Stella Dimoko Actress Charity Nnaji Grants Disgusting Interview


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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Actress Charity Nnaji Grants Disgusting Interview

How Nauseating!!!

Abuja-based Nollywood Actress, Charity Nnaji may have bitten more than she can chew with her recent declaration to Vanguards Potpourri in a chat that most big and thick girls, who claim to be curvy are dirty under, clearly referring to their privates.

 Charity was actually referring to a picture of a big,and curvy lady posted by Potpourri on Instagram where she commented on the picture, saying the picture was beautiful, adding that “ most of them are dirty though”.

Smelling a scent of blood in the air, Potpourri went after her to know why she believes thick and curvy women are dirty, especially when she too falls in that same category.

Her reply was simply the bomb "Yes, I am a curvy lady but I take good care of myself. See my armpit, there are no hairs. So many things are wrong with some of them,” she said and started stating her reasons.


  1. Replies
    1. You mean you don't know her? Anyway Her name is Charity, i'm just hearing about her for the first time..

  2. Her opinion and she's entitled to it. I don't know her though.

  3. Na she sabi,it is well with her soul.

  4. So what is nauseating about what she said?

  5. "Abuja-based?"
    I thought Abuja had chased away all of them?

  6. Abegi make una no vex, na who be this lady?
    Abi she dey sell moi moi or?
    She dey sell pussy(cat)?
    She for show us whether im pussycat get hairs join.

  7. All na business strategy. She wants to trend. They do so these days by granting stupid, meaningless interviews. She wants to be termed 'controversial ' and talked about... Congrats Charity, I just talked about you. Onto the next one

  8. Let's get the full version of the interview before I decide if it's nauseating or not.
    I don't believe it went down like this.

  9. No movie roles so 'i must trend by force'.

  10. They are dirty ?you know this because you SUCK their private part for that Shay?..I don't even know you sef

  11. She thinks every curvy lady is as dirty as her

    1. @Jelly
      You curve join?
      Abegi make una curve small remain for us o!

    2. Oya tell us how ya own dey smell; like kuli kuli?

  12. Well I am yet to see what's nauseous in her comment.
    She stated her views.
    Maybe because she's fat abi curvy and knows how 'difficult' it is to be curvy and yet not smelling 🤔
    That said, why do fat people have aways attacking people that makes refrerrence to them?
    Biko make una free the babe.

  13. But is kinda true na. most fat ladies don't take time to wash well, they feel designers perfume and body spray can cover up their dirt. As a fat lady you are ain't suppose to have hairs in ur pits and vjayjay city. You are suppose to at least take ur bath 3 times daily. You should take at least 10 minutes to scrub those areas with soft sponge or a hand towel and then properly rinse with enough water. Am sorry to say this but most ladies don't even know how to take their bath. How do u take ur bath with one bucket of water? how do you take ur bath and then use the towel only the see the towel is dirty? If you wanna know if you are clean after taking your bath use a white towel to clean your body, if after taking ur bath and towelling ursef you see the towel stained then my sisters you need another shower. I don't have time to tutor you guys on how to have a clean bath today I gat a bottle of my favorite wine and movies to go to. Next time.

    1. Nawa, so how many buckets shud use and what's the size coz um using a 21Litres bucket?


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