Stella Dimoko University Don Beats Wife To Death


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Friday, January 05, 2018

University Don Beats Wife To Death

Strathmore University Business School don, Dr. Fredrick Ogolla, was arrested by the police for beating his wife to death.

Dr. Ogolla is reported to have beaten his wife Margaret Gobi Mwachongo to death at their Lavington Home in the leafy suburb of Nairobi.

Reports quoted Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome as saying that a disagreement between husband and wife triggered a fight.

“She was taken to hospital unconscious after that evening fight but she succumbed to her injuries,”  Koome said.

Dr. Ogolla is the Academic Director of MBA programmes, Director of the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness and senior lecturer of Strategy and Decision Making at the Strathmore Business School.

Dr. Ogolla is also a part-time professor at various universities and colleges in and outside Kenya and works as a consultant on strategy formulation, strategy execution, and change management.
 The couple was said to have a 7-week child.
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  1. OMG. How do people beat someone to death. wicked man.

    Change management professor, you have finally changed her destination.

    wicked kenya man. You did not see your mate to fight.

    1. The fight probably got out of hand when lucifer decided to visit them.
      May God rest the lady's soul. Poor thing.

    2. The woman must have pushed him to this rage. I don't see a lecturer fighting his wife especially someone who barely has time.

  2. Women that have bad mouth should not marry men that cannot control their anger. A word for the wise.

    1. As much as I greatly disagree this your comment. There is small sense there. But a human being doesn't have the right to take the life of another,no matter what.
      That being said please do not marry a man who has a short fuse and can't control his anger.
      And if you happen to find yourself there. When he is angry please flee. Don't even try and start insulting him.
      My husband is someone who usually doesn't get angry. But oh boy the few times he does. When he is just angry like that. I just keep quiet and ignore. When he is in a better mood I go to him,and tell my greviances without shouting. My mouth use to run like a tap while dating. I had to learn to brittle my tongue. If i knew i wanted to get married. He is an ibo man that if you mistakinly even say shut up he takes it as a real insult.

  3. This man is a disgrace...why on earth will a man beat up a woman let alone his wife..

    Mc pinky

  4. Good God....what could have gone wrong

  5. Replies
    1. Welcome back aunty Ronnie ( in your nieces and nephews' voice) lol!
      Happy new year, hope we will see more of you this year.

      The crazy man is really a beast. So much for an expert in strategy and decision making. It didn't even occur to him that the wife might be suffering from PPD (whatever might cause the fight), definitely not the first time he's hitting her. Now a new born baby is left at the mercy of others.
      RIP to the woman.

  6. see what anger has caused. we should all learn to let go of our anger at times.

  7. weeks old baby? this is wicked.


  8. I can't fathom how men raise there hands on women they claim to love. It's well

  9. End time Professor,Rip to the dead .

  10. Sad. She may have succumbed to internal injuries.

    Wicked lecturer. Tufiakwa.

  11. Just because someone is educated does not mean they cannot kill. Last year in Canada a well respected Neurosurgeon killed his wife. She too was a doctor as well. Apparently, she wanted a divorce and he was not having it.

    More women have died at the hands of men that all disease combined. These mothers rushing their daughters into marriage need to sit and talk to them about searching a man's character, looking for small signals and trusting their guts if something does not feel right. They should also teach them to leave at the first incident of abuse.


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