Stella Dimoko Ebola Survivor And Disease Fighter Dr Adaorah Okoli Profiled On Time Magazine..


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Friday, January 05, 2018

Ebola Survivor And Disease Fighter Dr Adaorah Okoli Profiled On Time Magazine..

2018 has started on a great note for Dr Ada Okoli (Nee Igonoh). She was honored to be featured as one of Bill Gates' 5 Heroes in the Field. In addition to this,Bill Gates is the Guest editor for TIME magazine January edition, first time TIME has featured a guest editor in its 94 years.Ada also got featured in the magazine.

In 2014, Dr. Adaora Okoli contracted Ebola while treating the first person with the disease in Nigeria. 

It wasn’t long after that Okoli began to come down with symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea. Okoli was quickly moved into a special treatment ward, along with several medical colleagues, some of whom succumbed.

“We couldn’t get the experimental therapy, and there was no survivor’s plasma,” she says. “The only thing I knew to do was to talk to God and say, ‘I need you to heal me.'”

Okoli also knew she had to stay hydrated and check her pulse. Six days after she entered the ward, she started to improve. One morning, a doctor confirmed she no longer tested positive for Ebola. She cut a red ribbon on her way out, symbolizing her re-entry into the world. “I felt like I was reborn,” she says.

A lot has changed for Okoli, 27, since that fateful week. She has a 2-year-old daughter, and she is enrolled in the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. She plans to return to Nigeria.

“Ebola is going to come back.
It may not be next year or the next five years. But it will come back,” says Okoli. “I know I was sick for a reason. There’s a lot more I have to do.”
From Time

*Dr Ada is a BV and says ''I love to read your Blog so much''


  1. If ebola is coming back, let APC government disappear ooo if not it will be catastrophic.

    Thank God during Jona's time it was really tackled well and Fashola really tried.

    We reject ebola. Doctor Ada please dont come back with it.

    Fine lady. Enjoy your time on Time Magazine

    1. So you want to give the credit of what was done then to Jonathan. Not even the minister of health of that time can take the credit. Ebola was contained by Lagos state government and Lagos state has always been an APC state.

    2. Nigerian youths r not smart nah. One person is all we need, brave up and go spread Ebola in one of there stupid NEC abi Fec meeting on Tuesday. Simple, d morons will spread it to themselves by themselves. Am not brave pls don't expect me to do it . thank u

  2. Thank God for your life Dr.Ada,God did it!

    But please o,Ebola won't find it's way back in Jesus name.Amen

    2018my year

  3. I pray that Ebola does not come back

  4. Congratulations Dr. Ada.
    Medicine may fail but God cannot... He's our ever present help in time of need. Thank God she connected with him during those moments.

  5. She reminded me of Dr Okechukwu. Stella you have to be having prominent BV's contact o. I remembered how he fought for Ebola then, even going to Liberia on a rescued mission. Hope Liberia didn't finish our Okey Bobo.
    Dr Ada, you are beautiful. If I may ask, where is the Ebola coming from? Abeg Man of Grace no dey seat again o, if it dare enter Naija again, na Nkpocha na Nzacha way.
    How I wish other health personnel that risked their lives while saving Patrick Sawyer life were alive today. RIP Dr Adadevoh and Nurse Justina.
    Ebola ngwa bye.

  6. Congratulations bv Ada and thanks for helping to tackle the dreaded ebola then with courage....God will never let ebola return to this country in Jesus name AMEN

  7. Congrats Dr Ada. But no way for ebola to come back to Nigeria

  8. Congratulations Dr. Ada. You guys are the real heroes. Sadly some died in the process.
    Continue to do great things!

  9. Why did the artist make her look like Bobrisky in this pic.

    Ada, more grease to elbows๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Give that artist serious warning to avoid such mistake in the future ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  10. I can imagine literally "walking through the valley of the shadow of death..." Thank God for her life and the life of nurse Justina's fiance.
    RIP to all others that didn't make it.

    Ebola affliction that not rise again biko.

  11. Good Dr Ada

    Remembering late Dr Adedevoh and Nurse Justina.
    God rest their souls.

  12. Congrats beautiful Dr. Ada
    Ebola bye..

  13. Proud of you Dr Ada. Still remember reading your testimony/ Ebola experience. Very beautiful and edifying piece. Continue to walk in purpose.

  14. Thank you so much, Stella for sharing. God bless you.

    1. We are proud of you Dr. Ada. God bless you

  15. Nee Okoli, not the other way round. Big congratulations Dr Ada

  16. Congrats Dr Ada


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