Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 3 Update -After The Party!


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Sunday, February 04, 2018

BBNaija Season 3 Update -After The Party!

The Housemates had their first party Yesterday night and Alex brought down the roof.....This is amongst other things that happened...


Tboss-bam bam
Coco ice- artur
Bally- teddy A
TTT- Rico sarvey
Uriel- Alex
Debbie rise- Vandora
Bisola- Kloe
efe- Tobi
Marvis- Ahneeka
Miyonce- k bruyle
Soma- Miracle
Jon- lolu
Ese-cece c


  1. That first picture is ibile ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. So crass.

    1. There wouldn't have been any party yesterday without Alex. Alex remind me of Deberise.Twitter was trending last night that Alex is a dance machine.

      I love Tobi and CeeC kind of love. I think its mutual. So mindful of each other but they shouldn't forget why they are in the house if their feelings is genuine.

      They housemates never stopped talking about KBrule's succide attempt.

      About 2.30am Kloe got me emotional. She went down Memory Lane about her tough upbringing and suffering as a child. She said no one in her family is socialable. She mentioned how she made a tough decision to separate herself from her family and never visited home for 5years. She said the parents thought they were disciplining them but they went about it the wrong way.

      So much pains as a child. Some parents need to hear that because it goes a long way to explain why she is the odd one in the house and finding it difficult to mingle.


  2. Ceec and tobi got me confused o...I don't know if it is love or another thing, I think cee-c likes him but doesn't think it is right to kiss him yet. Besides all those shouting kiss tobi will still abuse her later and call her olosho....I think they should both free themselves... Too much rub body dey make person read meaning to what is not there...

    I don't want teddy A for my bambam, she deserves someone better(teddy just wan chop her) he has a gf that he adores at home...I use to like Leo but I dont understand the nigga jare.... So I'm teamnobody for now....

  3. Kelvin just wants to kiss...he tried it with kyleo she refused him....I'm beginning to think naija women don't like fair guys ooo...

    1. Me number 1...i don't like fair guys alllll๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… maybe cos I'm fair sha. Man like TeddyA minus the dreads and tats tho...

    2. Me number 1...i don't like fair guys alllll๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… maybe cos I'm fair sha. Man like TeddyA minus the dreads and tats tho...

    3. I've never dated a fair man and I won't be caught dating a fair man. Only and only maybe Oyinbo sha

      *Larry was here*

  4. They had the worst party ever yesterday. It was super boring. Alex tried though, Anto really danced and danced surprisingly. Ahneeka be trying to form Tboss (I'm not liking her so much). Ifu too tried to rock the party.

    I wonder why no one mentions Ifu, I think that girl isn't bad. She kinda looks like Benita Nzeribe, I think.

    The after party ehn, I was trying to give Khloe a chance, like seriously but that girl is something else, once she starts talking, u just wanna slap her.

    Cee C will be the end of Tobi. I'm quite sure of that. You like each other doesn't mean u shouldn't interact with other people. If u see both of them at the party ehn.

    I hate to say this, but these people are nothing like the previous housemates. Those people had a way to keep us glued to the TV set.

    Anto feeling like K'brule tried to commit suicide cos of her rejection. Hogwash! Nigga was high and over playing.

    Hand is paining me. I'm not fully awake yet

  5. K Brule is my very best. Madam Princess, Bitto and Vandora won't stop talking about the jump. Alex and Leo are very sensible and sweet. Dee one is actually funny. Teddy A and Anto were so insensitive I was disappointed. Cee C just pursues Tobi and doesn't mingle with other housemates I still love her though. Rico and Ahneeka, sweet and boring. Lolu forming Mr. Smart. Bam Bam is lost lol. Ifu needs to go home asap. I adore Khloe. Bitto and Princess are so so so annoying.
    Happy Sunday everyone

  6. Alex made the party hot last nite..babe was jst doing her thing.she no send anybody even thou DAT her cloth no allow her.I like her spirit.that Nina I don't know if she tinks she has won a jackpot by being with miracle.I dislike dee1

  7. I don't even know where to start from like wtf!! What is wrong with Tobi and ceecee I am so pissed right now did they come into the house to find love or for a purpose to make it worse Ceecee denied that woman in man form called Tobi a kiss and the mumfucka still pressed her cloth this morning did I tell y'all that idiocy scare the bejesus out of me?. Now,let's move on to Khloe damn! Bitch had a very rough upbringing I cringe about some many things she said last night mehn!!! If all what she said last night was true then That babe called Khloe has really suffered She doesn't talk but when she wants to talk she hold no bar she spits it all.
    Kbrule: I am disappointed at you nigga you broke your ankle because of A girl? your friends did the bad guy code on you they didn't teach you guy code.
    Alex you is bae muahhhhhh
    Deeone fuck of with your annoying self
    Leo I Lur you.
    Bambam leave Teddy my future boo alone.
    Bitto is just over annoying bitch was crying with the "I told him don't jump" I felt like slapping shit outta him.
    Teddyyyyyy A my boo.Teddy for money Majors keys Boss!!!! I have had sex him in my head he has eczema but I like him like that.
    Lolu continue you are being petty as fuck.
    Vandora all round chick babe be stylishly giving Teddy green light I like you babe is neutral.
    I don't care about the rest mumfucking house mate fuck off.
    P.s Ceecee is annoyingly annoying with a stupid attitude.

  8. @Mcedar I don't think Teddy Was insensitive Kbrule needed to be thought the hard way.

  9. I thought Ahneeka was the new tboss until she stood up in my heart I was like girl,you are better of seating she can't dance!¡!!!! Heavens.

  10. Dee is so proud,this show ain't for married men.Ceebi should leave the house cos this is not a love/rshp show.Boring party and HMS

  11. Hmmmmm! This Cee-c girl no get sense oooh. And i thought babe is intelligent, gosh! Cee-c would not relate with anyother person in the house except Tobi? Is it that these people dont take out time and watch big brother shows since they know that one day they'll go auditioning? Even at the party Cee-c and Tobi didnt give other house mates chance to dance with either of them. These two are really dumb period, even in the house, whereever you see tobi, cee-c is just lurking somewhere near him.

  12. Very boring party that dee one of a guy is too proud.

  13. Cee-c and Tobi are very annoying following each other like fly following s#it.....which one of them is the shit though๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚.
    I like lolu but guy started jam talking last night....let me jst blame it on shayo.
    Teddy A and Bambam's drama after the party was hilarious๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I think Bambam likes Teddy but she doesn't want to admit. Teddy be hitting on Bambam yet hailing his chic at home.....guy is damn funny.
    Deeone pls go home already...
    I like Leo sha...
    I luv Ifu too, cant really place why.
    Khloe I lurrrrv her so much, she blabs alot but I still heart her. soooo indifferent about her..
    Alex๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Šsuch a party animal...asides that she's just there.
    Anto is still in her shell kindof....Not sure anything will happen between Anto and lolu, I doubt it. Lolu be catching likeness for big things๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ (vandora and princess).

  14. OK can someone tell cee c and Tobi to Atlist leave each other for once? It's becoming too annoying o, Abi they don't understand the game ni. Inshort all of them yaf forgotten that they r there to entertain us, not just sit down from morning till night gisting without drama, with VAndora opening her teeth upandan anyhow. Chaii.. Bb just reinform them what the game is about. Drama! And then he should give Tobi task of maybe flirting with another female housemate...lmaooo... Ceec will dieeeee

  15. DeeOne is annoying

  16. Still getting to understand their game plan. For now they are still boring, except Alex, TEDDY.. for me... for now

  17. Can't wait to vote Deeone out....guy is sooooo annoying

  18. That deeone guy should go, very annoying dude, very proud too always back biting. cece and tobi very annoying set, cece is damn proud.Tobi Is not wise. Anto can dance, I like her.I like Leo, very sensible. Lolu has to go home, vandora go home,you gossip too much. Ahneeka I'm not feeling her. Teddy A, Alex, Anto, Leo, and Khole for the money.


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