Stella Dimoko Senator Mustapha Reportedly Commissions One Electric Pole At His Constituency In Niger State


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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Senator Mustapha Reportedly Commissions One Electric Pole At His Constituency In Niger State

Niger State senator representing Niger South senatorial district at the National Assembly, Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed reportedly commissions one electric pole in his constituency.

Why just one and this large crowd?--Joker!


  1. Replies
    1. I really don't want to believe the story up there. I want to believe he commissioned not just a pole as seen in the picture but a groundbreaking electric power exercise to that community. Have we thought about maybe this could be an exercise to bring power to that community. With the amount of crowds I'm seeing in this picture, it is far more than just commissioning an electric pole but a major electric power provision or restoration to the community.

  2. So sad. It just keeps getting worse. And for Buhari to even contemplate on running again, may sadness never depart from him. Such an evil man.

  3. Very stupid country with foolish leaders, no even shame.
    At this stage,is Nigeria still suppose to be commissioning poles?chai

  4. Clowns as senators, what a shame. One electric pole? Where is the rest of the money that was allocated for a project that's more than one pole?
    And look at the crowd behind the commission of the pole. Shot hole country.

  5. Our Nigeria,our shithole country.

    Triumphant Zion

    1. This can only happen in the north. Was it not gov Ganduje of nano that commissioned borehole last year?
      If tell you the cost of constructing, transporting, clearing and erecting that pole, you will agree that this country is a shithole.

  6. Politicians has no single shame again in this country.

  7. Lols..this is one of the funniest news ever..😂

  8. Up APC. After una na una again.

    Shameless Senator and the pole is still being constructed.

    Foolish people that came to jubilate with him.

  9. Oh chimoo!..
    These aboki people can Mumu ehhee...
    Which one is an electric pole not even a transformer?...
    Why won't Nigeria be backward when we are being ruled by people that think like nama?...

  10. And see the crowd...I weep for Nigeria.

  11. This picture has brought a lot of controversy and debating.

  12. Chaiiiii what do we expect when it's his brothers that are in all corridors of power.
    Such backwardness.

  13. That's what we get for having jokers as governors. It's gone so bad that they now have time to commission ordinary electric pole. Lord where thou art?

  14. What have we done wrong in this country?
    Lord have mercy 😭😭😭😭

    Just krix!!!

  15. If true, I never 'hesperedit'
    Bunch of jokers #awon eleleya


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