. IG keh? What about military? Time to unleash their famous python.

  6. I hope they won't just arrest one or two people but a large number of them and deal with them accordingly. Wonder why they are this sluggish concerning these muderers

    1. If almost none of the herdsmen have been brought to book up until now, it's hardly possible for there to be any arrests within the next two weeks. All this is part of the smokescreen to down play tensions. Akin to peeing on someone's legs while telling them the discomfort they feel is due to a downpour. Of course, the powers behind the throne understand the emotional sensibilities of the average Naija, especially many saddled with the burdens of daily exigencies: most would prefer to forget asap this "slap on the face". The instigators coupled with their foot soldiers aka Fulani terrorists will wait for a brief moment then strike again. Repeat the cycle of insanity /mayhem over and over again bcos most Nigerians have been lulled into a state of stupor, complacency and cowardice. Go figure.

  7. They will soon pick random people and lie that they are herdsmen why not arrest their leader who made a threat?

  8. Very good. Since we no longer have a president, let the Senate do their work.


  9. Shithole leaders running shithole government with shithole policies to attaining shithole result.

    The New Nigeria Pledge - 2018

    I didn't pledge to Nigeria a shithole country
    To be fear‎ful, disloyal and full of dishonest 
    Serving for survival of herdsmen is now by force
    Security aren't defending our unity , upholding it's dishonour and no glory
    So help them shithole

    Quick to arrest a clergyman for expressing his discontentment ab‎out poor leadership style of shithole governance.

    Where were DSS, SSS, NPF etc when massacre was perpetrated in Benue State (Food Basket of the‎ Nation) where HIV/AIDS is extremely on the increase but are swift to organise Commission to the North-East. The approach to wipe out IPOB who aren't terrorist was faster than speed of sound but when Cattle and Fulani are involve the President will beg. 

    Can't Sambisa Forest be upgraded for cattle ranching business? I need an answer from FGN...

    I'm very angry the way things are being handled by this present government.

    Education have collapse while private school springing up at every nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

    I rest my case SDK.

    SKY... ‎

  10. Toothless bulldogs... Nigerians are watching.


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