Stella Dimoko Spontaneous Tuesday Post


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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Spontaneous Tuesday Post

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Good Morning everyone....

It is a beautiful day....

We have picked two woman for the Angel Beautiful giveaway and today they will be contacted....Hopefully they will also be getting cash..
Thank you Angel beautiful for your kindness towards us on this blog..May God reward you.

For those that  i didn't pick but who really needed this giveaway,May God provide for you people.

Saturday in house gists winners i am yet to get mails from you people,so I am assuming you guys are offline...or do not

I got a shocking mail and I am still trying to find out if it is really from who it is cos the curses in it shocked me...
The guy who was poured acid on in the Chronicle seems to be a BV and recognised the story.....hmmm small world....let me investigate it first.

Blog PA if there is any comment i need to attend to,please bring it to my notice.

Yesterday was talking with someone and then he gave someone two hundred dollars and the person was so happy,I didn't understand until i was told that two hundred dollars is about N70k....Is this true?

If yes,so two hundred dollars is now nearing a N100k?wow!!!..which way Nigeria?so ow much is 20 euros and two hundred pounds?Even pounds is not so heavy anymore since this brexit thing but comparing it to Nigerian money,i don't really know the present rate but i am sure giving someone two hundred pounds will pay their rent for one year..LOL

Anyway some people have been sending me mail to ask the American wonder poster to continue.....I am still on it but she is one of those people who gets pissed off by bitterness..Instead of you people to read and enjoy,you decided to become Judges on her beautiful life.....She saw no reason to continue and quickly rounded up...same thing with the unwelcome room mate......

Some of you really need Jesus in your lives cos the hatred you people radiate is blocking your destinies..LOL.

Send in your faces of in house news ..if any!

Welcome back to some old Id's i am seeing.....

Two people from Stella's single Mingles just got married and have given permission for their traditional wedding photos to be is loading for noon.

Kisses to all...


  1. "Only PDP can take Nigeria back to prosperity" Atiku Abubakar. Atiku of all people, what's even our offense in this country?

    Please how did I find myself in this country? The fact is, hope is lost as far as this country called Nigeria is involved, I'm really pissed

    *Larry was here*

    1. Just keep hoping 馃槑馃槑

    2. A Euro changes for 415 at Aboki place. That was the rate Thursday last week.

      Goodmorning everyone. Hope you all are great?

    3. Hello beautiful people of SDK MANSSION! LOL I woke up with bleeding from my right nostril but am fine.
      Stella dollars is now something we in Nigeria wish for anyone will surly sort one need or the other out here that's what we see but with God we shall testify in this country soon.
      Angel of SDK locate and bless me this year!!! In Jesus name, may I also bless someone in times to come I pray thus prayer everyday!

    4. Can't people like Donald Duke run for president?

    5. Honestly... Atiku of all people. I tire for this country

    6. My dear people, pls join me in Thanking God for his mercies & protection. He has saved me from several accidents over the years, yet again this past week. I can only say THANK YOU GOD. Advice: please when someone is driving you kindly be on alert to know if the driver is on a suicide mission be it voluntary or involuntary. Rode with Uber last week. The driver was falling in and out sleep on the highway. I sang, made unnecessary calls to keep him up. I didn’t want to be too forward because didn’t how he would have reacted (oyibo). Well I thank God my little girl and I arrived safely.
      Besides, Stella where is Uber chronicles

  2. Is it proper to leave an organization(private firm but big with several branches around Nigeria) you've been working for, for just 3months(Pro: good working rapport with everyone, an OK pay & incentives from bosses. Cons: working hours 8-6pm) to another organization(multinational) that is offering lesser closing time and better pay?

    Would it give a bad impression about the person involved?

    Asking for a family member.

    Good morning BVs

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Why leave a good place for an uncertainty just because of lesser closing time,the least closing time will be 5pm,so?馃槑

    3. Other people's impression doesnt matter. It solely depends on your family member involved.

      If the multinational is offering something better off than the current private organisation, then go for it. Those working with you in your current place should even be happy for you.

      Everyone is looking to advance in life, to climb up the success ladder in a short distance.

      No matter how accommodating your current environment is, if you get a better offer, move.
      Don't be afraid to take on bigger opportunities. Never stay limited based on other people's impression.
      Do you.


    4. They said Life is all about taking risks...but what about "the devil you know is better than the angel you don't

      Just pray for God's direction mbok.

    5. The multinationals sack people anyhow.i work in one so i know. Things are never steady cos you are easy to replace

    6. Hmmmm! I think it depends on your career goals and other factors involved. Not just small firm vs multinational.

      But take bloggies advice. It's a very personal decision

    7. Thank you all. I'll show him your suggestions and get back to you all it unfolds.
      God bless you all

    8. Pls oo where do u people find all these jobs. I have been job searching since last year to no avail. Pls I need a job in Enugu.


  4. Righteousness isn't about being religiously accomplished.It's about a deep personal walk with the Lord that manifests in your works.It's a life of total surrender to the will and dictates of God. It's also about a continuous yearning to fullfill God's desire in all you do.Notice also,it isn't also about being good; its about allowing Divinity live out the righteousness of Christ in you.

  5. Good morning sdkville,
    This morning, one cute gal was just staring at me, I was blushing 馃槉 until she came close and said "Come...u look like one Agidi seller that ran away with my change".

  6. To the ladies: When tattooing a guys name on your body, just make sure its a biblical name like James or John so that if he leaves you,you can simply add '5 vs 2' kawai

    Your comment will be visible after approval

  7. Dear Lord,sometimes I forget you are FOREVER FAITHFUL and I strive to be SUPER WOMAN. I don't know I got on that mode but I am TIRED.

    Help me to remember to completely rest (without holding anything back)in you all the days of my life.

    Good morning lovelies 馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝
    Malaria pls lemme alone

    1. May He shower you with immense strength to trust him for the rest of your days.

    2. Good morning Iphie and Fabbie's In-Law.

      I pray It's not malaria....And I pray It's good sickness 馃槈馃槝

    3. Amen BI- and dearest beloved our able P. A

    4. @olori is it ok to assume ur God is a Bv.? Why not keep ur prayers btw u n him.

  8. Cold day in kano but better than Sunday.
    I am not going to work I dey house

    1. Because of cold?馃槑,na you biko 馃檰

    2. I dont understand the cold o. I have socks at work now....and a spare cream in my desk.

    3. Please this cold you people are talking about, are you people abroad???

      Is it Nigeria you are referring to about cold? Which state precisely?

  9. America wonder y allow ne'er do wells get to u naa...I like ur hustling vex sorry.

    1. I enjoy reading that post馃槑

    2. I don't know for her o. American wonder poster...If you're reading this, Biko ejoor resume your gists YOU SWEET THING. it's really entertaining and educative/informative

      #Resume or resume 馃槏馃榿

    3. Pls do. I was proud of u wen u said u are not easily bullied. Pls don't let all these frustrated bitter comments of jealous us BVs get to u

  10. Good morning all. Finally I get to meet spontaneous post. Been a while though.

    You know that feeling you get when you try everything and anything just to get that positive result you so demand or wish for, even to a point where by you just give up hope and feel no need trying and from no where God comes through just when you never expected he would. Well this friend of mine and his wife have been TTC for close to 7 years now and God finally answered their prayers. Now tell me if that's not an awesome way to start the year?

    I pray as my friend got his good news, you reading this, and by you, I mean yours truly Olori Orente(Mummy triplet), My sister Bee 10(Mummy Twins), and Sharon Aminu(Mummy Quadruplet), and everyone else looking for the fruit of the womb, may This Year be your year of Testimony In Jesus Name.

    You'd get that Job you so wish for, financial breakthrough, likewise marital bliss, plus your prince charming will finally take the bold step this year in Jesus Name....

    Happy new year all.
    Feels good to start the year with a prayer post.

    1. I say a resounding AMEN to ALL your prayers......

      This is our year of anchoring IN God for Abundant life!!!

    2. Amen to all.
      ehn ehn... wassup with you and your blog bae, still keeping it real? yimu. sebi I told you
      馃幎bobo ta ni ko f臋 wa sug贸mu oju lo nm贸 wa, kaka ko 艧e tiwa o f臋 l贸 艧贸k贸 one chance馃幎

    3. Amen to your prayers Rowland onyarami oshomoshi ova serewu kokoro. Avoso

    4. Awww don't I just like you Row Rowland馃榿馃榿
      AMEN to your prayers dear馃槆馃槆馃槆馃槆馃槆

  11. Glory to Jesus for making it possible for me, my 馃應 and friends even bevees in here to be among the living.

    We honour and adore you Lord.

    Mc pinky

  12. Happy new year everyone & good morning!! I see a lot of new bvs are here now. Make una respect your ancestors and pay homage regularly oh

  13. Im angry with Kolade bhadmus, I was a huge fan of his 'get out', bastard, lines.

    1. I love Kolade bhadmus,he is a lovable badoo that plays his cards wella 馃槑馃槑

  14. They may be your SCHOOL MATE, your CLASS MATE, your CLUB MATE, even your HOUSE MATE but they will never be your GRACE MATE.
    You will see treasures in hidden places
    You will take territories
    You will possess kingdoms
    You will see expansion on every side
    You will ascend to mountain tops
    And you will shine in Jesus name

    1. omo iya mi bawo ni o, so wa? l臋l臋l臋l臋l臋l臋l臋l臋l臋 so wa?

    2. Bipolar me, morning
      Chameleon, mowa pa. Iwo nko?
      Bee10, happy new year

  15. Good morning good people....

    Good to be here.

  16. Good morning all. Do have a lovely morning and a beautiful day ahead.

    S/O to Sharon....... I have missed you like kilode. Mummy testimony.
    Lady bug...... I dey hail. Owo Meji fun eyan kan. Twale mama.

    1. Omotee, nothing do you 馃槑

    2. wow... who do we have here? my precious omotola, come come come and chop kiss 馃憚馃憚.

    3. Look who we have here...welcome back Brianna

  17. Happy new year everyone & good morning!! I see a lot of new bvs are here now. Make una respect your ancestors and pay homage regularly oh

    1. Lol...Goodmorning.

      Happy New year too.

    2. Where have you been?
      Welcome back!!

    3. Lol... But majority are the days of Mercy's jalabia anonymous blog visitors or bvs with re-branded IDs.

      Btw I am still looking for Princess Rx o. Even Lee min real wa 馃槑

  18. Morning beautiful people,it is well with everyone,do have a nice day

  19. Good morning blogfam, God I thank you for everything, ve always known that it will end in praise.... No grudges only gratitude.

  20. *Pandiculates 馃槡

    Today is gonna be glorious.Amen

    Good morning Beautiful bvs....hope you all had a good night rest.

    Yes Boss...I will do that 馃槝馃槝馃槝

    Monkeynofine...tafia mama, where are thou.

    Speedy's sweetheart Kedu ije 馃槈

    Edilicious Ed just thought about you now...How's you 馃槏

    Angel Beautiful...God bless you Beautifully 馃槏

    That reminds Angel Handsome, Otojo metaaaaaa ooo. Bawoni? 馃槃馃槝馃槝

    Alright kisses everyone. Sending out warm hugs to all that needs it. May God continue to meet us at the point of our needs. Amen


  21. Replies
    1. How are the coconuts doing?馃槑

  22. I am so sad. This is too early to happen this year. I lost my Lily niece yesterday night. Not happy at all

    1. Awwwww.... so sorry to read this. Chai! I can imagine. God bless her soul. RIP to the cute angel.

    2. so so sorry for your loss. shit happens, life happens

    3. Oh no, sorry about the bad news. God will comfort her family. So sad

    4. So sorry to hear this please. Take heart. I sent you a mail, was hoping you'd respond. So sorry to hear this.

    5. Wow.
      My heartfelt sympathies.
      May her soul rest in peace

    6. Ouch! May her soul rest in peace. So sorry for your loss

    7. If only I can make a wish right now, I'd wish God gives her a second chance. Take heart. I hate typing 'RIP'. 馃槬

    8. Take heart dear. May her soul rest in peace.

  23. Hello Monday..........

    My body parts are complete, thank God!!!!!

    Beloved Nwa, babygirl, what's popping Nah?? You just go chop all the village food abi??? Welcome back


    Hello Lovelies 馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝

    1. Cookie Lyooooonn nwa...I chop o, no be small. Please borrow me 5k let me go and register with Cicohotel nau. I need to loose like 5kg before Valentine's Day 馃槀馃槈

      #Roll calls is Bae...just lazy. Do maybe I will draw energy from you. 馃槈

  24. na wetin you look comot eye ni ur mate dey carry pas you


  25. Good morning everyone
    Today is gonna be awesome...Amen

  26. Stella why do you think babes are now marrying abroad husbands? Or people are doing everything to relocate? Nne leave! Naira is shit right now. Maybe we would gain grounds later, but right now 馃憥 This Christmas period all my friends who came from the abroad spending money like water. I mean, in the abroad they are just regular salary earners with okay jobs. But right now in Nigeria.... foreign currency get belle. The abuses I've collected for remaining in naija ehen..... me sef I'm wondering if theyre right 馃槀馃槀 Cos if God doesn't show you mercy, you can just watch your living standards reduce if your earning power isnt strong.

    Ehen.... America wonder poster.... if you continue that gist just know that you have one arch enemy here. Say wetin happen? Na you be immigration? Better be quiet, I've told you. The one way you give e don do!! Na so I dey follow them dey pump gist that time..... not knowing 馃檮 Bitterness and bile in some people is just nauseating. God will help them this new year.

    Congrats to S&M couple.....and for those who keep complaining.... the truth is you can meet a guy anywhere (I say guy cos na ladies complain pass) and if you dont have the right attitude/mindset it won't click. Too many desperate single girls and men can smell it. It's even worse when your life isn't put-together? then you want a correct to come and carry you on his head when he can calculate your life history by just looking at you. Na only you waka come?

    God bless angel beautiful.
    What else? 馃馃

    *twerks out of post*

  27. Good morning guys. How are you all doing? BTW I say make l ask..

    Where are all our blog couples disturbing us with their blog romance and planned wedding in 2017?

    Chike~Chikito 2017, PriEze 2017, Edastic 2017 etc, how far? We don't hear from yall no more

    What happened? Una no fit end the thing like this o. You can't be flaunting your romance in our faces all year, promising everlasting love and marriage and we no get any feedback from una. It's 2018 now. 2017 don pass and no show. We need feedback o. Or did yall finally realize it's not by blog romance?


  28. Goodmorning my good people of SDK, how una dey? Work has fully resumed, harmattan has fled.
    May today be a good day for us.

    .....hakuna matata

  29. I laugh this network, you think you can make me shine less on this blog abi. I'll simply be porting from chrome to puffin....lobatan.
    darling LEP, where art thou?

  30. Beautiful morning all. The harmattan has gone, na wa. Just so fast like that. Which way Nija.

    The incessant killings in this country is just to fill up the bank blood. May God never allow us to be used as sacrifice in Jesus name Amen. May God protect everyone Amen. If you are in Christ Jesus, please hold Him Fast. Too many wickedness is unleashed in this country.

    Many people have been seeing images of Jesus, Angels, and also having fearful dreams about the coming of our Lord Jesus, this is just to let you know that truly the count down has begun. God would have come but our Lord Jesus Christ is still pleading on our behalf to change our ways so that majority will not enter into hell fire. Please let us try and change and enjoy this heaven that is being talked about and how enjoyable it is.

    Because me I know say my name is already there. I am a candidate already, i dont know of you.

    Day 2 of our Fast and Prayer. God is really doing wonders.

    Congrats to all who are chosen by Angel Beautiful and let me officially welcome you all back from the villages and also outside the country. Good to have you all back. We miss una plenty.

    Hope you all bought sweet and chewing gums for us?

    May our mornings remain blessed in Jesus name Amen. Love you.

    Tea drinking will be in the afternoon after my fast. Take care and let me enjoy my job

    1. Why is Amado killing everyone in The price of fame just look at how Moises died all because of Isaac who sold himself himself to the devil. Meanwhile I dislike Rafa like shit he is so annoying bleh! Manara is kissing Mateo while blanco is kissing Anahi I don't like Anahi's voice

    2. The way Anahi sounds is the same way my voice sounds o. So,pls berra like it.
      Did u see the way Rafa was trying to act surprised when he was told about Moises death? Stupid Rafa.
      Amado is always having his way,this was part of the reasons why I hated Fearless Heart. The bad guys were always getting away.
      I really hope that Lorenzo will be the one to put Amado behind bars.
      Goodmorning sdkville. Have a nice day.

  31. Madam Estate Owner may God Almighty comfort you all Amen. Just know your little niece is with the Angels and enjoying her play with them.

    Please comfort your loved ones and tell them it is not over because God has got them.

    Sorry please

  32. To the chronicle poster of yesterday,
    Read the post just now hence my reply here and now.

    You need to cleanse yourself.

    You should ask yourself what you truly really want with your life.

    Do you really love your husband now and willing to quit lesbianism to make your marriage work or are you just jealous that your actions have pushed a good man you have/had to another woman hence wanting him back out of selfishness than true love?

    What you need right now is counselling, prayers, and a clean bill of your mental, physical, emotional state and mind.
    You also need to define your sexual preference.

    Once you get yourself sorted, every other thing can fall into place...starting from going to both your family and husband's family to seek their forgiveness for the lies and all you did.
    Seeking forgiveness from your ex lover you poured acid on (mehn..that was extreme).

    I wish you all the best best.

  33. Goodmorning bvs and our landlady SDK. What happened to Lagos harmattan o?
    Pls o,I am still looking for somebody who knows somebody that knows somebody to help me grab a job either with Lasuth or Lagos HSC. I know I can do better than where I am now. Thanks as you reason my matter.
    Bye guys. See you in the next post.


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